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Up to Five NBA Teams Reportedly Will Wear Sleeved Jerseys Next Season

The Golden State Warriors were the first to do it, wearing the sleeved jerseys for three games. Even though everyone hated it — Warriors players included — others are joining in the fashion faux-pas. Up to five NBA teams will rock the sleeved jersey look next season, according to ESPN: “We are interested in doing more short-sleeve jerseys when it makes sense,’ said Patrik Nilsson, president of adidas North America. Nilsson said Wednesday that adidas is motivated to get more fans wearing jerseys while also innovating the game jersey for the players. The company pays roughly $35 million a year to be the official apparel provider of the league through the 2016-17 season. All teams were offered the option to add this jersey, according to Sal LaRocca, the league’s executive vice president of global merchandising, but LaRocca would not confirm exactly how many teams have committed to it. LaRocca did say that part of the appeal of this jersey was to offer a different option at retail, though he doesn’t expect it to outpace the sales of the current design of the league’s jersey any time soon. [...] The jerseys, which adidas calls the adizero NBA short sleeve uniform system, are 26 percent lighter than the traditional NBA jersey, according to the company. While it might appear to be tight, adidas also says the uniform provides a full range of motion so as not to compromise a player’s shot.”

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  • spit hot fiyah

    we don’t need this

  • Andrew

    Leave the gimmick uniforms in college. These looked horrible last year

  • Water

    I HATE ADIDAS as the NBA sponsor.

  • Hart26

    Imagine Nikola Pekovic in one of these….

  • RayJr

    If it’s not broke don’t fix it.

  • Jay Brodes

    i am all for being fashion forward but this is definitely a trend i do not want to see! this is the nba not the wbna..no offense to anybody who may find that offensive. if the goal is to buy more jerseys not to be a prick but why would i want to buy a $90 jersey that looks like a t-shirt when i could pay $30 for it?? if this is adman silver’s first order of biz..good luck..i hope cuban eats him alive!!!

  • Jay Brodes

    i second the motion my manz..this is the nba not the wnba..dont start the trend and do not bring back short shorts..that is well..i do not want to go there!

  • Akif Han

    or Boris Diaw..

  • TheUnspokenTruth

    Why any NBA player would want to cover up their tattoos with these uniforms is beyond me.

  • Dfrance

    I’m not offended, I just don’t see the correlation between short sleeved jerseys and the WNBA. The WNBA jerseys actually have a more tapered cut to the tank top then the men do.

  • Dfrance

    I think they should make them for retail only to give customers an option other than the traditional jersey or the player tee. i’d buy a tee shirt made out of jersey material if it was reasonably priced.

  • Steven Garlick

    I would do it… who cares!

  • Steven Garlick

    as long as we got paid and the fans got replicas ;)

  • bike

    I was kind of hoping they were trending towards the wetsuit look with zippers in the front.

  • SuperArr82

    what is next? Bikershorts?

  • Dymez

    The plan: Get players and fans used to wearing/seeing these short sleeve jerseys; more valuable space for ads in the future.

  • Max
  • AlbertBarr


  • RunNGun

    No… we needs to see who else Pek adds to his pile of skulls besides D12, Chandler, and etc.

  • RunNGun

    They look funny but could work with some other color schemes like PDX, Nyets, Miami, and San Antonio.

  • RunNGun

    Nike loyalist here … agreed.

  • http://twitter.com/niQknacks niQ

    I’m guessing the Lakers will be one of them since Dwight loves his t-shirts under jerseys…

  • retrobat

    I thought they were pretty rad

  • Hingle McCringleberry

    Any chance they could go to tight, skimpy one piece numbers like wrestlers wear?

  • OfftheWall87

    Bad idea.

  • RonTeezy12

    lol gonna look funny on KD wit his skinny ass

  • BRIVN22

    I dont care how much lighter they get, they were ugly af in my opinion. Forget sleeved jerseys. Forget advertising on jerseys. The classic NBA jersey can not be beat!!

  • sauldreyes

    Lakers should do this if they want to keep Dwight, considering he loves tight ass muscle shirts.

  • IODT

    I liked the uniforms the Warriors had with except for the top. they should have left the pinstripes off.


    Don’t they know that jersey sales will go down?

  • OneStep

    This is what happens when marketing departments run out of ideas to justify their existence. Leaving things alone does not pay their over-inflated salaries. This happens all of the time in foot-soccer-kick-ball but fans still buy the shirts every season. The only way to get the message across is to avoid buying the stuff we think is crap.

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  • IggI

    Good one Bike, but I think that’s where they headed with Bshit…

  • Jabranpin