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Karl Malone Picks Scottie Pippen Over Michael Jordan for Dream Starting Five

According to Utah Jazz legend Karl Malone, the guy who tortured him in two consecutive NBA Finals (1997, 1998) wouldn’t make it onto The Mailman’s all-time starting lineup. Malone says he’d go with Michael Jordan’s Chicago Bulls teammate Scottie Pippen instead, since Pip was a more versatile player. (Malone later did some light backtracking.) Per the Dan Patrick Show: “The Hall of Famer discusses a wide range of topics, including who he’d take between LeBron James and Michael Jordan and where he ranks himself among the great power forwards. He also picked his dream team and leaves off Jordan, taking Scottie Pippen instead.”

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  • Mike Gilbert

    is it too much to have Jordan AND Pippen?

  • LLC#12

    If someone cam make a logical argument for this, I’d like to hear it…

  • http://twitter.com/sooperfadeaway nbk

    This is who he said,
    PG – John Stockton
    SG – Oscar Robertson
    SF – Scottie Pippen
    PF – LeBron James
    C – Wilt Chamberlain
    He also later said that list was a joke. Even though he defended the logic behind who he picked.


    his staring 5 wasn’t even logical. stockton as a PG the Big O as a SG(?) Pippen at SF(over MJ?) Lebron at PF(?) and Wilt at C.

  • http://twitter.com/sooperfadeaway nbk

    Karl Malone is back on the show right now, saying he was just saying it because Dan Patrick has a man crush on Jordan.


    all time starting 5 should be Magic MJ Lebron(sorry bird) Duncan and Russell(sorry wilt shaq…)

  • JoeMaMa

    When Lebron has Grown Up Time with his wife, he makes her read this list. It makes him power forward.

  • http://twitter.com/sooperfadeaway nbk

    when Oscar Robertson played, PG was not really a position. It was more two guards who can handle the ball, a forward who is a hybrid wing/post player and then 2 big men. So putting him at SG makes sense.
    His idea behind LeBron at PF is that no other PF would be able to guard him, and Wilt makes up for the lack of size by himself.
    Not defending Malone, just trying to explain what he was doing with that lineup.

  • spit hot fiyah

    still sour about the finals i guess

  • http://www.netstakeover.com/ JetSkiJohnson

    Don’t see why ppl love to worship a man who cares nothing about you.

  • robb

    You don’t need the big O with Lebron and Stockton there, that’s ridiculous.

  • robb

    I like it, I’d go with Hakeem though.

  • Max

    Because other NBA players care so much about me?

  • rico

    Because MJ denied him his chances for championship#biter

  • Mars

    Boy Karma is one bad b****. Jordan single handedly ruins many careers, and in return, in just three years LeBron ruins his ‘Legacy’ and boost Pip’s to ridiculous heights. When it’s all said and done, rings don’t matter because Russell got 11, and most would still rather be a swiss army knife (Pippen, Magic, Bron). Sorry Kobe…everybody hates snakes.

  • http://www.facebook.com/evan.boland Evan Boland

    Pippen on an all-time starting 5 is a joke.

  • Da-Meat-Hook

    pg Magic
    sg Jordan
    sf Lebron
    pf Duncan
    c Dream

    Athleticism, talent, basketball IQ, scoring, passing, and all proven winners.And Magic aside, these 4 players are some of the best 2 way players the league has ever seen.

  • robb

    that’s my dream starting 5

  • http://twitter.com/Jzakoni D dot Sanchez

    MJ denied him of 2 rings, can you blame him?

  • http://twitter.com/Jzakoni D dot Sanchez

    horry got 7, and kerr gots 5

  • http://twitter.com/Jzakoni D dot Sanchez

    no way

  • shutup

    Karl Malone is an idiot, who regularly let Dennis Rodman use his brain like a soccer ball. Dennis Rodman would crawl in his ear and severely mess with his brain, these stupid statements are just a testament to the fact. PLease don’t get started with the Pippen was the best defender on the Bulls B$ either, Jordan was far and away the best defender on the Bulls, Scottie just followed suit, if Scottie didn’t play with MJ only true hoop junkies would know his name.

  • Dfrance

    As a KG stan I’d replace Duncan with Ticket, but i have no issues with this 5 at all.

  • Da-Meat-Hook

    I hear you, Dfrance. I actually like KG better. I just think the lineup could use some more size at pf since some may argue that Dream was an
    “undersized” 5.

  • Sour

    Sour Malone

  • Dagger

    Love that lineup – and how many different styles it could play – but what about three point shooting? I know that Lebron has become a very good shooter, but if you replace Lebron with ’84-’88 Bird, your long-range shooting improves a bit, and you might space the floor a little better. Of course, you could also replace Magic with Stockton. Thoughts?

  • Da-Meat-Hook

    Bird or Stock were the EXACT two guys I was contemplating about adding for that exact reason…I ended up going with the 5 I did because I think Magic’s advantages (size, leadership, ability to close out games as the faciltator/scorer) outweigh stocks advantages (perimeter shooting, playing the passing lanes/durability).

    Bird was a tough one to leave out as well. I think Bird’s and Lebron’s rebounding, vision, and leadership pretty much cancel each other out. Although Bird’s 3 point shooting can’t be overlooked, I went with Lebron’s defensive versatility and other-worldly athleticism.

  • Dagger

    I agree with you; I would have made the same choices. Add Ray Allen off the bench and that team is insane.

  • Da-Meat-Hook

    An in-prime Ray Allen on this squad would be incredibly scary.

    These guys would be so good, they could win with John Stamos as their backup point guard.

  • bike

    Karl channeling his inner idiot right there.

  • Daniel Noel

    c- bill russell

    pf- Kevin garnett

    sf- lebron james

    sg- michael jordan

    pg-magic johnson

    This list is tough to come by. Hands down mj over kobe, despite theirs a tie. i love pippen and everything he has done, but he has never brought chicago to the finals ALONE. LBJ may have a 1 up on pippen. russell vs chamberlain>? too close to call but russell wins all the time in my book. even @ the 4, garnett vs duncan was tough to call. I wish i could have added oscar robertson but if u have a play makers like magic running the point, no need. 2 play makers are not needed in the same team. Sorry malone but no stockton in my book.

    all time 2nd team

    c- wilt chamberlain

    pf- tim duncan

    sf- scottie pippen

    sg- kobe bryant

    pg-oscar robertson

  • Daniel Noel

    damn i forgot about hakeem; smh..

  • Guest

    yes it is too much! lol

  • Junior Taylor

    Don’t see why everyone gets their panties in a bunch whenever someone leaves out MJ from their all-time list. Don’t see anything wrong with him taking greatest all-around offensive threat in League history (Big O) at the 2 spot. It’s called having an opinion.

  • grammarpolice07

    As an extremely biased UNC fan, I’d go:

    Pg – Lawson
    SG – MJ
    SF – Vince Carter
    PF – James Worthy
    C – Sean May


  • FaFaFooHi

    I would swap TD and Dream for Wilt n Russ.

  • TR

    hahaha, Sean May was that dude at UNC

  • Mars

    i know right? There are a bunch of role players who got mad rings.

  • Mars

    Child please. Ed Cota, Joe Forte, Jamison, Sheed, Montross. Sleep…

  • Mars

    Oh, I thought real hoops fans realized that Jordan was the man because he had it all and maintained it ALL for a minute. Hops, looks, fame, money, and shoes for days. Marketing made him an icon, but honestly, athletically, there are MJ’s everywhere, and they are a dime a dozen in the league today. I can name 5 right now, not named Kobe, Lebron, Durant, Melo, or Westbrook/Rose.

  • Daniel Noel

    yall forgot stackhouse..smh

  • Da-Meat-Hook

    It’s hard to argue with any player that’s top 10 all time.

  • Roy Blumenfeld

    It was too much for the Jazz to deal with!

  • Gi

    Pg penny pre injury
    Sg mj
    Sf lbj
    Pf kg t wolves
    C shaq

  • Big tee

    Malone been sniffing too much truck furl and chewing too much straw with his country ass

  • Neitel Agosto

    pg Mike james
    sg Jack Haley
    sf Danny Ferry
    pf Othella Harrington or Clarence Weatherspoon
    C Sam Bowie or Alaah Abernabdeby (that center guy from Blazers back in the 90′s)
    Im kidding…great list of scrubs huh? LOL

  • Anthony Darnello Taylor Jr.

    Yo if scottie was not there to handle Magic in 91′ Jordan would be a ring short. Sure overall Jordan was better but Pip was the primary defensive weapon.

  • Anthony Darnello Taylor Jr.

    I honestly would not put Stock and Oscar together because both are ball dominant in terms of running the offense. I would actually have Deron williams who has shown ability as a catch and shoot PG/SG type guy. If I had to do a more recent line up I would do something Crazy like…….

    2.Paul George
    3.Kevin Durant
    4.Kevin Garnett (prime)
    5.Shaq (Orlando)

    I left Jordan off because I wanted to have the biggest and most offensively capable line up while not sacrificing much on defense whereas my weakest link would KD who is at least decent. I honestly belive this line up could average 20ppg each player. Due to the Double teams that would be necessary each offensive set. Shaq was unstoppable. KG could gaurd every position and play them too while posting up or slashing even running breaks. KD and PG present two 6’11 and 6’10 slashers who have more than respectable jump shots (Paul is still coming along, but his defense makes up for it just as KD shooting does for his defense) Then Lebron comes along and just like KG plays any position he wants and needs to. His playmaking/passing makes all these other guy even more dangerous. Also his shot choices will flourish even more due to the inability of defenses to double him anymore.

    This is just one of my crazy line ups I can and have thought of tons of line ups that feature LBJ as the centerpiece not just because of his talents or skill because there are others who are comparable in slight winstances but rather the body he has with them that makes him the guy I will not make a line up without.

  • shutup

    Not denying Pip was great, but he became great because Jordan was there to push him. The early morning practices at Jordan’s house, playing along side the greatest competitor the league has ever seen definitely benefited Scottie.

  • lzlz

    pg – magic
    sg – jordan
    sf – lebron
    pf – duncan
    c – wilt
    pg – stockton
    sg – kobe
    sf – bird
    pf – malone
    c – shaq

    my 1st and 2nd all time lineups.

  • Patrick Richard

    What has Kevin Garnett proved over Duncan?

    You know nothing.

  • Patrick Richard

    Yes way.

  • Anthony Darnello Taylor Jr.

    Without a doubt my good sir to say it helped him would be an understatement. I just did not agree with your other comment not saying it did, but it gave me the feeling that you were making Pip seem somewhat replaceable.

  • Anthony Darnello Taylor Jr.

    Right, not like someone replaced him with Harold Minor or something.

  • Anthony Darnello Taylor Jr.

    Just because Kevin did not win as many chips as Timmy does not make him unproven or unworthy. These two have battled it out for over ten years and produced great results. Both are HOF bound had Garnett notvwasted time in Minnesota he easily could have won multiple rings. Defense, and offense have no significant barrier between the two if any at all.

  • shutup

    It still takes greatness to but in the work that Scottie did, he took full advantage and reached his potential, but had he not had the advantage of learning from the best day in and day out, I don’t think his upside would have been as great. Make no mistake Jordan benefited by having such an apt pupil; both as a teammate and on a personal (skill, trust in teammate type level)

  • Anthony Darnello Taylor Jr.

    Yeah true now that I fully agree with.

  • Daniel Noel

    they’re practically the same player!

  • BostonBaller

    You can’t really go wrong with any combo unless you are just starting trouble or incredibly dumb. My 5 changes with how I’d like to coach that day. “I” can’t leave off Russell or MJ…there are so many players I like..B. King, Wilt, Dream, Zeke, Bird, West, Kareem, Baylor, Unseld, Big O, Magic, Tiny, Barkley, Duncan, D. Robinson, Cousy, McHale, Kobe, Shaq, Moses, Stockton, Malone, Hayes, Reed, Frazier etc etc