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Dwyane Wade Says He and Chris Bosh Need Better ‘Opportunities to Succeed’

Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh have, to put it simply, been off—in Saturday night’s Game 6, the two combined for 15 points off a miserable 4-19 from the field. How do they improve on that in Game 7 (and, potentially, beyond)? According to ESPN, D-Wade claims to know: “Dwyane Wade thinks he knows what is causing his Miami Heat team to become a shell of itself against the Indiana Pacers. And it is not his bad knee or Chris Bosh’s sore ankle. After the Pacers’ 91-77 Game 6 victory Saturday night, Wade said he feels he and Bosh are having their touches and shots cut and it’s hurting the team. ‘We’ve got to do a good job of making sure me and Chris have our opportunities to succeed throughout the game,’ Wade said. ‘That’s something we’re going to have to look at as a team.’ … Wade implied [LeBron] James is trying to do too much. ‘We’ve got guys individually who want to play better,’ Wade said. ‘But we’ve got to try to help each other out in this locker room and not leave it up to the individual to self-will it.’”

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  • mrp20

    What is this man talking about. He missed layups and jump shots. He asked for Lebron to come to Miami because he knew he needed him to get another ring.

  • TR

    This isnt good going into game 7

  • Max

    I expect alot of people to thing things aren’t good in the Heat lockerroom.
    Looks like they really miss Pittman’s lockerroom presence.

  • shockexchange

    What D. Wade (Black Ric Flair) and Bosh really need is to step up their games or step aside and let the Indiana Pacers rep the East in the NBA Finals.

  • Jer dawg

    Unbelievable comments by Wade. Lebron is very unselfish and the way the other 2 stars have been MIA in game 6 (pun intended) Lebron needed to do too much. Wade is jealous and spiteful of Lebron. How dare Wade say that.

  • nolang

    He’s right. Indiana needs to give him and Chris Bosh better opportunities to succeed. It’s not fair that they’re too tall and won’t let those guys shoot without blocking it. What a bunch of meanies :(

  • Fat Lever
  • MikeC.

    Wade is not aging gracefully.

  • Mack

    If you can’t score playing with LeBron James you sir are THE problem.

  • Dagger

    It’s not just that Wade is missing layups. That can be blamed on his injury. But he’s also making foolish decisions that distort the offense, like attempting contested mid-range jumpers a few seconds into the shot clock.

    Wade is injured, and after an impressive regular season he deserves the benefit of the doubt. But his attitude right now is inexcusable, and it’s dragging down the team.

    As for Bosh: if a player can’t overcome a sprained ankle to at least fight David West to a standstill when West is playing with a high fever, that player is a role player. To his credit, at least Bosh accepted the blame and the responsibility after the game.

  • justin

    This is very bad goin in to game 7 if they are arguing already goin make things much harder for them to wen

  • playa

    Yeah,so now it looks like….Bron Bron is hoggin’ the ball and taking “their” shots. omg!!! Lebron is a team cancer!!! Trade him ASAP!!! Now lebron/miami fans are probably realizing the stupidity of media and blaming the best player for other players shortcomings and weak play…

  • Jimbo

    In other words, Pacers win game 7

  • http://www.reverbnation.com/savagemuzicgroup T-Ray

    I’m not so sure about that. Sometimes I little fire is needed and maybe this will make Wade rip his head out of his a$$ and start actually trying.

  • spit hot fiyah

    a response to the cleveland comment i think. great thing to have going on before a game 7

  • justin

    That is true it could b good for em I’m really just hopeing for a great game

  • http://www.reverbnation.com/savagemuzicgroup T-Ray

    Yea I’m expecting a knockdown drag out Game 7.

  • Drig

    Well, this is interesting…….

    Pretty sure Pop and Duncan must be laughing at all of this…..

  • Shumpert

    Wade his strenght used to be creating opportunities for himself. He seems to lack confidence this series (due great D by Stephenson, Pacers). And where is his high energy defense? Heat need a lil’ more of Flash and a little less bs.

  • Shawntavia Rush Montero

    Wow Wade lacks sportsmanship! Actions speak louder than words! Once the ball is in your hands make the shot, not the turnover! The numbers don’t lie! Even the commentator says Wade looks “disinterested” on the floor. And he does! I’ve been saying it for the longest, lately D-Wade act as if fame reign over the game! He prance around the floor like a reindeer! If LB didn’t step up to take leadership of game 5, to pour his heart out, Miami probably wouldn’t have taken the win at all. Then he has the audacity to publicly announce Lebron is behaving selfishly. Yes, unfortunately LB has been put in the position to pick up the slack similar to Cleveland days. That’s what a great player would do! D-wade is arrogant about his injury, lacks passion and more importantly it will take the bench to help and better coaching from Spo.

  • Kev

    unbelieveable. wade is the one who is passing up shot he normally would take. lebron is the reason there is a game 7.

  • Melvin flynt

    Game 7 is gonna be a bar fight ! ..- heat nation must rise , it’s championship or bust?, they must advance to the finals

  • Melvin flynt

    Hopefully the heat blow them out!

  • Jacob Nelson

    Wade and or Bosh are going to get traded this off-season, unless the heat can get a reliable bench scoring option. That is the most inconsistent bench I’ve seen in years from a contender, with the exception of the Lakers. Udonis Haslem is a perfect example.

  • Teddy-the-Bear
  • The Seed

    I told yall Wade would be complaining about his role, shots and how much fame and honor Bron is getting for carrying the HEat now. I told yall Wade would get tired of being treated like the second hand help and he would get mad about how he is looked upon. I also told everyone that Wade career would change and he will not be looked upon the same after playing with Lebron. Its all coming true and now Wade is finally letting it be know. His dressing crazy was to get attention, now he realizes he is looked upon like a role player now. LOL

  • Mars

    the knee is fine. Did you see that flying elbow he gave to Stephenson? That was the highest he’s jumped all season.

  • Mars

    Boy, for all the DWade fans out there, what’s left of them anyways, it is sad to see this guys image come to light. I guess all those underground stories were true. This man is a habitual line stepper. Shoulda known by those capris and hypebeast glasses. HatE hate hate.

  • jleon1

    I’m a HEAT fan and embarrassed by the dis-interest Wade and Bosh have in the playoffs. They had 19 oppertunites to succed and blew it in game 6! Spo benched them in the 4th and Miami took a 17 point deficit to 4. Spo put them back in and the Pacers took the lead to 91-77. Miami plays better without them…I say bench both of them and give the rest of the players who want to win a chance, it can’t hurt.

  • Dagger

    Yeah I was thinking about that. The whole situation is mysterious. Apparently Wade has four bone bruises on his right knee, which would be incredibly debilitating. But there are definitely plays that make me wonder.

  • shockexchange

    Teddy, you’ve just out-shocked the Shock Exchange. “Whoooo Daaadddyyy!”

  • JB

    first they want Lebron to step up his game and when he does, it is time to complain because they don’t get enough touches. PLEASE stop being a whiner and take accountability for your game.

  • http://www.reverbnation.com/savagemuzicgroup T-Ray

    I think his knee is better than we’re being made to believe. If anything his lack of interest is disturbing. A lot of times he looks like he doesn’t even want to be out there.

  • JL

    Absolutely. I am thinking by now though they are probably hoping for the Heat to win. The Pacers have been playing a more complete game. The Heat, like last year, need super human 3 pt shooting to win the championship. In other words, they just need Mike Miller to play more.

  • JL

    They always find something to blame it on. Although it’s surprising to take out your team leader in the media. Things must be really bad in the locker room.

  • JL

    BTW what has happened to Bosh? His rebounding is on par to that of a SG. I can understand him taking more jump shots (I also don’t get that, as the Heat need more interior scoring, which I’ve seen him do some post moves before that aren’t too bad) but he should still be getting defensive boards. I think the strategy to have him shoot jumpers to drag Hibbert out of the paint area is obviously not working. They are making Hibbert worth his max contract. In fact it seemed almost every big in the league has a field day against their defense. Last year it wasn’t like this! They played suffocating team defense. Not looking good for heat fans.

  • justin

    Me to I hope ita not a blow out either way

  • Ruralrepublican

    Wade is robbing the Heat.

  • Chukaz

    I kinda feel bad for Wade. Did anybody think 5 years ago that Kobe would still be better than Wade 5 years later? I didn’t think Wade would age too well since he’s only 6’4, can’t shoot the ball, and is largely dependent on his athletic ability, but i never thought he’d fall of so sharply.

  • klay

    I reckon this comment by Wade is a response to Lebron saying he needed to revert to Cleveland Cavs version of himself to win. Things are shaky in the locker room but they might still win game 7


    damn bro a chappelle classic : habitual line stepper

  • JL

    Not really, since he seems like a prick on the court (not sure about off it). He used to shot it ok though (inside 3pt range, and was even taking threes for a while). I think his knee is affecting his lift so his touch is off.

  • http://theaudman.com/ TheAudman

    4 words – MAKE YOUR OWN BREAKS!

  • Max

    It has more to do with the knee than the age.
    Otherwise he wouldn’t have played a good season.

  • bike

    LeBron rarely says dumb things anymore but he mucked up with that Cleveland comment. It may very well be true but if he want to be a leader at a critical time then he needs to be careful at anything that looks like finger pointing.