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Contest: Win a ‘White Hot’ LeBron James Jersey

Drop a comment, win a dope prize!

You may have seen LeBron rocking the Heat’s “White Hot” No. 6 jersey this season. Now you have a chance to own one yourself. All you have to do is drop a comment (with your real e-mail address) telling us what you think the most impressive part of LeBron’s game is.

The SLAM crew will read your answers, pick a winner, hit him or her up and ship the jersey. Good luck!

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  • bbatko22

    Go spurs

  • #FriendZoneGod

    the most impressive part about Lebron’s game is his all around ability to change the momentum of a game. Not me players are able to do so, as Lebron is. The Heat can become staignent at times and all it takes is a play by Lebron, such as a big block, powering dunk, a circus style and-1 play, or a long 3 to get his team rolling. – zechaynes@yahoo.com

  • Derek

    The diversity in his. 6’8″ 260 and has speed of a running back. mollica93@aol.com

  • Frederik

    To me, the most impressive is that he never stops improving his game. He is just getting better and better – he wants to win every single game in the season. That is impressive!

  • Jae Harris

    other than the electrifying dunks and his eagle eye passing I have to go with his dominant rebounding of the basketball baller_358@hotmail.com

  • Mark Bishop

    most impressive part: his passing to shooters

  • zornesj

    his ability to stay focused on the court with all those beautiful latin women in the miami stands.

  • Josef

    The most intriguing aspect is how COMPLETE and diverse his skillset is. He can guard all five positions and play point or in the post. Amazing

  • jay chau

    LeBron James – the most dominant player of this NBA era. Oh yes, it’s undeniable that he has the ability to score buckets and buckets. But what makes him so great is his impressive ability to make other teammates become great as well. That’s not genetics. That is an ability that he’s developed throughout these years that makes him the franchise.

  • Chris Bubba Mercado

    The most impressive part of LeBrons game is his energy! How could you not wanna play hard when he see him giving 110% on the court! From his defensive intensity to his hustle for loose balls.. His energy is by far the most impressive part of his game (diffworldbubba@gmail.com)

  • Shaun

    Mix of Size, Strength,Court vision and speed – Shaun.Soysa@hotmail.com

  • Dominic

    Most impressive part: He can play all positions and still have an advantage.

  • Jkitchener01

    jkitchener01@hotmail.com the most impressive part of his game is when you think he’s done, he just pull something twice as good out of the bag. You never know when he’s gonna stop that’s why fans like to watch him

  • adam

    The most impressive part of LeBron’s game to me his ability to animorph. What separates LeBron from other superstars such as Kobe, KD, and even MJ is his ability to morph into whatever type of player his team needs him to be on any given night. If his team needs him to be a facilitator then he will turn into Magic. If his team needs him to score then he will turn in Kobe. If his team needs him to lock someone down he will turn into Rodman. LeBron is the ultimate chameleon because he has the ability to blend into whatever role he needs to in order to win.

  • Aboul

    He betters his team before he betters himself, he loves his fans before he listens to the haters! @abel_albor@yahoo.com

  • Max Rodriguez

    I think the most impressive part of LeBron’s game is his ability to defend. It is something that sometimes goes overlooked in the regular season with teams like the Clippers and Nuggets able to just beat teams by outrunning them, but in the playoffs defense shines. Every possession is magnified so LeBron’s ability to defend any position offers a versatility that no one else in the NBA can. It allows Spoelstra to do things like have LeBron guard David West in order to close out games. It is something that we haven’t really seen in the league since the great Magic Johnson and that is why I think it is the most impressive part of LeBron’s game. mjrodriguez@email.arizona.edu

  • Joe

    1 word… #Versatility … On both ends of the floor


  • BasketballIsALifestyle

    Lebrons ability to continuously grow as a player and as a leader on the court astounds me as well as his ability to distinguish what the team needs from him in a given game or at any time in the game

  • August Shea Cullen

    The most impressive part of LeBrons game is certainly his passing skills. He sees everything happening on the court and has the decision making ability to analyze who needs the ball and where they need it to be successful. However the most amazing part of his passing skills is the strength and accuracy of his passes. He can make any pass; off the dribble with his left hand across court, no look behind the back wrap-around, two hand outlet passes “on a line” as they say in baseball, we have also seen one handed bounce passes that use one bounce and travel 3/4th the length of the court and land on target. Lebrons passing skills remind me of a mix of CP3s creavtiveness with Kevin Loves outlet pass strength. The fact that lebron is impossible to gaurd it makes him truly special that he has develop his passing skills so well.

  • Zach gougler

    The best part about LBJ is his basketball I.Q. He can get his shot at any time and he knows that, but he has the presence of mind to get his teammates goin D-wade struggling gets him the ball often and early looks for him on cut to get easy lay-up. Something to get him goin. Ray is struggling he turns down a 3 point shot for himself and gets ray an open 3 cause he knows he’ll need him later in the game. Sees that their getting killed on boards takes it upon himself to go grab every bord if needed. Not only is he the most athletic and physically talented in the league but he’s the top tier when it comes to knowledge of the game.

  • Chris MacDonald

    The most impressive part of LeBron James’ game to me is his ability to adjust his style of play during the game to ultimately put his team in the best chance to win. LeBron is able to recognize when he must be a scorer, a facilitator, or the defensive-stopper. The combination of his size and skill allows him to be a threat from anywhere on the floor. As seen in the Pacers series in Game 3, once LeBron set up shop in the post, it opened up so many scoring opportunities for his teammates. Ask Birdman why was nearly perfect shooting in the Playoffs. LeBron makes anyone next to him a better player.

  • Chris MacDonald

    The most impressive part of LeBron James’ game to me is his ability to adjust his style of play during the game to ultimately put his team in the best chance to win. LeBron is able to recognize when he must be a scorer, a facilitator, or the defensive-stopper. The combination of his size and skill allows him to be a threat from anywhere on the floor. As seen in the Pacers series in Game 3, once LeBron set up shop in the post, it opened up so many scoring opportunities for his teammates. Ask Birdman why was nearly perfect shooting in the Playoffs. LeBron makes anyone next to him a better player.

    My e-mail is chrismac349@gmail.com

  • Aaron Ludle

    I am 22 years old from Akron Ohio, I grew up watching LeBron because my dad was apart of the basketball program at STVM where I graduated in 2009. After he graduated I then bought season tickets for the cavs. And the most impressive part of the mans game is seeing the player he transformed into from the age of 15 to now. He has improved every single aspect of his game in every year he’s been in the league. He is one of the most selfless superstars to ever play in the NBA and will do anything it takes to get a win. As I said I’m only 22 so I don’t remember MJ or magic playing but I’ve seen many highlights and id say he’s a mix between the two.
    -Aaron Ludle
    Akron Ohio (#1 LeBron fan)

  • GCat45

    He keeps improving. From his post game to his three point percentage.

  • Joey E

    I believe the most impressive part of LeBron’s game is the way he stays healthy. Yes, he has an improved jumper, an improved 3P shot (40% this year!), gets to the basket at will, can make just about any shot an And-1 attempt because he is so strong and hard to stop, his vision is probably the best in the league and among the best all-time passers. But his health, that is what impresses me the most. NBA players have to be careful what moves they make because they dont want to get hurt. Amare knows when not to jump, Steph Curry I’m sure tries not to be too lethal with his feet to hopefully avoid more ankle problems, the list goes on. Being healthy is a skill and one that it seems LeBron has perfected. I think there is more too it than just luck. Yes Kobe is a warrior and plays hurt, but you can make a case that he is injury prone and just guts his way through it. LeBron only sits games with an “injury” because his coach wants to rest him from a little nick, but he could play, we all know it. The fact that LeBron knows his body so well is what impresses me the most. I mean the guy is Superman out there. It’s part of his game and it’s something he takes really seriously otherwise he wouldn’t work out like he does and take care of his body the way he does. I am so impressed at his skill of staying healthy, it’s more than just luck.


  • Grason Dixon

    The most impressive part of LeBron’s game is his ability to take over a game at any time and go ” Cavs Mode” like he did against the Pacers in game 5 of the Eastern Conference Finals. GRASONDIXON@COMCAST.NET

  • cordairo garrett

    Cordairog@yahoo.com the best part of LeBron James game is how he can play all five positions effectively and how great of a facilitator he is on the court to get his teammates good open shots.

  • Farhan

    Our MVP is physically gifted and runs like a truck, His clutchness is like a dagger in haters heart, I would bet on LeBron if his team is down 10 with 1 minute left, but the most important thing which makes him different that him being the offensive force and MVP almost clinched the defensive player of the year …. that is just wow … one man army ….

  • Gato

    He does whatever needs to be done to win from getting his team mates involved to putting the team on his back.

  • Guest

    @dalbarastine@gmail.com the most inpressive part of LeBron’s game is how he can easily control the game by not just scoring but passing to his teammates as well. He developed his post game and plays the part of the position that he knows he can play great at it. He can play and gaurd all 5 positions (at center when it is effective). He may be probably ly the best defender in the league too.

  • Ciaran Birch

    The best part of Lebron’s game is his perseverance and sportsmanship; he is able to penetrate any defense at ease and can drive to the basket with sheer determination. Also, he remains a humble person on court, for example his relationship with Paul George is one that all athletes should adopt.

  • Will bouton

    Lebron can make every single person on his team better…even if it was luke Walton. He draws so much attention from the opposite team that he gets his teammates wide open shots and that builds confidence. A confident Miami heat team should never lose a game. The only times they lose is when they have an off night. But even on an off night, lebron wills his team to victory, even if he does flop and get help from the refs. When lebron is on, Miami is on. It’s probably the illuminati, but when lebron is locked in on a game, there is a look that you can see in his eyes and it’s one of the most terrifying thing to look at as a defender. sleeptalker5996@aol.com my name is will bouton

  • Fazeel Syed Hassan


    The most impressive part of Lebrons game is his mindset. Whether going out on the court knowing your down 3-2 in a playoff series or going out and shutting down the other teams best player, Lebron puts his kind to the task and fulfills his duty on the court. Besides Kobe, there are not that many people that can do that day in and day out. The ability to guard all five positions and have the mindset of having the ability to oust his opponent on both sides of the ball is remarkable. One truly defining moment of this year that seemed impressive was actually a defeat, on Lebrons part. Having his mind set of winning the defensive player of the year and losing to Marc Gasol shows where his head is at. The greatest player on the planet was more concerned with losing an award that most just scroll over on the news in place of winning the MVP this year. That to me is what is most impressive of Lebrons game that can help others strive for like greatness in each and everyone’s life’s and circumstances.

  • alwaysHoopin

    What truly impresses me about lebron is that he is an overall player just like Oscar Robertson but more athletic. He can post, spot shoot, dribble, drive, pass, and defend and with that he can play at any posistion maybe not center but still. But overall hes dominant. arturo333413@yahoo.com

  • http://slamonline.com/ Ben Osborne

    I feel like EBoy should win this, for obvious reasons….

  • August toevs

    I think it is the defensive aspect of LeBron’s game that sets him apart. His offense is naturally flowing and awe-inspiring, but can you think of a great basketball player in the last fifteen years, that has not excelled at defense? (Magic Johnson aside). Without defense, games would not be won (*Cough MELO cough*). He has shown multiple times how versatile a defensive player he can be, from guarding quick guards to power forwards. It is why he has been able to excel in the NBA since day one, as he would be no more than a shooter who could assist his team in only one way. Without his defense, games would be won at a much slower rate.


  • Austin Straley

    The best part of LeBron’s game is his versatility. He can affect a game in whatever way he wants at any given moment. Whether it be guarding the other teams best player at any position (D Rose a couple playoffs ago or switching off and guarding David west, this year and last year). Hes also equally as versatile at the offensive end. He can shoot the three when needed, He can take just about anyone of the dribble and even take people down on the block & put on a clinic. Also if his teammates are going, he can defer & put in a 10 or 15 assist game & lastly if they are struggling on the boards he can even get u a 15 rebound game (last years playoffs indiana) without a doubt his versatility is what makes LeBron the best player in the game today

  • Hank Tucker

    hanktucker1@gmail.com King Jame’s most impressive characteristic of his game is his overal attention to detail. His attention to detail combined with his physical gifts and natural ability makes him a force like never before seen. LeBron to the core is a perfectionist, he truly knows the game and knows his own abilities. This is why LeBron comes back year after year as a whole new animal. Paul George can vouch that LeBron’s newly acquired post game has added an completely new element to an already unstoppable force. LeBron’s efficiency is what separates him from many other great scorers, he tends to read defenses like a pro-bowl caliber quarterback would do. LeBron knows the game so well he is able to operate at nearly any position on the floor from those positions he can do whatever asked of him to contribute to the team’s needs. LeBron is more than a physical specimen he is a cerebral assassin who carefully plans out the demise of his opponent.

  • Ryan

    Everything about LeBron’s game is impressive. He can control the game offensively and defensively. He is able to get in the paint at will and pass out to his teammates. When he has it going, his team is most likely to win. He can control the game right when he walks on the court. He also has a nice post game which enables him to score whenever he wants to. He doesn’t let the media get to him and that’s why he basically led the Heat to 27 straight games of complete demolition. LeBron also has the determination and confidence in him, you can see when he is about to do something simply out of this world.

  • Matraji10

    Omatraji@gmail.com : this year Lebron has matured way beyonds anybody’s imagination which was shown after his game winner in game 1 vs the pacers. His reaction was perfect. No smile, straight face knowing that they still have to win another 7 to claim the Larry O’Brien trophy. His post game has developed into a lethal weapon that only needs polishing now. His court vision is as good as ever and his jump shot gets better after every-game. All that said, the most impressing part of the “King’s” game has to be his will to win. After winning #1 last year he’s even more determined to win #2. He gives it his all every possession and there is no scaring or stopping him anymore. With that fire within and his desire to win he’s virtually unstoppable and has proven once more why he is a 4 time league MVP.

  • Daniel Huerta

    One word to sum up Lebron’s game is VERSATILITY. Espn recently conducted a fan poll asking participants to decide if lebron needed to play like magic (johnson) or jordan in order to beat the spurs in the 2013 finals! How many players can choose to not only emulate the styles of these two greats, but also do it in a way thats uniquely his own? Not just players today but players in the history of the league! Lebron makes rebounding, scoring, passing, and playing defense look easy! Making it look “easy” is a testament to his maturity and keen understanding of the game! The words Power and Grace along with Versatile sum up Lebron James. What a gift! Email: danielbobhuerta@yahoo.com

  • Elaine

    elaine.owusu@yahoo.com: The most impressive part of Lebron’s game is his court vision. Let’s face it, the man can do everything a coach can ask for, but his ability to see the open man is outstanding. Throwing passes across his body, throwing no look passes, driving to the hoop, but still being able to see the open man. He’s 6’8, 250 lbs. and move and pass like a point guard. People are wasting their time comparing Lebron to Jordan because when Lebron passes the ball he has the same magic touch that Earvin “Magic” Johnson had.

  • Mike

    @Truebluewitheat@yahoo.com — most impressive part of James Game is the growth process and how he changed his game from being 1 dimensional too being a great teammate passing 1st and making his teamates better !!! That’s priceless and will show with his 2nd Ring in a week a two !!! 2times !!!

  • Abdi

    ajama73@gmail.com definitely his versatile skill set and his maturation from his Cleveland days.Nowadays he has no problem banging in the paint like the mailman ,passing like magic, grabbing boards like barkley and scoring like jordan truly a unique player. He has swallowed his pride and has no problems playing positions 1-5 whereas in Cle he never did that . LEBRON will when its all said and done end up as a top five player in Nba history.
    Just look at his success in Miami

    3 years in SOuth Beach 3 yrs in a ROW in the finals….


  • spit hot fiyah

    people are dropping their e-mails for everyone to see. u can out it in the e mail box below name an no one will see it.

  • ibrahim

    to put it as succinctly as possible, I think the best part about Lebron’s game is his court awareness and how he just makes everyone around him better, look better and play better….for a player of his size, that’s just phenomenal
    he made Mo Williams an all star, we all saw how Boobie Gibson’s game looked while Bron was in Cleveland… Had he been a 6’2 guard or even a 5’11 guard, he’d have been a much more than average player.


  • Michael Petway Jr

    Simply his progression. As soon as you think his the jack of all trades, he amps it up.

  • http://twitter.com/niQknacks niQ

    Most impressive part of his game? His new post game! People criticised him early on for not having a post game. Now it is one of his strengths! Now if only he can work on those free throws… Size small if me! =)

  • http://twitter.com/sooperfadeaway nbk

    his ever expanding………….hairline.

  • Mark

    For me the most impressive part of his game is the way he approaches each game mentally, especially after game 5 of the 2011 playoffs. You can be the strongest, fastest, most athletic and gifted player on the court (which he is) and still play poorly if your mental game isn’t as strong. With all the pressure Lebron has to face from the media, and all that he has to do for the Heat to remain contenders his team is too much for an average athlete. And the fact that even with all the weight of the world on his shoulders, Lebron James still gives you his all no matter what, while always staying calm and in his own lane.

  • joey timbers

    His ability to make everyone on the court around him a better player and his monster dunks

  • 1982

    His ability to remain interested in the outcome of the game even when his teammates forget to bring their B-game.

  • Seth

    His ability to completely take over a game.

  • Zamir

    Im gonna be completely honest first of all and say that I hate the Miami Heat and all I see when I watch a heat game is a bunch of players fall to the ground and act like there dying. I’ve never liked Lebron or any of the heat players( D-wade- one of the dirtiest players to ever play in the nba, Christina Bosh- Shows Major signs of being Gay, but wont admit it) but I have always respected Lebrons offensive game. Lebron can shoot anywhere inside the 3 point line and get to the basket whenever he wants, but what I admire about his offensive game is that he loves to watch his teammates get better and he helps them get better by passing the ball out of double teams, controlling the tempo of games, and switching up the way he plays one possession he may bring up the ball like a gaurd and throw up a lob for d wade, and another play he might get down in the post and try to command a double team and get fouled or pass it out to his teammates. Lebron reminds me of Penny Hardaway or Magic Johnson, players that have the body’s of forwards but play like guards, All 3 of those players can command a double team but they know how to get out of the situation because there basketball IQ are higher then the norm. Lebron assist rate since being a rookie has never fallen below 6 assists per game, and in has last year playing for the cavs he averaged 8.6 ast while scoring 29.7 ppg leading his team to a 61-21 record. Lebron has shown that hes best offensively when his teammates are playing good, and Lebron knows how to get his players involved in the offense and passing it out of double teams to battier for the 3 or going to the rim and getting fouled. Even though I hate Lebron and the Heat his OFFENSIVE game is really respectable and in my opinion him getting his players involved in the offense is what puts him ahead of Kevin Durant and Carmelo Anthony.

  • Junior Taylor

    The accuracy of his passes. I have seen probably 90% of the games LeBron has played dating all the way back to his sophomore year in HS and I am not exaggerating (maybe I am a little) when I say that 95-98% of the passes the guy throws are on target (as in the player’s shooting pocket).

  • Austin McAvoy

    His passing. I’ve never seen anyone pass the way he does. He whips those two handed passes around the court so quickly and accurately. It’s even more impressive in person.

  • Myke P.

    Versatile and his athleticism. He can guard the 1-5 positions depending on the opposition. He can also play All 5 spots on offense. From his court vision, to his bball iq, all the way to his brute strength and amazing vertical around the gym. There is no challenge that Lebron can’t handle. People say MJ but they should be comparing him to Magic because of his versatility alone.

  • LakeShow


    Wrong article?

  • WeffJ

    Most impressive part of LBJ’s game is his Passing ability. Lebron is obviously a star, he’s going to give you points, and with his size, he’s going to be able to rebound. His passing is something he had to learn, and as we see with players like Melo, or AI passing doesn’t come naturally. LeBron knows what it takes to win. His passing is what he added to his game to be able to do that.

  • Jone

    the most impressive part of lebron is his versatility… i mean no other superstar (not even jordan or kobe) is asked to lead the team in points, rebounds and assits… and asked to guard the other team’s best player which ever position that player may be… then he has to facilitate the offence… his work load is unbelievable… no one even comes close to the king.

  • Bat_5_5

    Probably the most impressive part of his athleticism, a once in a generation type athlete

  • Edmund

    The most impressive part of his game is his game. He is not the best at a certain part of the game but he has the best combination of skills, size, and athleticism. His completeness is most impressive

  • ZenGarden

    dude is humble & modest .

  • KBM

    They wanna be down with the KIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIING!

  • Kid-Canada

    The most impressive parts of Lebron’s game are the things that can’t be measured; the intangibles. His unselfishness manifests itself in every part of his game. He willingly puts his team’s success before his own. His incredible court vision and passing ability are on the level of many great point guards (see comparisons to Magic Johnson). He can impact the outcome of a game with or without the ball. Mentally, LeBron is one of the strongest players in the league. He shrugs off adversity and can play to his strengths under immense pressure. His high basketball IQ is the result of him attentively studying the game and its players. Every year we’re seeing him add to his game. Simply put, it’s the little things LeBron does that are most impressive. Coming from high school, I fully expected to see the dynamic scorer/passer many scouts predicted. I did not expect, however, such a level-headed and intelligent player.

  • Mtothes

    I feel that fact that he is just as hated as loved and continuously comes out and gives his all is the most impressive part. King Class. mattysergent@hotmail.com

  • http://www.netstakeover.com/ JetSkiJohnson

    secret societies

  • austin

    Austinruyoshi@Gmail.com the impressive part of lebron is in how he plays in the game and how he communicate with his fellow teammates and how he fearlessly scores.

  • Eboy

    Looks like a tighty whitey T shirt – fugly son. fugly

    I’ll take a pass

  • Marvis Irwin

    marvisirwin@yahoo.com The most important part of Lebron’s game is his knowledge and athletic ability. This allows him to dominate on the court having a unfair advantage over his opponents as well as elevating the play of his teammates. This can be seen all through out his career, just check the More Than a Game movie.

  • Max

    His speed. Combined with his height, strength and the athleticism.
    I mean, the man is like a cheetah when he starts to run on the break.
    And if this counts as a part of his game, I’m going with flopability.
    Lebron flops all day everyday and he has got only 1 fine so far. Pretty impressive.

  • the rod

    People here are commenting regarding different physical attributes that LeBron possesses, his speed, athleticism, etc, and the mental part of his game, as he’s never fazed and so on. But for me the most impressive thing about LeBron? The fact that official sources cheat on his height and weight to make him smaller! LeBron is listed officially at 6’8”, 250, but ask any player in the league? 6’9” and 270 is far more real. In a sport and league where everyone is adding a couple of inchese and pounds to their measurement to appear meaner LBJ is the only one who has to be shrinked in order not to appear too scary! Oh and BTW, the best part about his game is his ability to improve: how many of you would have thought he could become such a marksman from three point range? I surely wouldn’t have bet even a penny just 3 years ago!

  • Jason

    For me it’s his Basketball IQ. He will read your Defense and gets to the rim at will, find the open Teammate or just shoots the Jumper in your face. He will read your Offense and will come up with a Steal, Rebound or on of his outstanding ‘Chase Down’ Blocks. In the Crunch Time he will put the Team on his back and will make the right decision, wether it’s winning the Game by himself or trusting his Teammates. No matter what you will try to stop him, LeBron is already one step further, flat out UNSTOPPABLE! He’s by far the best Basketball Player on this Planet.

  • Jonathan Chay

    Every damn thing.

  • ryan oliver aquino

    lebron james is the best all around player ever,the best player outta HS,the chosen 1 will reign the nba..truth be told

  • C Da Tyrant

    Versatility. There have been few players in the league who can play 1-4 on offense as well as be able to guard virtually anyone below 7 feet. That combined with his other attributes makes him the ideal prototypical basketball player in my opinion.

  • Hewey

    Easily his leadership. Lebron James is still the go-to guy in Miami, but has learned to let the game come to him. He is no longer forcing shots, he understands that if someone else is hot on the team, that he should feed off them. He motivates people on and off the court to bring out the best in them. Last night in the playoffs was a perfect example, while I think Lebron should of attempted to take over the game in the fourth quarter, he recognized that both Bosh and Wade were finally hitting their jump shots. So, Lebron made opportunities for his teammates; he would drive to the hoop draw the double and dish. While Lebron did not explode for 30 points, he had a triple-double that kept his team in the game until the final seconds. He is a general on the court and that is why his team is so successful. Without his leadership and direction on the court, the Heat would be an above-average Eastern Conference team.

  • RayJr

    His basketball IQ along with his athleticism.

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  • Mike

    The fact that despite being an unstoppable offensive force, he is more concerned with his defense than how his numbers look in the box score.

  • TSB4

    LeBron’s approach is unreal! The best in the game works to get better every off season! And he does….he will figure out how to win this series CHIP#2 2013

  • Hussein Ali

    For me I would say his DEFENSE. This year especially the stats show he has improved defensively. It is a shame that he came in 2nd for Defensive Player of the Year. People take his block shots, steals, and forcing turnovers for granted cause it is “Lebron”. Not to mention all those other stuff that don’t get registered in the stats like changed shots etc.

  • yebbasue

    He knows how to share by assisting others on the team so they record the score

  • LoriDori

    He appreciates finesse and skill in everyone he plays with – on his team or others. It seems to elevate his own game and help him enjoy playing


    The most impressive part of Lebrons game is his willingness to be unselfish. Lebron is the type of player any team would be happy to have at any phase of his career. He has the tools and physical ability to completely dominate the ball and the game, but his unselfishness keeps his teammates confident and involved. Every team Lebron has been on has more of a family feel to it, and that stems from his mindset and the way he approaches things on and off the court.

  • BigAl#13

    His EXPLOSIVENESS, clearly the best part of his game!

  • Steveson

    Assist – always getting the ball to his teammates, reminds me of Magic Johnson

  • Jakubvb99@gmail.com

    Obviously, Lebron is looked at as a king. He has a presence on the court. When the ball is in his hands people get anxious in their seats awaiting to see another dunk or a splashing three. He draws people’s attention like nobody else. People hope that when ever he is on the court he gets the ball, whether it is a “lob city” pass or a slamming dunk. It’s a pleasure watching him. Lebron is a standing icon to everyone in the world. His efficiency an ability be clutch is crazy.
    Lebron’a ability to change the game is most impressive part of the game.
    “White hot!”

  • Alanna Clifton-borders

    His willingness to carry the rest of the team when their play is off… Look out… Bron is taking over😎😡

  • al j

    I believe the most impressive part of Lebron’s game is that he is like a wide receiver on the football field. Lebron is a once in a lifetime talent who can play any position, and run the ball from one end of the court all the way to the hoop without any problems.

  • Gerard

    Ability to play any position on the court and play it well. Plain and simple.

  • DanDog

    I think the most impressive part about Lebrons game is his ability to get the shot late in the game. The other day I was watching a video with all of Lebrons clutch shots as of August 2012 and it was 18 minutes long! And he probably has a lot more where that came from. He steps up to the plate and hits a grand slam most of the time. His combonation of athletic abilities gives him the chance to knock down the big shots right at the buzzer!

  • KarateKickz23

    jready23@comcast.net i think the most impressive part of Lebron’s game is his defense….most SF’s cant defend every position consistently like LeBron has been able to do this season

  • Courtney

    I still got Heat in 6!

  • The Real C-4

    His entire game. He’s such an amazing all-round player. If I had to chose, it would be his willingness and ability to make the right pass.

  • Jesse

    The way he goest to the hoop, the guy is fearless. He’s willing to go hard regardless of who’s at the rim. Those circus shots are entertaining

  • Joe Avance

    avancejoe@gmail.com What I think the most impressive part of LeBron’s game is the fact that he can play any position. We all know that his just his presence as a small forward gives him the advantage on the court. Being 6 foot 8 inches 250 pounds also helps because, you’ll be stronger, faster, and be able to maneuver his way in and out of traffic. Being an “All Around” player really doesn’t suite LeBron. LeBron can shoot the lights out of a team. Getting at leat 26 points per game and even take second chance opportunities away from the opposite team; Nine rebounds a game! He hits the three with no problem (even with a hand in his face). His post game just pummels the defense which makes them double and even triple team him! That allows the other Heat teammates to get open which would give LeBron assists. Last but certainly not last, his defense is the best. His defensive stops allows the Heat’s fast break to open up. When the Heats fast break gets going, nobody can stop that. Thats why LeBron is the BEST player in the world.

  • ari

    his dunks

  • Shihab Rashed

    Well I think the most impressive part of LeBrons game is his overall game. You really rarely see athletes who actually stand out in nearly EVERY part of the game . Wether it is rebounding , defending , passing or scoring . LeBron can do all of it . And that is why he is dominating . Hes not average in every section . I would say he is EXCEPTIONAL in every important part of the game . That is LeBrons Game . Being Great at everything ;)

  • Nilla

    The most impressive part of Lebron’s game is his playmaking. His ability to read the defense and make the best play for his team is unmatched. When you have the ability to score and be a playmaker it makes your game unpredictable for the defense. Lebron James has the vision and passing of a point guard like Jason Kidd, Steve Nash, and even the great Magic Johnson. The boy is the modern Magic Johnson. His passing to teammates enhance their performances. He led the Cavaliers to 2 60-win seasons and led the Cavaliers to a trip to the NBA finals in 2007. His teammates were Eric Snow/Daniel Gibson, Larry Hughes, Drew Gooden, and Zydrunas Illguaskus that year. But when you have the skill to get your teammates involved it just make your whole team a lot better. He may not have that killer instinct of a Michael Jordan or Kobe Bryant, but Lebron’s vision and passing allows him to impact the game.

    I won’t be surprise if he remains efficient on the court past his mid 30s. Lebron James is a team-first guy. Magic was the same, so don’t be surprised if Lebron wins not one, not 2, 3, 4, …..

  • Rob Stewart

    Most impressive part of his game is his handle. That’s right!! No one ever mentions his handle. He’s six eight and two hundred sixty pounds with a handle like Rod Strickland. I guess since he’s so strong and athletic and spectacular his impressive handle is often taken for granted.

  • Mars

    Hmmm… lets see. He’s the ultimate teammate, unusually unselfish. What superstar passes to every one of his teammates the same, whether under pressure for the last shot or knowing he can just take over at anytime? Still he delegates possessions like no other superstar. i was not able to see Oscar Roberson play live, but I imagine if he were 6’8 240, LeBron’s game would be pretty close.

  • Rinaldy

    i like his dunk

  • BugEyes

    Man I remember when LeBron was on every major sports magazine when he was like 17, dude is dope. best part of his game is perseverance. lost 2 finals, most critiqued player in any sport ever and dude won a title and is vying for another big ups LeBron came a long way from that boy on the cover

  • Ej Gingco

    furious finishes from the king :D

  • Big Heat fan

    Lebron’s ability to control a ball game any way he want’s to. His passing is just like a bullet on target every time(it’s underrated). Lebron is the ultimate team player and that is what basketball is about TEAM, he 100% makes his teammates better.

  • JDOGG80

    LBJ’s greatest basketball attribute is his freakish athleticism! No one is more of a BEAST than The King!

  • Zack Schneller

    @soccerstriker48@Gmail.com his termination and power

  • Taylor Smith

    The most impressive part of LeBron’s game is his versatility. The way he can guard or play any position in the league is unmatched. He is too big for smaller players and too fast for taller players. His strength is also attributed to this as he can push through defenses like a bulldozer. His development of his outside game through his career has also contributes to his versatility as defenders cannot only worry about him pushing his way to the basket but also taking a lethal 3 (his 3 point percentages lately are scary).

  • Bryan

    The most impressive aspect of LeBron James is his determination. He’s never let the hype that’s accumulated since he was 16 get the best of him. People always expect more of LeBron despite him putting 100% of his effort into achieving a team win. Without the training, attention to both sides of the floor, and improvement on his jumper, King James would still be one of the best players in the league because of his talent. However, he’s put in the work over the course of 10 years to make himself the best player of this decade. Not only is he physically stronger from the time he came into the league, but he’s become much stronger mentally and maintains his cool, even while knowing that millions could criticize him on any slight mistake he makes. He always points to his flaws before his teammates’ and then works to improve them until he’s satisfied.

  • Matt

    The most impressive part of Lebron’s game is his Grim Reaper mode. The fact that he gives you 27/7/7 on any given night, wow’s the fans with his slick passes to an open teammate on the wing, throws down dunks with ferocity and dominates games with a well rounded game on BOTH sides of the floor is impressive enough. However his ability to still reach another gear/ level, which I like to call the Grim Reaper mode, is the most impressive aspect of his game. For example Game 6 last year against Boston in the ECF, where he destroyed the celtics by himself and Game 4 against the Pacers last year in the conference semis, where he dropped 40/18/9. This is what makes him such an exciting player to watch because on any given night he’ll deliver a performance that could be one for the ages.

  • W3

    He is not as good as mj but he’s great in his own way. the most impressive part of his game is his playmaking and his passing ability if he was a point guard he’d be averaging at least 10 assists. I hope we get flopping powers!

  • Jimmy H

    Two words! Lebron James…nuff said!

  • joana mae artoza

    most impressive part of LeBron’s game in finals game 7 because he won 2 time mvp !! awesome