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Kobe Bryant Can See Himself Playing 3-4 More Years

Despite the fact that his contract with the Los Angeles Lakers runs out after next season when he’ll be 35 years old, it’s become increasingly evident that Kobe Bryant isn’t quite ready to hang up his Nikes for good. During a business trip to Brazil with the Swoosh, Bryant said he can “easily” visualize himself hooping for three or four more years. Per the LA Times: “Kobe Bryant has consistently suggested he’ll play just one or two more seasons before retiring. Currently on a trip to Brazil, the Lakers guard may have revealed a different plan altogether. ‘I could easily see myself playing another three or four years,’ he said on Brazilian television in a segment produced by Glenda Carqueijo. […] Bryant was able to spend time with Hall-of-Famer Oscar Schmidt, who is recovering from brain surgery. Bryant and Schmidt were also joined by Brazilian NBA players Anderson Varejao andLeandro Barbosa, judging a local dunk contest.”

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  • Lloyd

    …in the NBA!?

  • melvo

    Of course he’s saying that. His life’s goal is to beat Mike, he’s not gonna leave until it happens. Hopefully it doesn’t

  • OfftheWall87

    Only if he stops trying to do so much on offense. If Dwight leaves, with Nash headed into his 40s and Gasol not how he was 4 seasons ago, Kobe will be in trouble trying to play until he’s 37 and still trying to lead the league in scoring.

  • Jay Brodes

    my gut tells me 2 years. he is well aware of mj in a wiz uni when he dropped 55 on him in the GOAT’s last trip to staples in 2003. mamba will not be on the other side of that! he plays 2 years and either goes to the espn to join magic and jalen or he does hollywood. lets see how he looks in November and i will go from there but my but tells me 2!

  • spit hot fiyah

    oscar schmidt is a legend. i have never seen anyone take and make the type of shots he took and made (larry bird comes the closest). The ultimate confidence and green light

  • Ugh

    Your gut and your butt agree it must be true.

  • Ugh

    You’ll remember he sat out the game that could have lead to him winning the title.

  • Jay Brodes

    not sure where you are going with your comment. not going to get into a tit for tat. i aint nostradomus just stating an opinion. sorry! i just do not see hom stick around being a “role” player.

  • LakeShow

    How do you think he would have fared in the League?

  • LakeShow

    Schmidt averaged 42 and 8 in the 1988 Olympics.

    According to Wiki he is the all time leading basketball scorer in the World with 49,737 points.

    Good golly miss molly.

  • playa

    Gotta love Kob for paying respect to other legends, Oscar mother#ucking Schmidt was THE MEN.

  • Lloyd

    Which game was that? If you’re referring to one game in particuar, he’d have to drop 130 points to even tie Melo’s PPG, 150 to get more total points than KD. Before that point, he had already taken 100 more shots than Melo, 150 more than Durant. No way was he going to lead the league this season.

  • spit hot fiyah

    i think he would have done great on the right team. i heard a story (from an old friend and fellow hoops junkie, that i can’t confirm) that he played a pre-season with the hawks. and Nique complained that he shot too much, that tells u something right there. youtube some old footage of him, dude was nasty, i think i still have the warm up game from atlanta 96 when they played the USA. he gave pippen the business, and he was already old at that point. offensively he was great

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