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LeBron James Says Goal is to Keep Miami Heat’s Big Three Together

by Marcel Mutoni @ marcel_mutoni

For LeBron James, this summer will be about resting his battered body, honing in on various aspects of his game, handling several business interests, and not worrying about free agency after next season.

The Miami Heat will be going for a three-peat in 2014, but could be headed for major changes thereafter.

LeBron, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh can all opt out of their current deals next summer, and James says the prospect of the Big Three sticking around South Beach for years to come is more than a tad intriguing, though he’s not yet ready to stress about it.

Per the Miami Herald:

Asked if something unexpected would have to happen for James to want to leave the Heat next summer, he said: “I don’t know. I’m not really thinking about that right now. Our focus is how we’re going to get better this year with all these other teams getting better, to keep that trophy here.”

But when asked whether he has thought of sticking it out with Wade, Bosh, team president Pat Riley and coach Erik Spoelstra for years to come, he said: “That’s the goal. That’s the ultimate finish. We all hope that can happen, obviously, to be able to have success with two guys and with Riles and Spo. This is what we came here for. That would be the ultimate. But I don’t know. Life changes, things happen, and you have to be prepared for that. But this is what we all want to be here for. And that’s to be able to compete for a championship every year. If we can do that, then it would be awesome.”

LeBron James says that he plans to return next season a better player, though he’s not sure just yet what aspect of his game he needs to improve.

As for the summer of 2014, LeBron knows that nothing can compare to the circus three years ago that came to be known as The Decision:

“I’ve been in this position before,” James said. “I’ve heard it before. It can’t get any worse than my season before I became a free agent in 2010.”

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  • spit hot fiyah

    translation: i would like to, but if wade’s body keeps breaking down and bosh continues to morph into a shooting guard, i’m out!

  • shockexchange

    New title: “The Kang says goal is to keep the Big 1 1/2 together”

  • OfftheWall87

    It would be hard for him to leave Pat Riley and D-Wade. Wade’s health can get worse and it will, but I don’t see him leaving Miami. Riley will build around him.

  • add

    that means they would have to restructure bosh’s and wade’s contracts and find young, inexpensive and talented young players if they want to keep contending for the o’brien trophy

  • GAftly8524

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    It would be hard for him to leave
    Pat Riley and D-Wade. Wade’s health can get worse and it will, but I
    don’t see him leaving Miami. Riley will build around him.

  • Lloyd

    It seems like each season that passes, Bosh gets more and more alienated from the other two of the Big3 and the team in general. He just seems like an outsider. He’s going to have to have an incredible season next year.

    On the other hand, if Wade keeps physically regressing like he has this whole season, he’s not going to be much of a factor for the Heat either. If Wade and Battier are gone, I may just start liking the Heat.

  • grgeblck

    “LeBron James says that he plans to return next season
    a better player, though he’s not sure just yet what aspect of his game
    he needs to improve.” OBVIOUSLY he needs to improve on his free throws. Duh.

  • pposse

    you can’t restructure contracts. They can take paycuts after their contracts expire, when they sign a new one.

  • Evan Boland

    Not a good idea for MIA. Not a good idea at all.

  • Guest

    Sorry, I just can’t get excited about a team that is the best money can buy. Also can’t stand the bandwagon Miami fans who were simply handed a dynasty on a silver platter. The Heat represent everything that is wrong with professional sports where dynasty’s are purchased, not methodically built from the ground up. Nauseating in every way.

  • http://www.reverbnation.com/savagemuzicgroup T-Ray

    Well I mean it is a job so it’s only right to get paid for your services right? If a team is able to “purchase” the best quality players why would you not jump at that? You’re destination is high demand so high profile players will be attracted. I just think the only people who complain about this are the people who’s teams can’t reel in these types of players.

  • Bandwagonfan

    Lebron Was a free agent. Its his decision

  • Bandwagonfan

    8/8 game 7 nba finals

  • Bandwagonfan

    To the cavs!

  • OfftheWall87

    Bosh isn’t alienated. If anyone is trying to do it, it’s the media, not LeBron and Dwyane. They seem as cool as ever. Bosh is smart enough to know how the media is. He knows he could be somewhere else getting 20 and 10 but losing in the first or second round. Everyone knows what he’s capable of when he’s the main option. I’m sure he’ll take the 18 points and 8 rebounds average and 2 rings he’s gotten in Miami.

  • Lloyd

    Bron and Wade are like best friends. Bosh is definitely a third wheel. Just look at pictures of Lebron and DWade going out and stuff. How many times is Bosh included there? I don’t think I even saw him in the Heat club celebration vid. He’s definitely the outsider. Whether it be his family life or some other reason, he’s definitely the one that is easiest to forget about.

  • OfftheWall87

    He never was a part of that group. Always been an outsider. But I wouldn’t call him the 3rd wheel given the negative connotation that reference has. He knew what it was going to be before he signed. He made the 2nd biggest sacrifice after Wade out of the 3. People forget he and Dwyane were meeting and decided together to play with each other before LeBron joined. Even announced it together. I wasn’t surprised he wasn’t at the club celebration. He was probably home with his pregnant wife and kids.

  • Lloyd

    He was close with them at the beginning (title celebration before the titles). If he’s the outsider on the Big3, he’s the 3rd wheel. And them joining was orchestrated from the beginning. Doesn’t matter what order they did it in.

  • OfftheWall87

    You mean the celebration of them joining together that was solely meant for their fans but others saw? And the beginning when? When D-Wade put on a Bulls jersey to see how he would look in it and reports came out saying that he was leaning towards joining the Bulls after meeting with them? When exactly was the beginning? Or maybe they did just have it all set up and they invited all of those representatives from teams to visit them because it was all a part of the plan. And LeBron asked Wade and Bosh about joining him in Cleveland that summer just to cover up the plan. And he would invite his friend and mentor, Jay-Z, out to Ohio and waste his time along with everyone else’s just so that he could follow through with the plan. And Pat Riley would bring his championship rings with him to meet with LeBron just because he carries them around. Because obviously, since the plan was already in place, he didn’t need to convince LeBron of anything.

  • grgeblck

    great to see his improvements.