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LA Clippers Reportedly Call Off Doc Rivers/Kevin Garnett Deal

According to multiple published reports, the LA Clippers have walked away from the negotiating table after the Boston Celtics asked for way too much in return for Doc Rivers and Kevin Garnett. Per ESPN and the LA Times: “The teams have no plans to speak again, the sources said, and the Clippers are preparing to move on and hire a coach this week. The talks broke down Tuesday morning when the Clippers ‘refused to budge’ on Boston’s latest proposal that asked for DeAndre Jordan, straight up for Garnett, and two first-round draft picks as compensation for allowing Rivers out of the final three-years and $21 million of his contract. The Clippers will now go forward with second interviews of Byron Scott on Tuesday and Brian Shaw on Wednesday, where each will meet with owner Donald Sterling. Lionel Hollins had a two-day interview in which he met with Sterling last week. Clippers sources say the team expects to hire a coach by the end of this week, or early next week. [...] The final sticking point that stopped the deal was Boston president of basketball operations Danny Ainge insisting that Clippers vice president of basketball operations Gary Sacks give the Celtics two No. 1 draft picks along with DeAndre Jordan, said league officials who were not authorized to speak publicly on the matter. Sacks was prepared to trade Jordan and one No. 1 pick for the rights to negotiate with Rivers and to acquire Garnett, but refused to add another first-round pick, the executives said. The Clippers and Celtics started talks again early Tuesday morning, knowing that Eric Bledsoe wasn’t going to be in the deal, but were still unable to make a connection.”

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  • spit hot fiyah

    ” Lionel Hollins had a two-day interview in which he met with Sterling last week.” doesn’t sound like much fun

  • Shifty

    The waters are merky for my Boston team. I have no idea what we will look like next season.

  • The Seed

    Boston is dumb, they could have gotten Jordan, 1st round pick and Butler for an old KG, and overrated coach in Doc. Boston come on, I wish the Clippers would do this deal, because Jordan is more valuable than what they think and Butler plays hard.


    Right now Deandre Jordan has gotta be feelin like that guy who had his girlfriend leave him for another guy, but then the other guy didnt want her, so she came back to him! LOL! Thats gotta be a weird feeling to know your team tried to trade you. Guess its part of the business

  • Saleem Rainman

    Danny Ainge being his typical stubborn self when it comes to deals…

  • Max

    Jordan is trash, but it would be good to play garbage men for a year.

  • Mike Gilbert

    It will still go through, Chris Broussard’s sources said so.

  • OfftheWall87

    He should ask Pau Gasol about how it feels to actually be traded away only to find out hours later that you’re not going anywhere after all.

  • OfftheWall87

    Doc Rivers isn’t overrated.

  • Saleem Rainman

    he’s a laker fan. No need to call him out on that right there, we all know what the deal is lol

  • ErnieD

    Doc can clear the air once the season begins, should he remain for another season. And as rough a season as it was. A lot of things went wrong. Their bench at the start was made up out of 5 players new to the system (Courtney Lee, Jason Collins, Leandro Barbosa, JET, Sulinger) and 2 players coming off of open heart surgery (Green, Wilcox). The bench never got it together, and their aging starters were logging 40 minutes a night right off the bat. Rondo, Barbosa and Sulinger all go down with injuries. Bradley didn’t show up until mid-season, and never got back to playing alongside Rondo. The team showed a lot of heart in the second half, but were runing on fumes in the playoffs… I have some optimism for next season with pick #16 in their hands, and a re-tooled bench for next season. Move Courtney Lee, See if Jordan Crawford and Terrance Williams can stick, and see how Jared Sulinger and Fab Melo look as second year players. If they stay healthy, they can still win their division, and maybe get the third seed. They may not win the championship, but they can be fun to watch for one more season.



  • Basketball Coach

    and i thought they’re trying to rebuild the Celtics line up for Rondo? pushing 2 1st round picks man. they could’ve got younger players for an aging star.


  • bill

    He’s a bigger, more athletic, less mouthy Kendrick Perkins.

  • Max

    And a worse defender than Perk was in 08.
    and Perk is trash also.