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NBA Players React to Miami Heat’s Game 6 Overtime Victory

A tweetcap.

Well, that was incredible. In a roller coaster of a game, the Miami Heat somehow outlasted the San Antonio Spurs, winning an overtime classic by a score of 103-100. In the (massive) gallery above, check out how a bunch of NBAers reacted to all of the action—use the right arrow to follow the game in player-reaction form from beginning-to-end, or head left and watch players dissect the action in reverse order from end-to-beginning.

NBA Players React to Game 5
NBA Players React to Game 4
NBA Players React to Game 3
NBA Players React to Game 2
NBA Players React to Game 1

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  • sammyb96

    HAHAHA, everybody go to #146

  • The Fury

    I love MWP tweets. Freakin’ hilarious man.

  • Brandon Allen

    Ty Lawson is right though. Headband stock is down.

  • theDankerNuggets

    Cool to see that NBA players still love watching the game just as much as us

  • Kingj

    #90 & #146 hahhaa

  • MOkonG

    Jared Sullinger is stuuuupid! Praising TP one tweet then punking him in the next SMH

  • Vince

    I feel like watching a Finals game with MWP would be hilarious.

  • Slick Ric

    It was some funny gems in there.

  • spit hot fiyah

    no way i’m clicking 150 times

  • Sancheezie

    kevin love had the best jokes. shocked.

  • jufu

    wmp #46. I want what he’s taking.

  • bigA

    Yeah… How about giving us the best thirty tweets?
    We definetely need all the ones from Metta, though.

  • Noompsi

    get a new way of doing this… this is dial up slow

  • Noompsi

    Like many… I guffawed at Diaw on James… but it worked? right?? What was Pop up to? Anyone care to go into that?

    Also twice this post season Miami was OVER AND DONE until coaches swapped bigs for shooters and Lebron got advantages… what are the thoughts on this??

  • Noompsi

    Why does SLAM dignify Royce White with an opinion? You might as well say Jerry Seinfeld.

  • DD