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LeBron James and Chris Bosh Motivated By Title Preparations for the Spurs

With time running out in the fourth quarter, and the San Antonio Spurs holding a four point lead in Game 6, arena workers in Miami last night were quite reasonably preparing for the Spurs’ NBA title celebration. Chris Bosh and LeBron James say they both got fired up once they saw that, and that helped drive the Heat’s stunning 103-100 comeback win. Per Yahoo! Sports: “The yellow tape started to surround the Miami Heat, the security cordoning the court for the San Antonio Spurs’ championship celebration. All around, thousands of fans had fled for the exits. There were 28 seconds left, the Heat on the cusp of history remembering them for NBA Finals failures, a champion of hype and hubris. ‘They brought out the yellow tape,’ Chris Bosh said, ‘and it was getting me pissed off. It brought me back to 2011.’ The Spurs had become the Dallas Mavericks, and Texas threatened to celebrate on South Beach for the second time in three years. Twenty-eight seconds left in Game 6, the Spurs clutched a five-point edge and that yellow tape could’ve represented the cops marking a crime scene. In all the chaos of these final minutes, something else captured LeBron James’ eye for a moment: the championship ceremony platform had started to be moved into the tunnel at American Airlines Arena. For all these slights – real and imagined – the Heat changed the course of NBA history. Here was San Antonio, on the brink of another Tim Duncan era championship and these strong, sure Spurs crumpled to the court. They had the Heat, had them done, and let it all slip away. As the Spurs collapsed, missing free throws and box outs, James made a 3-pointer with 20 seconds left, and finally, in the far corner, Ray Allen drilled another with five seconds left to force overtime.”

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  • melomania221

    Man these guys will use anything as motivation

  • KSupreme

    smh @ miami fans, always leaving so damn early

  • Max

    What do u expect, they shouldn’t need any extra motivation, just being in the NBA finals should be enough.

  • Jay Cutler

    losing at home didnt do it?

  • pposse

    i call BS on this; Lebron used the platform he saw in the tunnel as motivation in the last minute? This guy was turrible that last minute of the game shooting 1/3 from 3 pt range; both misses were so awful. He saw that platform and freaked out. This is a classic case of revisionist history.

  • Dev

    Very true lol

  • hamidashimono

    No, not at all. Lebron may have only shot 1/3 from 3-point range, but he wanted the ball in his hands for every single play in the fourth (unlike his performance in Game 6 Finals in 2011). Both misses were bad, but the effort (and motivation) was there, in my opinion. Plus, the 3 he hit allowed Jesus the chance to hit the game winner.

  • melomania221

    Exactly what I mean… they’re always talking about different things people do to piss them off an motivate them in their press conferences. They shouldn’t need to resort to those tactics

  • pposse

    i dont fault him for wanting the ball in his hands, i don’t i’m fine with that, but just because he wanted the ball in his hands doesn’t change his mental makeup.

  • Feez_22

    actually.. it kind of does.

    these are the same shots lebron shied away from in the 2011 nba finals. mentally speaking, he was too afraid to take these. at the end of the game today he said he wanted to leave the game with all his bullets emptied… something he clearly didn’t do back in 2011.

    Lebron was pretty bad until the 4th this game and just let it loose. He definitely almost choked at the end but he was aggressive and his team fed off of it. the turnovers though… 2nd time this playoffs and 3rd time in his career that he has had 2 turnovers in the last minute of regulation. that is disgraceful esp for a person of lebron’s basketball i.q. so he needs to fix that.

  • Max

    They don’t have anything else to say I guess haha.

  • BugEyes

    It’s hard to be motivated against a well coached team who are professional and don’t talk trash, especially when you won a ring. you would be surprised what motivates athletes lol they the most superstitious people in the world under ocd people of course

  • OfftheWall87

    Just on a LeBron mission today aren’t you? What is it, did he beat your team or what?

  • OfftheWall87

    If his mental makeup isn’t exactly like Jordan’s, then it’s not good enough, right? That’s how this works for you, isn’t it? Only twice out of the many playoff games he’s played has he choked. Not being as aggressive as he should be isn’t choking. Passing the ball and standing in the corner or looking completely disinterested in the game is choking…he’s only done that twice. This is the same man who put up that Game 6 in Boston last season when people were ready to criticize him again after his horrible 2011. Same guy who put up that Game 5 in Detroit in 2007, the entire Conference Finals against Orlando in 2009, so many great playoff moments. But because he hasn’t hit as many “clutch” shots as Jordan, his mental makeup isn’t up to par? Makes no sense at all.

  • OfftheWall87

    Been that way for decades. Players use whatever they can use to get themselves to a certain level. Some players have created things that didn’t exist, comments that were no one ever said, just to motivate themselves.

  • spit hot fiyah

    the title makes me think that wade was not motivated by it

  • Roger Rogers

    doesnt this dude have a sneaker calling him a 2x champion? gtfoh.

  • Teddy-the-Bear

    You’re becoming almost as big a LeBron hater as the Seed… just saying.