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Houston Rockets Prepping Sales Pitches to Both Dwight Howard and Chris Paul

Why go for one big fish when you can try to catch two? According to this Houston Chronicle report, the Rockets are all set to make their free agent pitches to both Chris Paul and Dwight Howard: “Dwight Howard will not be the only object of the Rockets’ free-agent affections, and the Los Angeles Lakers center has not been the only subject of their intensive preparations for next month’s sales pitches. Howard has generated by far the most attention as a Rockets free-agent target, but the team plans a similar and simultaneous pursuit of Los Angeles Clippers guard Chris Paul, a person with knowledge of the Rockets’ thinking said. According to another individual familiar with the team’s plans, ‘they are targets No. 1 and 1A.’ The difference is there have been far more indications Howard, a 6-11 center, will be receptive to the Rockets’ recruiting efforts. Although it is too early to know if Paul, a 6-0 guard, is disinterested or keeping his thoughts private, the Rockets have gone through detailed preparations to chase both. Rockets players James Harden and Chandler Parsons have spoken with Howard about the Rockets and playing in Houston. Harden is even closer to Paul from their time together on the USA Basketball senior national team.”

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  • Sonic-Proof

    Holy cow! Is this even possible? Does this mean the end of Lin?

  • theDankerNuggets

    haha I got to hand it to Daryl Morey other than being a smaller market the Rockets are in a very attractive situation. Paul or Dwight would not only have a player in Harden who is a bona fide superstar and can carry a huge load but they also have a lot of other good pieces like Asik, Lin, and Parsons who would all be very good role players.

  • phil

    You dumbass. It will never happen. You would have to get rid of lin & asik.and you still wouldn’t have enough money(30-40 million short). How many teams could pick up all these salaries and only give draft picks back, then how is houston going pay these picks? They would also have to get rid of dmo, jones, white(impossible), trob, lin, asik, beverly to even think of signing those two and get nothing back in return.

  • Junkie

    Is a sign and trade likely if they follow this scenario? This being one not both

  • http://www.netstakeover.com/ JetSkiJohnson

    relax thug

  • theDankerNuggets

    I said Paul OR Dwight

  • theDankerNuggets

    make sure you actually read what people say before you freak out…. dumbass haha

  • JML-G

    why would they EVER need Paul when they got JEREMY MOTHERF*CKING LINSANITY LIN /end of sarcasm

  • spit hot fiyah

    hi daryl morey, my name is luxury tax. nice to meet you…

  • WestUp_R_VestUp, 713!

    I kan’t wait to LMFAO when they don’t get neither and end up with a guy like Millsap. Right now they don’t even have the money to offer D12 a max kontract yet so that first has to happen, and if it does, where’s the money kumin from that you will offer CP3? No way they will sign both or even 1 at that. They are hoping both leave a extra $30 mill on the table and leave LA to walk away for a smaller kontract. I don’t see it.

  • Redd

    They’ll get 1 of them.

  • Mike Gilbert

    remember, the income tax in Texas makes it so they would actually make more money in Houston than in LA

  • spit hot fiyah

    millsap would be perfect for their system. as for the extra money they would leave, a lot of it is due to an extra year on the contract that the current teams could offer them. both will probably have another rather big contract before their careers are over so that can be evened out. also, no state tax in texas, and cali is super expensive so that evens it out even more. but i think they are dreaming if they think they can get both.

  • The Mauve Avenger

    They get both or neither. Both need the other one to go to make the move worth it.

  • Teddy-the-Bear

    nbk, wherever you are: Ignoring Dwight for a second, what are the chances Paul jumps ship to Houston?

  • Basketball Coach

    LOL got tired of J.Lin at point huh? 15min of fame FTW!


  • Mike Eppson

    “IF” This was to happen I would love to see James Harden go up to KD, & RW and say NOW WHAT! lol

  • magicgreen10

    It’s possible to sign both dumbass

  • TrailerTrash

    By not paying a state income tax in Texas he would save 30 mil. Plus by signing a shorter deal, he could possibly get one more max contract before his career is over.

  • john

    Sign and trade dummy

  • john

    Where are you pulling your info out of your ass?

  • WestUp_R_VestUp, 713!


  • Houston Fan

    They have the salary cap space for 2 max deal players without going over the salary cap. And they can trade asik and lin for another max player. ex Kevin Love,Deng or Granger