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LeBron James Struggling With His Shot in the NBA Finals

After posting absurdly efficient shooting numbers during the regular season, so far, LeBron James has been unable to re-create that magic against the San Antonio Spurs defense in the NBA Finals. Now, the Miami Heat are facing elimination, and LBJ must regain his touch—and fast. Per the Miami Herald: “Since the NBA introduced the three-point shot in 1979-1980, no starting small forward with any kind of three-point element to his game has ever shot a higher percentage than LeBron James did this season. But that deft touch has deserted James during four of the five games in these NBA Finals. Even shots in the basket area were a struggle in Game 5. James’ 43.6 percent shooting in this series is surprising, considering he made 56.5 percent of his shots during the regular season – remarkable for a non-center. In fact, no starting small forward who made more than two three-pointers in a season ever shot as high a percentage as James did this season. Chris Mullin was closest, at 55.3 percent in 1996-97. But aside from his exemplary 15 for 25 performance in Game 4, James has been inefficient offensively. He shot 7 for 16 in Game 1, 7 for 17 in Game 2, 7 for 21 in Game 3 and 8 for 22 in Game 5. Not only did James shoot just 2 for 11 in the second half Sunday, he finished the game 5 for 15 on shots in the paint. ‘I think between the two of us, we probably missed 12 layups,’ James said of himself and Dwyane Wade. ‘I missed a lob. I missed two layups, in transition on the same possession. Those are shots we make.’ James shot 1 for 8 Sunday when defended by Boris Diaw, whose length seemed to give him some problems. Conversely, James was 7 for 14 against all other defenders. ‘Boris is a pretty good defender,’ Spurs guard Tony Parker said. ‘It gives a different look for LeBron. He looks awkward, but he gets the job done. Every time in Europe he guards guys like that, the fours who can’t really move – though James moves just fine.’”

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  • spit hot fiyah

    Spurs guard Tony Parker said. ‘It gives a different
    look for LeBron. He looks awkward, but he gets the job done. Every time
    in Europe he (diaw) guards guys like that, the fours who can’t really move –
    though James moves just fine.’” LMAO this is gold. so diaw guards guys like lebron in europe, except that they can’t really move.


    that is nonsense. lbj is just tired. the man averaged 46min of playing time in 3 regular seasons with that heat. Add to that roughly 68 playoff games and shits gets rough man. The aggressiveness is the only that worries me. he is averaging 2.8 FTA per game in the Finals. either the refs are sleeping or he is not aggressive enough

  • Drig

    46 minutes a game? WTF? 37 odd minutes per game in the regular season. 42 odd minutes per game in the post season. In line with what is expected of your superstar player in his prime………..

  • pposse

    Borris Diaw should wake up every morning and somewhat be ashamed of himself that he might be shown on national tv and portrayed as an athlete even tho he looks nothing like one.

  • pposse

    the greats numbers should increase during the playoffs, not decrease!

  • shockexchange

    Diaw, Kawhi Leonard, et. al. are not giving The Kang problems – the Spurs’ starting 5 and the popcorn guy are actually guarding The Kang. That 15ft – 18ft jumper is the best shot he’s going to get in the half court. Instead of pulling the trigger in rhythm, he’s hesitating and looking for a better shot that’s not going to be there. He needs a crash course in “The Rules” if the Heat are to have a chance to the take the chip.

  • Dfrance

    He has not averaged 46 mins, where did you get that from? Everybody is tired that can’t be his excuse.

    You’re right about the lack of FTAs tho, and I think its a combination of a lack of aggression, a lack of superstar foul calls and stellar 1 on 1 and help D by the Spurs.

  • spit hot fiyah

    and also their ability not to foul, they are one of the better teams in the league at that.

  • BugEyes

    It’s weird to me LeBron can’t hit a jumper this series, but if you see dude at warm ups hes yamming, hitting 30ft shots like there nothing, hitting trick shots. I just think LeBron needs to relax. with that said there done pack it up I’ll be back here tonight saying I told you so

  • OfftheWall87

    LeBron plays in a rhythm. Starts with him getting to the basket. If he can’t do that, he’s not going to get in rhythm with his jumpshot. It results in 8-22 kinds of games. Some guys just shoot to try to catch a rhythm. He doesn’t feel comfortable doing that. Not his game.

  • LLC#12

    I’ve always thought Boris was an incredibly talented player, he’s just not the athlete that a lot of NBA players are.

  • BugEyes

    Same with great plays, like the tony parker game 1 shot. LeBron has a couple memorable shots in the playoffs not many. Jordan has a crap load

  • Dfrance

    Not since he put on all that weight.


    my bad 46min was a typo. it’s 42 minutes this post season.

  • bike

    To a certain extent, I think Pop has LeBron’s number this series. He keeps throwing fresh defensive schemes at LeBron and it looks like it’s knocking him off balance.

  • Max

    Yeah, one of the best basketball IQ’s.
    I love to see him pass the ball.

  • Dfrance

    He overpasses so much tho, gotta be frustrating at times for his coaches.

  • whooo!

    San Antonio’s defense has, with the exception of 1 breakout game, made Stephen Curry, Zach Randolph, and Lebron James look like low efficiency scorers in 3 straight rounds, all shooting well below their averages.

  • Max

    True dat.

  • The Seed

    Lebron CAN’T SHOOT, lets be serious yall. OKC let Lebron off the hook last year, by allowing him to be Lelayup and Lepostup. Spurs are making Lebron shoot jumpers, plain and simple. This is how the Celtics, Magic, and Pistons have beat him. People forget when Lebron beat the Pistons that year, he was allowed to be Lelyaup, the highlights prove it. Sorry Lebron fans, he cannot shoot and he needs to work on his jumper, instead of lifting weights. I believe he will choke tonight. PERIOD!!!

  • JoeMaMa

    Lebron’s success is predicated on getting to the rim, and then adjusting to the defence by draining his shot. That’s been his rhythm, and San Antonio has been successful in loading up the paint, really loading it up, and forcing him to take those halting, stutter step shots. He can hit those, but I think the way in which they’re being offered has him shaken a bit. And if there’s any flaw in his game, it’s hitting those kind of shots. Once you miss a few of those, and the paint stays sealed, you only get your looks in transition. So I think that if the Heat get turnovers early in the game, Lebron will come out sizzling. If the Spurs take care of the ball, which they’re entirely capable of doing, Miami’s losing.

  • Dfrance

    You mean LeChoke, right?

  • spit hot fiyah

    40% from 3 this year and very good from mid-range as well. the spurs are just making sure he doesn’t get in the paint and want him to take long ones rather than shots in the pain. they are in his head