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Kyrie Irving on the Cover of NBA Live 14

It was revealed on Monday that Cleveland Cavaliers star point guard Kyrie Irving will grace the cover of the latest edition of the NBA Live video game series. They’ll be facing some competition, to say the least. Per the Plain Dealer (via FanSided): “During the EA Games presentation at E3 (Monday), Cleveland Cavaliers star point guard Kyrie Irving came out on to the stage to help unveil the return of NBA Live 14. Of course, EA Sports had to be dramatic, so they used a slam poet to hype up the crowd and get the buzz going. Irving joined executive producer Sean O’Brien to help introduce the game and the new “Bounce Tech” system which makes ball handling the top priority. For the first time in the series’ history, the ball will separate from the players hands on every bounce which will allow another level of strategy and creativity.”

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  • MItch

    Whats the point of making live? There is no beating 2k unless you REALLY show out

  • Markus437

    anyone see the new 2k14 trailer? Lebron looks so real it’s actually scary! I’m sure Slam will put a link up of the video later today

  • spit hot fiyah

    tas melas almost called it

  • Evan Harris

    Lmao, after 2K put out their trailer for 2K14, NBA LIVE has no chance with their comic book graphics. Game looks too cartoonish.

    And 2K got LeBron’s hairline right.

  • http://twitter.com/sooperfadeaway nbk

    Ehh, I will believe Live even exists when it’s released. A cinematic of Kyrie dribbling does anything but convince me. They have shown a cinematic every year….

  • Roy Blumenfeld

    EA is still trying to make NBA Live games?
    I thought they stopped after this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XJwXBw86g30

  • Jay Brodes

    kyrie needs his own shoe!! period!!!

  • Allan

    Everyone looked like KD in the NBA Live trailer

  • ChosenOne

    If this game adds the ‘myplayer’ and the ‘signature skills’ components, then it could be a potential rival to 2k… but I don’t think EA are doing this so….

  • Max

    Damn, he’s on a crappy team and on a crappy game..

  • http://www.netstakeover.com/ JetSkiJohnson

    Live has to put out a game just to keep 2k watching. 2K is more interested in presentation than gameplay so i hope Live is decent enough.

  • LakeShow

    Ya’ll can hate on Live, but they have put out a couple goodies… If they actually put it out.

  • BIG ED

    NBA needs to get an exclusive deal like with NFL has with EA Sports.

  • Max

    Back in the day yeah, but not since 2K revolutionized the basketball video game game.

  • http://twitter.com/sooperfadeaway nbk

    you have to understand they scrapped their entire foundation. They tried to compete with a yearly iteration of a franchise, with basically a new game, created in 2 years. It just is not possible to compete under those conditions.
    and with Live 14, it looks like they are about to do that again.

  • Jordan

    EA Should just count their losses. Transfer the rights to FIBA and NCAA ( I think they have it im not sure) to 2K. A complete 2k game with college, d-league even WNBA for female 2K players. And FIBA would be awesome.

  • robb

    I liked LIVE…back in 2002

  • loll

    Live 2006 was the best one

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000166716900 Anthony Darnello Taylor Jr.

    We need a revamped create a player mode, i remember on ps2 with the And1 basketball game you could put your picture on a player you made. Lol better tattoo designs the ones we have now look like they did on dreamcast. I want a wing-span option so I can be a 6’4 PF like Barkley lbvs. Instead of having a vertical attribute maybe try assigning a number in inches have it set anywhere between 28′ and 50′. The Nike replay does not happen often enough and I feel like if you have Nike+ shoes it needs to just be automatic IMO.

    In addition to having your own shoes, shirts and other minor apparel should be made available by your sponsors this would make playing blacktop online even cooler because of added uniqueness for each player. Option to simulate every game(with added consequences though.) 2K sports cloud service or something along those lines to transfer data over to next 2K game and continue your career vs. starting over again, or at least be able to play your profile on a friends console and help you both earn VC.

    Trash talking other players on your twitter account would be cool, as well as different voices for your player and better or at least a vast amount of generic responses to post game conferences. Matter of fact you should be able to chose how you talk about the opposition before games in warm ups whether you want to disrespect them or fire up your team without doing so. Getting on teammates in a huddle would be cool, but only in crucial games or moments in games(wouldn’t be fun to make people cry like KG did Big Baby.) Cheering teammates on from the bench would be cool you can get your ‘Robert Sacre’ on lbvs.

    I want to see my players reactions to team runs or humiliation like embarrassing defensive attempts at threes, or dunks and bad runs( I.E putting your head in your palms or putting a towel over your face. We need a Derrick Rose mode so we can look good on the bench with better suits and tease the crowds. Warm up mini games before actual games should be optional ( with no negative effects) like a shoot around or drills etc. That could give boosts or help break or maintain cold/hot streaks from other games Practice should be the same too scrimmages included.

    FIBA and Olympic play would be really cool but that will probably happen the same time we get 2K College Hoops game that connects with NBA 2K’s myplayer/career mode. We do really need more All-Star courts they should get the rights to different cities and have a 10 city cycle( Dallas/Houston,Chicago,New York, Brooklyn,Miami/Orlando,LA, New Orleans, Atlanta) all fun cities. More input with agents should be cool. All star events should be allowed to be campaigned for and rejected. Build relationships with other players to build recruiting possibilities.

    Be able to make your own entrance video and theme for exhibition and MyCareer play. better body builds and hair/skin customization throughout entire career. Morale affected by teammates leaving via trade or free agency creating rivalry games and feuding in regular season and playoffs. Playing against the top 5 of your draft class should be special games. Coach selection input would be nice, better commentating with updating throughout season if possible( i know that is a Huge stretch.) Interactive charity events( games, dunk contests, commercials) In game trash talk lol.

    Advanced Stats and records like Lebron’s 60% 30ppg over 6 games, Kobe’s 35 in a quarter the 50/40/90 club, or 60 points at MSG, most triple doubles in a season, or career. I know this a stretch guys but understand Im passionate not picky LBVS.

  • Orlando Woolridge (RIP)

    I’m still on board. Been a Live fan forever. I tried out 2k this year, and while it beats nothing at all, I still don’t see what the hype is. I don’t play online at all, is that why everybody thinks 2k is so good? To me, Live has always been better.