Tuesday, June 18th, 2013 at 9:00 am  |  12 responses

Allen Iverson’s Kids Returned to Ex-Wife

After meeting with a judge last week, it turns out that Allen Iverson didn’t abduct his five children, despite his ex-wife’s claims. TMZ has more of the messy details: “Allen appeared in Fulton County court in Georgia last Wednesday and told the judge his ex-wife had full access to their kids during their stay at the hotel and therefore he wasn’t doing anything wrong. We’re told Tawanna also testified that she could have picked up the children from Allen but didn’t want to drive 45 minutes to his location. After A.I.’s testimony, the judge decided the former Philadelphia 76ers star didn’t deserve to be thrown in jail — despite his ex-wife’s request before the hearing. The kids — ranging from ages 3 to 16 — were returned to their mother following the hearing.”

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  • OfftheWall87

    And there we have it.

  • Francis

    Wow… everyone was ready to crucify AI

  • huami

    wow, ex-wife has some issues. What AI did does not warrant some “jail time”. Come on! Love is clearly lost between the two.

  • huami

    i hear you. Poor AI, always being perceived as the bad guy.

  • Dfrance

    SLAM gotta chill with the reposting of TMZ stories. They’re all slanted to elicit some sort of reaction from the reader and I’m mad I fell for the okey-doke.

    In any event, both parents are in the wrong here. If they agreed to meet somewhere to exchange the children on a set date and Iverson didn’t do that, he is still WRONG. On the other hand Tawanna probably could have resolved the issue without going to court and making things messy.

  • shockexchange

    Homegirl says something negative about A.I. and the media makes her think she’s an “intellectual.” This story was nonsensical from the jump.

  • spit hot fiyah

    people were quick to judge yesterday


    Knew there was more to this story… A couple of years ago she was calling him a deadbeat, now she was yellin he stole his kids?? This dude cant ever win! smh

  • bike

    She didn’t want to spend a mere 45 minutes drive to pick up the kids but she had the time and energy to formally file charges and had to attend a formal legal hearing. Not to mention create a media frenzy.

    AI, my man, you have made some mistakes in the past and marrying this woman was no doubt one of them.

  • Xena

    Allen Iverson has been going through this since he was a teenager at the age of 17. People were ready to lynch him up back then and were arrogantly tying yet another presumptuous noose yesterday more than 20 years later.

    Iverson said it best, “I`ve never been treated fairly. I don`t expect to be.”

    Rather than Iverson being “innocent until proven guilty” as the courts so eloquently state people jump off the deep end by assuming that Iverson is “guilty no matter what”. His enemies have always been aware of society`s negative, prejudicial bias towards Iverson and they have constantly taken advantage of it throughout the course of his life. It`s been 20 years now and we still haven`t progressed as a society. The more things change, the more things stay the same.

    I hope the children were not affected by this and I hope Iverson continues to live his life despite the disruptions.

  • roger rogers

    HOW IN THE HELL DOES SHE STILL HAVE CUSTODY. Seriously, she didnt want to drive 45 minutes to pick up her own kids??

  • athanasia columbus

    I think his ex-wife was trying to get him thrown in jail! How hateful can you be?