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Monta Ellis Reportedly Turned Down a 2-Year Extension from the Milwaukee Bucks

It’s no secret that Monta Ellis will likely test the free agent market this summer. The Milwaukee Bucks would like to retain their shooting guard, and according to the Journal Sentinel, they offered Ellis a 2-year contract extension this season. No dice, however: “Ellis and his agent Jeffrey Fried face a June 20 deadline to make their decision. Ellis is owed $11 million in the final year of a six-year, $66 million deal he signed while a member of the Golden State Warriors. But the contract has a player option for the 2013-’14 season and he can choose to end the deal. If he does, Ellis will be a free agent on July 1. [...] Discussions were held to extend Ellis’ deal with the Bucks but no agreement was reached. As part of the discussions the Bucks offered the 27-year-old guard a two-year extension through the 2015-’16 season, resulting in a total package of nearly $36 million over three years, according to a source. Ellis would have been required to opt in to get the additional two years on the deal. That includes the opt-in first year at $11 million, with annual raises bringing the total to $11.8 million in the second year of the deal and $13 million in the final year. The average salary in the deal would have been about $12 million. Ellis would have received some protection against injury with a three-year deal while also having the chance to be a free agent at the age of 30. But he may be interested in testing the market now.”

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  • Mike Gilbert

    So is this because he wants to get out of Milwaukee or because he wants to get a 5 year deal?

  • Mike Gilbert

    I wish he would just accept the role as a sixth man scorer on a contender.

  • spit hot fiyah

    i interpret this as meaning that they are going to let jennings go.

  • D dot Sanchez

    maybe hes not a fan of larry drew?

  • http://twitter.com/niQknacks niQ

    Damn, that’s a lot to be turning down… but I guess Monta Ellis have it all.

  • Mike Gilbert

    Same…any ideas of where he will go? It’d be kinda cool if the Jazz signed him

  • http://twitter.com/sooperfadeaway nbk

    Probably because he wouldn’t be able to feed his kids.

  • spit hot fiyah

    if i was spreewell i would down vote you



  • http://twitter.com/sooperfadeaway nbk

    He can’t afford a computer or the Internet tho

  • BugEyes

    The only person who wants to sign a contract extension in Milwaukee is eliysova because he knows no better it reminds him of mother Russia

  • spit hot fiyah

    only shoes with spinners on them

  • JPlattim1933

    The only person who wants to sign
    a contract extension in Milwaukee is eliysova because he knows no
    better it reminds him of mother Russia­ ­http://mybestfriendmakes65dollarsper&#46qr&#46net/kkEj

  • Mino

    Mother Russia? Has he ever even been to Russia?

  • BugEyes

    He is from there there I think?

  • IDOT

    I read an article a few days ago that when Monta played at PG, the Bucks played better. I think he would be a good scoring PG Like Rose, Westbrook, and Lillard, I think he should play PG or be a 6th man on a contending team.

  • Mike From Spain

    He’s Turkish

  • roscoe

    you want the Jazz to sign jennings? really?

    he can’t defend which is a staple in Utah, right?

  • roscoe

    ellis likes fishing and being outdoors… i wonder if it more about getting a chance to play in the playoffs.

    can you see him in MIA next to bron Bron if dwade gets let go?

  • Mike Gilbert

    Like next year? I don’t see Wade getting let go next year.

  • Mike Gilbert

    And maybe he will learn. Adding him to their team would be HUGE. Instantly would make them a 6/7 seed with potential to be better. Where do you think he will sign?

  • Pedestrian Nightmare

    Ilyasova is Turkish…

  • Max


  • Will Lee


  • Dagger

    Apparently the Bucks have now offered Ellis a three-year, $36 million extension.

    Bucks fans better hope he turns that down.

  • monster_nw8

    Make a move Chicago!!!!

  • Redd


  • BugEyes

    I know that I just seen that robin Williams stickers commercial and figured this was the only time in my life where I could say mother Russia bit thanks

  • playa

    What is turkish?? There’s only usa,gauchos,rednecks, everything besides that is either russia or no man’s land, don’t you know it??

  • 23


  • roscoe

    i think the rumor is if MIA loses in the finals the MIA as we know it is done.

    re-haul coming.

  • roscoe

    maybe he would work out in Utah… idk though.

    ellis seems like a good fit in PHX, short term in DAL, maybe even in BOS if they get rid of PP.

    i think any of the 10 lowest offensive teams or teams that are not drawing a good attendance in the L will want him.

    he is an exciting player to see in person no matter what anyone says about him.

  • LP @ThisisEther

    That’s pretty funny.