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NBA Players React to the George Zimmerman Verdict

A bunch of players around the League expressed shock and sadness Saturday night.

Saturday night, George Zimmerman was found not guilty of second-degree murder and manslaughter for the shooting of Trayvon Martin, a 17-year-old who was killed in Florida on February 26, 2012. Immediately, a host of NBA players took to Twitter to voice their shock of the verdict and support for Trayvon’s family.

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  • Enigmatic

    “There’s no justice, it’s just us
    In fact, watching your back, It be a must” – GURU (RIP)

  • Feez_22

    Well… $hit.

  • http://twitter.com/sooperfadeaway nbk

    Prosecution should be carrying the bulk of the blame. The system failed …. But because the people on one side of its process were incompetent.

  • ChosenOne

    Who was on the jury?…

  • ATL dynamite

    What’s the reason for protecting a system at all cost when the system isn’t protecting us. smh

  • LLC#12

    Shocked, I always considered the case to be a closed book in terms of a possible verdict. Though I consider him guilty, I think it would be regrettable if any violence came upon Zimmerman (though I imagine many, many people will disagree), hate only leads to more hate.

  • Allan

    Could have easily been prevented if Zimmerman would’ve followed orders and NOT follow Trayvon

  • Teddy-the-Bear

    Well, the “justice” system has made itself crystal clear: If you aren’t a white person you are less than a human being. You can be stalked by a white man with a gun, and if you try to defend yourself and he ends up killing you, you deserved it–because you stood up for yourself.


  • The Seed

    Prosecution lost this case, that’s were the blame goes. Someone in the media or Trayon camp need to call them out. Also they should have went for involuntary manslaughter, because of the way Zimmerman was handling himself with police in videotaped interview and he had witnesses that were on his side. Trayon is black and like it or not, black men already have a strike against them, if not seen or perceived as being good, upright or on the up and up. Trayon is not seen as an up and up kid from the text messages and other issues from defense camp, which right or wrong is a strategy. Lets just be honest. Zimmerman’s camp was smart too, by making him gain weight and look like a chump, who would not be able to defend himself looking like a fat slob. The skinny Zimmerman looked like he could handle himself. It’s a sad day for people of all races, but at yourself this. There are plenty of other cases worst than this, like a black women who got 20 years in jail for just shooting a gun in the air, after going to police for being beat up by a man twice and reported or just look at Vick, 2 years for killing muts. This world is White, lets keep it real. Also are these NBA PLayers cry tweeting or complaining creating jobs for the poor in their old neighborhoods, giving back, mentoring young kids, I bet most are not. Its neat how we state this world is jacked up, but don’t do anything to make it better. #RIPWORLD #ITSABETTERPLACEONEDAY

  • Teddy-the-Bear

    Just last year a black mother, who had no criminal record, was sentenced to 20 years in prison for firing warning shots at her abusive husband. No one was hurt and she didn’t aim the gun at anyone, she just fired the gun to scare him off, because the man was coming to attack her. She was denied Stand Your Ground and she’s sitting in a prison cell today.


    Fact is, Zimmerman got away with murder because he’s white (or passing as white), and because the courts and the entire state apparatus is white supremacist, and because his victim was a black teenager.

  • Teddy-the-Bear

    The one Tweet really got me was Wade saying “How do I explain this to my young boys???” Wow…

    These NBA players–they get it. In fact I think
    NBA players might be the smartest athletes in America, just from reading
    these reactions. Some of the Tweets were so on point it hurts.

  • DayQuan

    The trial should have never even happened. The Black population forced this trial to happen, due to ignorance of the law and other ignorant ideas. Anyone who knows anything about the law knew that any “hope” for a guilty verdict was a stretch. Even the prosecution knows it. Don’t listen to these NBA players, most of them have NO IDEA what they are talking about. 500+ murders every year in Chicago pretty much and they are getting fired up about a form of self-defense. Stupid is in clear view!

  • Roger

    This is BS in the biggest sense. Couple examples: those white cops got off beating Rodney king wasn’t because he black. It’s because he didn’t have enough money to defend himself when clearly it wasn’t necessary to beat him 6 on 1. OJ got off because he had more money than the other family; thus he won. What makes you think if Travon’s family had more money they wouldn’t have won? Zimmerman had more financial support to fight this case when it appeared that it was bleak. All these cases could’ve easily gone the other way because the other party had more money to defend themselves. In any case the jurors were all f’ed up deciding the other way. In hindsight, if these athletes helped finance the Martin’s family in this case that Zimmerman is going to rot in jail right now.

  • initbruv

    Stalking a kid after specifically being told not to by the police-and then subsequently shooting the unarmed kid-is a weird form of self-defense.

  • Roy Blumenfeld

    The prosecution did an awful job presenting/handling certain parts of the case, Zimmerman never actually took the stand for a cross-examination, and the only person who could refute his version of events was dead. Those three things were enough to cause the jury to rule the way they did. Still, the fact that a grown man who thought he was some sort of gun-slinging cowboy pursued and provoked a confrontation with an unarmed minor that lead to the death of the unarmed party is despicable. I wish a different verdict had been reached, but since their doesn’t appear to be much room for an appeal or anything else, the only thing to do now is look at what could be done to make sure what the Martin family has gone through never happens to another family again.

    However, the justice system does not always fail. The reason the Trayvon Martin case got so much attention was that it initially appeared their would not even be a trial. Right now another trial is underway for the murder of an unarmed black teenager (Jordan Davis) by a grown white man (Michael David Dunn). The judge in that case denied the accused murderer any bail and the trial is proceeding. It is much less publicized of a case, but the outcome is likely to be very different. http://jacksonville.com/news/crime/2013-04-15/story/dunns-girlfriend-insisted-going-home-after-jordan-davis-shooting http://jacksonville.com/news/crime/2013-07-02/story/2nd-judge-leaves-michael-dunnjordan-davis-case

    We can only hope the moral injustice of the Zimmerman acquittal will inspire policy reform down the road which will prevent this from ever happening again. Nothing can bring Trayvon back and Zimmerman can’t be re-tried for the same crime. It’s the only way to make sure this wasn’t all in vain.

  • Feez_22

    Wow… That video gave me the chills Teddy-The-Bear.

    0:58-1:10 – They attack the victim and then the criminal who attacked the victim accuses the victim of attacking him. This is american justice.

    Sound familiar folks? What Malcolm X preached all those years ago is still relevant today. What a goddamn shame. Even worse, this video is Malcolm Xtalking about police brutality. What was george zimmerman? A man trying to play vigilante.

    Boy… America needs to look itself in the goddamn mirror. The younger generation can only go so far… If the problem is systemic, we must cleanse the system. Easier said than done.

  • The Philosopher

    The Illuminati is a mighty bunch…
    Look up Tracy Martin.
    That is all.

  • Feez_22

    I remember being in a Univ. introductory to law class a few years ago. We were having a discussion about immorality vs. illegality. I asked, “If something is inherently immoral, should it be illegal as well?”. He swiftly says there is a fine line between immorality and illegality. He then says that “fairness” in its true sense of the word is subjective and thus can be interpreted differently by people of different spectrums.

    I understood him in a sense since there are many instances where immorality is not illegality. However, this case more than others may represent what my former prof was talking about. The stand your ground law doesn’t seem like a “fair” one right now yet was created for “fairness”. The jury basically threw out the fact that zimmerman racially profiled and heavily pursued trayvon martin (against police orders) via car and then via foot running. They took the “letter of the law” approach concerning the stand your ground law and found him innocent even though HE created the situation.

    Illegality v. Immorality. Fairness? Is race a factor? This is why i can’t stand Law. The verdict was not a fair one imo and zimmerman was completely immoral. yet he is found not guilty. This is what justice is in America.

  • Mars

    but The Seed, don’t blame these guys for their circumstances. I’m sure they are well aware of the environment, having escaping their “old neighborhoods”. And it’s easy to point the finger saying “what are you doing to help”, but that’s a question everyone in the planet should be asking themselves.

    This case was about self-defense in the context of race. Stop teaching the youth to be (act as) thugs, or we will be treated as such. Message taken.

  • don

    i agree with everything you said except for VICK “for killing muts”.

  • O

    I remember that case. Florida is ass backwards. From Zimmerman to Casey Anthony, they don’t know the meaning of justice down there, b.

  • GoogleMe

    Oj Simpson anyone? Stfu

  • 23

    Muts? Ok.

  • greg

    What state was this in?

  • Greg

    This must hit athletes hard because they all live in very neighborhoods. If wades son is walking home from a friends house, another over anxious community member might get scared and do the same thing. They live in Florida and there is now president that this is okay

  • King David

    idk who half these dude are tweeting smh….

  • Dfrance

    The crazy thing is Trayvons ability to fight is partly what sealed this case. Had Zimmerman not had those injuries, his self defense line would have been harder to defend. As others have said, the prosecution really dropped the ball here. They didn’t do nearly enough to paint Zimmerman as the racial profiler that he is. He stalked Martin, with that gun concealed and with bad intentions.

    What really pissed me off about this case tho is the race baiting performed by the national media. For weeks and weeks I thought Trayvon was a 12 year old boy because those are the only pics they showed. They called Zimmerman a white man even though he’s half Latino. That NEVER happens when a person is mixed with white and a minority. They did this to once again pit black against white and divide this country. It just saddens me because the longer I live the more and more I see that the race issues in this country will never be a thing of the past. I don’t want to tell my sons to be wary of white men when they’re out in the street, but that paranoid narrative is what has been floating around since this case made headlines.

    I just hope that Zimmerman is sorry. All I keep thinking is that I hope he feels remorse. I hope he wishes he never got out of his car. And not because he got arrested, but because he took an innocent life.

    In any event, though this is not the verdict the Martin family wanted, I hope now that the trial is over they can start the healing process. Though I don’t know how one heals from burying their teenage son.


    OJ Simpson really? Is that it or do you have more?

  • SinghSardar

    I have to say, I am impressed by the willingness to speak out. I thought the socially conscious athlete was a thing of the past.

    So many of these young black men use their remarkable talent to spring themselves from the pits of hopelessness only to turn their backs on the problems that plague those who remain in the darkness. I’ve yet to hear one of today’s “star athletes” speak out intelligently about mass incarceration and the prison industrial complex, military aggression abroad, the school-to-prison pipeline, or our continually eroding civil liberties. It’s a shame that so many athletes cede their role as active citizens to use their platforms for their own pecuniary interests.

    Ali spoke out; so did Jackie Robinson, Bill Russell, Kareem, and Jim Brown.

    Dwayne Wade has earned my respect, as a man, for these tweets.

  • HoodsUp

    This is spot on.

  • Dagger

    Thank you.

    And this was not in Florida, but still, horrifying when juxtaposed with the judicial travesty that just happened: http://www.nytimes.com/2007/12/23/nyregion/23trial.html?src=tp&_r=2&

  • Fitzy

    Aaron Hernandez wishes he was in florida right now

  • Evan Boland

    No justice. And a good distraction from Bradley Manning.

  • GoogleMe

    Jayson Williams former black NBA player blew out his limo drivers brainsout with a shotty and got off for nothing,dontae stillbirth black NFL player hit and run killed a lady drunk driving and got next to nothing.t here is plenty your mind is jjust in its adolescence

  • Dagger


  • JC79

    I don’t believe this case was a race issue… In this legal system we have you must look at the evidence at hand… We must look at the evidence the same way we did when OJ Simpson got OFF for murdering Nicole Simpson and Ronald Goldman, when we all know at heart OJ was guilty, but the evidence did not support that… As black people we did not get up in arms with that case or bash the judicial system instead we applauded OJ for beating the case and applauded the justice system…. I’m just saying right is right and wrong is wrong…. Both of these cases prove the justice system is flawed however everything is not a black and white or race related issue

  • Sardo Numspa

    Thanks Teddy. Keep us in the loop…

  • RonTeezy12

    lol at Javale Mcgee’s tweet

  • RonTeezy12

    very sad to hear that the jury were 6 white women…

  • RonTeezy12

    Don’t know if maybe SLAM just didn’t show them but, I didn’t see any tweets from LeBron, KD , or Kobe on the situation, idk maybe nothing to it.

  • RonTeezy12


  • RonTeezy12

    5 white women, 1 black woman

  • christianbullen

    “earned my respect, as a man, for these tweets.” Something that should probably never be said.

  • JML-G

    while i think Zimmerman is guilty, people are hypocrites in this case and if he was black, than this case wouldnt get even 1% of the attention it has now

  • Teddy-the-Bear

    You know what’s f*cking nuts though? The prosecutor in this Trayvon
    Martin case was the SAME PERSON who prosecuted Marissa Alexander, the
    black woman I linked to above, and got her sentenced to 20 years for
    firing a warning shot at her abusive husband!

    This same person who
    prosecuted a black woman to the full extent of the law, completely
    dropped the ball against Zimmerman and couldn’t even get him for

    Something is really messed up about that. This was a kangaroo trial from the get-go.


    First off the difference between Williams and Zimmerman was Williams was convicted. His maximum punishment was five years. He served almost a year and a halve which is undeniably short for the crime. But he did serve time and was CONVICTED. Second dontae stallworth was drunk but the person ran in front of his car that’s why he only served 30 days in jail. But he also will never be able to drive again and paid millions to the family out of his pocket.

    Key differences Zimmerman is now a millionaire and also walks free. If you do not know your history African Americans especially have been mistreated so you pointing out OJ and saying stfu like that justifies Zimmerman walking free just shows what kind of weak ass adolescent mind you have.


  • Teddy-the-Bear

    yeah… shut up christianbullen.

  • Teddy-the-Bear

    I really detest this self-blame bullsh!t. Why should you blame yourself? Blame the f*cking capitalist-imperialist system! Blame colonialism! Enough of this “blame black people for white supremacy” crap, I’m so sick of hearing that–that’s a total copout. People are struggling everyday just to survive, and thousands of people are mobilizing across the country to protest this verdict; they’re out there in the streets everyday trying to make this world a better place, but you’re still

    perpetuating the myth of black passivity. It’s just not true.

  • Dingo

    We’ve heard a little about this in Australia…from my point of view this guy looks brown not white on first glance.

    Not that there is a difference when it comes to injustice, black, brown, yellow and white we all get screwed, yeh some worse than others but that’s the world we’ve always lived in. The fact that the race card is used so heavily no wonder there is a massive division, seems like it all played into the hands of the defense lawyers perfectly

  • danpowers

    that is not really hypocracy. people project race as an issue into the zimmermann trial just mirrors and addresses society’s drawbacks. you wont find discrimination of “races” in law (just discrimination of the poor), but social reality for most people is different.
    that is one basic characteristic of the system of nation states, which is built upon ideas of race / ethnics.
    nice essay to explain that a bit better: http://www.unc.edu/~aescobar/wan/wanquijano.pdf

    if we dont want discrimination of so called minorities, stop seeing patriotism as something positive would be a good first step.
    no guns in the hands of civilians wouldnt be a bad idea neither…

  • neaorin

    What I read about that woman’s case was that she went out of the house, got her gun out of the car then WENT BACK INSIDE. If that’s true, then that’s not someone who’s trying to save their life, or defuse a situation.

    Also, as a civilian you don’t get to do “warning shots”. You’re only allowed to shoot if you feel that you or someone else is in immediate danger; however, if you judge that you have time to fire warning shots, and that they might actually work (by scaring off your assailant), then by law you don’t feel that you’re in immediate danger. You should run away. If he attacks you, shoot to kill.

    As weird as that sounds, she would have had a better chance of getting off if she tried to shoot him. You shoot to kill or you don’t shoot AT ALL. What she did was assault with a firearm and while I agree that the minimum 20 year penalty is major B.S., she is definitely not innocent. By the way this is all self-defense, not Stand Your Ground – which only says that you don’t have to try to retreat first, before using deadly force.

    As for Trayvon, people already said it above. Much like with OJ, the prosecution blew their case.

  • Teddy-the-Bear

    The entire purpose of the law is to protect white people (men) against the gun crimes they commit. She WAS being attacked, her husband who had a history of battery against her was approaching her and threatening her at the time of the warning shot. It was a single warning shot, by the way, which she fired into the wall.

    As for going to the car to get her gun out, umm… Zimmerman had a loaded gun with him while he stalked a teenager. This is a man who once sexually abused his own relative and had a history of domestic abuse against his wife. This is a man who once called the cops on a 7-year-old African child. Marissa Alexander, on the other hand, was a mother who had no criminal past whatsoever, who herself was a victim of domestic abuse.

    This is isn’t about whether or not laws were broken–it’s about these laws being designed to protect a certain demographic while justifying the deaths of their victims and penalizing those groups that actually need to “stand their ground”. These laws themselves are racist and sexist to the core.

    “As weird as that sounds, she would have had a better chance of getting
    off if she tried to shoot him. You shoot to kill or you don’t shoot AT

    Read that again, and then think about how insane you sound trying to justify that type of law (if that’s what you’re trying to do).

  • EJ

    Blame the capitalist-imperialist system? Imperialism is instituted by the state, it’s by no means free market capitalism.
    Of course if you consider America or the west to be equivalent to capitalism, then to use the term imperialist-capitalism might make sense, but those things are not equivalent.

  • neaorin

    If she went back into the house after getting her gun then I have a much harder time believing that she judged herself to be in great danger. And again, if you think that warning shots might do the trick, I don’t buy that you feel any immediate threat to yourself.

    Yes, you shoot to kill or not at all. It says that the number of situations where you should really shoot your gun are extremely few. It’s another reminder that guns are made for killing, they are instruments or death. They aren’t for scaring people away. If you don’t believe that the situation warrants killing someone then you should NEVER shoot your gun in that situation. If you aren’t comfortable with the fact that you’re only allowed to shoot to kill, then you should NOT get your own gun.

    The gun laws have some idiotic parts in them (minimum 20 year sentence for that woman is a good example), but they are not racist or sexist unless they mention that only certain races or sex can make use of them.

  • pposse

    on the 2010 consensus there was no option for ‘hispanic’ or ‘latino’ in the race section, question 9. i was actually a part of conducting interviewing people in my area, most hispanics voluntarily chose ‘white’ as their option over ‘other’ in the area i did the interviews in.

  • DanFielding

    There was no justification for him to use deadly force. Zimmerman had a weight and strength advantage but chose to go for his gun first instead of trying to escape. This cowboy attitude in Florida is ridiculous and is getting innocent people killed. Zimmerman obviously has mental problems and has no business having a gun.

  • afra33

    Zimmerman is innocent. If this dude would have attacked me like that I would have shot his brains out no matter how old he is! If he can break my nose and cause cuts on my head then he’s old enough to take a bullet right in between his eyebrows!

    Now that’s ‘real talk’ ;)

  • http://soundcloud.com/tray-8 T-Ray

    I saw a LeBron tweet but it was just that picture that the team took a few months ago where they all were in hoodies.

  • danpowers

    that makes you a little coward hiding behind a gun. man up, kid

  • afra33

    well if you don’t wanna get shot then don’t attack someone just out of fun ;)

  • danpowers

    “military aggression abroad”

    are they allowed to do so? i thought some military divisions such as the marines are sponsors of the nba. would be suprised if they were allowed to say anything critical about these issues.

  • afra33

    Exactly. Good post.

  • http://soundcloud.com/tray-8 T-Ray

    I do have to agree with your stance on the gun case involving the black woman. If you’re able to leave the setting where you are in danger and grab a weapon then it shouldn’t be justified because you were able to flee your place of current danger.

  • http://soundcloud.com/tray-8 T-Ray

    And the fact that what he preached all those years ago is still relevant today is what’s really scary and sad.

  • afra33

    Don’t make it look like this was a little boy, this Treyvon guy was a young man and from the pics and info I saw about this guy, he was already at that age a highly problematic dude who made a lot of trouble and beat up a lof of people.

    He messed with the wrong dude. Good job Zimmerman, I would have acted the same.

  • afra33

    DWade here is what you can teach your boys, tell them to never mess with anyone unless they want to get shot. Also, tell them if they get attacked they have the right to defend themselves and if needed also to shoot their brains out.

  • danpowers

    the way you put your statement strongly implies that you should thank god for not living in an area where “kill or be killed” is normal and that you dont have the slightest idea what the f*ck you’re talking about. so i highly doubt that any attempt to explain to you how incredibily stupid your statement was could have the slightest chance of success.

  • fitzy

    if you don’t wanna get attacked you should probably stop stalking someone when the police tell you to stop stalking them.

  • patrick

    Thing is we don’t have perfect evidence of what occurred.

  • danpowers

    existing laws that allow an incident like this to be viewed as a form of self defense strongly need an overhaul. the public attention that trial drew might initiate initiatives to make a change there.

  • patrick

    I don’t think Zimmerman is a threat to public safety at all. So why were some people favoring jail time? If Zimmerman did over-act in the situation by shooting him with his gun, then i think the appropriate thing is to be out of jail where he can work and make money to pay restitution to Trayvon’s parents.

  • afra33

    in the society where i’m from this is normal. ur just an american sheep, miseducated and can’t think for yourself you need obama to take away your rights until its too late.

  • afra33

    if he did me wrong i don’t give a damn what the police said.

  • danpowers

    the idea of a country or nation in general is built upon ideas of race. especially the usa were founded when eurocentric ideas of white supremacy reached its peak in human history. dont expect its laws to generate circumstances under which equality would be a realistic scenario. for further reading: http://www.unc.edu/~aescobar/wan/wanquijano.pdf

    the utilization of laws prohibiting discrimination of race doesnt mean much when most people being part of minorities were poor by the time of its declatation and the same law system protects an economic / political system that keeps the poor poor. social / economical vertical mobility is more of an exception from the rule than social reality.
    in other words: equality of the people is an illusion all around the globe, not just in the usa.

    it didnt help anyway that martin was not even a hoodlum and that he came out of a decent parental home because he got caught in unfortunate social circumstances. that whole case is the perfect definition of the word tragedy.

  • danpowers

    i am not american at all. i dont even live there lol.
    my oppinion is just the oppinion of an objective observer.

  • Guest

    you mean shoot first at a light tanned guy who looks shook

  • afra33

    well then everything else applies.

  • danpowers

    because zimmermann doing jail time would have been an important symbolic act for a society that suffers from social inequality

  • afra33

    ok ur too stupid why r u even commenting.

  • afra33

    even if he’s innocent. what a dumbo! go home

  • AndyK415

    Vick deserved that for the dogs

  • bike

    Seems like some people do forget the burden was on the prosecution to prove beyond a reasonable doubt Zimmerman was guilty of 2nd degree murder. There simply wasn’t enough evidence. No one will ever no for sure whether Zim. was justified in shooting that kid. There were no witnesses. The wheels fell completely off for the prosecution after that girl testified. Almost every post-trial analysis I saw basically said it was a slam dunk for the defense.

    If only Zimmerman should have stayed in his car. If only Martin had kept his cool until the cops arrived. A lot if ‘if only’….

    Horrible, horrible tragedy.

  • danpowers

    actually i know the republican fox news brain wash most us citizens and their troops are suffering from and also the opposing side of so called liberals who alltogether lost the ability of an objective exchange. both camps radicalize which made it almost impossible in the usa to have a civilized discussion about politics between lets say a republican and a democrate neighbour.

    most scholars in politics and media over there dealing with the issue suspect the way political campaigns developed over the years cause that unfortunate development as it “educates” the people to act as mirrors of overblown politcal campaigns triggering their archaic fears. just read over your hillbilly comments in here and you see what i mean.

    that is such a sad thing because that nation used to have the potential to turn from a formal into a true democracy and just prove once again that there cant be equality or same chances for everyone within a nation state.

  • danpowers

    innocent? what you mean is “not guilty of the charge”. i didnt say they should jail him for murder, but most evidence and common sense bring any reasonable human being to the conclusion that even if zimmermann actually acted in self defense that he clearly acted out of propotion.
    law has the task to hold the principle of the “reasonable person” as a standard for testimony and action of persons involved in a trial and either failed here badly or demonstrated that a reasonable person shoots a black kid just in case the situation could turn out to be life threatening. at least symbolic punishment wouldve sent a conciliatory message to the public.
    most of the blame here goes to the persecution anyway, not so much to what zimmermann did or didnt do.

    youre absolutely not in position to call me a dumbo lol

  • steve

    Are you this naive? Biased or just stupid? You must be a child. Look up beyond reasonable doubt. And this case had NOTHING to do with stand your ground. Stay ignorant though

  • steve

    Nice cherry picking. And Vick didn’t get 2 years for “killing mutts”

  • steve

    Malcolm X also hated White liberals because he knew what there real intentions were. For example, Margaret Sanger, LBJ, etc.

  • Teddy-the-Bear

    lmao, gotta love this white male telling people what is and isn’t racist or sexist. No laws are technically racist on paper, no matter how idiotic; it’s the application of those laws in PRACTICE, you know, real life, that’s racist as hell. Or is the War on Drugs not racist either? GTFO.

  • Teddy-the-Bear

    says the Clarence Thomas Uncle Ruckus wannabe. I’m not white btw and I’m not a liberal. Nice try though.

  • Feez_22

    Definitely. This country has come far from what it once was but there is still a lot of work to do. I like that there was a multicultural contingent in some of the post-trial protests across the country (although i hate some of the rioting that took place from only a few of the many protestors). I think progress is being made but when history repeats itself, it acts like a stun gun to progress.

  • Teddy-the-Bear

    sorry wait you aren’t black… that explains everything. you’re a white dude obsessed with telling black people and other POC that racism doesn’t exist. you probably do have a man-crush on Clarence Thomas though.

  • http://soundcloud.com/tray-8 T-Ray

    Agreed. I’ve loved a lot of the non violent reactions so far. However, seeing the overwhelming ignorance from the black youth regarding this case has been unsettling for me being one of them. We have taken leaps and bounds towards change in this society but we won’t truly make that plunge until we learn how to respect others as well as respect ourselves. But easier said than done.

  • GoogleMe

    I’m not justifying Zimmerman, my comment had nothing to do with the verdict , I think he should of at least have got something , no young kid deserves that. I just don’t like when people bring race in about being innocent when clearly there are tons of cases well known where other cultures get off easy
    rip trayvon

  • http://www.netstakeover.com/ JetSkiJohnson

    Hate Crime

  • Rich Cutter Avallone

    This case should have never been tried. However. The black community wanted an arrest they got it, they wanted a trial, they got, along with a special although dishonest special prosecutor and got their trial. Now they don’t like the outcome. the FBI investigated, there was no race crime here. Nobody is happy a young man died. However the Jury worked hard. knock it off with the race baiting it is unbecoming to the black community of those that love this country and don’t want to set race relations back 100 years. Grow Up!!! Considere being outraged about the lack of leadership in Chicago, L.A. and East New York just to name a few places where black men and women, mostly young are dying faster than troops in Afghanistan..The POTUS and Holder could care less about that..Wake Up Black America you are being used. By the Democratic Plantation of Slavery Machine.

  • Rich Cutter Avallone

    There was not enough evidence. Look at the OJ trial. Tons of evidence and he walked. There the system failed.

  • Rich Cutter Avallone

    Wrong. shows me you didn’t watch. 5 white one hispanic all parents except one. she was a pet owner. And what does that matter. the prosecution had to agree to the jurors.

  • Rich Cutter Avallone

    Your system is Chicago, Ron emmanuel and this Administration lies to you and you allow it. What about those young blacks? don’t see know outrage about them. It cracks me up there is only justice if comes out on the blacks side. Wow

  • Rich Cutter Avallone

    Did you perceive him guilty after knowing the facts? He defended himself. If he was on top and trayvon shot him would you feel there was a crime then.
    Would you be outraged that a young black man killed a hispanic community watchman. Mmmm. Did you ever think if he wasn’t killed he would have been arrested for assault and battery. Then it would he had to defend himself against the creepy ass cracker.

  • Rich Cutter Avallone

    Zimmerman was under no order. He did not work for the police. We don’t even know if the 911 operator was an officer. He had a right as any one does to follow a suspicious person in their neighborhood.

  • http://twitter.com/sooperfadeaway nbk

    there was plenty of evidence if they pursued the proper charges. going after second degree murder rendered the evidence and process irrelevant from the jump. no way they could ever prove without a reasonable doubt that he acted with malice.

  • Rich Cutter Avallone

    That was about as irresponsible and racist remark I have seen. You obviously have not seen the trial nor do you know the facts. Stop buying into the bullshit the man in the picture preached and the other baiters like Sharpton, Jackson, Obama, Holder Federica Wilson and the NAACP.. Tray had 4 minutes to run 30 yards if he was afraid. instead he lay in wait and attacked Zimmerman. Sad the kid got killed. However when your banging someones head on the ground the repercussions could be fatal. Wise Up and stop buying into the Democratic Plantation owners. You Disrespect the great Republican Martin Luther King who died for your rights.

  • Rich Cutter Avallone

    You are wrong..Malcolm was a race baiter.. Look at Martin Luther King Jr. He was the one that fought for the Black man..the victim as you call him was the aggressor. suppose Trayvon killed zimmerman. Would you be outraged that a young black man killed a Hispanic? Nope wouldn’t make headlines and it would be deemed justified. Your kind of remarks and the baiters like Holder Sharpton and the others disgrace Martin Luther King Jr. Set race relations back and make the black community look stupid because you ar being used. By the Democratic Plantation Slave owners.

  • Rich Cutter Avallone

    What is sad is that you are buying into that narrative that the Democrats are selling you..There is so much death in Chicago of you black youth. Are you outraged? Gee why not. Cause it doesn’t fit the black victim narrative. You need to wise up. You are being used.

  • http://soundcloud.com/tray-8 T-Ray

    That’s funny you mention that. Just last night I posted that on twitter and had a discussion with my friends about that. I’m quite aware of the death toll in Chicago my friend. I am actually more concerned with the death of young black youth at the hands of other young black youth. So I suggest you get to know what I’m about and my views are before you make assumptions. Far from a black victim I’m just objective and see all sides of the prism. Maybe you could stand to take your own advice before type.

  • Teddy-the-Bear

    You f*cking Nazis don’t quit, do you?

  • Allen Powell

    I feel sorry for your stupidity. Like, really. Calling any black person alive in the 60s a race baiter is ridiculously stupid.

  • Allen Powell

    Oh so walking down the street you should just run? Because you don’t have a right to mind your business without being accosted by armed strangers? Funny how that gets ignored.

  • Allen Powell

    I like how you consistently frame this as a random understandable fight. It is like you have decided to ignore all of the circumstances that led to the fight. The stalking, the ignoring police instructions and the damning phone call. It is really interesting how people just ignore the fact that this clash wasn’t inevitable and was instead brought on by the actions of one man acting outside the law he then used as protection. That takes some impressive mental gymnastics

  • Allen Powell

    Oh he just beat a dude up? He was asking for it then? Really? Walking home minding his business and he caused the problems

  • Allen Powell

    So the trial was a favor for us? Really now? The only thing stopping me from saying something really cruel is my love of God.

  • Feez_22

    Yes, for sure. I have always gone by the notion that self-realization is the first step to self-respect and self-improvement. This is what many of the black youth whom are ignorant regarding this case need to do.

    Yes, this case didn’t go as many people of all races thought it would. However, we as a people need to unite and get stronger from something like this. It looks to me as if a “divide & conquer” mentality has resulted from this case. I don’t like that mentality. Citizens must work together so something like this won’t happen again and not vice versa. Division will make this happen again. It goes back to your point about respect. People need to respect others of different viewpoints and different walks of life so that some things can be solved promptly.

    Tough task but it is what needs to be done for the progression of this country to finally happen. All communities need to work together. Might take another 40-50 years but i hope it is accomplished.

  • Teddy-the-Bear

    Allen, he’s a “1776 shall commence again!” white nationalist Alex Jones-watching Nazi piece of sh!t.

  • z

    I freak in love u brother. U and I are ideological brothers, no question–a couple of hoop loving young black commies, khdos to u for consistently dropping knowledge on the neophytes around here. I won’t even address the semi-racist responses of a few ppl so far but to those of you who are naive enough to think that nonviolence is the way, the Truth, etc, I refer you to a great (though probably too advanced for most of you) read: Grants Fanon’s “Wretched of the Earth.” Specifically, pay attention to the chapter On Violence and realize that when the author references “colonialism” the term can be interchanged with “capitalism-imperialism” (this is the US in general), or neo Nazism (what the US is for blacks in particular). If you take nothing else away, just remember this: when a people are struggling for their rights, for EQUALITY, only violence pays.

  • Teddy-the-Bear

    First of all, you’re a lying sack of sh!t, Rich. If Trayvon was on top of Zimmerman when Zimmerman shot him, there’d be Trayvon’s blood on his clothing. The police found no such blood.

    Second of all yes, Zimmerman is a creepy @ss cracker and so are you.

  • Teddy-the-Bear

    Malcolm tends to have that effect on white nationalists… he scares the living piss out of them. God bless his soul.

  • z

    Beautifully said. I KNEW our resident Knicks fan was smarter than the vast, vast majority of these moronic SHEEP.

  • Anti-Fascist

    Here’s an idea… why don’t you and the rest of your white supremacist buddies go the route of Hitler and f*cking kill yourselves already?

  • z

    And what would you advocate as opposed to nation states, my man?

  • Teddy-the-Bear

    Right back at you comrade! I appreciate that bro. And hell yeah, Wretched of the Earth is a great book.

  • Teddy-the-Bear

    He was an honors student, you stupid cracker.

  • danpowers

    lol never sleep on a knick!


    I hear you man.

  • danpowers

    you want an utopic scenario or a reasonable hope under given circumstances?

  • Feez_22

    Honestly, i don’t know if he feels remorse. Judging by this interview snippet (mind you, it was shot last year), he was either not remorseful a few months after the whole incident happened or he is a crazy manipulative liar. Hear what he has to say here. It’s pretty sickening.


  • Dfrance

    Gods plan huh? It’s hard to tell. He can’t say he regrets what he did, because that would imply he was wrong and wouldn’t help him being that he was about to go on trial. But i can’t say I believe that he’s lying here.

    He probably feels like he did this world a great service by taking another “thug” off the streets. Sickening indeed.

  • Feez_22

    Ya true I agree. I didn’t really take the incrimination aspect into consideration but it is still disturbing that he would say “God’s plan” in a situation like this.

    Maybe now he can do an interview and tell us his real stance on the situation.

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