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Joakim Noah Hates that the Miami Heat Won the NBA Championship

Chicago Bulls center Joakim Noah has never hidden his burning disdain for the Miami Heat. So, you can only imagine how much it bothered him to watch the Heat win their second straight NBA title. Here, let Joakim tell you himself. Per USA Today: “At first I said I didn’t care, but I was lying to myself,’ Noah said at The Steve Nash Foundation Showdown in New York City Wednesday night. ‘I was driving in my car and I just didn’t feel good about it at all after they won. Well you know what? It’s going to be extra motivation to work extra hard in the offseason and I feel like we’ll be the team that beats them next year.’ […] ‘I think we’re pretty close,’ he said. ‘We got a lot of work to do. We don’t like them, they don’t like us, but at the end of the day, you gotta give credit where credit is due. They’re a very good team, but we feel like if we’re healthy, we’ll have our shot.’”

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  • spit hot fiyah

    well that back fired

  • spit hot fiyah

    well that back fired

  • Dfrance

    Annnnnnd welcome to summertime SLAM.

  • Dfrance

    Annnnnnd welcome to summertime SLAM.

  • playa
  • Borsch

    Even if Noah never wins a champinoship, im sure he’ll look back at his career proudly.

  • Melvin flynt

    Haha Noah u wack just like the Miami haters lol !–lbj is king! Hes the best in the business! Lbj 2 the world!!!!….

  • LakeShow

    I can practically hear the jerking off.


    Whats so good about miami? I never heard anyone say….oh wait

  • Enigmatic

    I love Jo but when he gets to talking about LeBron James and/or the Heat he’s like one of those irrational Bron haters you see on every comment board. Ever since Bron was terrorizing the Bulls in Cleveland every year.
    I do agree, when healthy the Bulls have a shot to dethrone the Heat. But less talk, more action.


    NOAH is an horrible player , is arrogant and ugly , he deserve to get kicked out of the league.

  • uncle luke

    maybe the fact that they actually win ball games and championships.

  • AJCrow21

    Easier said than done Noah, quit talkin and prove it on the court and in the mean time the Heat will keep playing championship basketball and proving everyone wrong.

  • Christopher Davis

    That’s why Noah is the man his passion for the game & the bulls is great. Love that guy.

  • http://www.reverbnation.com/savagemuzicgroup T-Ray


  • Vlad L

    It was a pun about a former statement from Joakin. A great pun , by the way. Uncle Luke, don’t take it word by word..

  • Enigmatic

    You missed the point. He was referring to Noah’s “I never heard anybody say they’re going to Cleveland on vacation. what’s so good about Cleveland” quote.

  • shockexchange

    That’s that Chi coming out of Noah “That’s that ish I don’t like …”

  • Max

    Haha wouldn’t expect anything else from him!

  • bulls fan

    F u c k LBJ and Miami

  • jone

    they already had their shot when they where healthy back in 2011… and they didn’t make it… with a more improved james i doubt if they can beat the heat… they can’t beat them with an MVP year Rose how can they beat them with an ACL torn rose?

  • Lloyd

    Am I the only one that loves this? Forget the political correct and generic answers. Let’s bring back some Heated rivalries!

  • initbruv

    Lol you had me cracking up man.

  • Sergio Meza

    Remember when Michael Jordan had to switch teams to win his championships?
    Oh wait that’s right he didn’t!

    LeBron and the Miami Heat are jokes

  • trent

    Well the Heat have 2 titles because of that joke so na na na na na!!! :-P

  • Clos1881

    Lebron is the best in the league I’m interested in he’s gonna look what’s his physical abilities start to diminish he has to really on his offensive skill to remain the best

  • Clos1881

    How are they proving everyone wrong ? They have been the favorites since they all came together.

  • Clos1881

    Nah I love it also and I love that he takes it pesronal

  • Da-Meat-Hook

    Remember before Scottie Pippen emerged into a superstar, and Jordan’s Bulls were consistently getting knocked out of the the early rounds of the playoffs?

    Your weak comment is a joke.

  • roscoe

    like funny how? i don’t get it.

    like they make you laugh?

    or the way they look makes you laugh?

    why are they so funny?

  • Shooting Guard

    still hurtin huh?

  • Shooting Guard

    good point mr noah, keep talking

  • Noompsi

    Summertime SLAM… sigh. Some of us you know wake up daily and hit ‘s’ in the bar and soon thereupon land here… and yes, to this… but that’s cool. Keep it up SLAM. Not all of us are American. Not all of us know how good these guys in the draft are… what trajectories they have etc, so keep it going right here. Keep the forum happening. Even if you just logon and see wassup and say something then go. We still need to participate. Gain some knowledge, beat these guys at the game.
    NBA rules! SLAM rules!

  • Noompsi
  • ONMY88SHiT

    Deserves to get kicked out of the league based on what? He’s a hard-working, blue collar all star who doesn’t hide how he feels..

  • http://Ces1ne.tumblr.com/ Ces1ne?

    NEVER go full retard……….

  • B4real

    No sir I’m said to inform you but your comment is the weak one. Because if I recall MJ made & molded Scottie to the player he is & actually made people around him better. Those two things lbj isn’t capable of, hence “the decision” to run to mia

  • B4real

    Exactly what damn retard. Guarantee he became a heat “fan” after the “decision”

  • Da-Meat-Hook

    If you think LBJ doesn’t make his teammates better, you my friend, need to educate yourself.

    Tell me, how did Mo Williams, Boobie Gobson, and Ricky Davis do after Lebron left Cleveland?

    The difference between MJ in chi and Bron in clev is that Chicago actually surrounded MJ with enough talent to win. It’s ignorant to even attempt to compare MJs supporting cast/coach to Lebron’s in Cleveland so save yourself the embarrassment.

    Further, it’s safe to say that the combination of Pippen/Rodman and or Pippen/Grant provided far more support than Wade/Bosh have over the past 2 years.

  • pb1

    Rat face Noah, wat a loser. he all but dissapears in the playoffs and gets outplayed by birdman. he’s a spoiled punk who should enjoy his one and probably only undesreved first team all defense. it’ll be the last time he’s first team anything.
    rat face little transvestite

  • Roger Rogers

    he does prove it on the court, one of the hardest working players in he league.

  • Roger Rogers

    I keep forgetting school is out. When does summer school starts for these kids?

  • hardtimz

    Why do you need to use your energy to hate someone to motivate you to work extra hard to win?

  • pb1

    i think noah promised his mom he would get his degree, he might be in class right now. hopefully biology where they’re using ratface as the lab project.

  • HeatNation lover

    Heat is comprised of haters…”they don’t like us’….ACTUALLY ‘they’ do themselves whilst’you all’ do them! Get a grip & grow up

  • Heat Nation lover

    Yes they joked themselves right into a 2nd championship….I think someone else here is the joke….how about…. a e i o YOU!

  • Courtney

    Noah is a moron….he calls the Heat “Hollywood as hell” when he is the one with a famous professional tennis player/singer father and miss Sweden mother….get a grip!

  • Darrell West

    Noah he don’t have no clue what he is get himself into

  • Go Canes!!

    U Mad? LOLOL

  • Patrick Burke

    He was a FREE AGENT dumbass

  • Patrick Burke

    Hush up DOUCHE boy

  • Kiya

    He needs to stop hatin Miami is a way better team the bulls suck

  • Courtney Smalley

    Fuk lebron james and all u loyal bandwaggon jumpers. We seen just how loyle u were at game 6 lmao smh miami fans. Get off lebrons pubes

  • Courtney Smalley

    Your a fuckin retard for this comme t.smh. is this lebron james? Lmao

  • Courtney Smalley

    Ur a ugly ass crackead that lives on the corner with a cup and a sign. Stop jusging the guy like he turned u down or somethin. Sprry hes not gay and hes not into u. Fuckin loser

  • Geenzz

    I thought everyone wanted to see the Heat and the Wah Wah Boy (LBJ) get beat (except those that live in Miami). It’s not just It’s the reason why the TV ratings where so high – everyone wanted to see the Heat get beat.

  • Miami Blaze Em

    Miami brought the gavel! Now choke on it. If the Bulls played
    like a respectable and real NBA team maybe they would be
    champions. Instead they play grimey ball, cheap shots and
    run their mouths to much! LMAO

  • jimfeeorrr

    So, apparently you’re only allowed 1 shot?? Lmao sit down son.

  • jimfeeorrr

    Oh, P.S his knee isn’t torn anymore… it’s not a rock, it heals. Idiot

  • dziner305

    Because you never come out of the “Saddam Hussein-like Hole” that you are in, that’s why you play like you don’t know about Miami and South Beach. We are the sunny place where most pro athletes and entertainers alike possess vacation homes and come to enjoy the fun life they always dream of… Nowadays, Miami Heat’s success makes you go “kookoo/ loco”! Noah, himself, knows that the only place he could have “shined” is in our “SUNSHINE STATE”.

  • dziner305

    c. barkley, r. miller, and alas have the same poster on their walls (have the same grudge)…ha ha. It’s not new to us. We just proved you all haters wrong. PERIOD…..POINT BLANK! WE DON’T CARE ABOUT YOU HATERS ANYMORE. We know the next headline before you post it: If the Heat don’t three-peat, big3 failure. We’ll laugh ha ha ha.

  • naftali

    Grow up, Noah.

  • dziner305

    Go talk to your celtics 3 first before you talk to us. Then, go talk to your 29 other teams you favored every time we played them. We have never been favorites under your microscope: Jennings boasted he’s taking us in 6 games, you embarked in his wagon…Chicago, you claimed they are giYou haters thinking you were pressuring, sabottaging…WE’RE THE HEAT, NO PRESSURE FOR US. We ain’t got no worries…! 3 straight Finals, 2 Championships…We ain’t got no worries…

  • rick

    Really, this is news, what you cant stop the HEAT so hate’em LOL
    sounds like a little girl

  • adesha

    Your a queer Noah you sound like a girl awwww it hurts doesn’t it?? Gee maybe if your so called All Star D Rose will get off his fairy ass and play next season maybe just maybe you guys have a shot ! awww poor girl lol you sound gay as hell get your panties out your coo coo and MAN UP

  • Clos1881

    You forgot to put “3″ straight season I been a heat fan.

  • pb1

    thats fine but it doesn’t change the fact that noah has a ratface and got outplayed by a 35 yr old journeyman in the playoffs, outplayed badly i might add, he dissapeared in the playoffs. go figure, for all his ratface scowls and yelling and chestbumps it turns out he’s a chump.

  • Hatebandwagonfans

    $20 bucks says you’ve only been a Heat fan for the passed 3 years. Bet you dont even know who the previous coach was. Without googling it

  • mjhimjfadeawaysick

    Ummm that team wasn’t healthy that year either. D rose had a sprained ankle from the Pacers series, Noah also was battling season long injuries and working himself back as was Boozer and to add to it Omer was hurt in game 1. So get your info right. …

  • Melvin flynt

    Witness trick!- – lakehoe

  • Melvin flynt

    I’m a true fan son bulls are good team,u know deep dw bulls got exposed by heat in playoffs they can’t hang with the big boys maybe when drose come bk, they can’t stop lbj witness

  • mensa2

    Joakim, you are not alone, I Hate that they won too!!

  • Trojanman

    And since then boozer has gotten older, Noah has gotten a bit better, and derrick rose sat out for a year in rehabilitation instead of getting better like james has. Also he hurt his ankle in the Atlanta series.

  • Trojanman

    There haven’t been many haha only Stan van Gundy and Riley I believe. Also its *past three years. You’re right there are tons of bandwagon fans, I personally have been a fan since they drafted wade the same year I moved to Florida. But comparing fan support is retarded and usually a defense used by people who are fans of teams that don’t win.

  • Trojanman

    I’m a heat fan but nothing he said was like iirrational heat Haters. He even said he was giving credit where its due and called them a good team.

  • Tony Soul

    Joakim Noah should shot up and go and practise to be good in his game. Who really cares what he feels about the Heat. Joakim, go bury your head in the sand——–The Heat are the champions again. The Heat will whoop your ass again next season, ha! ha! ha!

  • loulou

    Ahahahaaaaaa….stop being Noah Miami Heat beat in playoff almost every year …if you can’t beat the Heat join the Heat you will have a ring….hahahaha poor Noah hate Miami Heat.

  • loulou

    loulou • in a day −
    Ahahahaaaaaa….stop being mad Noah Miami Heat beat in playoff almost every year …if you can’t beat the Heat join the Heat you will have a ring….hahahaha poor Noah hate Miami Heat…..

  • AWESOME poop

    GO BULLS!!! !!! !!! and you are retarded becuz Noah is a great player! he, rose and butler will crush the stupid heat!!!

  • interlagos

    Fake tough guy

  • MiamiAllDay

    Who cares??? Noah is a crybaby and a major HEAT HATER! Don’t feel bad about the Heat’s win…feel bad about the Bull’s lost…earlier in the playoffs…when he WAS playing hard to beat the Heat…what a chump. Since when is the motivation trying to beat one individual person or one individual team…your goal should be to knock any team down…SHUTUP and TRY…operative word…try again next year.

  • dewayne white

    Noah is jealous of Lebron James…not the Heat…he’s been hating on Lebron since his Cleveland days….Lebron is a “STAR”….Noah is sub-par wishing on a star….and btw Joakimmy if any team rises above Miami on Lebron’s watch it will be Indiana or Brooklyn son….Chicago have been overachiever’s and now they’re 6th and 7th seeds in the East…Michael Jordan isn’t walking through that door to play anymore boy!!!!

  • john doe

    lol those were cheap shots? I guess you never seen footage on the hard fouls they gave Jordan and Pippen during the Bad Boy Pistons era.

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