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LeBron James Seeks NBA Finals Revenge Against the Spurs

by Marcel Mutoni / @ marcel_mutoni

Back in 2007, LeBron James watched the San Antonio Spurs dance and celebrate a championship on his homefloor, this after making quick work of the Cleveland Cavaliers in a crushing sweep.

The painful memory continues to burn at James, who says he’s looking for revenge against the Spurs, a team once again standing between him and the Larry O’Brien trophy.

Per the Miami Herald:

“It’s been a while since I’ve seen the series,” James said on Wednesday. “It was tough. We ran against a team that was more superior, more experienced, more better — that’s not even a word — better than we were at the time. I have something in me that they took in ’07; beat us on our home floor, celebrated on our home floor. I won’t forget that.”

“I have a lot more weapons with me,” said James in one of the biggest understatements in recent basketball memory. [...] After the Heat finally eliminated the Indiana Pacers in seven games in the Eastern Conference Finals, James said he was “20, 40, 50 times better than I was in the ’07 Finals.” (Dwyane) Wade joked that James is “50, 60, 70 times better than he was in 2007.” [...] “Just smarter, a lot smarter, more experienced, older, more mature both on and off the floor,” James said. “And I think that’s the most important thing. I’ve matured as a basketball player. I’ve matured as a man. And it has allowed my game to sprout.”

Not only is LeBron James a better, smarter and more dominant basketball player now than he was back in ’07, but the Miami Heat team he’s dragged to the NBA Finals is also a lot more formidable than his old Cavs squad.

LeBron discussed how the San Antonio Spurs were able to slow him down six years ago — mostly by keeping him on the perimeter and forcing him to shoot a then-shaky jumper — but he’s confident their ploys won’t work again.

The following statement from the League MVP is yet another indication why the Miami Heat are favored heading into this series:

“Like I said, I’m a better player, and you can’t dare me to do anything I don’t want to do in 2013.”

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  • RayJr

    We all know Lebron will do whatever he wants but if Wade and Bosh don’t play well the Spurs could take this in 5 or 6. Wade and Bosh are the X-factors in the Finals.

  • BugEyes

    2pac said it best.

  • Whirled Peas

    I don’t care about the pre-game psych fest the media indulges in. The only thing that matters is which team will succeed in doing what they’ve done best in the regular season. SA makes a huge percentage of shots off assists while Miami excels at blocking those passing lanes and creating turnovers. OKC knocked the Spurs out of the playoffs last year by doing exactly that, and SA had no answer. This should be a fun series.

  • bike

    ‘And I will strike down upon thee with great vengeance and furious anger those
    who attempt to poison and destroy my brothers. And you will know my name is The
    King when I lay my vengeance upon you’

  • Ricky Martin

    The only thing that’s certain in this series is that Lebron cannot win alone.

  • robb

    specially against a true team like the Spurs

  • shockexchange

    The media is already going to make this series The Kang vs. Kawhi or The Kang vs. the Spurs. By saying he wants revenge, The Kang is adding more fuel to the fire. C’mon LeBron, you’re better than that son.

  • Melvin flynt


  • Melvin flynt


  • Melvin flynt


  • Lloyd

    Pop is still one of the greatest basketball minds for a reason. Lebron assuming that they’re going to employ the same strategy against him that they did in 07′ is dangerous thinking.

  • http://christine-bell.myopenid.com/ Christine Bell

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  • grgeblck

    Where’s the Big 3 nowadays? Or did they ever exist? More of a Big 1 and half these days. Sad to say. Back to ’07, where Lebron carries the whole team again.

  • Dacre

    I hope Coach Spo has his thinking pants on in this series. POP is going to come at him with the master plan. LeBron better be ready to dominate like never before because TD is going to bring that HOF ownership

  • Roy Blumenfeld

    I’m picking the Spurs. Wade and Bosh are who matter for this series, not Lebron. We all know what he is going to do. But 2/3 of the Big 3 have gone missing recently.

  • Karan Madhok

    LeBron was SO mad about another team celebrating on his home floor that he decided to move to Miami and change his home floor.

  • danpowers

    oh really? i though he was looking forward to lose again

  • Shooting Guard

    well said

  • Shooting Guard

    lebron is definetly ready, no argument there. However, if wade and bosh continue to sit on their a****s to contemplate lebron like the rest of us, there will be no party in miami

  • http://twitter.com/sooperfadeaway nbk

    Uhm, San Antonio better keep Wade and Bosh from playing well. Or this will end for them in 5 or 6. There only chance of taking it to 7 is to limit them. Not the other way around.

  • LP @ThisisEther

    http://www.firstresponse.com/early-pregnancy-test.asp for all the d-riding you’re doing…..! wrap it up….

  • Dfrance

    Random, but LeBron really didn’t get fined for that flop on PG in game 6?

  • Basketball Coach

    Heat better keep up their fast plays or the Spurs will snatch this win.


  • 1982

    I agree, Brenda does have a baby.

  • Roger Rogers

    Noreaga is shaking his head at you…

  • Jerome

    He says he’s tired of losing. Seems like a bit of a misquote … forgot the last word … hair. Heat can’t stop Parker. Spurs can’t stop James. LeBron wi continue to call out refs and not get fined and the Spurs are still going to win. Let’s do this.

  • Noompsi

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  • Max

    They barely apply the anti flopping rules.
    It’s a shame really.

  • Melvin flynt

    I just laugh when a ni**a start frontin lol deep down u kno the truth

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