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Chris Bosh to Heat Fans Who Left Game 6 Early: ‘Don’t Come Back for Game 7′

Hundreds of Miami Heat “fans” raced for the exits last night when it appeared that their team’s season was coming to an end. After Ray Allen hit a dagger to force overtime, many of them tried (and failed) to rush back into the building. Chris Bosh doesn’t want them in the house for Game 7 tomorrow night. Per the Toronto Sun and AP: “For all those guys who left, don’t come back for Game 7,’ said Chris Bosh. ‘People gave up on us and they can stay where they are and watch the game at home.’”

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  • Allan

    Sh#t was so embarrassing that even our(Miami) local news was bashing them

  • The Philosopher

    Bosh needs to relax.
    Duncan kicked his ass.

  • Stainless

    that block though

  • RC8

    Its the very reason why so many people hate miami fans. So many of them jumped on the band wagon when ‘Bron joined in 2010 and they run for the hills at the first sign of trouble. They did the same thing in the 2010 finals vs. Mavs

  • http://twitter.com/sooperfadeaway nbk

    in the 1st half yea. in the 2nd half, and specifically overtime? Bosh was the best big on the floor.

  • The Philosopher

    Even if it was the 1st half. I mean, has that ever even happened to Bosh?
    He is lucky that the Spurs choked.

  • http://twitter.com/sooperfadeaway nbk

    no that’s definitely never happened to him. Tim Duncan was freaking unreal. But he can’t be 26 year old Tim Duncan for longer than half a game anymore.

  • bill

    Can’t expect them to show up if you aren’t, Bosh.

    I mean, who knew you’d finally ATTEND a Heat game with 30 seconds left before game 6 of the Finals ends, Bosh?

  • Dagger

    Frankly, Bosh has been eviscerated in some games by the greats from the generation that preceded him. But I actually think that treating those games as exceptions obscures how often Bosh has been outperformed against great bigs.

    Consider: in head-to-head regular season matchups with Duncan, Bosh shoots nearly 10% less from the field, grabs nearly 2 fewer rebounds, and scores 3 points less: http://www.basketball-reference.com/play-index/h2h_finder.cgi?request=1&p1=boshch01&p2=duncati01

    The stats are more even against KG, but Bosh still gives up 2 PPG and is outperformed in FG% and RPG. However, the stats are skewed a bit due to KG’s recent injuries and decline; those first seasons were painful: http://www.basketball-reference.com/play-index/h2h_finder.cgi?request=1&p1=boshch01&p2=garneke01

    Bosh out-rebounds Dirk, but gives up 4 PPG in regular season head-to-head matchups. Of course, the 2011 Finals was a one-sided beat-down: http://www.basketball-reference.com/play-index/h2h_finder.cgi?request=1&p1=boshch01&p2=nowitdi01

    Then there are the regular season stats against Pau Gasol, which are about as one-sided as they come: http://www.basketball-reference.com/play-index/h2h_finder.cgi?request=1&p1=boshch01&p2=gasolpa01

    My conclusion: Bosh rarely gets completely destroyed – although it does happen – but he’s routinely outplayed by the big men of the previous generation. He has his moments – like he did last night – but to me he exemplifies what happens to the bigs of his generation. He’s just not a complete player, and his strengths don’t fully compensate for his weaknesses against truly elite competition.

  • The Philosopher

    Appreciate that.

  • Mike Gilbert

    Good for Bosh. This was a pathetic display for Miami fans. This is why I don’t understand why players would want to come to Miami to play. Does the weather really make up for playing in front of these assholes?

  • Mike Gilbert

    and obviously every team will have bandwagon fans. But most fans in Miami are bad for every sport. It’s just not a sports town.

  • spit hot fiyah

    keep it real, like a BO$H

  • RayJr

    The weather, beach, bikinis, and girls on the beach in bikinis. I’ll take that over Toronto and Cleveland weather every day of the week.

  • bike

    What a bunch of dipshits. Just the nature of the way the game was going in the 4th reeked of a possible overtime, close finish, or something really crazy happening in crunch time.

    They all should have been permanently paint balled as they left the building.

  • jufu

    people need to stop giving bosh indiscriminate hate. dude played super big in the second half, totally unsung, and heat fans are really kinda f*cking bad.

  • 23

    Don’t take away from Duncan. He was making difficult shots. Remember he is the best power forward ever. And skill-wise he has not slipped at all. And with his length Bosh doesn’t stand a chance unless Duncan starts missing

  • https://twitter.com/jasontichenor Mr. Wet

    was this the long way of telling me those guys were/are better than bosh? because I already knew that, and there isn’t anything wrong with it. Those dudes are 1st ballots.

  • https://twitter.com/jasontichenor Mr. Wet

    This is like the 7th time this postseason I’ve hear someone say Bosh finally showed up to a game. So, I’m guessing he at least went to 7 games.

  • Dagger

    Well, frankly this was a long (and very effective) way of procrastinating.

    But it was also a long way of communicating my disappointment in what Bosh’s generation of big men have become. Instead of contributing to a golden era of power forwards, they helped destroy it. When Bosh emerged as a franchise player, many projected him to someday resemble his childhood idols. Instead, like Amare, Boozer, Howard and others, he maxed out as a good but incomplete player.

    And before you say “well, yeah, he’s Chris Bosh:” we’re talking about one of the best under-30 bigs in the world right now. It’s kind of sad.

  • The Philosopher

    I respect that.

  • Obz

    Noones perfect man Bosh gave everything defending “The BigFundamentals” T.Duncan future HOF…both have diff style of playing people have to respect that…Heat fans its game 7 man give your 101% support till the very end of the game…”not one, not two…not three” well see

  • http://www.rich-imaging.com/ Dutch Rich

    No state income tax helps.

  • https://twitter.com/jasontichenor Mr. Wet

    I think he could be looked at as a better player, but he chose to win a ring. Had he stayed as a franchise player the general opinion of him would be that’s he better. At least I think so. It’s a different game now for sure though, not the same big man league. Hibbert is a fun throwback to watch, we’ll see how he pans out down the road.

  • Max

    Awesome Bosh being awesome.

  • Max

    Bosh is doing his job ver well these last few games.

  • Max

    None of those guys have had to play 3rd fiddle. ‘except Pau this year).
    He was very sollid in Toronto.

  • MikeC.

    It pains me to say this, but…respect. Bosh did the quiet dirty work in the game, and when he speaks, he speaks truth. Damn it! I liked it better when I could make fun of him for being a skinny weirdo who was too soft to play inside.

  • robb

    he got his ass kicked by Duncan. Period. If not for that SA meltdown nobody would be saying Bosh has done a good job. Bosh going all tough on the fans after the Spurs allowed them to survive is ridiculous. Fake tough guy at its worst.

  • http://twitter.com/sooperfadeaway nbk

    He got his ass kicked in the 1st half. Period. He was the best big in the 2nd half. Period. Bosh calling our people for leaving a 5 point game with 20 seconds left is justified by the result of the game. Period.
    Like it or not.

  • grgeblck

    Well said.


    Bosh is right to call the fans out for their lack of faith…I watched it from from Atlanta and felt that sinking feeling but keep rooting for one last chance. Give us one last chance…people, teams, etc. that have heart…true heart show up when no one else. With 28.2 second, the rest of the Miami Heat hating world saw what, I have always seem and known. The Heat team wins because they sacrifice for each other..they know that they must protect, fight, carry, push, and have faith in each other.

    They are a team that has the ability to summon they collective will and commitment…which is less common in pro sports. It is poetry in motion and can be frustrating to beauty taken granted.

    Miami fans do not deserve this team…but the great thing that that fans have one more game to make to the team, the city, and to the fans like me remember that yers of promise and disappointment..Just wanting our team fight to last breath and never give up. We have that….better recognize before you miss it.


    Make sure that you people remember that CB is a forward that play against the leagues best centers 1on1. An not foul out like Halem, Anderson, etc. He has a scorer for most his career…he has sacrificed to make the team better. Wade is a scorer that is now defender…again sacrifice.

    It sucks that S#%heads like some of the people that post have no clue what they are looking at. This team and it’s player have changed for each other. Better recognize before you miss it.

  • phil

    That’s what happens when you buy things, nothing earned.

  • Brad

    Kind of ironic…the fans show up for the first 46 minutes, leave for the last few. Bosh doesn’t show up for the first 46 minutes, does show up for the last few.

  • Alysha Nicole

    It’s Miami, the fans always arrive late.

  • Will

    Some Heat fans can say the same thing about Bosh this post season. Don’t come back.

  • JL

    get there late (every quarter) and leave early. why get tickets if you don’t care?

  • Shooting Guard

    Miami fans not loyal to their team, they should watch okc, dallas and others

  • danpowers

    i will never get why people take real pride in ther fandom and bash on so called bandwagoners who just go with the success.
    i mean, if ur grand children ask you one day what you really accomplished and achieved in your life, you wouldnt tell them “i was really good at cheering for a bunch of guys putting a ball through a hoop” if so then you did something awfully wrong with your life.
    but if i did, i would be especially emberassed to be a heat fan. i mean, its kind of likely that most of those who left dont even know who that is lol http://nbahoopsonline.com/teams/MiamiHeat/History/Pics/Hardaway96.jpg

  • z

    It matters in the context of sports. No one here claimed that cheering for teams–or even playing in pro leagues–means something in the grand scheme of life, so what’s your point? Bottom line, being a bandwagon fan makes you a lesser fan. It’s just not something real fans respect. That doesn’t mean any less or more than the sport itself. It’s all entertainment.

  • danpowers

    my point is – even though im a die hard knicks fan – that i dont really get the point why it should matter at all if one is a “lesser” or a “better” fan. teams that “naturally” grow together like the spurs or thunder are extremely rare. there is not really such a thing as “franchise” or “club” culture in us-pro sports so why would anyone expect most fans to be different to the thing they cheer for? when teams lose arenas are empty when teams win arenas are full. cant expect all 20.000 in the audience to be “real fans”.
    i get your point though

  • danpowers

    maybe too much money and dont know what else they should do with it?

  • JoeMaMa

    I think it’s like this – you enjoy a team, and stick with them through the rough times when you keep getting disappointed with the losing, rebuilding, etc. You know that, as a fan, the team will eventually rebound and the winning feeling will be that much better. The lead up becomes this big thing…and you know that amazing feeling when the team finally wins BIG will be that much better. But along comes some Johnny-come-lately, who, for the sake of this argument, doesn’t seem to grasp the understanding of the game on the same level (yes, I’m accusing many new Heat fans of being all sizzle/no steak). And you ask yourself – is this how this person acts? A fairweather fan…does it bleed into other aspects of their life?? A devoted fan definitely feels this way, whether the question is warranted or not. And what’s more – do these new fans really appreciate how big of a deal this victory will be? I have this image of Miami fans, which I think has some teeth, due to their early exiting, that the Heat are just some sideshow to their parties and fun. Hey – can’t fault people for having a good time in a beautiful place, but I just don’t see the same devotion that compromises what most of us on this site would call “a real fan”. I’d venture a guess to say that while Miami certainly has real fans, a large percentage are casual. That doesn’t mesh well with real fans, many of whom wait year/decades for a chance to enjoy a championship.

  • z

    You can’t be Knick fan and not understand how silly the idea that stadiums are full and empty strictly depending on the teams’ records when the Knicks are the very epitome of a team whose fan base turns out whether they are relevant or not. That team filled seats even during the Eddy Curry years. Miami “fans” come to games to be seen. A sports fan who actually is interested in the sport doesn’t walk out at a time like that. Like I said, it’s all entertainment. Why should it matter to you whether the Knicks win or lose? Why should it matter who wins or loses at all? The answers to those questions is the answer to one you asked. Sports and teams matter as much as their fans. None of it matters in the grand scheme of things, not just the parts you dismiss.

  • pposse

    its a damn shame these guys play for MIami. The people probably don’t even care if they win.

    Back when Chicago was winning the whole damn state went buck wild. Family parties, bbq’s were all thrown around the playoff schedule. Those were the best times in a lot of our lives.

    These guys have all the talent in the world but play for a city that won’t even care tomorrow. Probably none of these so called fans will even remember these times 20 years from now.

  • pposse

    for me and a whole lot of people i know in Chicago that were around during the Championship days, I can honestly say that its been some of the most memorable parts in our lives. Family parties, bbq’s all of that was centered around the Bulls and their playoff runs. It was a big part of growing up.

    Now, you have some of the greatest to ever play, icons of the game waisting their talents away in a city that won’t be talking about yall in 20 years like i am right now about my team 20 years later.

    Its kind of like a slap in the face to a true fan.

  • danpowers

    oh come on man, how is that a slap in the face of a true fan? to me those guys are like dirt rolling off a good polish ;) no need to be concerned imo

  • bill

    There’s a reason this has been your 7th time hearing this.

  • TV63

    Maybe so BUT when POP took Duncan out; BOSH seized the moment and POOF became the hero that saved Game 6 getting the critical rebound and great pass to tie up game. That’s what everyone will remember despite Duncan having 30 points and 17+ rebounds. I don’t like it either but it’s the way it is!

  • The Philosopher

    I respect that, too.

  • danpowers

    i always see this debate among my fellow knicks fans saying about these bandwagoners “if u didnt cheer during the f*cked up years dont cheer now”. i wont take this bandwagoners serious though, its just that i dont have any hard feelings on them. i let them do their thing while i do mine. they know who they are, thats enough for me

  • danpowers

    ” you enjoy a team, and stick with them through the rough times when you
    keep getting disappointed with the losing, rebuilding, etc. You know
    that, as a fan, the team will eventually rebound and the winning feeling
    will be that much better. The lead up becomes this big thing…and you
    know that amazing feeling when the team finally wins BIG will be that
    much better.”
    and thats exactly why i dont have any issues with others. im enjoying it all, the good and the bad.
    if spineless guys just chase success with no loyality, its their own problem and poor mindset. most will probably never feel these intense emotions related to basketball. i just wont feel bad about them coz thats not my problem, its theirs.