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Jerry Sloan Quit as Utah Jazz Head Coach After an Argument With Deron Williams

Utah Jazz CEO Greg Miller opens up about Jerry Sloan infamously quitting as the Utah Jazz head coach while feuding with former Jazz star point guard Deron Williams back in 2011. (Sloan is back with the franchise, and D-Will was traded to the Nets two weeks after a fateful mid-game blowup with his coach.) Per the Deseret News: “The beginning of the end for Sloan and his 23-year tenure as the Jazz’s head coach, Miller explained, began with the last play of the first half in Utah’s home game against the Chicago Bulls on Feb. 9, 2011. And, yes, it revolved around an increasingly contemptuous relationship All-Star point guard Deron Williams had with the Hall of Fame coach. ‘The last play of the half,’ Miller said, ‘Deron got after Gordon Hayward, the play broke down and we went into the locker room.’ During that fateful halftime break, Sloan ‘reprimanded Deron’ for freelancing. According to Miller, who usually accompanies the team into the locker room, the Jazz coach told his star player something to the effect of, ‘Hey, if you’re going to change the play, it would be nice if you’d let the rest of the team know so we have a chance to score.’ Williams’ response: ‘My bad.’ Much to Miller’s chagrin, the contentious moment, however, continued after that exchange. ‘If (Williams) would’ve left it right there, Jerry might have never left,’ Miller said. Instead, Williams allegedly continued to pop off. Jazz center Al Jefferson even reached over and tried to ease tensions by telling his teammate, ‘C’mon now.’ Sloan had had enough. ‘Jerry said at that point, ‘I don’t have anything else,’ Miller said. Instead of turning the time over to his assistants, Sloan headed to his office around the corner from the players lockers. As he passed Miller, the then-68-year-old coach told the Jazz CEO, ‘I’d like to have a word with you after the game.’ … ‘Deron was right behind us and he said, ‘Yeah, I want to be in the meeting too,’ Miller related. ‘Jerry said, ‘Do you want me to just quit right now?’ That shocked Miller and, no doubt, everybody who heard him drop the foreshadowing bombshell. After team members went their separate ways during halftime, Miller approached Sloan and pledged his support. […] Miller tried to convince Sloan to ‘muscle through’ the rough times — but to no avail. ‘He said, ‘You know, Greg, I’m going to be 70 years old. … I’ve been at this a long time and there’s nothing left in the tank. I think I’m done.’ Miller responded, ‘Jerry, c’mon. I understand … ‘ Sloan cut him off. ‘I’m serious. I’m out of gas.’ Miller tried to convince him to coach the rest of the season — or at least through the upcoming All-Star break. ‘You’re not hearing me,’ Sloan told Miller. ‘I’m out of gas.’ Miller eventually got Sloan to agree to contemplate his decision overnight after telling him that the Jazz would have a ‘PR nightmare’ to deal with if he quit midseason. ‘We are going to have a very, very difficult time managing (that). It’s not going to reflect well on the franchise,’ Miller told Sloan. ‘That stopped him in his tracks.’ Miller was hopeful Sloan would reconsider his decision after sleeping on it and talking through things the following morning. The Jazz set a meeting for 11 a.m. But news broke before that even began. Sloan’s tank was on ‘E.’”

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  • OfftheWall87

    We knew it was because of Deron, but didn’t know about this event. Deron’s reputation is going to take a hit for this. He better make this Jason Kidd thing work.

  • RayJr

    Hope Deron has grown up since then or Kidd is going to have a tough rookie coaching season.

  • shockexchange

    The Shock Exchange called it, but of course, there was at least one lame on his picking his own facts and giving the Shock Exchange back talk.

  • Lols

    Why would Darron disrespect a legend like Sloan? What a bum.


    Why would they release this now? We kind of already knew about the situation; no need to air out the details

  • Tim

    Paragraphs SLAM! I didn’t read this article b/c it is too hard on de eyez!!

  • http://twitter.com/sooperfadeaway nbk

    Sooner or later you guys will realize that excerpts from outside stories are not written by SLAM. And in conjunction, indentations are not handled by SLAM either.

  • http://twitter.com/sooperfadeaway nbk

    Coaches and players get in arguments frequently. FREQUENTLY. “After argument with Deron Williams” is true. He quit because he was “out of gas” is also true. The reason, he didn’t have the energy to fight with players.

  • LakeShow

    Why would you spell Deron with a “A” and two “R’s”?

  • robb

    are you the same guy who says “Labron” and “Jordon”?

  • Redd

    “The Coach Slayer”

  • spit hot fiyah

    i want a video re-enactment of this

  • shockexchange

    Sounds like a character from “Game of Thrones.”

  • Redd

    Yeah, “The King Slayer”, he’s the son of Tywin Lannister.

  • OfftheWall87

    I pictured it as I was reading it. I can imagine Sloan just throwing up his hands and giving up.

  • initbruv

    That’s funny because the original story has ample paragraphs. I think people whine too much about the lack of breakups in the story (that’s how paragraphs in books look), but you really think they have no control over how the article looks once they post it on their site?

  • shockexchange

    Yeah, that’s the guy who always goes to his left on basketball court because his right hand is nonexistent.

  • http://www.netstakeover.com/ JetSkiJohnson

    lol its not like he tried to hit him.

  • Caboose

    Dwite Haourd
    Ceven Derrant
    Keris Pol
    Toeknee Parkur
    Ruhsull Westbruk
    Juhmier Nelsun
    Rikee Rewbeeoh

  • http://twitter.com/sooperfadeaway nbk

    I don’t know the reason behind it. But that’s how it seems to work, if you pay attention going forward, the press releases from other sites are the ones without paragraphs. The SLAM written stories have proper punctuation. At least, that’s how it seems, and I saw one of the SLAM staff members comment something to that effect.

  • spit hot fiyah


  • spit hot fiyah
  • Caboose

    Speet hawt fire

  • initbruv

    Oh that’s weird. When they post other sites’ stuff I always just link to the original anyways.

  • Caboose

    It seems every SLAM post has their own two cents at the start of it, then they quote some place else. Why can’t that be a paragraph break? That’d be a dream.

  • ThaWindy

    Players like …. DWill…

  • http://twitter.com/sooperfadeaway nbk

    Lol, yes, clearly

  • pposse

    ‘Yeah, I want to be in the meeting too,’ – clown response by dwill

  • bike

    Nothing against Sloan, but if getting into a beef with Williams was the only reason that caused him to quit on the spot, that’s pretty weak. I’m guessing it was simply the straw that broke the donkey’s back–bunch of things were coming to a head.

  • LP @ThisisEther

    *Da-white Hoard

  • GAftly8524

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    I don’t know the reason behind
    it. But that’s how it seems to work, if you pay attention going
    forward, the press releases from other sites are the ones without
    paragraphs. The SLAM written stories have proper punctuation. At
    least, that’s how it seems, and I saw one of the SLAM staff members
    comment something to that effect.

  • spit hot fiyah

    el pee at these ice either

  • retloc

    My kids middle name is ceven only pronounced like the number nice

  • Caboose

    Shout out to George Costanza

  • Allan

    Sloan was like..

  • Mike From Spain

    Micheal Yordun

  • Ugh

    Er, yes we did. Everything but mentioning Gordy has already been released to the public two years ago. This news is Kevin Willis old.

  • Ugh

    To be fair to D-Will, Sloan is notorious for a Dean Smith-like approach
    to player management in practice. Williams was probably just as tired of
    Sloan’s screamfest approach as Sloan was tired of players snapping
    back at him. I’ll point out that there’s no neologistic equivalent of “player killer” used on coaches – players get ‘stuck to the bench’ or ‘can’t break rotation’, but when a player yells at a coach and the coach quits he’s a ‘cancer”or a ‘coachkiller.
    Some coaches are @$%holes, too, you know. Even long tenured ones.

  • initbruv

    But when that a**hole is Jerry Sloan it should give you pause before being insubordinate. And mouthing off in front of all the other players is a no go. Those are his troops and it undermines his authority. Also, if Sloan was that worn down you know that it was happening on a regular basis. It’s not like this was an isolated event.

  • OfftheWall87

    Link to the story detailing that argument they had?