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Contest: Win a ‘White Hot’ Chris Bosh Jersey

Drop a comment, win a No. 1 jersey!

Miami rocked their “White Hot” jerseys a bunch of times this year. You have a chance to pickup a “White Hot” Chris Bosh uni for free. All you have to do is drop a comment (with your real e-mail address) telling us what you think the most impressive part of Bosh’s game is.

The SLAM crew will read your answers, pick a winner, hit him or her up and ship the jersey. Good luck!

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  • D. Ali

    CB’s mid-range is the most impressive. That 15 to 17 footer is bread and butter and he hits it with efficiency. Just as good from there as any other PF; thinking of Garnett who has that too. Wouldn’t be surprised if CB hit a game winner in this finals from that range; that’s his spot.

  • James

    His willingness to take the three

  • KarateKickz23

    jready23@comcast.net I think the most impressive part of Bosh’s game is his shooting…I know a lot of ppl want him in the post but his shooting ability takes the opposing bigs out of the paint opening up lanes for wade and bron

  • Ryan adams

    There are not many players that can stretch out the defense like him. between his size, shot and athletic ability he can knock down the corner 3 or penetrate the baseline at any time.

  • Max

    His ability to play one on one against bigger and slower centers/power forwards.


  • Jerry

    The most impressive part of Chris Bosh’s game is his ability to be a good teammate. He was THE MAN in Toronto. He can do almost anything on the court. Now he is the third option in Miami. You never hear him complain. That’s a good teammate. djjerryg@gmail.com

  • Frank

    The best part of Chris Bosh’s game is just his versatility around the court with his stature. For a guy that’s almost 7 feet tall, he can step outside and make the long 3, shoot mid range shots, and even attack the basket inside with his will. He’s pretty much clutch when his shots aren’t contested. He’s also a good one-on-one defender and can guard the inside. The Heat’s Big 2 of Wade and LeBron wouldn’t be successful without him out there stretching the floor and being dependent on setting screens on picks.

  • Luke Vicary

    It has to be his jumpshot. Bigs who can’t step out from under the rim face problems guarding him as he can step out to mid range and three where they are uncomfortable playing. Also with his improving three point shot and ability to play stretch 4, he can spread the floor and drag shotblockers away from the hoop leading to easy drives for LeBron and Wade.

  • Abed

    With him being the man in Toronto, he adjusted well to being the third option in miami thst shows his mental versatility. He has an outstanding mid range game and if yoy let him shoot, he’ll make you pay. However, if you get too close he can turn into the boshasoraus and drive in aggresively that shows his physical versatility.


  • Kevin

    The most impressive part about Bosh’s game is the fact that he grew up looking like a turtle and ignored all of the haters that probably told him he looked like a turtle, and still made it to the NBA. Unbelievable. And he looks more like a turtle now than ever before. How does he do it?!

  • Luke Feldner

    The best part of Chris Bosh’s game is his ability to set a pick for a driving Lebron or Wade to get them to the rim or pop out for an easy, open jumper or catch and drive to the rim himself off the screen. His 18-foot jumper is money. Much more so than his 3, but he is improving. Also think he should follow a slashing Wade or LeBron to the rim and follow their missed layups or floaters a la Tim Duncan or Marc Gasol. If he does that better he can make an even further jump in his career. My email is lukefeldner@columbus.rr.com. Thanks!

  • Kenneth Velez

    The most impressive part of Bosh’s game is his flexibility of being able to carry a team on his back or play a pivotal complementary role. He is a gifted athlete with size, speed, and the flexibility to play either outside or inside. His game over the years has shown why he was well worth a 4th overall pick in the 2003 draft. Also, my girlfriend adores CB so this would make her year!

  • Mathias

    He’s a big man that can launch it from deep and his willingness to do whatever it takes for his team to win.

  • Dillan Straight

    His ability to make an all-star roster with 6.8 rebounds a game and being 7 feet tall.

  • Courtney

    He need to stop taking 3s. Game 1 aside, he’s put up good number against the Spurs since coming to Miami.

  • Max

    Facial expressions, I mean is there anybody out there that has better facial expressions?
    Every game he plays, you can make a gif of just his face, and that’s why Bosh is awesome!
    Now give me a Bosh jersey
    Like a BO$H!!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/ludmilmatsoev Ludmil Matsoev

    hope i win

  • The Real C-4

    His mid-range jumper. Buckets!

  • Brandon

    It’s definitely his mid-range game. If there’s pressure, he can take it off the bounce.

  • Kareem

    The most impressive part of Chris Bosh’s game is his versatility. First, Chris Bosh spaces the court, dragging big men into his presence. Therefore, the lane is wide open which is money for Lebron and Wade. This gives these two players the ability to penetrate into the lane which makes the opponents double them. This allows the three-point shooters to be wide open which started with Bosh’s ability to space away from the paint. Second, it’s his ability to hit the midrange or penetrate into the lane at a more quicker pace due to a center’s inability to have a efficient foot speed when usually planted in the lane. Last, his mental toughness. As a superstar, it’s hard to give up the reigns of 24/7 ball in my hand. Therefore, his willingness to give Wade and Lebron handle the ball shows his ability to trust his teammates and knowing the common goal each year are CHAMPIONSHIPS, not lengthy stats.


  • Anthony Valdez

    The style of game he plays as a big man. Hitting jump shots leaving the D guessing on what he’s gonna do.

  • http://twitter.com/terrencelamb Terrence Lamar Bruce

    I like Bosh’s ability to stretch the floor. Hate it or love it the Heat needs that to open up the lane.

  • Monty

    I hope Bosh and Wade help Lebron out some more on offense.

  • greg

    His ability to go to the basket and get to the line ten times a game that can’t be utilized correctly because wade doesnt space the floor for him. I better win im probably his only real fan left.

  • GPowell11

    his ability to ignore the haters and keep knocking down the three is most impressive. griffpowell@aol.com

  • John M

    He is determined in all that he does. Last year he fought through pain to help Miami win a championship. This year he’s determined to push through his shooting struggles and bring the extra energy Miami needs.

  • Chandra Chan

    Chris Bosh the most underrated Power Forward in the game. His stats don’t always show up like Lebron James or even Dwayne Wade sometimes. But neither does the sacrifices he had to make for his team not show up as well.

  • Seth

    His ability to knock down the three.

  • Johan A

    The most impressive part of Chris Bosh’s game is definitely his versatility. He is able to spread the floor, post-up and he has no problem at getting to the line a few times a game, either. I also really like the fact, that he hasn’t had a problem accepting his role as the 3rd (or 4th) option at all. That’s a great psychial mindset to have aswell!

  • Luka

    As a dedicated toronto raptors fan I have nothing but love for Chris bosh. He put in 7 huge years with the raptors and led us to the playoffs. What I think puts him ahead when comparing him to other big men and what most don’t even recognize is his mid range jumper. He isn’t afraid to put up shots and is known to hit them down. Luka.n.milosavljevic@gmail.com

  • Dominican Jordan

    Nobody wants a Chris Bosh jersey!!

  • WeffJ

    his mid-range shot. When its falling, its over for the other team.

  • ari

    a pf that can score a three

  • KRamos

    Even though he’s had several hard series, his shoot ain’t falling his rebounds aren’t coming his way but even though he hasn’t really been consistent, his heart, his drive to still go and go hard he has a heart and love for the game that every player should have he impacts a good even though he is not playing good, it can be by setting him teammates up or just being there because to every team he is a threat and they treat him like that, so overall I’d say his heart and love for the game is Chris Bosh’s most impressive part of his game.
    -Karlos R. karlosramos113@yahoo.com

  • 5

    Probably his mid-range game, which he doesn’t look like a player like him would have

  • Ryan

    Bosh does not fear his opponents. he doesn’t care if he is going up against someone better than him because he confident his shot will go in. he keeps playing even if he gets humiliated. he gets crossed up a lot but he still has the spirit to keep playing. that what makes chris bosh special.

  • Stefan Sathianathen

    Chris Bosh always pushes his team to do better and strive to be like LeBron

  • Specs

    Wait, do we get his shooting percentages with it? Or do we just get a baby dinosaur?

  • Mars

    Bosh has an unbelievably long neck which gives him the best vision, seeing over the top of defenses, and cutting off passing lanes, but unfortunately he plays along side LeBron James, so this amazing attribute gets over shadowed. Also he was a monster when he had locs, so he should grow them back out and dominate like he was in TORONTO. Sampson’s power was in his hair.

  • Rob Stewart

    Most impressive part of his game is the fact he doesn’t complain. He is clearly the scapegoat if/when things go wrong but he doesn’t let it fade him. He’s getting killed for missing there’s in game one. But when he makes the game winning three in the series clinching game six all will be restored. And impressively, Bosh will have never complained.

  • Sajjatam Tp Kulsomboon

    The most impressive thing about Chris Bosh is that the second you think he can’t make a more ridiculous face, he goes out and makes a more ridiculous face.

  • MikeC.

    The most impressive thing is that his cheques haven’t been cancelled yet. RuPaul indeed.

  • BugEyes

    I loved Chris Bosh since his Georgia tech days and the most impressive part of his game is definitely his willing to play 3rd fiddle, dude was a utter terror in the low post for Toronto, but the heat need him to space the floor for drives. and he willingly does that for his team big ups

  • redhood


  • J King

    what people forget about chris is that he is good enough to be the number 1 option on any other team. his offensive skill set is pretty unique and because his jumper is such a weapon and his shot selection of finding his shots within the offense and his team first mentality (being 3rd fiddle but plays with same amount of heart)it leads to erik spolstras consistent high praise of him. he’s found himself a niche in the heat and is more key to their success then people like to admit. so yeah, his shot selection and mid range game, being a winner.and the fact that he resembles a feminine dinosaur. he should be playing the 4. – joedanking@gmail.com

  • keyon dooling

    What goes unnoticed by many is Bosh’s ability to fit into a team’s systems and be a rather flexible piece for a team that is capable of producing and improving in areas he was previously weak in. This season, he had career highs in steals and blocks per game while playing a career low in minutes, while silently upping his FG% to 53.5 and quietly maintaining his reliable midrange stroke (1st in the league this season for all players who shot from 16-23 more than once per game). While he didn’t rebound the ball as well as he had in previous seasons, he willingly switched positions for the sake of his club, and often was more than serviceable in keeping his opposing matchup off of the boards while undersized, so that the best rebounding SF and one of the best rebounding 2 guards in the league could swoop in and get the rebound and advance in transition.

    His ability to fit in and still show signs of improvement at 28 is very telling about his work ethic and attitude. These characteristics often go unnoticed when evaluating players at any level, and are some of the key factors involved in Miami’s run at two straight championships.

    email: pvandend@indiana.edu

  • Ej Gingco

    CB4 will make out of this slump. big games ahead.

  • Big Heat fan

    The most impressive part of Bosh’s game is his ability to adjust his game to the game plan of the team. There are a lot of players who have to do that but Bosh does it with poise and I never herd him wants complain about it.He really just wants to win and does not care about stats.

  • StandingBear

    The most impressive part of Chris Bosh’s game is that he has still got hustle after playing for 65 million years!

  • PT Mcswag

    If you compare the playoffs to spring cleaning, Chris bosh perfectly carries the analogy as a five year old nephew. Sure, lebron is the super-mom, getting her work done better and more efficiently than anyone on the block. Sure, d wade’s the hardworking pre-teen. As the former caretaker of the house, she got (had?) to readjust her schedule when the new stepmom moved in. She began throwing up lobs of disinfectant, and just generally being a perfect helpin hand whenever she’s called upon. And yet, it’s cbo who completes the trifecta. He dusts the crevices and bangs the mid-range better than anyone around. He finds the tiny bugs and leads Miami’s shootin barrage. He dos the dirty work and watches lebron and wade on sportscenter the next morning giddily. Most importantly, people forget he had to change his role when he moved into this house, as well. Take a look at that Miami pacers series from 2012, watch them go down 1-2, and see super mom and preteen each drop 40 point games to claim the series. So do they finish the job without that little boy? Maybe, but it’d be helluva lot harder.

  • michael kiever

    He has a great mid range game as well as a dope post up game when he needs it. He is the perfect complement to LeBron and is still a capable All-Star that can nail the clutch bucket.

  • James Davis

    His Range and Consistency Shooting For A Big Man

  • James Davis

    His Competitive Nature and Personality deseanjackson2009@gmail.com

  • yebbasue

    He’s part of the “Big 3″ but often is overshadowed by LBJ and D-Wade. BUT he definitely holds his own and is well-spoken too!

  • LoriDori

    He’s very productive points-wise and is very hard on himself when he makes an error or misses an opportunity. Seems like he doesn’t get the credit he deserves!

  • Raheem Shabazz

    With this jersey I will be one step closer to looking like Ducky from The Land Before Time.

  • Mark

    My favourite part of his game is his mid range shot that got him that contract identical to LeBrons in the first place

  • JDOGG80

    The most impressive part of CB4′s I mean CB1′s game is his ability to defer to the other two super-stars on the team. After being the MA in Canada (he didn’t get the N because of the exchange rate) he has adjusted nicely to being the third fiddle (which on occasion turned into the first or second option) on a stacked HEAT team. Most teams would pick him up in a heartbeat (if only his velociraptor arms would just grab a couple more rebounds).

  • Patrick


    The most impressive part Chris Bosh’s game is his mid range shot that inevitably never seems to miss. His ability to also rebound the ball and come up big in tight game situations is a winning factor for a star studded team like the Heat. Bosh never takes it to heart as being labeled the ‘forgotten’ one in the shadows of two of the leagues superstars LeBron James and Dywane Wade. Chris uses this as a chip to push himself to make himself the All Star calibre player he is and knows.

    Go CB1 and Go the Heat!

  • Jordan

    His ability to spread the floor and nock down open looks and finish at the rim.

  • Taylor Smith

    His ability to spread the floor with his mid range game provides lanes for Wade and James to get the basket. This is because the man guarding Bosh is often forced away from the key therefore clearing a path for drives to the hoop

  • blackdragonroll

    The most impressive part of Chris Bosh’s game to me is his versatility. Follow his career from Lincoln to Georgia Tech to the Raps and now the Heat, the man has shown varying aspects to his game and used them in ways to always try to fit and help his team. He has the talent to take over, but always tries to fit in the system and his ability to do it so seamlessly is because of his versatility, especially offensively. Questions about his aggressiveness are consistent and at times warranted. Regardless, as a Torontonian and someone who has seen him since coming into the league, I wouldn’t hesitate to have him a part of my roster. I’ve seen him be the man and seen him play second or third string to others. Regardless of the situation, he finds a way to make it work and that is because he has the vast array of tools at hand to make it work. His mid range is a lock. Athleticism gives him some post advantage in this ‘no big man’ league. He even adds a three point shot that has put team over in some clutch situations. He doesn’t get as much shine with his current situation on the Heat, but I still rank him as one of the top 4s in the league. There are those who can probably do things better than Bosh, but few can do all that he does.

  • Gulraiz

    I believe the most impressive part of Chris Bosh’s game is his ability to stretch the floor, something most centers in the league can’t do, which makes him valuable and unique among the big men in the NBA.

  • Dem

    Everyone knows that he belongs definetly in the top 20 best current players. His intelligence and technique are really incredible, he is undoubtly a key player to Miami squad. Nevertheless for me, the best part in Bosh´s game is his galvanizing ROAR, after hitting a tough jumpshot, or blocking an amazing shot. This type of gestures are really important to bring energy to his team in the crucial game moments, and to make his opponents tremble and fear. Who would not get scared by a 6´11 roaring in the middle of the court? Only the New Zealand All Blacks can be worst, with their stunning Haka.

  • Jone

    i love how bosh compete… that game 7 against the pacers saw how good he is defensively.

  • Chris MacDonald

    Although it hasn’t been on point in these Playoffs, my favorite part of Bosh’s game is his ability to stretch the defense with his ability to knock down the mid-range J and the three-ball. Bosh still has a bit of a post game, but he is easily one of the best jump shooting big men the league has seen. Once Bosh’s perimeter game gets going, things open up for LBJ, D-Wade and Co.

  • Louis Rinn

    Like Scottie Pippen with the Bulls, Chris Bosh’s all-around versatility and play style effectively allows the Heat to turn to him as a second or third option, complementing Lebron and D-Wade on offense, as Scottie did with Michael, and is a reliable defensive mechanism. Offensively, his range on the floor allows him to become a potent option on the pick and pop, as his ability to knock down 19 footers on a regular basis and even venture behind the line from a dish from Lebron or another facilitator spreads the Miami Offense. His versatility on the block, combined with his athleticism, always capable of a Top 10 Slam, with a nice turn around half hook or fade away jumper also keeps opposing big men on their toes. Defensively, his shot blocker ability and overall intensity, also benefiting his offensive game and overall performance, makes for a solid frontcourt with the Birdman and Udonis Haslem. In my opinion, Chris Bosh would make for an excellent and potent facet in a triangle offense, as Phil Jackson used, as he can be used from either side of the court, pull up, initiate the offense, and exhibit his playmaker ability, fitting in well with the “interchangeability” of the triangle, creating an effective offensive mold for any defense, which would allow Bosh to further display his championship playstyle. louisrinn@yahoo.com

  • tonybanannas


  • W3

    I bet dwade would’ve passed the ball to lance Stephenson if he was wearing this jersey in the conf. final!

  • W3

    Yay a lance Stephenson jersey!

  • Jimmy H

    Love the fact that he is sticking to a part of the game, which has almost faded from the courts, the lost art of mid-range jumpshot…

  • Lucas

    Chris Bosh is just an overall machine. Probably one of the best centres in the game today.


  • Little Mike

    As a fan of the game, the MOST IMPRESSIVE part of CHRIS BOSH’s game is that when I watch him, I SEE ME! Well, certainly not at all in the stat line but when i watch him react to the game, more than any other current player, i so often say to myself: that is exactly how I feel or that is exactly what I would have done in the game. To start, we are both left-handed but also, if I was on the court with Chris (or the bench, or in the crowd…) I would be slapping hi fives with him, picking him up off the court, or shouting in his ear, “lead us home, big fella, lead us home!” I think too, especially as Chris has been on the Heat, I greatly appreciate the little things he does on the court, that I try to do, that are not front and center but are in the background of so many of the Heat’s special plays this year (and in the Finals): the ability to stick a pick, the timing of his box-outs to snarl a rebound, giving the team high energy, knowing where to move on a broken play, popping out for a jumper, passing out of a double team, using the pivot to get better position or a better shot, knowing where his teammates are immediately after a rebound and making the good pass, using the extra dribble to take space and get the angle off the glass, and I really SEE ME with his overall, even composure – but when after a dominant play, letting the world hear his roar: Chris gives that open mouth guard scream combined with a fist pump (and then goes back to business)! An IMPRESSIVE game indeed and that is why I would be proud to wear HIS jersey too – because, as a fan, HE is ME!

  • Wes

    His underrated rebounding ability. Had 20 in a game in the Chicago series.

  • Theaky

    I think Chris Bosh is the ULTIMATE defence player and doesn’t let any player have an easy time, out of the big 3 he is the least talked about but just as effective