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Rasheed Wallace to Become Detroit Pistons Assistant Coach

Clipboard don’t lie! Rumors of Rasheed Wallace’s interest in joining the coaching ranks have been out there for while, and the Detroit Pistons are giving the big fella a shot at it. Per the Detroit News: “Wallace strolled into the Amway Center wearing a polo shirt with the Pistons’ team logo on Monday, and prompted some light teasing when observers thought he was wearing a Celtics baseball hat. Turns out Wallace is a big fan of Notre Dame football. Wallace played for the Pistons from 2004-09, being the final piece to a championship puzzle in 2004, and has generally been regarded as one of the smarter players in the game. In every year but one in Detroit, Wallace helped the Pistons get to the Eastern Conference finals and twice the Pistons advanced to the NBA Finals. Since leaving Detroit he’s dabbled in semi-retirement and also come out to play for the Celtics and Knicks, spending this season in New York before a stress fracture ended his season. He doesn’t have to file retirement papers with the league because he was on a one-year deal with the Knicks, thus he isn’t on an existing contract. He’ll mainly work with the Pistons’ young bigs — Greg Monroe, Andre Drummond and second-round pick Tony Mitchell.”

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  • trent

    This news just made my day.

  • koloradokobe

    So Drummond and Monroe are gonna start jacking up 3′s this season? J/k…it’s good to have Sheed back in the league :)

  • spit hot fiyah

    if drummond can get his turn around baseline J: game over

  • LP @ThisisEther

    Drummond will be 34 by the time this happens. so, game over at 34.

    Saw the summer league game yesterday, that offensive game is still RAW… wont be putting any moves on anybody for another 2 years…

  • LP @ThisisEther


  • interlagos

    At least you know his team will play hard

  • Dfrance

    Just don’t teach them how to drift out to the 3 point line Sheed!

  • shockexchange

    This is the equivalent of Maverick (Tom Cruise) wanting to become a flight instructor at Top Gun. WTW?

  • OfftheWall87

    Mo Cheeks and Rasheed Wallace will be good for Josh Smith. Make him do what he can do and stop shooting 3s. And Rasheed will be great for Monroe and especially Drummond. If he can learn just a few moves in the post from Rasheed, he’ll become a major problem.

  • MikeC.

    Except for when Smoove says “Wait, YOU are telling ME to stop floating outside and that I’m better inside?!?”

  • MikeC.

    Sheed makes the L a better place. I can’t wait till the inevitable Sager-Sheed sideline lunacy.

  • add

    wonder how many times hes gonna get t’d up as a coach

  • spit hot fiyah

    i said if, it was hypothetical. i know how limited he is at the moment

  • DS44

    Which AF1′s will Sheed wear on the sidelines?

  • LakeShow

    The other team too!

  • Kev

    sheed will be the first coach in league history to be suspended for a game because of too many technical fouls

  • Kathryn Sanchez

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  • OfftheWall87

    Fair. But the difference is Sheed could actually shoot.

  • athanasia columbus

    Sheed always put winning before everything when he played! He will be a great assistant coach

  • Irishway’s

    HaHa The ball don’t lie for both u Motha f@c&er….

  • Need 4 Sheed

    The NBA needs more Sheed.

  • JL

    Exactly. Both his inside and outside game is far superior to what Smith had. Not to mention passing, team defense as well.

  • JL

    Seems like his ceiling offensively is probably Dwight Howard.

  • Imgcoolbyatch

    “Wont be putting any moves on anybody for another 2 years…” LMAO Yea Ok and hes 19 he’ll be 21 in two Years…..He’ll be still younger then half the dudes who cam out of this years lottery….#BEAST

  • Ugh

    Not predictble at all.

  • Ugh

    It’s a low ceiling, and expensive and high maintenence. Tim Duncan, he’s the Zeppelin hangar ceiling.

  • Basketballguru

    say what you want, can’t find a better Big Man Coach, he can only help! one T won’t hurt

  • MikeC.

    33% isn’t that hot. Nice for a big guy, but I wouldn’t call him a stretch 4 by any means. If he teaches that high release on the turnaround, D’s frontcourt will be in good shape.

  • OfftheWall87

    Compare that to Josh Smith’s 28% in the regular season and 17% in the playoffs from 3. Sheed was free to shoot them because he was capable of making them. Josh isn’t. Everyone knows it but him.