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NBA Finals Game 4 Drew Big TV Ratings

The first three games of the NBA Finals didn’t make execs at ABC very happy, as they saw slipping television ratings. Last night however, with the Miami Heat down 2-1 to the San Antonio Spurs, plenty of people tuned in. Per the Express-News: “Game 4 of the NBA Finals drew a 12.0 overnight rating on ABC on Thursday, the third-highest for Finals Game 4 since the network reacquired broadcast rights before the 2002-03 season. Only last year’s 12.4 for Miami/Oklahoma City and 14.4 for Lakers/Detroit in 2004 were better. It was also the highest of this year’s series, and the second-highest rating for any Finals game involving the Spurs.”

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  • spit hot fiyah

    ok great, let us know about the ratings for game 5. really exciting stuff.

  • Richard Narvaiza

    really makes you wonder what the point of getting ratings anyway. im sure there were way more people watching the game, just not on abc alone though. you got video sharing, direct tv, league pass, the internet, etc. its the only f-ing ball game people can watch.

  • 1982

    I think it’s just a selling point to advertisers.

  • Richard Narvaiza

    thats a good point.

  • danpowers

    please dont say f-ing. that is too f*cking phony

  • Richard Narvaiza

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  • danpowers

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    excuse me if that spanish wasnt perfect, am neither a native speaker in english nor in spanish but even i see what kinda prude nonse that f-ing thingy is. it just hurts my eyes and ears when i read or hear it. plz lets not get too politically correct in here.