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NBA Players React to Spurs’ Game 1 Victory

A tweetcap.

The Spurs stole Game 1 of the Finals in Miami behind big efforts from Tim Duncan and Tony Parker, who iced the game with a tough bucket late. Check out the gallery above to see what players around the League were saying during and after the game.

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  • The Fury

    HAHAHA @World Peace!!

  • TV63

    Sullinger and World Peace the best comments.

  • makoface

    MWP is crazy….
    good to see TP getting the props from his peers- he s an all timer. after this series- should they win- i think he goes right to the top of the class in terms of PG of his era,
    MAGIC – Thomas – stockton – payton – kidd – Paul – Parker – those are the best of the last 30 years right there.

  • makoface

    people think metta was trying to make a metaphor, but he really was just talking about a cheeseburger he was eating.

  • Max

    Crazy how TP got undervalued so much for so many years.

  • Noompsi

    Who the hell is Darius Johnson Odom??

  • initbruv

    Dude’s in full summer mode already-i.e. blazed out of his mind and thinking about cheeseburgers.

  • Mike Gilbert

    someone please try to interpret what Metta is saying…I got nothing

  • Mike Gilbert

    the future of the NBA

  • RayJr

    Batum and his James Bond pic lol

  • fruizm

    I know about 90% of NBA players use Twitter, why do you guys alway put the tweets of the same players? Not complaining, but it would be cool to see more tweets!!

  • fruizm

    According to myself…I think the “Spurs Cheeseburger” is Parket, while the Heat’s cheeseburger is LeBron (who obviously didnt play amazing and therefore he was not cooked enough”. The lettuce I think is D Wade hahaha!

  • fruizm


  • spit hot fiyah

    when was the last time al thornton played in the nba?

  • bike

    I would have liked to hear what Royce White had to tweet. Since, you know, they always put him in these things.

  • blackbird


  • Trawww

    And who is James White?

  • Max

    13 April 2011.

  • Max


  • Max

    You realize you can edit you comments right?