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Dion Waiters Thinks Cavs Are ‘Probably A 6-Seed’ In ’13-14

On Sunday, Dion Waiters was at Philadelphia University as a celebrity judge for the third annual Mary Kline Classic dunk contest. Waiters took a few minutes to field questions from reporters after the contest, and the recent USA Basketball minicamp invitee was confident about the Cavaliers’ immediate future.

“We don’t want to settle for no 7- or 8-seed,” Waiters said. “We could probably be a 6-seed or something like that. We just got to work hard and believe in each other and have each other’s backs and just play.”

When asked what he thinks the Cavs will do with the No. 1 pick, Waiters said, “I don’t know; I’m not sure. I haven’t talked to anybody on the team about it. But we definitely want somebody who’s a winner and is going to come in and help us win.”—Jake Fischer / @JakeLFischer

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  • Saleem Rainman

    Its good to dream

  • Mike Eppson

    They are going to be better than the bucks and Hawks next year talent wise so 6th isn’t a stretch.

  • Sean B

    Kyrie has to play a minimum of 70 games next season for this to come true.

  • Leoplerudon

    RIP English

  • Max

    I’d still take Washington and even Detroit over them.

  • Max

    ‘We don’t want to settle for no 7 or 8 seed’ = We want to settle for a 7 or 8 seed. haha I don’t get why alot of players use a double negative.

  • Junkie

    This should apply to varejao more, if he isnt moved the guy needs to stay on the floor

  • Leoplerudon

    The title is a bit weird too lol

  • Basketball Coach

    totally agree with this, Kyrie is good yes, but he still haven’t proven anything yet.


  • spit hot fiyah

    maybe they didn’t get to that point in their math studies

  • http://twitter.com/sooperfadeaway nbk

    Maybe, if Kyrie can stay healthy and translate that production he gives into wins. But I doubt it.

  • http://www.netstakeover.com/ JetSkiJohnson

    They must be getting Kevin Love.


    They need to stop giving certain ppl opportunities to speak…smh

  • http://www.netstakeover.com/ JetSkiJohnson

    lol u knew what he meant

  • neaorin

    If they play respectable defense they have a shot at the playoffs. Hopefully Mike Brown will make sure of that.

  • Max

    Oh yeah haha I didn’t even see that. lol
    ‘are probably be’ haha

  • bike

    Not likely since there doesn’t seem to be any top draft pick that will be an immediate game changer for them.

  • Dreynot

    I don’t know why so many commenters use “a lot” as one word.

  • Paul

    What’s so bad about how he spoke? So he used a double-negative, jesus get off his back. It’s the way he talks, who cares? I hate when people on the Internet criticize other people’s language/grammatical skills… childish attempt at maturity.

  • D dot Sanchez

    i can see them as a play off team, especially in the east

  • Max

    I will pay a lot of attention to it now.
    English isn’t my first language so I’m not down with all those little things.

  • Sam Keith

    Seriously the bucks made the play offs this year with a 38 and 44 record. what a joke, it shouldn’t be too hard for the cavaliers to finish .500 and a spot in the play offs, they have more talent than the bucks as it stands, add to that some great draft picks and you’ve got yourself a team that can finish with a 6 seed in the east. Of course that record wouldn’t be enough to land you an 8th in the West, but as a Cavs fan i don’t care.

  • Sam Keith

    Agree with Junkie. A healthy Varejao will be a boon for our back court. Thomson really stepped it up in his absence. we’d have a formidable back court plus the sophmore Waiters and Kyrie. i can see us becoming Eastern powers once again within, eh, 3-4 years.

  • greatD

    i thought the “no” before the 7 was an abbreviation for #… lol