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LeBron James May Never Play for Team USA Again

According to Yahoo! Sports sources, LeBron James’ USA Basketball career is likely done. James isn’t expected to suit up for the 2014 FIBA Basketball world cup in Spain, or the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro: “USA Basketball executive director Jerry Colangelo also confirmed he doesn’t expect James to play next summer – and doesn’t plan to ask him. James has already won two Olympic gold medals and a bronze in three Olympic appearances that began in 2004. ‘LeBron is going to be three years older during the next Olympics. He will have two older boys. He has a lot to endure with his family,’ the source said. ‘He played in three Olympics. Everyone that knows LeBron knows it’s always based on a decision at that moment. But if the moment was today, the answer would be no.’ James would benefit from more offseason rest as he gets older, especially given how many playoff games he’s playing. He’s made three consecutive trips to the NBA Finals and played in a combined 99 NBA games last season after taking part in the 2012 London Olympics. Since winning his second straight title with the Heat last month, James has had a busy summer with trips to China and the Philippines, commercial shoots, his prep basketball camp in Las Vegas, business meetings – and planning for his upcoming wedding. ‘The only way I could see him playing in the Olympics is if his country really, really needed him to play,’ the source said. ‘But hasn’t he done enough?’ Another sign that James’ international playing days are nearing an end: Colangelo proclaimed Kevin Durant as ‘kind of the face of USA Basketball going forward’ to reporters after Wednesday’s minicamp practice. Durant and Kevin Love announced they will play for the U.S. next summer. Colangelo said he expects another ‘two or four’ members from the past Olympics team to play next year. Durant said he expects Russell Westbrook and James Harden to play next year. Kyrie Irving and Paul George, who participated in this week’s minicamp, also are expected to be on the team. James might not be the only U.S. veteran to stop playing internationally. Kobe Bryant is 34 and coming off season-ending Achilles surgery. Dwyane Wade (31), Chris Bosh (29) and even Chris Paul (28) also could want to cut back their time on the court after the NBA season ends.”

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  • RKJ92

    Man is tired, this isn’t news.. he has a life, a family, he just needs a break before he gets injured.. time for the new wave of young all-stars to compete!

  • OleOtis

    He’s put in more than enough work for Team USA. Durant, Rose, Westbrook, Irving, Love, Davis, etc…they can handle it now.

  • LP @ThisisEther

    Highly doubt he NEVER plays again….he’ll be there for the next olympics….if anything, his sons and his family will make him go….. its not like they will be playing back to backs and traveling all over the country….. the olympics is probably fun…its a vacation…

    Edit: Also, Coach K is done coaching after that last gold medal too..

  • spit hot fiyah

    and it’s a vacation to brazil next time around

  • Jay Brodes

    bron gets next summer off and durant convinces bron to suit up for 2016! i think coach k will talk to bron and he can play limited minutes like kb did in 2012!

  • playa

    You payed your dues son, let the world stand a chance(altough a real tiny one).

  • ChosenOne

    I called this yesterday… just saying

  • NBAer

    I already expected him not to play as soon as Kobe was not there to insure the Gold. He can only get to the Broze Medal with out him. So obvious.

  • BugEyes

    This just in his hairline hasnt played a game since 2005

  • bike

    Hard to believe that talk is now trending to ‘LeBron is getting older now’. Man, it seems like just yesterday everyone was talking about the HS phenom….

  • Evan Boland

    Yeah, crazy. Time flies.

  • Evan Boland

    Haha, ditto.

  • Evan Boland

    Yeah, I actually saw somebody saying he has no pride for his country lmao. He played in 3 Olympics!! And a world championship!!

  • Basketball_iQ

    He’s not playing next summer,,, just like he didn’t in the 2010 world championships, that team was auditions for 2012 backups and this 2014 team will be full auditions for the ’16 roster replacements.
    Get off Lebron’s back already, Dayum.

  • danpowers

    …even if he wasnt proud: remember kids, “patriotism is the virtue of the vicious” ;)

  • Dagger

    Seriously. I’m almost exactly Lebron’s age and my career is just getting started. Hard to imagine what it would be like as an athlete, already experiencing the pangs of mortality before you’re 30. Sports has a way of making you feel old.

  • spit hot fiyah