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Scottie Pippen Sued for $4 Million After Restaurant Fight

NBA legend Scottie Pippen got into a fight with a man outside a Malibu restaurant last month, and the guy is taking Pip to court and looking to squeeze him for $4 million. Per the LA Times: “Attorneys representing a man who said he was the victim of a ‘brutal and unjustified physical attack’ by Scottie Pippen filed a $4-million lawsuit Thursday against the former NBA All-Star in Los Angeles County Superior Court. Camran Shafighi, 49, suffers from headaches, nausea, breathing difficulties and other ongoing medical issues as a result of an altercation involving the luxury car business owner and the former Chicago Bull great, said his attorney Lee Boyd. She said the suit is an effort to compensate the Malibu area resident for those problems in addition to economic losses because he is unable to run his business. ‘This has been pretty devastating to him,’ Boyd said in an interview Thursday. ‘This was not the result of some drunken barroom brawl. This is a guy who wanted to take a picture with a cellphone.’ Los Angeles County sheriff’s detectives are continuing to investigate the alleged assault involving Pippen that took place June 23 at Nobu Malibu restaurant in the 22700 block of Pacific Coast Highway.”

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  • nbk

    this is gunna be so fun

  • pposse

    injury attorneys are amongst the lowest of the low. how can these guys even stomach some of the stuff they try to sell in court? The “victime” can’t run his business and still suffers from headaches, nausea and breathing difficulties?! If he even gets $1 out of this…

  • bringbackthesonics

    “brutal and unjustified physical attack” – bullsh*t, this was a guy that spit on his daughter and called him a nigg*r.

  • http://twitter.com/sooperfadeaway nbk

    Just Wanted a picture with his cell phone? Blatantly lying from the people who act within our justice system is the worst.

  • spit hot fiyah

    spit on someone’s kid, get ass kicked, and sue the guy. if this guy gets even 100 bucks out this this it could become a trend

  • Cortez Mack

    Why are they the “lowest of the low”? What are the other options for someone who has suffered an injury by either the negligence or direct criminal actions of another party?

    Isn’t it the role of the courts (judges and juries) to determine the validity of evidence and claims (and extent) of damage?

  • Cortez Mack

    I have never figured out why grown men or women want pictures or autographs from celebrities in the first place (unless it is for profit).

  • robb

    Scottie’s never done anything like this before, Pip probably had a very powerful reason to hurt that guy. Unjustified attack my @ss

  • pposse

    more often than not they scrap and fight each other to represent a guy like this Camran Shafighi character…who spit on Pippens daughter and called him names. They will look a reporter dead in the eye and claim their client can’t operate their business anymore and still suffers from migraines (which is all bs to begin with btw) after getting punched out because their own client acted a fool.

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