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Allen Iverson’s Ex-Wife Says He Abducted Their Kids

Tawanna Iverson has filed legal documents accusing former NBA superstar Allen Iverson of abducting the couple’s five children. TMZ has the details: “Tawanna Iverson just filed legal docs, claiming Allen recently asked for permission to take their five kids on a short vacation to Charlotte, NC from May 22nd-May 26th (and Tawanna agreed) but when May 26th rolled around, the children hadn’t been returned. The kids range in age from 3 to 16 years old. In the docs, Tawanna says she tried to set up an exchange on June 4th at a neutral location — a nearby Target store — but A.I. never showed up. Tawanna — who has sole legal and primary physical custody of their children — now believes Allen never took their kids to Charlotte at all and is currently keeping them at a Sheraton hotel in Georgia. Tawanna claims she’s especially concerned because Allen’s an alcoholic who drinks around their kids. She now wants the court to force him to return the kids and punish him as well, even suggesting the judge lock him up in jail.”

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  • Dfrance

    AI gotta get it together man.

  • LakeShow

    Who know’s what’s going on here. This one might be on Tawanna.

  • Francis

    If this is true, AI you’re breaking my heart man :’(

  • robb

    both of them gotta get it together.

  • LP @ThisisEther


  • OfftheWall87

    Not believing anything having to do with Iverson especially coming from TMZ. As a huge fan, I’m waiting to hear about everything directly from him. The information coming out has all been one-sided. He has yet to really speak on anything since he’s been out of the league.

  • Dfrance

    We don’t, but a judge doesn’t give sole custody of your kids to your wife if you don’t have issues. His drinking problems have been pretty well documented.

  • shockexchange

    This is ridiculous. What credible news outlet would keep giving A.I.’s ex-wife this amount of air time? Home girl says something negative about A.I. and the media keeps putting a battery in her back like she just solved the cure for the common cold.

  • Guest

    This is the most intelligent comment that I have ever read concerning the constant media attention that Allen Iverson and his family continues to receive.

    Not only TMZ but other media corporations who are highly regarded (i.e. Associated Press or AP) have jumped on the “Allen Iverson Defamation, Libel Bandwagon” including multiple false reports related to Iverson`s retirement post-2010 and lies about Iverson signing with professional teams in the Dominican Republic and Israel in March 2012 and October 2012 among numerous other incredulous stories/rumors.

    To be honest, l am glad to hear from someone who isn`t as susceptible to the media as almost everyone else seems to be.

    And I too am waiting to hear about everything directly from Iverson. Until then the media will continue to take advantage of his silence.

  • bike

    Poor A.I. Has anything positive ever been said about this guy since he stopped playing?

  • Redd

    Because he didn’t lie & tell the 76ers he’s going to go watch after his sick daughter & get photographed in the club that very same day..right?

  • LP @ThisisEther

    the mother of the children almost ALWAYS gets custody of the children…. the judge ruling in her favors doesn’t mean much.

    i’m thinking this is all on her…. and why would she allow him to take his kids on vacation if “he has so many issues” like she says he does….???

    And Why would AI “abduct” 5 kids? one being 16 years old… really????? who is capable of “abducting” 5 kids anyway..???? Think about this.

    this is probably some huge misunderstanding……

  • Markus437

    No Crossover: The trial of Allen Iverson 2??

  • OfftheWall87

    We must also remember that Iverson was never exactly a media darling who was loved by everyone. His fans love him dearly. Basketball fans respected him and his accomplishments. But there were and still are a lot of folks who despised him and what he stood for. So if these same kind of people are the ones who are breaking these stories and commenting on them, they aren’t the kind of people I’d believe. Let the man speak for himself. Until then, I’d be extremely skeptical of any information coming from anywhere. Let’s also remember the “deadbeat dad” narrative that gets tossed around too much before we jump to conclusions. It’s very easy to connect the “tattooed cornrowed thug who played the game the wrong way” image to the “deadbeat alcoholic broke dad” image that is now being put out there about him. I speak as someone who just wants to know the truth.

  • OfftheWall87

    Link to credible source who reported that story?

  • DMC14

    You didnt mention how messy/crazy things can get when a divorced couple are involved.

  • Guest

    Great points. I also would to add to this.

    When children are really abducted by a parent or a stranger, the authorities are among the first people contacted. The situation is then quickly assessed and an “AMBER ALERT” is issued for the missing children if deemed necessary.

    Another point I would like to make is that the children do not range from ages “3 to 16″. The children range from ages “4 to 18″ and all 5 of them will be celebrating birthdays later on this year.

  • shockexchange

    Speaking of lying, you promised to give the Shock Exchange a shout out at the Printer’s Row Lit Fest in Chi-town last weekend, but you were a no show —> “That’s that ish he don’t like.”

  • Melvin flynt

    i will always respect the answer!! he was best little man ever to play the game,, only god can judge him!!,, i still think A.I can cross up alot players IN NBA today

  • OfftheWall87

    You’re right. His oldest daughter was born in ’94.

  • Junior Taylor

    Can someone explain to me why it’s always the women that are granted sole custody of kids when it comes to a divorce? There are just as many terrible mothers as there are terrible dads but women seem to be granted the benefit of doubt in the court’s eyes.

  • http://twitter.com/sooperfadeaway nbk

    they push kid’s out of their vagina. kids typically have a stronger connection with their mother’s the younger they are. that sort of thing.

  • b.huse

    They don’t. Joint custody is usually granted in divorces unless you’re a total loser which unfortunately seems to be the case here

  • LakeShow


  • Happy

    Really? Just as many terrible moms? I guess that’s why it’s equally common to meet people who never had a mom in their lives as there are people who never had a dad. Oh wait, it isn’t. I’m not claiming all moms are great and all dad’s aren’t because I’m a awesomely amazing f-ing dad myself. However, your comment was dumb. At the end of the day, it’s pretty hard to question how people who grow other human beings inside of them will be favored when it comes to keeping the kids.

    Been through the whole court thing. I got joint custody, I’m black, and I’m not a famous millionaire. Losing total custody usually means the other parent brought a pretty strong case. Just abide by the rules until you can get them back. I have no doubt that AI kept his kids longer than agreed. It’s hard being a parent and having someone dictate how long you can spend time with your own damn kids. Some of you are posting comments as basketball fans rather than people who have any idea of the complexities of child-rearing and break ups. Sh!t sucks all around in these situations, and only the kids are true victims.

  • Redd

    Nobody says Chi Town anymore for one, also what the heck are u going on about?

    You 3rd person shooter role playing idiot.

  • Happy

    Do you realize that legally speaking, the moment you don’t give the kids back when scheduled, it is viewed as abduction? No one literally means he’s keeping them hostage genius. I have joint custody of my kids. Even if my ex decided not to give them to me at the agreed upon time, it’s abduction. You have some dramatic idea that he is being accused of snatching the kids in some sinister way against their will. That’s not the case. Seems like he understandably just didn’t feel like giving them back right away and he didn’t. Still, when you don’t have custody you legally can’t do that. This whole thing neither uncommon nor abnormal. Very typical divorce drama, and the kids probably just want their bonehead parents to chill out with trying to piss each other off.

  • shutup

    Also men generally are the breadwinners and thus leaving the kids home with the Mom; making them primary caregivers for the children. That is why it’s important to spend time with your kids as much as possible (not only for the child’s development) but that way you will be seen as a n equal in the courts eyes and thus generally will be awarded joint legal and physical custody.

  • Vino

    Then again the source did come from TMZ….

  • LP @ThisisEther

    You’ve actually made my point very well. I know the mf didn’t kidnap his kids, but that is the picture the media and his wife would like to paint.

    This article and TMZ want to make people immediately draw a bad conclusion; the person i was responding to was one of those people who just assumes AI is in some hotel room, taking shots with his kids……..

    I know AI isn’t holding his kids hostage. wtf….i have a child, i know wtf abduction is….

  • lule

    That’s because he is just a fan. His opinion begins and ends with him being a fan.

  • OfftheWall87

    No. If you read my comment, which you apparently didn’t, you would have seen the part where I said I’m speaking as someone who just wants to know the truth, not as a fan. If I was just talking as a biased fan, I would have simply said this story is trash and AI is blameless and this is all his ex-wife’s fault.

  • OfftheWall87

    True. But again, all of the messy things that have happened have all been coming from her end, nothing from him. He’s been painted as a pretty horrible father by a judge, his ex-wife and her people. Haven’t heard a word from him except that he will one day tell his side of the story. All of this about him may be true, it may not be. I’m just waiting to hear from him.

  • Happy

    No, we definitely aren’t coming from the same place at all, and I’m sorry if my comment gave off that impression. You took issue with the idea that he’s being accused of abduction, when that’s exactly what it is if he didn’t give them back. You asked how it could be abduction, I explained how. You specifically said “who is capable of abducting 5 kids anyway???” The answer? Any of us who decide to take more time than legally allowed as per a custodial agreement. I easily understand why he would violate the agreement, I just done condone it. Like I said, I can only feel sorry for the kids. Two grown people who love their babies should place more priority on the kids than they do trying to spite each other.

  • OfftheWall87

    My question is how can an 18 year old be abducted? His oldest child is 18 and will be 19 this year. Next oldest is 16. This story is sloppy. If they can’t get the ages of the children correct, what’s the agenda here? It’s very easy to find out how old his kids are.

  • shockexchange

    The Shock Exchange gave you an opening, but unlike A.I. you dropped the ball. —-> “You ain’t bout that life”

  • Guest

    The oldest children are 15 (not 16) and 18 and will be turning 16 and 19 later on this year. Both of them have cell phones and the oldest who is their 18-year old daughter also has her own vehicle that her father gave to her.

    It is legally impossible to abduct your 18-year old child since 18 years old are seen as adults in the eyes of the law.

  • duece

    Have you ever been through a divorce? Have you ever been in custody battle? Unless you are 13 you cannot possibly believe anyone walks into a courtroom with highly paid attorneys and decides not to defend themselves. He’s lost most court battles to her. Why is it so hard to believe there might be good reason for it?

  • OfftheWall87

    Not sure there are a lot of people here who have commented only as basketball fans. Most of us seem to just be skeptical at how Iverson is being portrayed here especially since everything has been coming from one side of the dispute. Why didn’t TMZ get the ages of the kids correct? A simple Google search could have taken care of that.

    It’s not hard to question how moms are favored especially when you hear stories about moms who do grow people inside of them and take off. You may not hear a lot of stories about single dads, but I hear quite a lot of stories about foster kids which means that both parents gave them up. Dwyane Wade was granted sole custody of his kids and the mother was actually accused once by him of keeping his kids away from him when they were supposed to be with him two seasons ago. So I wouldn’t call dude’s comment dumb.

    Also, if it turns out that Iverson is really not as bad as he has been made out to be for the past 4 years (which he may be, no one knows), then I’d say he is also a victim.

  • OfftheWall87

    Don’t have to go through a divorce or custody battle to have common sense. As I’ve said, all of this about him that has come out may be true. But it’s all coming from her. Not smart to believe anything until we get his side of the story. This is a man who has had run-ins with the law so there’s a chance, given his background and how a lot of people view him, that he wasn’t exactly given the best treatment in court regardless of how highly paid his attorneys were. Again, this is just a possibility I’m throwing out there. It’s much easier for people to believe a story about a bad dad than it is to believe a story about a bad mom. It’s much easier to paint that picture in court. It’s a lot easier to paint that picture when it comes to a man who fits the stereotype of what a lot of people view as a “thug”. He deserves a chance to explain himself.

  • Happy

    You’re not sure that a lot of people who commented here are only doing it as basketball fans? That’s laughable considering most of them have no children, wives, or ex wives to speak of. Yeah, I’m sure they are commenting from a place of knowledge and experience.

    Anyway, name as many individual cases as you want and it still doesn’t help your point. The number of single parents in this country it quite high and guess what? Very few men are heading those households. You are really going to sit here and act like the number of deadbeat moms and dads is even close to equal? His comment was beyond dumb. To justify it is worse. You are comparing Wade to Iverson? One guy with a not so questionable history off the court to a guy with a well documented, unfavorable history? Be serious for s second.

    Iverson’s issues off the court have been publicized a lot longer than the past four years. He may or may not have matured since his running-around-chasing-his-wife-carrying-a-gun days, but past as well as present actions sway the opinions of judges in these situations. I don’t know him personally so I can’t say he should or should not have gotten custody, but I know no one should worsen their situation by saying f- the arrangements.

  • OfftheWall87

    So if you don’t have children, wife or ex-wife then you just have to be a basketball fan? Not someone who wants to know the full truth? That makes no sense at all. This isn’t about knowledge or experience. One doesn’t need to have either one of those to want to hear from Iverson.

    You told on yourself with that “running around chasing his wife carrying a gun” comment because he denied that himself on live television 8 years ago. He spoke clearly and genuinely about that entire situation. And he deserves a chance to speak up about this situation before people go off believing everything that comes from the other side. You say you don’t know him personally after bringing up that case in 2003? Why would you talk about it as if it were true if you don’t know him personally?

    My point doesn’t really need any help. it’s fairly simple if you’re capable of basic understanding. Let Iverson speak for himself. That’s it. Instead of saying you believe the story because you’ve been through something similar. I’m not discounting your experience. It just doesn’t matter here and you’re not going to get anywhere here because this is a basketball site and as people who comment on a basketball site daily, we want to hear from a player who has been supported by SLAM about what’s been going on. You can type until you’re blue in the face about your experience and all of us who are here to know the truth will still be unmoved until we hear from AI himself.

  • duece

    That comment didn’t display common sense, hence my asking him whether or not he had actually been through those things. A judge doesn’t allow only one side to present an argument and make a decision based off of one argument. That’s illegal and unconstitutional in the highest order. It would have been highly publicized if a judge in the U.S decided not to hear both parties’ argument. Idk where you get this idea that he hasn’t gotten a chance to explain himself. He explained himself in the only place that matters, and he lost. You act like it’s a terrible thing that a person’s past behaviors and run-ins with the law are used against them in a court room, or that a person is judged by the way they present themselves. You choose your behavior, you choose how you present yourself, you choose you fate. Your past and present will be used against you. That’s the way life works.That’s not necessarily a bad thing. Deal with it.

  • OfftheWall87

    A story came out in the Washington Post months ago about how bad it’s gotten for Iverson. A commenter familiar with him said that his fans just have to be patient and that his story would be told. You’re getting nowhere here. Iverson should speak to his fans about what’s been going on and until then, we all have the right to be skeptical about everything that’s going on. Especially when a publication cannot get the ages of the kids correct. In November, he said the truth would come out from him. I’ll wait until then.

  • Happy

    If we are commenting on a basketball website and you are posting dumb comments like there is no justification for why your favorite ball player is getting flak for things any other non celeb would, then YES. I would say it’s just because your a fan.

    If you wanted to hear from Iverson so badly you would have been online requesting the court documents. This is America. Our courts are public. What you want is for him to defend himself in the media so that you can say “See he said it wasn’t true so he really is a victim!”. Neither Iverson nor his ex are making a bunch of public statements directly to the press about their personal affairs, so you and all the other little boys on here getting mad at her for the media releasing her court motions just seems silly to me.

    Yes I brought up how an ARREST, which is PUBLIC, can affect perceptions in and out of the court. I don’t have to know him personally to bring up a matter that was made PUBLIC. Why is that hard to comprehend?

  • MikeC.

    This = no.

  • deuce

    Speaking to a group of people with already favorable perceptions of you accomplishes what? He doesn’t need to speak to the public for any reason. He needs to get right with the judge because his fans don’t affect how often he gets to see his kids. His fans won’t be a determining factor in whether or not he gets them back for violating his visitation agreement. I couldn’t care less what a fan or “commenter familiar with him” says. I don’t know him personally but I’m 1000% sure inversion himself doesn’t care either about the above mentioned’s opinions when it comes to his kids. Sorry to burst your bubble.

  • OfftheWall87

    Read slowly if necessary. I’ve said many times already that it all could be true. But until he says something about it, instead of believing everything coming from her side, I’ll wait until he speaks. Arrests don’t actually mean that what the person is arrested for actually happened. When a man familiar with him says not to believe everything you’re hearing, I’m waiting to hear more.

    Who’s getting mad? I also laugh at the “little boys” comment, but if that makes you feel like a bigger man, have at it dude.

  • OfftheWall87

    And we could care less about you say.

  • duece

    LOL At least I realize it doesn’t affect my life. You’re here on this online crusade for him like it affects his. “Poor Iverson, the world is unfairly against him”. Grow up.

  • Happy

    She told her side to the judges. He told his side. Decisions were made. Both had big money lawyers. One had an arrest record, which doesn’t look good whether charges or dropped or not. These immature comments are trying to make it seem like there is some huge conspiracy against him, despite the fact that any other regular joe would suffer the same consequences in court if he had the same track record of AI. I don’t buy that.

  • OfftheWall87

    As opposed to your online crusade against him? Pretty pathetic performance by you. You clearly don’t know much about him at all. Dude put out a message on Twitter to his fans specifically telling them that he would tell his side of the story and you’re here saying that his fans don’t matter to him. Foolishness of the highest order.

  • Dacre

    Did the first guy sign in as “guest” to prop up support for his own comment???

  • OfftheWall87

    No, that wasn’t me. That’s not how things work on this site. Good try though.

  • duece

    You don’t read well. Let me quote myself and break down what those little words in the English language mean when they are put together.

    Me: “I don’t know him personally but I’m 1000% sure Iverson himself doesn’t care either about the above mentioned’s opinions when it comes to his kids. Sorry to burst your bubble.”

    Now, since you couldn’t understand such a basic statement let me explain. I could be wrong, but I highly doubt AI has ever or will ever walk into anyone’s courtroom and use as evidence in a custody battle the fact that his fans love him. I’m sure he will never say “My fans think I’m an adequate dad so you should grant me more parental rights”. Your opinion in this matter means nothing to him. Your fandom won’t help him is a court proceeding. Pointing out obvious realities doesn’t make someone against Iverson.

  • RainDrop

    I think so.

  • duece

    I’m sure nbk already knows that. Junior Taylor and the rest of his high school buddies may have a harder time understanding, though.

  • Guest

    No. Don`t be ridiculous. The first commenter “OfftheWall87″ and me the “Guest” are two different people. And you would know this if you yourself was a regular commenter on this site because this is a fairly new comment system implemented by SLAM which does not allow people to use the same username that someone else is using. As this was a common problem with the old SLAM comment system.

    Good try but don`t let “Guest” fool you. I have commented on this site many of times prior to this thread. I just don`t comment everyday or every week for that matter so I choose not to create a permanent username.

  • Teddy-the-Bear

    Happy, you are quickly becoming my favorite commenter on this site. Much respect.

  • Redd

    When the hell was this..and damn you’re a loser. You seriously are trying to be tough online..you’re like the biggest joke I’ve seen anywhere online..seriously.

    Man your life is pathetic lol. Thanks for another day of entertainment chief.

  • Redd

    I really doubt the media or judges are thinking: omg he played the game wrong..lets teach him a lesson.

    And what did he stand for? He was blackballed because he was hard as hell to deal with after it became apparent he was past his prime.

  • z

    She went to the courts. She did contact the proper authorities. Stop watching so much television because that was the most childish, unrealistic crap I’ve ever read on here.

    Amber alerts aren’t issued for custody disputes. Police can’t arrest you for being with your own kids, especially when the kids aren’t protesting. She has to get a court order from a family court judge to have him immediately hand over the children, and the police can only arrest him if he refuses to comply. Stop letting your imagination run wild.

  • z

    Also, just so you know the guy isn’t being accused of taking them without permission. He’s being accused of not giving them back when they agreed, and at least initially being dishonest about their whereabouts. What you are describing has nothing to do with this particular situation.

  • Happy

    Much respect, Teddy.

  • Melvin flynt

    Thats facts buddy

  • danpowers

    please dont be so hard on the shockexchange. we should all be greatful for the lebron rules ;)

  • Guest

    Did you read the boldfaced letters entitled: “Allen Iverson`s Ex-Wife Says He Abducted Their Kids”?

    Did you miss the opening sentence which stated: “Tawanna Iverson has filed legal documents accusing former NBA superstar Allen Iverson of abducting the couple’s five children”?

    TMZ made it a point of emphasis to use the phrases abducted and abducting which means “to carry or lead a person away from where they want to
    be or want to go by use of force, threats, or deception” or “to restrain or conceal a person in
    order to prevent his escape or rescue.”.

    I don`t know what TV has to do with what I said. Abduction is illegal even if it is the parent who is abducting their child. So, yes a parent can in fact be arrested if they are found guilty of abducting or kidnapping their child.

    Remember “abducted” is the phrase that TMZ used to describe the incident. They didn`t use the phrase “custody dispute”. They used “abducted” and “abducting”.

    Now, of course, they`re is a legal process to resolving issues meaning that certain steps have to be taken. However, this story makes it seem like Iverson not only has abducted his children or is holding them against their mother`s wishes but that he is actually a danger to his children.

    “Tawanna claims she’s especially concerned because Allen’s an alcoholic who drinks around their kids.”

    So, if Iverson has illegally abducted his children and is a danger to them then wouldn`t the next logical step be to go to the authorities. Then the authorities would act accordingly which I assume would be the issue of an “Amber Alert”.

    I don`t think my analysis was too far-fetched based on the information that was given by TMZ.

    The real problem is that TMZ lets their imaginations run wild often embellishing stories.

    I also was trying to point out some errors made TMZ or errors made in the the court docs filed. The errors in which I am referring to are the ages. They have a 4-year old daughter (the youngest) and they have an 18-year old daughter (the oldest) who is viewed as an adult in the eyes of the law.

    Remember: TMZ reported that he has taken all 5 kids.

    “Tawanna Iverson just filed legal docs, claiming
    Allen recently asked for permission to take their five kids on a short
    vacation to Charlotte, NC from May 22nd-May 26th (and Tawanna agreed)
    but when May 26th rolled around, the children hadn’t been returned. The
    kids range in age from 3 to 16 years old.”

    My focus is on discrediting TMZ who is known for their outlandish, Hollywood, yellow journalism stories.

    I`m not taking sides. I`m just going over the information presented to me. Either way the truth will come out sooner or later.

  • Sancheezie

    blame that headline on SLAM

  • Guest

    True. This is SLAM`s headline but it`s quite similar to the original headline that TMZ used when they first broke the story.

    “Allen Iverson — Ex-Wife Claims HE STOLE OUR KIDS”

    TMZ used “STOLE”. SLAM used “Abducted”. Not much difference if you ask me.

    By the way, it`s already been reported that Iverson did NOT abduct his kids and that Tawanna knew exactly where they were. And this seems like information that TMZ already possessed before reporting this abduction story seeing that this issue was settled in court last Wednesday.

    This totally validates the point that I was trying to make: TMZ cannot be taken seriously as a credible source for factual information because their sole purpose is to generate BUZZ. They don`t care if the information is true or false. They don`t care how it may affect children. They don`t care how much more damage they may do to someone`s reputation. Their only concern is the bottom line, and the bottom line is putting out a story that creates BUZZ.

  • shockexchange

    And after another personal attack, the Shock Exchange stands corrected. That story where A.I.’s ex-wife accused him of abducting his kids is not “ridiculous.” Thanks for clearing that up.

  • initbruv

    Nobody is going to get the truth about this story. It’s a TMZ story about a family’s personal issues. No matter what he or she says, it’s still going to be their business that everyone else can (and of course, will) speculate about it, but never know the real story.

  • MikeC.

    You’re right. I oversimplified. After a deeper analysis of available facts, I’ve arrived at the following conclusion: AI likely can still cross up a lot of NBA players. Juwan Howard, Marcus Camby and Jermaine O’Neal wouldn’t stand a chance. Start the comeback chatter.

  • z

    “Tawanna Iverson just filed legal docs, claiming Allen recently asked for permission to take their five kids on a short vacation to Charlotte, NC from May 22nd-May 26th (and Tawanna agreed) but when May 26th rolled around, the children hadn’t been returned.”

    Bold faced headline or not, THE ABOVE STATEMENT, describes what he is being accused of. If one parent does not return children on agreed upon time and dates to the custodial parent, that is what happens. No Amber alerts unless it is suspected the parent vanished, whereabouts unknown. In a family court setting, it will be considered abduction simply if the kids are not where they are suppose to be at the given time. A judge simply orders the return of the children, and jail is possible only if there is non-compliance with that court order.

    Nowhere in your over active imagination should you have been so stupid as to think your little Amber alert comment had anything to do with a custody dispute where THE LEGAL GUARDIAN knows exactly where the kids are, and had given them to the non-custodial parent in the first place. Like I said, POLICE CANNOT TAKE CHILDREN without court orders from parents who are WILLFULLY given the children in the first place. They can only ENFORCE a court order demanding immediate return. We are talking about a FAMILY COURT dispute. You don’t know what you’re talking about and that’s the bottom line. Don’t blame TMZ for the fact that you and a host of others were stupid enough to run wild with a headline. Blame yourself. They get clicks off of people who jump to conclusions by reading “bold face letters” and not really thinking.

  • z

    If you get up and arms about a healing that’s your own fault. It makes it worse that you got emotional over a gossip site’s headline at that. it’ sill funny to me that you guys really think that every day custody disputes like this work the way you explained up above. Not in real life buddy boy.

  • shockexchange

    Tell ‘em Dan.

  • Dfrance

    The mother doesn’t usually get “sole legal custody.” That usually only happens when the other parent is completely absent, or not involved in the childrens life at all.

    Abduct is just the legal terminology here. He probably didn’t knock the kids out and drag them away kicking and screaming, but he was supposed to return them to their mother at a certain time and he didn’t.

    As to why she let him have the kids if he has issues, maybe he told her he got his act together and she wanted to give him a shot. Had she said no and AI said she’s keeping the kids from me, yall would say she’s wrong.

    I hope this is a misunderstanding and I loved AI as a player too, but as soon as there is a negative AI story on here, everyone acts like he is this perfect angel that hasn’t ever one anything wrong.

  • Melvin flynt

    Are u serious man? the man has heart. he never lost his game.. nba og bad boy, if mj whos 50 yr can beat micheal kidd gilcrest one on one!, then iverson at 37 yr can do damage in nba

  • Melvin flynt

    u must not like him i take it, thats what it is

  • MikeC.

    I liked him when he played. Not with Philly. Knick-fan bias wouldn’t allow that. Enjoyed his game in Denver. I just think he’s physically done. He was never a long range sniper, so he can’t play a Steve Kerr type of role. He’s never demonstrated that he’s about making his teammates better, so an elder statesman role like Jason Kidd isn’t in the cards. I just don’t see how he’d be successful at this point. As for your MJ comparison below, MJ is bigger, stronger and took much better care of his body during his career. He was also playing against a guy who was likely hesitant to go all out and beat on his boss.

  • Redd

    You remind me of the Todd from Scrubs, except stupider than hell.

  • markymark

    I think you’re the one spending too much time on the tube.