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Contest: Win a ‘White Hot’ Dwyane Wade Jersey

Leave a comment, win a fresh jersey!

By now you’ve seen DWade rocking Miami’s “White Hot” No. 3 jersey this season. Now you have a chance to wear one, too. All you have to do is drop a comment (with your real e-mail address) telling us what you think the most impressive part of Wade’s game is.

The SLAM crew will read your answers, pick a winner, hit him or her up and ship the jersey. Good luck!

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  • YEAH


  • http://twitter.com/sooperfadeaway nbk

    his inconsistency

  • JNix

    The most impressive part of Dwayne wades game is his ability to take over when needed. How many times has wade came up clutch or hot a big basket when needed. Big part of what makes wade a superstar.


  • jay chau

    His most impressive part of his game is his mentality. Coming in to the league, there were doubts of his skills and height; saying he is not a true PG but not big enough to be a two-guard. Well, he fought through all doubts since DAY ONE, and he became a CHAMPION.

  • http://twitter.com/niQknacks niQ

    The most impressive part of Wade’s game? I love that he’s a guard that can block shots on the regular!

  • Mike

    His pump fake may well be one of the greatest we’ve ever seen. It’s nearly impossible for defenders not to bite on it. And when they do, he his able to absorb the large amount of body contact and still get his shot off, sometimes even making the shot too. It’s incredible to watch.

  • Rafa

    returning from very bad games.


  • Jai

    For me, the most impressive part of Wade’s game is his ability to get to the rim. The man called “Flash” could move quickly past the defender. In his prime, almost nobody could stop him from getting to the rim because he was too fast and quick. Once he gets there, he is arguably the best finisher. With this ability to hit circus shots from seemingly every conceivable angle. Nowadays, we only see spurts of this quickness, but say, two-three years ago, D-Wade was the best finisher in the game.

  • flash

    His game at the low-post, shot-block timing, ability to penatrate. And full-court passes like NFL quarterback.


  • D.Ali

    Most impressive part of his game would be his ability to draw contact and still finish. Some of D.Wade’s best plays come from amazing circus shots after drawing the foul. Classic D.Wade.

  • George Polk

    The best part of Wade’s game is his will to win. He has that desire to win by any means necessary & when it’s clutch time there aren’t many in the league that’s better at getting the job done. D Wade is my favorite player & it’s a joy to watch him close games out for the heat!

  • Andrew

    His bank shot is the most impressive part of his game. He can basically hit it from anywhere on the floor. A lot of people think that it’s an easy shot but its actually pretty difficult.

  • Stephen Clements

    His defensive ability, rebounding and his Euro Step…DWade for Finals MVP, been a fan since Marquette Days but his mindset is his best ability because he Let Lebron come take over Miami and he just played his role because in the end its all about wins plus he’s already a Finals MVP…. stephen_5309@yahoo.com

  • Max

    Back in the day (3-4 years ago), DWade could hit any shot possible. so his shot making ability.
    Just take a look at this video.

  • KRamos

    Dwyane Wade, is my favorite player and I can tell you a lot, he is one of those guards that have a talent to block players, he doesn’t only score nor drive and etc. but he’s the best blocking guard in the NBA history. He has a huge talent in shot blocking. So if I had to pick something I’d say it’s his ability to be the best blocking guard in NBA history.

    -Karlos Ramos karlosramos113@yahoo.com

  • Mohamedx23

    The most impressive part of his game is his uncanny ability to pick his game up whenever to help his team win. Also my favorite part of his game that impressives me the most is his ability to get to the rim and create for himself and his teammates
    My email address mohamedx23@hotmail.com

  • Trey Dindinger

    The best part of wades game is by far his court vision. It’s rediculous how he knows where everyone is on the court. He’s passing ability is exceptional. He can drive right down the lane freezing defenders with his speed. Then when he is healthy he can go up and finish that shot, or kick it out to a shooter in battier, charmers, or ray Allen for a wide open 3. He has a very similar game to LeBron James even though he is a 2 guard verses a 6’9″ 260 power forward. Even though wade doesn’t have an exceptional 3 point shooting ability, he makes up for it through his vision, passing skill and his incredible mid range J.
    I’m a huge fan of the mag keep up the work. -Trey from Denver
    Email: treyswim@gmail.com

  • Jose

    Gotta be the way he gets to the basket. He cuts and weaves thru defenders with ease. And the way he is able to finish in the paint. He’s always in the top 5-10 of players scoring in the paint! Pretty impressive to me considering he’s only 6’4″ (debatable, haslem and lebron have publicly said that he’s more like 6’1″- 6’2″)

  • AlbertBarr

    The most impressive part of his game is that he doesn’t eat any greens. How can you stay in shape not eating greens!

  • Rafael Abad

    The most impressive of DWade is that no matter how injured he is or seems, just in a moment he is going to make a play for the highlights with his explosiveness or his quality.

  • Sean Whiting

    Delete this put another comment I before I realized I could edit.

  • Sean Whiting

    Oh and for D-Wade its perseverance, Dude’s like a bigger AI- has to fight for everything and still scores 20ppg.

  • 5

    The most impressive thing about D-Wade’s game is probably his ability to allow himself to be Lebron’s sidekick. acobourn5@gmail.com

  • Jake Farnsworth

    Dwades most impressive aspect of his game is how no matter how badly he is in a shooting/scoring slump and how people say he’s getting old that he can go back out there and ignore all that has been happening and have an amazing game.

  • Kevin


    Most impressive part about Wades game is his ability to adjust his game to help the team win. Plays that don’t show in the stats.

  • Jon Scattaregia

    What’s most impressive about DWade’s game is if he has a bad shooting night he still is able to make an impact on the game in some way either by giving his team an extra possession with an offensive rebound or slashing to the basket when the other team least expects it. Wade always has that competitive that makes any night special.

    Email: jonscatt206@gmail.com

  • Sajjatam Tp Kulsomboon


    The thing about Dwyane Wade’s game is how much it has reclined with age and how much frustrated it has made him to resorting into cheap shots every now and then. The impressive thing about it, is how he’s never really given a f*ck as to what everyone else says.

  • Guest.

    It’s his ability to bring energy and emotion to the game. He pumps up the fans and gets his teammates In the game. And he’s very resilient. And he has great ability to get open. He’s a true superstar and hall of famer

  • Dimitri

    Konstantinou45@gmail.com Wade’s most impressive part of his game is his heart. Through being pushed to second on HIS team when Lebrom came, he kept his cool, and even though he is hurt real bad rn, he doesn’t use his knee as an excuse, yet he still continues to fight on.

  • Zoe

    He is at his best when you doubt him and he is always there when things are on the line. Yiyichau@hotmail.com

  • Lewis

    Wade is a great guy, he is a teamplayer, he gives good passes and assists, for a 6’4” guy it’s impressive that he can dunk, Wade is still an NBA all-star!!!

  • Alex

    Best part of his game is his versatility. Before LBJ came to South Beach he was the man, the ball was in his hands on every play. Now the ball is in Lebron’s Hands every play, and Wade has still found a way to get buckets. This is because he is the best cutter in the league, he is always sneaking to the basket for an easy two.

  • DWad3

    Wade is my favorite player. Obviously the knee is bothering him, but I would like to see him be what I think he does best, which is take it to the rim strong

  • Rabie Mahmoud

    His athleticism, working the baseline, and those put back dunks are insane!

  • wadetopofnba

    The most impressive part of Wade is stepping back and letting Lebron be Lebron but also knowing that the Heat still needs him. So knowing when to take his shots and get others involved makes Wade top 5 of the NBA because other players don’t comprehend that. I don’t like Lebron but I love what Wade did for his team.

  • Julian Wade

    The best part of Wade’s game is his humbleness and let Lebron come and take over the team in the peak of Wade’s game but come up clutch when the team needs him julporter45@yahoo.com

  • Faisal Abu-Saleh

    the best part of Wade’s game is his way to attack the rim and draws the and 1, he’s been every miami heat fan’s role model because of stepping down to lebron james, and even after stepping down i dont think there is anyone in the nba right now who can put up numbers like his stats while shooting the ball 15 or 16 times a game. He is the leader of Miami and he is a team player, even when he doesn’t score much he has a ton of assists. (Been Dwyane wade’s fan since ’06) hope he gets the finals mvp!!!!! :)

  • WeffJ

    the Eurostep! Wade has one of the sickest eurosteps EVER.

  • Sharoon James

    I think the best part of Dwyane Tyrone Wade juniors game is that he is unpredictable and rises to the occasion in clutch situations. The man knows how to win, and has the heart of a champion!

  • peter

    the best thing about wades game is his acrobatic plays to get to the rim,also hus quick cross overs which are insane. Probably the most important part of his game is how hes able to take his game to other worldy levels when the game is on the line, just like in game 3 of the 2006 finals. And his ability to stay calm even in the most worst cases. Like he may not be a great 3 point shooter but when the team needs one he will deliver. I also like his all around game. Hes my role model inlife

  • Corey


    His ability to block shots like no other guard in the history of the NBA. This man ain’t afraid to get dunked on and the fact that he is able to block so many shots and doesn’t get “posterized” to often is astonishing.



    Most impressive part of D Wade’s game is the fact that he’s a superstar caliber player that isn’t afraid to do the dirty work. He’ll get in a guys face defensively, he’ll mix it up on the boards, he’s playing passing lanes and fighting over screens; he does a little bit of everything. Lebron may be the catalyst, but Wade is the glue of Miami and the Big 3.

  • Raman Mehat


    Wades best quality would be his athleticism cause he uses it and is a big part of his game but he is very good at attacking the rim one of the best drivers in the league

  • Sohaib Saleem

    I think the most impressive part of Dwyane Wade’s style of play is his pump fake, and crossover than dunk. It’s so devastating! I’ve seen him play since 2005.

  • Kevin Chau

    Early in his career , the most impressive part of Wade’s game was his fearlessness and drive to the basket, always eluding defenders and drawing fouls or finishing strong to the rim. It was hard to catch him. He was clutch and it helped the Miami Heat win a championship in 2006.

    Now, as he is getting older and playing with more stars, i personally believe that the most impressive part of his game is his efficiency. It is incredible how efficient he is. It is very impressive to me how he is finding ways to contribute WITHOUT the basketball. He shot 52% from the field last season and just find ways to get the ball into the hoop, whether it is through his pump fakes, his use of the “eurostep”, or his cuts, he has really been impressive. He knows that it is now Lebron’s team and is very good at adjusting his game for the benefit of the team.

    Dwyane Wade has been my favorite player since he came into the league.I am one of his biggest fans, mainly because of who he is and what he stands for. He is a Dad first and is a role model to everyone. What stands out the most about Wadee can handle pressure very well. He goes and performs tremendously when the pressure’s on, the lights get big, and analysts are on him the most. He has a heart of a champion.

  • Rademadik


    The blocks! Nothing like seeing a 2 guard emphatically block a dunk attempt right at the rim.

  • Stevenson


    his defense, always able to defend well – imagine if we had him in 2012 Olympics, dwade defense would have been better compared to Westbrook

  • Tyler Jordan

    I mean he’s a pure slasher. Has been his whole career. Also he the best blocking guard in the NBA to date I’m just saying!

  • Misha

    Wade is my favourite player and yes he has been inconsistent but obviously he’s suffering from his knee. However he shouldn’t use that an excuse and he doesn’t. He carries on going like a hero no matter his struggle. He is unpredictable which makes him so amazing.

  • Jakub L

    Unbelievable player, he can control the game. His consistency and blocking skills just make him that much of a better player. Always will be one of my favorite players.
    Also just like in other sports he does his job. He is a standing icon to people who play other sports like football, soccer, baseball, and even volleyball. He goes up for every rebound, hustles up and down the court. He is truly an inspiration. Also he is looked down upon and under-rated. He sure is one of the best in the league.

  • Felipe Marquez

    First of I would like to mention that Dwyane Wade Is my favorite player ever he is the best, a key factor that makes him the best is his passing skills dribbling and his finishing, he is just simply one of the all time best and great who has ever played the game of basketball.

  • Alanna Clifton-borders

    His ability and willingness to attack the basket playing hurt or not… Look out… he’s goin in👏👏😥😅

  • Kirkvk

    Dwyane Wade is my favorite player of all time. I love the way he can change the course of a game, playoffs or season. I think the best Dwyane is when he drives to the basket. Doing that he makes the game electric. Dwyane can make off balanced shots and most importantly come through in the clutch. D-Wade is a great player and overall great person.

  • Joel Grijalva

    He’s the motor of the team! If he isn’t running on all 4s the team is out of whack! His energy and ability to draw the double team to give other team mates the chance for a good look or his ability on defense to cover and block 1-5! jgrijalva@live.com

  • Daria Chugunova

    His fast breaks are amazing, especially the first shot on game 1 with spurs, he assists great shots for his teammates, even when he gets tired on court he still plays the best Wad- Heat game!!! @dashenka1408@ gmail.com

  • al j

    My favorite part of D. Wade’s game is he plays without any fear. He reminds me of A.I., where he takes the hits, punches and bruises received from entering into an opponent’s house.. but, they sacrifice themselves to make things happen for their team. This type of style of play cause a lot of wear and tear on the body, such as D. Wade, D. Rose and A.I. but everyone will always remember them for giving their all on the court.

  • Max2311000

    His quickness, speed and agility. Wich are what most of his game is built upon. And his amazing ability to finish at the rim, still one of the best finishers in the league.

  • Dash Jones

    His fierceness, he’s a bit undersized for a 2 guard but still attacks offensively and defensively in tremendous fashion. He leads all guards in points in the paint and block all while being 6’4″. airjones17@yahoo.com

  • Ferdinand H. Pastor Jr.

    Dwyane Wade’s game is fierce, like a lion waiting for the prey. Attack. Meet me at the rim. WADE means : W-hen A-nyone sees D-wyane plays, it’s always E-ntertaining.

  • Dustin Jackson

    What isn’t impressive about his game is the real question? As for your question I’d have to say that his defense especially his blocking ability would have to be his most impressive part of his repertoire. How many countless highlights have you seen of him at just 6’4 just shutting the door on everyone and anyone no matter how big they are. Career average of 1.0 block per game in his 10th season is amazing for a two guard! Can’t wait to see some more stuffs in these upcoming finals game!

  • Dustin Jackson
  • dylan9337

    Dillon.wallace9337@gmail.com his fearless attitude and bravery the motor to not stop trying to improve and compete

  • http://www.facebook.com/aamir.khuller Aamir Khuller

    Dwade’s ability to slash and attack the rim fearlessly, which opens up the rest of his game for shooting the midrange jumper, and creating lanes for his teammates. (aamirkhuller@gmail.com)

  • Ryan

    dwade’s ability to get to the rim is what makes an amazing player. once he can get to the rim, his whole game elevates. in game 7 against the pacers, he attacked the rim and he was able to get what he wants. he also has the ability to draw the fouls because he creates so much contacts going to the rim

  • conway

    I think the most impressive part of wade’s game is his ability to adapt on the fly, i have always admired the way he could change his offensive approach anytime during a game in a way that he is always being effective in some way. it’s like he plays mind games with who ever is defending him, making them think he is out off his game and then being able to flip the switch and become a one man army when he is needed just in a couple of possessions. Also, his defense, him being a 6’4 guard being able to shut down players from the 1-3 positions, and his ability to effectively and consistently disrupt and block all 5 positions, he has certainly earned the title of being “the best blocking guard in the NBA @conwayyyy18@gmail.com

  • conway
  • daNBA

    My favorite part of Dwades game is his drive to the basket because every tie I turn on the heat game and he’s shooting the ball I always see his floating the ball into the basket. It’s a gorgeous shot and if he makes it then why complain. He shoots it like a layup, making it look so easy but News “Flash” it’s not.

  • Shane Yap

    I think the most impressive play of his game is how after an injury/ a leave he comes back with an amazing game. He makes up for each turnover with an amazing play. His alleys and dunks are spectacular and breathtaking. Adding on, he is one of the best blocking guards in the league, especially with his height of 6’4 he still manages to get up and block players who are taller than him. His shooting this year has been amazing as well as he is shooting more than 50% of his shots.Not to mention his drives are so fast nobody will notice until they see the ball go in. He does that in a “Flash”. His leadership, determination and his attitude to the team and game is what has made the heat more successful this year and what has made me a proud d-wade and heat fan.


  • Nigel Cooper

    Wade is the master of the fake, pump fake, drive fake (crossover), faking cuts and curling off screens, and finishing fakes like the euro step and his most popular move when he goes ear to ear w/ the ball, so to me that is the most impressive part of Wade’s game


  • John

    My favorite part of Dwade’s game is his unselfishness. He has sacrificed is game, his role on the team, and is paycheck, so that Miami can win multiple championships, which is what playing is all about. He is truly the most unselfish player in recent memory

  • KarateKickz23

    jready23@comcast.net I think the most impressive part of Wades game is resilience…he may have a terrible game but he still finds ways to impact the game even if it doesn’t show up on the stat sheet

  • The Real C-4

    His reckless abandon when he drives to the hoop.

  • Rico

    d wades game is great to watch weather hes passing shooting driving or stealing blocking or whatever hes a great player but the best part of his game is his crossover to get anywhere on the floor and the way he gets to the rim and put it on the defense to guard him but thats the one to be at the top of his game but great player period

  • August toevs

    The best part of Wades game is his adaptability in-air, along with his physicality in-air. Many of his points have come from his ability to windmill around a taller defender at the cup. He always finds a way to jump through you, or around you, creating many highlight plays along the way. Wade would be much easier to stop if you didn’t have to worry about the fact that you never really completely nave him covered near the hoop, he will most likely get around you somehow. That coupled with his (for lack of a better word) pumpfake-jumpshot-foul is also formidable, drawing many mid-range shooting fouls with that move alone.


    PS I’m a giant wade fan, it’d be awesome to win, MV3

  • Tilden Chen

    Most impressive part of D-Wade’s game is definitely his unselfishness and decision making. Getting Lebron and Bosh to come to Miami and then handing Lebron the reins – very unselfish. Dwyane doesn’t take many low-percentage shots anymore and when he is having an off night, he won’t force anything – content to help his teammates succeed.


  • Chasity

    There are several things that I love about Wade’s game. His agility, his creativeness, and his ability to get to the rim. I also love his shot blocking abilities. The fact that someone 6’3, 6’4 can block a 7 footer’s shot is amazing to me.

  • yebbasue

    Oh Dwayne,,,, ohhhhhhh Dwayne……..OHHHHHHH! Dwayne! Hey wait a minute, this contest is not for a Dwayne “THE ROCK” Jersey????????????????????????????

  • LoriDori

    Wade is playing —– hurt!

  • Jose

    His acrobatic ability while he’s in the air for the laypus he makes. I still remember during the playoffs vs Detroit where he basically contorted his body in such an unbelievable way to get past big ben and hit the layup. He makes it seem like he’s in zero gravity with the adjustments in the air he’s able to make. That’s what i like most about DWYANE WADE’s game

  • ari

    tha fact that he can score from three point land score from mid range and score in tha paint well

  • specs

    As long as I don’t get his creaky knees, I’d look ill in that

  • Rob Stewart

    The most impressive part of D Wades games is the fact he has the most predictable yet believable pump fake of ALL TIME!!

  • Mark

    The most impressive part of his game for me is his athleticism. D-Wade is around 6’4 and 220 pounds, so he’s a pretty big and strong guy compared to other more slim SG in the league. Yet he’s still able to get half his arm over the rim for lobs and posters even though he’s 220 and 31 years old. I just wish he could have been in the dunk contest one year!

  • BugEyes

    Loved wade since his Marquette days, and his most impressive part of his game is his pride and heart. everytime the media says he looks old and is finished he comes out drops 20 for the w and shuts them up. and I never seen someone play so hard either big ups

  • Ej Gingco

    his resiliency!!

  • Big Heat fan

    Hurt or not Wade is going to play his heart out, Everything stays out on the floor. Never saw anybody split between two defenders the way he does. I guess that’s way they call him Way Of Wade.

  • Dingo

    …..getting a rebound that was unexpected and euro steps while keeping his arms in perfect position away from the defender. I love when he keeps his arm straight and keeps the ball low on the drive- watch and learn kids


  • André Brás

    DWade is and will always be THE FLASH, no matter how old he is! i could be here writing a book about the most impressive part of his game that it wouldn’t be enough! The man is simply the flash, one of the greatest players and human being that ever played this game, a flash that always appears and shines when the team, a fan or the family needs whether the final result is a win or a defeat.

    André Brás – Portugal (andrebras13@gmail.com)

  • Clayton Cook

    Dwyane Wade has always been my favorite player since he came into the league. & I’ve watched him play since he was at Marquette. & all through his NBA career until now. & I’m gonna say the most impressive part of his game is that he always rises to the occasion when he is doubted & overlooked. He has alot of heart & determination to fight & will himself to victory no matter what! He can take the game to a whole nother level if he wanted to. Compete year in, year out. Play through injury. He can play both ends. Shoot inside/outside. Get out on fastbreaks & transition. Wade is all around a great player!!!

  • Pamela Smith

    The most impressive part of Wade’s game? Where to start? Dwyane Wade is famous for his pump fake and yet everyone still always falls for it. Wade has one of the most memorable dunks on Anderson Varejao from 2009. He may have problems with his knee, but he doesn’t focus on that. He still works hard and plays through it. He might have an off game, but the next game he progresses and shows everyone what he’s really about. Once he gets himself going, he lives up to his nickname “Flash.” He sets up alley oop nicely. He makes the most astounding layups. He is Miami Heat!

    Pamela Smith [smith.pamela27@gmail.com]

  • Caleb

    I love the fact that D Wade can continually play at the all-star level that he does even with LeBron, Bosh and all the rest of the crew around him. D-Wade also sells the best pump fake and 9 time out of 10 you’ll see some guy flying in the air for the block and he’ll run past and pull up for a sweet sweet jumper. You can never question his heart and passion for the game, always %150. One of the best all time!
    E-mail: mrsmoovemoves@hotmail.com

  • Jake Goody

    His heart. The bloke is playing the finals with a badly injured knee, yet he never complains and just gets on with the job, a true superstar!

  • Jake Goody
  • JDOGG80

    The most impressive part of DWades game is the spelling of his first name — and his tenacious effort all the time while he is on the floor!

  • Patrick


    The most impressive part of Dywane Wades game is his determination and drive to the ring. Dywane Wade could be in a shooting slump through a couple game stretch, though wade doesn’t find excuses and tries to stay out of the way of the ball. Wade is a professional athlete, he knows what he has to do, he was the building stricture of this miami heat franchise, his determination and ability to drive to the rim, is one of the key points into leading the heat onto another glorious title. Dywane Wade does not walk off the court without giving his genuine tenacious effort. And effort raises banners.

  • Jordan

    His ability to beat you any way the game lets him, driving to the rim, jumpers, and finding his open teammates are all ways he can beat you.

  • Zack Schneller

    @soccerstriker48@Gmail.com his will to win and acrobatic skills when finishing

  • Bryan

    The most impressive aspect of Dwyane Wade’s game is his fearlessness. Throughout his career, he’s attacked the paint with an array of jaw-dropping moves and finishes (just ask Anderson Varejao) and has never backed down from anyone in his path to the basket. He’s also not afraid of challenging ANYONE’S shot at the rim, and has established himself as one of the best shot-blocking shooting guards of all-time (1.0 BPG for his career). And he’s never shied away from the big stage, whether it was carrying his ’06 Heat to the Promised Land, or leading the 2008 Redeem Team in scoring OFF THE BENCH. Oh, and those full-court lobs to the King take some guts too. To sum it up he’s one of those guys you just can’t imitate at the park.

    email: brydavis15@gmail.com

  • Rico

    The best part of D Wades game is what he has on the inside his drive to win and put his team on his back and take the shots get the steals get the blocks when he has too or wants too he will leave his heart on the court and will himself back in a game for not just one game every game and with his drive inside his heart that is what makes him rise to greatness and is the best part of his game

  • Rachel Horton

    The most impressive aspect of Dwyane Wade’s game is his Resilience. Nothing in his life has come easy he has worked hard his whole life to beat the odds and that continued in the NBA. Hidden in the shadows of Carmelo and LeBron he was the first of the top five drafted in 03, to win a title. In a losing effort he played with a broken rib injury against the Detroit Pistons in the ECF and dropped 25 points. He blew out his shoulder and everyone counted him out to return as a dominant player and he recovered, won a gold medal, and lead the league in scoring during the 08-09 season. He has battled everything from a negative family history, to injuries, to his own personal family woes with getting divorce, yet he still fights. He may not be producing like he use to when he was the number one guy, but Dwyane has and will always be a fighter. His resilience has not only gotten him through rough patches in life, but it helped him become the 2x world champion, 06 finals mvp, 9x all star that he is today.Even in the playoffs this season he has battled knee bruises and despite his pain he gives his all to contribute to the team he never quits. He has the heart of a true champion.


  • kevin

    The most impressive thing about Wade’s game is his leadership. As his hard play through the years have taken a toll on his body and stripped him of some of his natural god given talent, his ability to instill his mentality onto his teammates is the most impressive. From him leading the pre-game speech to his teammates, to continually being coach/player is instrumental to their drive to repeat.

  • tonybanannas


  • W3

    As a Celtics fan it is hard to admire dwade. but, he is truly one of the greatest to ever grace that Miami heat uniform. I think his defense may be the best part to his game, but its all great!

  • Jimmy H

    He mos def showed me in this finals, that he is not just a star player, but much more…He would go through bodies for his team, and that my friends is a natural leader, plus that euro step move was the icing on the cake…

  • Lucas

    Dwayne wade is so impressive because of dedication and love of the game. He can handle so much pressure, being apart of the big three. For every year dwayne wade has played except his rookie he has averaged more than 20 ppg and in 2008-2009 season he averaged 30.2 ppg which is better than this years scoring champion Carmelo Anthony who averaged 28.8 ppg.

    Email: lsheridan@iinet.net.au

  • Jake

    Dwyane Wades eurostep is by far the most impressive aspect of his game. One of the cleanest eurosteps i have ever seen.

    email: jake.nielsen11@hotmail.com

  • Ben

    The most impressive part of Dwayne Wade’s game is the fact that he never gives up and never backs down. Despite so many injures and problems with his game in this years play offs he has never stopped fighting. D-Wade is fearless, he attacks the player in defence no matter how hard is is and he attacks the basket no matter how is defending. He never gives up and never ever backs down to no body!

    Dwayne Wade is by far my favourite player and i know there are even more rings and championships coming his way!


  • NJP

    His hustle and dedication has always been a staple of his game. Lets look at the numbers, sense numbers don’t lie. Miami Heat all-time scorer and assist leader, 2 Bronze and a gold with team USA, 2X all-star skills challenge champion, All-Rookie 1st Team, 3X All-Defense, 8X All-NBA, 9X NBA All-Star, All-star game MVP, NBA scoring champ, 1 finals MVP and 3 Rings. Oh, 1 Final 4 trip, took the L but who was Marquette again?? Fall down 7 times, get up 8.. what more do you need.


  • RJ

    The most impressive thing to me is his versatility. He’s able to knock down a jumper like a Larry Bird, Drive to the hoop like MJ, and pass the ball like Magic. Also, he is ability to share the spotlight with Lebron is truly courageous. Don’t even get me started on his stats. Wade is a 9x All-Star, 2x All-NBA First Team, NBA All-Star and Finals MVP, “Sports Illustrated” and “Sporting News” Sportsman of the Year, 2x NBA Skills Challenge Champion, NBA Scoring Champion, Olympic Gold Medalist, Miami Heat all-time leading scorer, and 3x NBA Champion. Impressive, huh? On top of all of that, and something that gets shadowed a lot is his defense. He is a crazy good defender, averaging 1.0 BPG and almost 2 steals a game for his career. Off the court he is just as good. Dwayne Wade is a Philanthropist, he’s all about giving back. Wade even started a foundation titled “The Wade’s World Foundation”, which helps and promotes children in at-risk situations with health, social skills, and education. In addition to all that, Wade purchased a house for a South Florida woman whose nephew accidentally burned down their house. After Wade broke his single season scoring record, he gave his jersey to a young Heat fan that had his feet and hands removed because of a bacterial infection. Dwayne Wade also does many community outreach programs with his former teammate Alonzo Mourning. Dwayne Wade is just one of those players that may never be imitated again, on and off the court.