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NBA Players React to the Brooklyn Nets Hiring Jason Kidd as Head Coach

A tweetcap.

The Nets are officially announcing the hiring of former NBAer Jason Kidd as the team’s head coach today, but word that it’d be happening leaked out yesterday, leading to an outpouring of support and congrats from players around the League last night and this morning. Roll through the gallery above to see they had to say.

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  • http://www.techisforgeeks.com/ Bill Hinostroza

    Lol at World Peace Twitter Status

  • Jay Brodes

    congrats j-kidd!! surprised no mess from mamba on this! burden falls on deron..make it work cause this is on him!!!

  • spit hot fiyah

    he better have some great assistants. prokhorov has a quick trigger

  • Dfrance

    Lmao at #7

  • The Seed

    Lets be honest here, its now way Jason Kidd should be a head coach right now. Brian Shaw, even P. Ewing has earned it more than Kidd. I would take Stan Van Gundy over him and Nets should have kept Avery Johnson. Kidd was a good, became close to great point guard, but he always came up small in big games. Sounds like he is in the right place in Brooklyn. They are going nowhere. Lionel Hollins would have been good too, preaching defense. WOW

  • spit hot fiyah

    thanks for clarifying brandon rush

  • Dfrance

    “Close to great point guard” Seriously?

  • OfftheWall87

    Time for D-Will to prove himself. Kidd is there mainly because of his friendship with Deron. Listening to his press conference today, it looks like he’ll be putting a lot of trust in Williams. If this doesn’t work for him, nothing will.

  • OfftheWall87

    What were you doing from 95 to 2011? Definitely not watching the NBA.

  • spit hot fiyah

    book it!

  • ThaWindy

    Someone needs to watch some JKidd highlights to refresh their memory..

  • Hoop ‘n’ Ball

    Damn, Kidd played a full season w/ playoffs, retired and got a head coaching job all before D. Rose’s return…amazing….

  • danpowers

    while pat ewing is still waiting…

  • The Seed

    I watched him, he played well and should have maybe gotten an MVP award over TD one year, but to act like he totally killed every year of his career is suspect. Kidd was good to great at times, but he underachieved with some teams, its ok, but he didn’t always come through. You go rewatch his career. So Nets to me messed up, a splash name is not worth it. Get a DEFENSE first coach and let Kidd train underneath.

  • bike

    It will be interesting. Kidd always had a reputation as a leader but a silent leader that led by example for the most part. He often had communication issues in interviews. Mighty big step.

  • OfftheWall87

    So you have to “kill” every year to be a great player? I can think of a lot of guys who didn’t but are great players. It took Kobe 3 seasons to be a star player and 4 to be a superstar player so according to your theory, he wasn’t great. Michael’s years as a Wizard means he wasn’t a great player? Do you see how flimsy that theory of yours is?

    When did Kidd underachieve? He revitalized the Nets and took them to back to back Finals series. 5 time All-NBA First team players aren’t good to great, they’re great. He didn’t fall off until his 16th season. He’s one of the best PGs to ever pick up a basketball.

  • Deng

    BREAKING NEWS: Allen Iverson named head coach of the Philadelphia 76ers….Practice is already cancelled for the entire season.

  • nico G

    D man deserved a recognition as a “player”as a coach ,give d man time and space ,you’ll be surprise ,his not d “kid” his d “MAN”!Ⅹ2 ,Mr.PE shout-up and let destiny decide!

  • nico G

    Amen! 2 that brother

  • MasterSplinter

    SMH @ The Seed…. Became close to great point guard?….

    1. Kidd recorded the third-most triple-doubles in NBA history (107). Only Magic Johnson (138), and Oscar Robertson (181) have more.

    2. Kidd started 1,350 of the 1,391 total games he played in his career.

    3. Kidd averaged more than eight assists and six rebounds per game in 15 separate seasons.

    4. Kidd made the second-most assists in NBA history (12,091), trailing only John Stockton (15,806).

    5. Kidd is also second on the all-time steals list (2,684), again trailing Stockton (3,265).

    Find a new hobby, this ones not working out for you.