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LaMarcus Aldridge Says He Hasn’t Demanded a Trade

All-Star power forward LaMarcus Aldridge addressed trade rumors, stating that he hasn’t asked the Portland Trail Blazers to move him. Aldridge adds that he’s looking forward to the team’s moves once the free agent period begins on July 1. Per the Oregonian: “‘I haven’t demanded a trade,’ Aldridge said in the e-mail. The 6-foot-11 power forward, who has played all seven of his NBA seasons with the Blazers and still has two years remaining on a five-year, $62.5 million contract with the team, declined an interview request to elaborate and detail his thoughts about playing in Portland. But in an e-mail exchange on Saturday, he did offer one more tidbit. ‘I’m looking forward to who we sign in free agency to make us better,’ Aldridge said in the e-mail. […] Aldridge, who has blossomed into one of the best power forwards in the NBA, is coming off one of his finest seasons. He averaged 21.1 points, a career-high 9.1 rebounds and a career-high 2.6 assists per game and made his second consecutive All-Star Game appearance. Along with point guard Damian Lillard, the reigning Rookie of the Year, Aldridge is considered a key component of the Blazers’ rebuilding efforts. It would likely take a sweetheart deal for general manager Neil Olshey to part with his franchise cornerstone.”

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  • Marko

    But I’m sure he wouldn’t mind a trade to Chicago.

  • spit hot fiyah

    he’s from texas right? if houston can’t get dwight they should make a strong push for Aldridge. they waht their 4 to be able to hit perimeter Js, he would fit pretty nicely


    Swap him and dwight to make both stfu

  • Trillfamyoungin

    blazers should try and trade for one of the jazz big man

  • Caboose

    Magic get: LaMarcus Aldridge, Meyers Leonard
    Blazers get: Glen Davis, Arron Afflalo, Andrew Nicholson

    Magic start: Nelson, Oladipo, Harris, Aldridge, Vucevic with Beno, Harkless, Harrington and Hedo off the bench
    Blazers start: Lillard, Afflalo, Batum, Davis, Hickson with Nicholson, Matthews, Babbitt and Crabbe off the bench
    Kings get: George Hill, Ian Mahinmi, Pacers 2014 1st Round Pick, Pacers 2016 1st Round Pick
    Pacers get: LaMarcus Aldridge, Isaiah Thomas
    Blazers get: Marcus Thornton, Lance Stephenson, Patrick Patterson

    Kings start: Hill, McLemore, Salmons, Thompson, Cousins with Mahinmi, Jimmer, Outlaw, and Douglas off the bench
    Pacers start: Thomas, George, Granger, Aldridge, Hibbert with Augustin, Young, Hansbrough, and Hill off the bench (assuming West leaves)
    Blazers start: Lillard, Matthews, Batum, Patterson, Hickson with Thornton, Stephenson, Babbitt and Leonard off the bench
    Wolves get: LaMarcus Aldridge, Tracy McGrady
    Spurs get: Kevin Love
    Blazers get: Tiago Splitter, Danny Green, Cory Joseph, Luke Ridnour, Spurs 2014 1st Round Pick

    Wolves start: Rubio, Shved, Williams, Aldridge, Pekovic with Barea, Stiemsma, Budinger, and Gelabale off the bench (assuming Kirilenko leaves)
    Spurs start: Parker, Ginobili, Leonard, Love, Duncan with Neal, Blair, Diaw, and Bonner
    Blazers start: Lillard, Green, Batum, Hickson, Splitter with Matthews, Ridnour, Leonard, and Babbitt off the bench

  • Teddy-the-Bear

    Who would they trade to get Aldridge though?

  • Max


  • Max


  • Troll

    worst trades ever?

  • Anthony Darnello Taylor Jr.

    the blazers seem to lose in every single one of those outcomes. Not trying to be a dick but thats what I’m getting from this. But then again I don’t know if this is meant as a Blazer rebuilding or to actually remain competitive. Honestly I feel like Portland should rebuild being that their two most talented players are both under 24 and have enough time on their body/career to go through a two-four year rebuilding phase.

    How about…

    Chicago gets: Aldridge, and Wesley Matthews, and Maynor

    Blazers get: Boozer, and Cook maybe Bellaneli or Hamilton

    Bulls would start: Noah, Aldridge, Butler, Matthews, Rose…..that is a title worthy roster IMO


    Blazers get: Brandon Wright, Roddy Beubois(spell check), Collision

    Dallas gets: Aldridge, Matthews (plays behind Mayo in case he stays or takes his spot)

    Dallas would start: Aldridge, Dirk, Marion( I guess until options arise) Mayo, Larkin

    I believe though this could be among the best offensive starting fives in the L. it would only get them as far as the conference finals IMO.


    Blazers get: Gerald Wallace, Humphries. Reggie Evans(or Blatche)

    Nets get: Aldridge

    Nets would start: Lopez, Aldridge, Pierce, Johnson, Williams with KG, Brooks and Blatche(Evans) coming off the bench.


    Thunder get: Aldridge

    Blazers: Ibaka

    Thunder would start Perkins, Aldridge, Durant, Sefolosha, Westbrook.


    Blazers get: Granger , Augustin , and Johnson

    Indiana gets: Aldridge and Maynor

    Pacers start…Hibbert, Aldridge, George, Stephenson, Hill with West off the bench

    these are the most interesting to me.

  • Noompsi

    I appreciate the effort bra, but truly it’s hard to predict…