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Carmelo Anthony Says His ‘Window Is Closing’

Melo told children at his basketball camp that he’s trying to bring a title to New York, and his “window is closing.” In what Anthony called “a huge upcoming season for me, as a team and as an organization,” the Knicks’ success this year could determine whether he eventually re-signs in New York. Per ESPNNewYork.com:

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  • JML-G

    in b4 Melo signs vets minimum with Miami

  • pposse

    if he does that…haha then everyone who ever defended the original decision should really take a hard look at what they were in favor for back then. With that being said, that would be crazy and is not going to happen, but it would be too damn funny if it did.

  • pposse

    Carmello’s needs to learn and practice a vocab word..its called “commitment” – if you keep trying to restart your career in different organizations with different coaches and ultimately different philosophies and then bump heads with these coaches who in turn will get fired and replaced then you won’t get anywhere ever and it won’t be about your window. He’s really saying that he is seriously considering leaving NY to where? I have no clue.

  • speedy

    Like ppose said. He isn’t trying hard enough.

  • Ishmael Jenkins

    The Knicks aren’t winning a thing as long as it’s Melo and JR shooting all over the place and passing only when they can’t get off a shot.

  • MZ

    One thing Lebron James got right – this is a business. Melo has committed himself, but it has to be for the right circumstances. If James Dolan can’t figure out that he constantly shoots the Knicks in the foot, then Melo is gone. I think it may already be too late.

  • pposse

    it might be just me, but it seems like a lot of Carmello’s decisions are made as a reaction to what other players are doing ie: Lebron and Bosh to Miami – didnt he force his way out that year to NY, and wasn’t all there all this talk about how CP3 was going to get traded to NY soon? That would have made NY a “super team” with “super friends” Either that or he went there for his wife, it looks like a combination of the two.

    And even though Ray Felton and Ty Lawson have different names, they are one in the same (he is I and I am him type deal), so basically he is playing with the same exact team as he had with the Denver Nuggets. If your Carmello and you take a step back and look at your situation and the pieces then I can see why he might be frustrated, being traded and signing to the same team with a different name, but ultimately these are your decisions, he needs to own them and make the best of the situation.

  • spit hot fiyah

    who’s that peeking in my window?

  • shamory small

    how did u get that from him saying my window is closing and win in NY ASAP

  • pposse

    cause he should be able to play at a high level for like 4 more years, and ideally they should all be in NY.

  • shamory small

    ok so who u goin to pass the ball to then, i swear i learn knick fans arent really realistic and too face i beat u was the same person chanting mvp wen he was wining then chanting trade melo wen we was losing, b4 he got here we was crap for yrs, now hes here we hav a chance, yall too busy comparing him to lebron to see we hav nobody to help him and that lebron is a diff better person, wade was nowhere wit out bron and shaq same wit kobe no ring b4 gasol and shaq

  • dshflk

    you make it sound like he’s been on several different teams, he’s been on one. Oh and Dantoni quit, he wasn’t fired. Melo tried to play in dantonis system, dantoni was the one who wouldn’t adjust his system.

  • shamory small

    so when he said win in NY u heard leave NY and win somwhere else

  • pposse

    the tweet makes it sound like he wants to jump ship if he doesnt win. D’antoni quit before he got fired. The comment was made predicated on the tweet which was interpretted (by me) as he wants to bounce.

  • pposse

    he has an option coming up after this next year which he can execute; so if there is a time to escape NY it would be next year.

  • shamory small

    and your interpretation makes logically no sense

  • pposse


  • shamory small

    i understand that, but what u dont understand is he said win in NY and u got something else, so if kobe said win another ring with lakers what your goin to hear is wing another ring somewhere else

  • pposse

    its his past too that makes what he says open for multiple interpretations. He said a lot in Denver, but ultimately got traded to NY.

  • shamory small

    what past he been wit denver for 7yrs and went bck to his hometown state, lebron will most likely do the same and go bck to cavs his hometown, look at mwp for yrs hes been wanting to come to NY and when he was with lakers he openly admitted he was a knick fan most players do that

  • yeahhh

    well first of all felton and Lawson aren’t the same players. Second of all you are ignoring the fact that Amare was a susperstar when Melo went to New York and then he got hurt. He didn’t leave Denver to go play with New Yorks current roster.

  • shamory small

    he didnt force a trade denver couldve kept him and he would’ve left later that year new york panic and made the trade thinking he might sign with the nets knowing that was his 2nd option, bsides if he opts out and resign he will get a 5yr contract instead of not opting and getting a 4 yr contract finacially its better for him to opt out

  • Ugh

    There is no way on earth LeBron will return to the Cavs.

    Apart from that, I agree with you. pposse is being ridiculous.

  • shamory small

    you never knw if he do and win a ring there ill stop being a lebron hater and actually like him and he’ll b 1 of the top best players in nba histories instead of espn claiming he is wit no actual facts

  • Feez_22

    Wade was no where without lebron? :o Take that back.

    As a knicks fan, i’d think you would be the most understanding to what ishmael said. Ishmael said something that is real talk and you basically brushed it off. If you look at melo’s teammates… they have a bunch of 3pt shooters. Shumpert (who improved his shot), felton (more of just a shooter; he can create his own shot), novak, copeland, prigioni… He along with JR are supposed to draw in attention and then rotate the ball to shooters.

    Melo hardly did what i just said in the reg season. The playoffs were even worse. His assists were a storyline basically all playoffs. Don’t even get me started on JR smith. The combo of melo and jr smith on the same team is basically a more talented version of the jennings-monta combo in milwaukee. Heck… even monta and brandon pass more and their team wasn’t even as good as the knicks.

    Melo-JR are black holes when they get the ball. It’s a shame because they aren’t horrible passers skill wise. They just want to get the shot up.

  • pposse

    I know he didn’t leave to play with the roster he playing with now. I’m saying right now when you take a step back, currently this team is similar to the one he played on in Denver…the team he demanded a trade from.

    And felton and lawson are similar!

  • Feez_22

    I think melo thinks of maryland as more of his hometown state than new york state.

  • spit hot fiyah

    his window with this knicks team was last year. rose, rondo and westbrook all out. the top of the east is loaded this year.

  • yeahhh

    Lawson is quite a bit better than Felton, and like shamory said melo didn’t force them to trade him. Melo did Denver a favor and let them know he wouldn’t be re-signing.

  • pposse

    yeah but at the end of the day he wanted to leave that situation in Denver. The situation wit the Knicks team now, is that its similar to the Denver Nuggets team he left.

    All Lawson has on Felton is shooting %.

  • straight cake

    This will have to be the game plan until the Summer of 2015 when the Knicks have cap space to sign better free agents, hopefully Melo sticks around.

  • Nathan Shane Long

    Carmelo will NEVER win a championship he better just cherish that national championship he won at Syracuse

  • yeahh

    Felton is ridiculously inconsistent and he’s afraid of the pressure. Yep the situation is similar which is why it wouldn’t be a bad idea for him to leave. The situation in NY wouldn’t have been bad if Amare would have stayed healthy. Don’t start with how their record is bad when they play together either because their record together was bad under dantoni, it’s not bad under Woodson

  • yeahh

    lol no he doesn’t

  • Ishmael Jenkins

    …I’m not a Knicks fan. Never did chant MVP because a guy named LeBron James was playing. Tony Parker was playing. And Kevin Durant was playing. And the Knicks were actually a good team built around Stoudemire, Chandler, Gallinari, Felton and those boys before Melo got there. Definitely weren’t a bad team during that 2010-2011 season. And if we’re being real, if you want to thank someone for bringing the Knicks back, you better thank Amar’e Stoudemire because without him, Melo would have had no interest in going there.

    I never compare him to LeBron because it’s not a great comparison. They play the same position, but Stevie Wonder can see that they are two completely different players stylistically.

    Melo is a great scorer. Always been a great scorer. But nothing more. At his best, Kobe was a great defender along with being a great scorer. Wade, the same. LeBron is that now. For a team with Melo to win, they’re going to need another star who does play like LeBron who can get the other guys involved ’cause Melo ain’t really interested in doing it. Which is why he and Stoudemire don’t belong on the floor together. And it’s why he runs into a problem when he faces a good or great defensive team (Spurs, Lakers, Pacers).

  • Feez_22

    He basically learned how to play basketball and learned all of his life lessons in baltimore. He moved to baltimore when he was 8 and lived there until he came to the nba….

  • Ishmael Jenkins

    It doesn’t have to be the game plan. And if Carmelo is talking about the window closing, he doesn’t have another 2 seasons to wait. And neither do Knicks fans with him. Patience runs out.

    If guys as talented as Melo and JR can’t even think about involving their above average teammates more, it says quite a lot about them. Melo’s shown flashes of being a good passer, but he’s just not interested in it. And it’s not because he’s played with bad teammates. He’s definitely not playing with bad teammates now. There’s no reason for a guy as skilled offensively as he is to just think about scoring. It is a travesty that he and STAT can’t play together and it’s not STAT’s fault. It’s Anthony’s. Even though STAT isn’t what he was in 2010-2011 before Anthony got there, he’s still good enough to be an important part of a winning team. Felton, Shumpert, Anthony, STAT and Chandler…that should be a top 4 starting lineup in the East capable of getting to the Conference Finals.

  • Ishmael Jenkins

    Correct. It’s only going to get harder for the Knicks. The Nets just pushed them back to 5th place in the East on paper.

  • straight cake

    Carmelo lead the Knicks to 54-28, a 2nd overall seed in the Eastern Conference and even had a 13 game winning streak which ended in Chicago just where Miami’s streak ended plus he also allowed the Knicks to have their first division title since 1993-94.

    You have to be a some what selfless player to have that type of success, maybe if they were a 7th seed and fighting to get a playoff spot like in the 2011-2012 season you could make an argument that they are not involving their teammates and that they are looking for their shot, but you dont have the type of success they had last season if you dont set up teammates and involve them in the offense.

    I am pretty sure Dallas fans were fed up for years and then the stars aligned and they ended up winning a title in 2011. Knicks fans understand that until STAT comes off the books then they can free up cap space to sign talent to help Melo if he stays which is likely because where else can he/or would go anyways.

    Plus why does Melo need to be a good passer the offense is built around his ability to score, that is why you have guys like Felton and Prig to set up teammates and get them going. Last time I checked Kevin Durant only averages 4.6 APG and nobody gives him flack for not passing and thats like giving Lebron flack for not being a good shot blocker or free throw shooter. Plus Melo tends to pass more when the offense is flowing (everyone is shooting and making 3′s) but when the game slows down he tends to look for his shot (crunch time).

    IMO STAT is finished and he should retire, the 15 mins max a game he is allowed to play does not seem like much to contribute on a winning team.

  • Nathan Shane Long

    The Cavs and Pistons have better rosters than the Knicks

  • Ishmael Jenkins

    Nah, not really. Kobe has 5 championships and you won’t find too many people who can tell the difference between a great and not so great teammate who will call him a selfless player. Some guys win despite their selfishness. If they have enough talent, it can outweigh selfishness. Or if they have good players around them who know who they’re playing with and do their jobs despite the selfishness of that player, that also works. And let’s be clear…Dallas isn’t New York…New York Knicks fans are not Dallas Mavs fans. Dallas is Cowboys city. New York is the Mecca of basketball.

    Teams do much better when their best player is the guy who gets everyone else involved. That’s why LeBron could win 60 plus games with below average teammates in Cleveland…because the team was built around a guy who could score, but also keep his teammates involved while scoring. Melo doesn’t make guys better. If they get anything, they get it on their own despite him being on the floor.

    Find me one team who has won anything significant when their team is built around the offensive greatness of just one single player and a bunch of other guys just stand around waiting and hoping to get the ball. Durant is developing a more well-rounded game than Melo, He’s getting better and better with playmaking each season. Last season was his best. And without Westbrook in the playoffs, he averaged 31, 9 and 6…LeBron like numbers.

  • Ishmael Jenkins

    Wouldn’t go that far…mainly because it’s not true. Definitely not the Pistons. Don’t know what kind of drug you’re on that would cause you to say the Pistons have a better roster than the Knicks…but stop it.

  • Chris Callihan

    Lol u beat me to it

  • straight cake

    Dallas in 2011 was entirely built around Nowitzki and his scoring and added with that they implemented the zone defense in which Tyson Chandler was very dominant and Jason Terry was a very good and clutch 6th man. Your telling me that if the Knicks dont follow that same formula in 2015 they cant win a title with Melo as their superstar…hmmmm.

    That Kevin Durant argument holds no credibility because without Rusell Westbrook they lost 4 straight times to Memphis and even though he averaged those numbers as you mentioned, he was 4/22 in those last 3 games in the 4th quarter and overtime. This was not just one bad game, these were multiple games back to back to back. Stat padding and winning are two completely different things. This is not acceptable for a 3 time scoring champion and widely considered 2nd best player in the NBA.

    I think your generalizing what Lebron did with the Cavs and making it sound easy, Lebron is an extremely talented and gifted player that being said not everyone can do what he does on a daily basis, so it is very unfair to compare what he did and use it as an example for Melo or even Durant because their not Lebron and they play very different from a basketball standpoint. Not even Jordan or Kobe carried a team with them being the solo star to 60+ wins in the regular season and even making a deep run throughout the playoffs.

    It seems like your an Allen Iverson fan but the funny and ironic thing is Iverson and Melo have similar games in terms of scoring but you give Melo a hard time anyways lol.

  • Nathan Shane Long

    really the pistons have a deeper backcourt and frontcourt just look for yourself Drummond is a monster freak along with monroe who is highly skilled way better than washed up Amare bust ass Bargnani and garbage ass Chandler and the versatile Josh Smith and more complete player than Carmelo and then the guards Jennings,Billups,KCP,Stuckey,Bynum far better than Felton,Smith,Shumpert

  • http://twitter.com/sooperfadeaway nbk

    He’s never had an open window

  • BugEyes

    Talk to em’

  • Caboose

    What window?

  • Evan Boland

    Kobe averages 5 assists per game over his career, last year 6. He is a far better passer than ‘Melo. But I truly believe, on this team, regardless whether he keeps letting them fly or tries to pass it around more, they don’t have the roster to do it. These “above average” teammates, JR Smith? Really? That’s your second option, just look what happened to him in the playoffs. Shump wasn’t very good last season. STAT is DONE.

  • danpowers

    lol you’re funny

  • Shooting Guard

    asap? championships are not won like that. his real shot was last year, this time the east is no joke

  • RunNGun

    Lakers! Make it happen, Mitch!

  • danpowers

    by trading gasol for stat? id be cool with that…

  • Ugh

    That’s a nice story, but it has nothing to do with LeBron returning to the Cavs.

    There’s no reason for him to do so. Cleveland (the city) put enormous pressure on him to perform with a subpar roster, the team hired dubious front office personnel who built the subpar roster, had bad coaches who didn’t know what to do with the subpar roster and then, when he left, they treated him like he was Benedict Arnold. In Miami he was greeted with open arms, with a dedicated, smart and proven GM and a generous owner who isn’t insane, in a major market with enormous financial benefits outside his contract.
    Also, he hates Cleveland. He’s from Akron, and many people from Akron hate Cleveland and he’s one of them, as he eluded to after ‘The Decision’.

  • http://www.facebook.com/myselfunderkarma Fredd.

    Melo’s window has never really opened ! This is just basketball, you can’t just shoot and “star”, you need to create some team-alchemy ( hey passing is a pretty smart idea to begin with ), and on the defensive end help teammates, which is not melo’s fav’ thing to do etc

  • Ugh

    What about when he was at Syracuse?

  • Ishmael Jenkins

    What happened to JR in the playoffs was he was playing with a pretty bad knee injury that eventually required surgery. Shumpert was coming back off of an ACL tear and surgery but he started to show flashes of his old self late in the season (that one handed putback dunk against the Pacers in the playoffs).

  • KC

    Was his window ever even open? Melo has been out of the first round of the playoffs maybe twice in his whole career.

  • Ishmael Jenkins

    No, the Mavs were a pretty well-rounded team. It wasn’t just Dirk’s scoring. He only averaged 23 points a game that season. They had 4 more guys who averaged double figures. He only took 19 shots a game in the playoffs for his 28 points a game. Jason Terry put up 18 a game. The Knicks don’t have the shooters Dallas had. They traded away Novak. Copeland signed in Indiana. All they have now is JR. Much different team. Shooters are gone. Dirk had Peja, JT, and Stevenson.

    The KD argument holds quite a lot of credibility because you said that he isn’t that much better of a passer or playmaker compared to Melo. All I had to show was his statline to prove that he’s a much more well-rounded player than Melo ever was. The fact that they lost to Memphis doesn’t take anything away from my argument. Without Russell playing, his next best offensive player was Reggie Jackson. Ibaka, Perkins, Sefolosha…compare them to the guys Melo plays with. If KD can get 7 assists passing to those guys, Melo can playing with the guys he plays with. His production is what I’m talking about. He didn’t pad stats. They weren’t blowing out anyone with him still on the floor. That’s how you pad stats. He averaged 29, 10 and 7 against Memphis. Meaning he did everything he could on his own, but it wasn’t enough. It is acceptable to lose to them, one of the best defensive teams in the league, when your second most aggressive guy is Reggie Jackson and the guy who you’ve never played a game without and is one of the top 15 players in the league is not playing. It’s very acceptable. He wasn’t going to beat Memphis by himself and no one predicted that he would do it. No shame in losing to them.

    I didn’t say Melo had to be LeBron. I simply said it’s better when your best player is the guy who gets everyone involved. LeBron is the best example for that, but not the only one. Not that hard to do.

    I am an AI fan, but here’s the difference. Iverson played the PG position with Jim O’Brien coaching him and averaged 31 and 10 in the playoffs that season. When he had help, he used it. More help he had, the more assists he had. I watched all of those games. And look at Iverson’s teammates over the years compared to Melo’s. AI didn’t take a lot of shots because he was selfish and just wanted to. He had to. His MVP season, that team was built around him scoring while the other guys played defense. Larry Brown got rid of everyone but him and put a team of defenders, rebounders and grit guys around him. Melo’s never played on a team like that. He’s always had talented guys along with him.

  • Alexzandar Davilijanovic

    Finally someone is giving credit to STAT.

  • Evan Boland

    PEJA didn’t play, really. It was all JET and Stevenson.

  • The Seed

    Knicks are going nowhere, I like Melo’s game, but they are built to go to the 2nd round and lose again and again. If only they could get rid of Amare and get pass a first point guard.

  • Feez_22

    went to syracuse for a year… lived in baltimore and learned how to really play in baltimore/oak hill (virginia). he is a DMV bred basketball talent.

  • Ishmael Jenkins

    Ask Kobe and the Lakers about how much Peja didn’t play that series.

  • Ishmael Jenkins

    Drummond is an athlete and nothing more at this point. Monroe is skilled…good player. But Tyson Chandler anchored the defense of an NBA championship team and he’s the only player on the Knicks who causes any hesitance with opposing players who want to get to the basket. If that’s garbage to you, you should really rethink your choice of a sport to follow and talk about. Chauncey Billups is on his last leg. He’s more of a mentor now than anything else. Stuckey peaked 4 seasons ago and that peak wasn’t all that much…especially not enough to force Dumars to trade Billups thinking Stuckey was his replacement. Josh Smith is a good, All-Star talent but he’s not going to lead a team anywhere the Knicks can’t go with Melo.

  • King David

    Knicks would’ve easily made it to the ECF if JR Smith didnt throw that elbow, smh i dont know why they resigned that IDIOT he could’ve recieved a max deal !

  • Nathan Shane Long

    you dumb Tyson Chandler is weak and frail and is not a feared shot blocker did you not see how Hibbert&West were killing him on the boards in the playoffs not to mention that he has never had any offensive skills which is terrible case in point Detroit starting 5 is better than New York you can try to “debate” me like the troll that you are but you still are wrong and the Knicks are a GIMMICK TEAM the first one is Carmelo isolation fuckery then when he go to the bench it’s time for JR Smith three point shot jacking fuckery so there you go

  • Ishmael Jenkins

    No need to debate you. You never do say anything that makes any kind of sense. 7 people down voted your last comment for a reason. You’re out here by yourself thinking the Pistons have a better starting 5 than New York. And you’re known for saying some pretty wild stuff here.

  • Nathan Shane Long

    8 idiot haters i know i have made most members of the T.W.O. TROLL WORLD ORDER on this website hate me but the funny thing is i don’t F’N care

  • RunNGun

    Lakers gettin’ Melo, Lebron, Kevin Love, and Rajon Rondo to play with Kobe.

  • King David


  • danpowers

    while they are at it they should also get westbrook and durant to have that little extra scoring punch off the bench

  • danpowers

    what did that elbow have to do with anything? they beat the celtics in that series. smith didnt play well because he had fluid in his knee, he also had surgery to fix his knee issue and is questionable for the begin of the season.

    anthony played hurt, chandler, kidd, shumpert, stoudemire, martin – did i forget somebody? – partially dealt with injuries / sickness or were just not a 100% after returning from injuries. that pacers team is so good and so gritty that you cant beat them with so many key guys being hurt. i think given the knicks health they did pretty well against them.

  • danpowers

    there is no hate man. when you say smth stupid you get a down vote as a hint. say something reasonable and you get positive response by the same ppl. no conspiracy in here lol

  • http://soundcloud.com/tray-8 T-Ray


  • http://soundcloud.com/tray-8 T-Ray

    Yea I still have nightmares of Peja.

  • straight cake

    Take these facts into Consideration:

    1)You said the Knicks dont have the shooters that Dallas had but the irony is the Knicks broke the record for 3 pointers made in an entire season (2012-2013) being 847 made shots.

    2) Lebron and Melo have taken a far worse supporting cast deep in the playoffs than KD has his whole career. they did not have the luxury of playing with Russell Westbrook and James Harden early in their careers.

    3) You said Melo always had talented guys along with him which is completely bogus, all he ever had with the Nuggets was an out of prime Allen Iverson (who is one my favorite players all time) and an out of prime former Finals MVP in Chauncey Billups.

    4) In New York all he had up until this point is J.R. Smith who won 6th man of year and Amare and Chandler cant stay healthy during the playoffs.

    5) Plus I think their is a double standard in the media when it comes to KD and Melo. KD always gets a media pass but Melo always gets criticized no matter what. Switch Melo and KD to different teams, KD playing with no help and Melo playing with Westbrook and Harden and they would be just as successful and vice versa.

    6) Durant gets his points from running around screens and getting wide open shots and going to line for bogus foul calls but Melo gets his points from actually using offensive moves, post ups, and 3′s.

    7) In 2012 when Lebron and Miami won the championship who was their first opponent and what was the result, it was the Knicks who they defeated 4-1 in the first round of the playoffs, but fast forward to the finals with KD, RW and JH…the result was the same Miami beat OKC 4-1 in the NBA finals.

    It really comes down to who had the most help in their retrospective careers thus far.

  • melomantdot

    regardless of if they don’t pass or not, the bottom line is the Knicks don’t have the talent to win a championship. You’d be lying if you said their team was as talented as the heat or even the pacers in the east. Thats why melo and jr have to shoot so much

  • LakeShow

    “you dumb”

    lol, awesome…

  • LakeShow

    I’m not the Lakers fan???!!!
    LOL, dude Peja killed us….
    He averaged 12.5ppg on 52% 3 point FG’s…..
    wtf man….

  • LakeShow

    How does this kid not remember that. He was just accusing me of not being a real Laker’s fan the other day and now says that Peja didn’t play really…
    Really?? lol

  • http://soundcloud.com/tray-8 T-Ray

    Dude don’t even bother yourself trying to figure it out. Any real Laker fan knows Peja and JJ haunted us in that series HAUNTED US I SAY!

  • LakeShow

    Worse of all is that Peja is retired and JJ stinks it up on crap teams now… Why did they have to kill us and then disappear into nothingness!
    The hate grows stronger…

  • http://soundcloud.com/tray-8 T-Ray

    Agreed. At least dethrone us and start your own dynasty. It’s like if Macklemore took the top spot on the BIllboard 200 from Jay Z only to lose it a day later.

  • Cartel

    I’m a Knick fan and I can’t even disagree with this…

  • Cartel

    We’d be lying???…The Knicks gave Miami the BUSINESS in several games this past season. Let’s be honest, the Knicks did have a talented team as talented as any other, but age, injury and chemistry was a factor. When the Knicks were finally on the same page, they played like an elite team. They had one of the best records in the east and was looked at as the TRUE threat to Miami. Bottomline Melo and JR do too much at times. They are not PLAYMAKERS which is why you don’t notice the talent of the other players, because they barely have the ball…

  • Feez_22

    They do not have the talent to win a ring but they seriously underachieved in the playoffs and to say otherwise would be a blatant lie.

    They had plenty of opportunities versus indy to succeed and if jr-melo would have passed more, there is no doubt in my mind that they get a game 7 at home. The thing that irks me about you saying the knicks lacking talent is melo can’t even successfully play with the guy that was an mvp candidate for half a season before melo got there. Amare pre-injury was pretty horrible with melo because again… melo does not pass the ball.

    Melo-JR just need to pass the ball more. The knicks are at their best when the ball moves on the perimeter so that they can get easy 3s… not when 2 of their players are playing 1 on 5

  • Ishmael Jenkins

    1) Copeland, Novak, and Kidd are gone. That was last season. Their shooters are gone. JR Smith is the only one left.
    2) When did Melo take a team deep into the playoffs? Chauncey Billups was the main reason that 09 Nuggets team got to the Conference Finals and that team was easily above average with talent. It was his leadership and PG play that drove them. Melo did what he does…score. But that’s not leadership. Besides that, it’s been all first round exits for him except for last season.
    3) Iverson wasn’t out of his prime when he got to Denver or the next full season with them. He put up 26 and 7 during his only full season there. And before him, you’re crazy if you think Andre Miller, JR Smith, Nene, Kenyon Martin and Marcus Camby weren’t talented. Miller was and is an above average PG. JR Smith was talented even though he was young. Nene, Kenyon Martin and Marcus Camby were a pretty formidable frontcourt. Billups also wasn’t out of his prime. He was, as I said, the biggest reason for them getting out of the first round and to the Conference Finals. He averaged 18 and 6 the year they got eliminated by the Lakers in the CF…that’s a player past his prime to you?
    When does it become about him? It’s 10 years in. LeBron would have loved to have that Nuggets squad around him that Melo had.
    4) There’s no double standard with Melo and KD. People talk differently about them because they recognize KD’s game evolving. Melo’s hasn’t evolved since he’s been in the league. He’s gotten bigger and stronger, but the argument could be made that he was a better rebounder at Syracuse than he’s been in the NBA.

    Comparing the Thunder losing in the Finals to the Knicks losing in the first round is senseless. The Thunder bulldozed through the Western Conference…the Knicks lost in the 1st round. The Thunder beat the last 3 Conference champions. Swept one. Won in 5 against another. Took 4 games in a row from the last one. No comparison there. Also, that line about bogus foul calls on KD sounds like an excuse you’re giving for Melo not scoring as easily as he does or being as efficient as he is. KD’s points come from 3s, drives to the basket, and free throws. He’s nearly 7 feet tall. He shoots over guys. No excuses are there to give.

    What it comes down to is styles of play. KD’s already the best scorer in the league…he’s becoming a better rebounder and he’s seeing the floor better. Melo’s peaked. He’s a scorer, an okay rebounder, nothing else.

  • straight cake

    1)The New York Knicks acquired Bargnani and Metta World Peace who can still shoot the 3 ball effectively also added with Melo, JR Smith, Iman Shumpert, Raymond Felton, Tim Hardaway Jr and Prigioni. The offense they utilized last year is not going anywhere and in theory can get better if they stay healthy next season and the off season is not over and they are still actively looking for more players to fit in the system.

    2) You do realize that Melo was the leading scorer in that playoff series for Denver. Plus your neglecting the fact that they inevitably lost to the eventually NBA champion Lakers who was coached by Phil Jackson arguably the greatest coach in the NBA with 11 championships.

    3) Who did Kevin Durant and the Oklahoma City Thunder play in the Western Conference playoffs that year that was even a worthy challenger.They played a blown up defending champion Mavs team in the 1st round, an overachieving and aging Lakers team with Kobe, Pau, and Bynum as the only contributors on offense and a below average defense and if it was not for James Harden playing out of his mind, they would not have gotten by the Spurs because he was easily the series MVP in that match-up.

  • King David

    we shouldve swept them and melo, chandler, and smith would’ve gotten the rest they needed to beat the pacers

  • Feez_22


    I could battle all of your points but i will instead just totally rebuke your fifth point.

    Did you just say that if you switch kd with melo, both would have equal success in their new situations? LOL… LOL…

    -Carmelo anthony is an inefficient volume shooter. Kevin durant just posted the most efficient volume shooting season in the history of the NBA. 50-40-90 club with 18+ shots a game and an efg% through the roof… has NEVER been done.

    -Durant makes a concerted effort to pass. Melo does NOT.

    -Durant is a better player than melo in pretty much every major phase of the game… scoring, defense, rebounding, assisting, efficiency, basketball iq, making teammates better…

    & most importantly… Durant can literally play with any star player and be successful because he does more than one thing well on the basketball court. Durant has a complimentary game. Carmelo anthony is a scorer that rebounds a little. Crappy defender, inefficient, doesn’t pass, doesn’t make his teammates better, has low basketball IQ (just watch him rotate on defense… he literally doesn’t know where he is supposed to be)…

    Carmelo anthony got traded to new york (who had at the time a top 3 mvp candidate in amare) and couldn’t even play with him. His game was not complimentary at all to amare’s… It has come to a point where carmelo and amare can’t even be on the court at the same time. That would not be the case with kevin durant. Not at all. so no… that point is invalid. KD is just a better player than melo and has a more complimentary game in terms of team success so if you switch them, the knicks would be a better team flat out and the thunder would not.

  • straight cake


    Kevin Durant 2012-2013 season:

    PPG: 28.1 APG: 4.6 RPG: 7.9 PER: 28.35

    Carmelo Anthony 2012-2013 season:

    PPG: 28.7 APG: 2.6 RPG: 6.9 PER: 24.83

    Pretty similar STATS if you ask me.The only reason Kevin Durant has a higher PER is because he is playing with a top 5 PG and Superstar in the league in Russell Westbrook who in effect takes more shots than him during the regular season and playoffs. Would Kevin Durant have a 50-40-90 season if he did not play with Westbrook? I doubt it because he would be depended upon to score more and take more shots which would make him inefficient as Melo or Allen Iverson for example.

    Durant only cares about stats so much he even hired his own Analytics expert to keep track of Lebron’s stats and he even admitted he only shoots 15 or 16 times a game, why is that? its because of his partner Russell Westbrook taking more shots than him and making him look like a stat padder.

    Melo makes him teammates better by drawing double and triple teams and passing to teammates for wide open 3 pointers. He had Raymond, Prigioni and Kidd last year those were the guys that needed to set up teammates for shots, Melo’s job is to score and keep the team in the game so they can close the deal.

    You saying Melo needs to be a better passer is like saying Lebron should be a better shot blocker or free throw shooter…is it really that necessary for him to focus on something so irrelevant to his performance in basketball I think its just nitpicking, so your telling me that even though the Knicks had one of the best seasons in recent franchise history that all of a sudden he should pass/facilitate more hmmm okay then.

    Quote from Kevin Durant from Sports Illustrated:

    “But I do look at LeBron’s box score. I want to see how many points, rebounds and assists he had, and how he shot from the field. If he had 30 points, nine rebounds and eight assists, I can tell you exactly how he did it, what type of shots he made and who he passed to.”

    Quotes from 4 time NBA Champion and 3 time Finals MVP Shaq:

    “The day I stopped worrying about stats is the day I started winning”

    “Stats don’t matter. I care about winning, not stats. If I score 0 points and we win I’m happy. If I score 50, 60 points, break the records, and we lose, I’m pissed off. ‘Cause I knew I did something wrong. I’ll have a heck of a season if I win the championship and average 20 points a game.”

    Looks like Kevin Durant does not have his priorities in order.

  • Feez_22

    #1: A 28.35 PER v. a 24.83 PER is a big difference stats wise. a really big difference. a 28.35 PER puts durant’s season on the level of mvp/near mbp type seasons like what lebron achieved in 07-08(top 3 mvp) and 08-09(mvp). A 24.83 PER puts melo’s season in line with lebron’s 2nd season in the nba and harden’s season last yr. When you start getting into the 27-31 range of PER that is literally a HOF type season. Melo had an ordinary season star wise and a season a young player like james harden could easily duplicate in the future. You’d be hard pressed to duplicate what kd did since 50-40-90 on 18 shots per game has never been done before in the history of the nba. How about you understand the stat more before you toss that in the air…

    #2: Melo avg’s 2.6 assists per game in the reg season and a paltry 1.8 assists in the playoffs. For a dude that has the ball as long as an elite pg, he sure does not do what you say. Melo is the only player in the top 10 usage wise that avg’s less than 3 assists a game. He does not pass to his shooters as much as he should. He is out there chucking shots and it reflects in his statistics. KD avg two more assists than melo did. KD also doesn’t shot jack… he just registered the most efficient scoring season from a perimeter player maybe in history (again, 50-40-90, 18 shots a game and a lot of them being jumpers)… BTW assists wise, kd avg 4.6 this yr (a career high and without harden) and avg 6.3 assists in the playoffs w/o westbrook…

    #3: Actually, saying lebron should be a better free throw shooter is VERY RELEVANT in terms of basketball performance from a perimeter player. Lebron is already a great HOF player but if he had a 80-85% ft percentage he’d avg 1-2 more points per game than he does now at a higher efficiency than he already has… think about that. Melo has the ball the most of any of his teammates. Thus, the onus is on him to playmake for his teammates. It is what kobe finally did last yr &. what every all star wing player did last yr except melo… There is a reason why the knicks were DEAD LAST in assists last year… look at melo and JR taking all the shots and not passing SMH

    #4: KD worries about stats and efficiency? oh my god… someone call the cops. You know who else did that last year? LEBRON JAMES… you know who else? DWYANE WADE… I guess lebron james and dwyane wade also don’t have their priorities in order…

    BTW, shot jackers are the ones that are the MOST WORRIED about their stats. If you can shot jack and can negatively affect your team yet still do it just for ppg (which is what melo did last yr) then what do you think he is doing? he worries about his PPG.

  • straight cake

    #1 Allen Iverson’s overall PER is 20.92 and we know without a doubt he his a Future Hall of Famer but obviously he could not be efficient throughout his career because it was pretty much a one man team in Philly for the 10+ seasons he played for them. Melo has a similar overall PER @ 20.79 and never had much help throughout his career and thats why his playoff success is dismal compared to other stars in the league.

    You need to remember that Melo has to shoot a lot because he does not play with any superstars on his team, similar to what Allen Iverson had with the 76ers. Kevin Durant plays with Russell Westbrook who shoots more than him so obviously he is going to be more efficient and Westbrook also causes mismatches for defenses because you have to account for KD and RW meaning you cant double team as much because the other one can go off. Melo is the only guy on The Knicks that defenses take seriously so obviously he has to take shots to keep the team in the game being double and tripled teamed.

    #2 You say Melo should pass the ball more but who is out on the floor that he can pass to? should he pass the ball to a teammate just for passing sake and let them shoot bricks?! and even if he passed more people in the media would say “he is deferring too much, superstars need to take charge” its a lose-lose situation wether he shoots to much or he shoots less.

    #3 Rondo lead the league in APG at 11.1 and the Celtics were barely in playoff contention earlier in the season and they still had Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce. Plus its not about passing more for assists or shooting a higher free throw percentage its making the RIGHT pass and making the CLUTCH free throws that matter…ask the Spurs about making free throws from game 6.

    My Overall Argument:

    If Melo had superstar help all your points are valid but since he doesnt I dont think its fair to criticize him. Lebron plays with another Superstar, Kevin Durant plays with another Superstar, James Harden plays with another Superstar, even Chris Paul plays with another “Superstar” and has never gotten passed the 2nd round and never gets as much backlash and criticism as Melo. You can be the most talented basketball player but if you dont have any help around you, you wont win any championships or have deep playoff appearances.

  • Feez_22

    #1 – Allen iverson one manned a team to the NBA finals, won an nba MVP and was a 4x nba scoring champion. He led the league in steals a couple of years which shows he at least had a semblance of impact on defense and was an all NBA first teamer 3x in his career and is one of the best scoring little guys the nba has ever seen (26.7ppg for his career).

    Carmelo anthony up to this point has been out of the first round 2 times in his career, has ONE scoring championship (for a dude that people call some awesome scorer, you’d think he has more), has NEVER made an all nba first team, doesn’t have defensive impact and is pretty much a scorer and that’s it.

    If you are going to really sit here and tell me these two careers/accomplishments are comparable, you are freaking insane. BTW, carmelo shot the same number of shots when he first came to the knicks (amare was an all star that yr and was a top 3 mvp candidate that yr before melo got there) and shot the same amt with iverson on the squad as well (iverson had one year where his production was> westbrooks and melo still shot a lot)… one trick pony = melo.

    2. The knicks led the nba in 3 point shots made… i think someone here pointed that out. They led the nba in 3pt shots made and had 2 wing players that didn’t like to pass… IMAGINE what that offense could have been like if those 2 wing players (jr smith/carmelo) actually PASSED THE BALL… take that in for a moment. Did melo have superstar teammates? no. Did melo have great shooters around him? YES… what do you do with a team w/ great shooters? PASS TO THEM. it’s that simple.

    3. If clutch mattered over team play (which is basically what you are saying), carmelo would be the best player in the NBA and a 3-4 time champion right now. why? carmelo’s clutch percentages are through the roof and are above everyones and have been since his 3rd year… BTW, the spurs got to the finals not because of “clutch” but because they all PASS THE BALL TO WIDE OPEN 3PT SHOOTERS!!! Danny green would have done jack sh#t if he had played on the knicks for instance who don’ t pass the ball.

    btw… making the right pass? that would be logical if melo passed the ball. Again… melo avg 2.6 assists in the reg season and 1.8 asst in the playoffs last yr. Basically, when melo caught the ball, 9 out of 10 times it is a SHOT…

    My overall argument

    - When lebron didn’t play with superstar players he actually passed MORE because in order to get the most out of lesser talent, you have to put that talent in position to win other than playing with other great players who most likely than not do not need a set up man to get their shots. Lebron’s career high in assists (8.6) happened on a cavs team with mo williams as his 2nd best player… that same mo williams is now the 3rd pg in the blazers rotation.

    - When kevin durant lost westbrook in the playoffs, his passing went UP for the same reason. 6.3 assists in the playoffs because he had to set up his guys more due to not having another superstar who could carry the load. KD’s assists grew to 4.6 this yr from 2.6 last yr because with no harden he had to playmake more and he DID.

    - James harden last yr played with no superstar players… he avg 5.8 assists last yr… more than 2x as much as melo.

    - Chris paul doesn’t get the criticism melo gets because chris paul is not only a TEAM PLAYER but has had 2 HISTORICAL point guard seasons. He avg 20-10-3 with a 28 PER in 07-08 (should have won mvp) and came back in 08-09 with 22-11-3 and a 30 PER. there are only 5 players since mike jordan retired whom have achieved a 30 PER in a reg season… Shaq, Duncan, Lebron, CP3 and Garnett (garnett had a 29.4 but close enough)… 4 of those 5 have won at least an mvp so that puts one of cp3′s seasons in line with the best seasons the other guys have had at his position. melo has NEVER had a season like that. In fact, chris paul’s career>carmelo anthony’s career.

    Carmelo anthony hasn’t lived up to expectations. Chris paul has lived up to expectations. This is why melo gets more criticism than cp3. People want to label melo a superstar when he is NOT. he is an all star but as a 1 trick pony, he is no damn superstar period.

  • straight cake

    #1) I was not comparing Iverson and Melo’s careers I was just refuting the fact that you said a player needed to average a PER between 27-31 range to be considered for the Hall of Fame. Allen Iverson is much superior then Carmelo Anthony but that was not what I was arguing about.

    Plus you seem to forget that after that MVP season and that trip to the finals in the 2000-2001 season, Allen Iverson and the 76ers never ever saw that type of success again, they either got ousted in the first round or missed the playoffs.

    #2) As Hall of Famer and Commentator Charles Barkley always says you live and die by the jumpshot, anytime a team that follows this strategy cant be expected to shoot lights out every game, that’s what doomed the Orlando Magic in the NBA finals in 2009.

    #3) You actually prove my point when it comes to Lebron and KD:

    When Lebron was with the Cavs he passed like crazy but did he ever win anything. nope. it was not until he went to South Beach where he won titles because he had SUPERSTAR help.

    Kevin Durant passed like crazy but did the Thunder beat the Grizzlies nope they won the first game and lost 4 straight times after that, without his SUPERSTAR point guard Russell Westbrook.

    Wether you lead the league in APG like Rondo or never pass the ball like Kobe, if you dont have SUPERSTAR help you will not win championships. Ask Micheal Jordan how it felt before Scottie Pippen arrived, Ask Kobe how it felt when Shaq Left Los Angeles, Look at Lebron when he was with the Cavs, Look at the Celtics before Ray Allen and KG arrived. Not everyone was fortunate enough to have Kareem Abdul Jabbar as their starting center like Magic Johnson did in his first year with the Lakers.

    You just need to put things into perspective but you did make some good points in which I agreed you are correct.

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  • Feez_22

    #1) I NEVER said that a player needed a 27-31 PER to go to the HOF. I said that a player that has a season with a PER of 27-31 is a player that is having a HOF or all time great SEASON. There are plenty of players that are in the HOF without a PER of 27-31 which shows you that if a player has a season in that range, they are truly doing something special/unique that the top tier HOFers did.

    After iverson got to the nba finals they lost in the 1st rd the next yr but won in the first rd the yr after. Before he got to the finals, he lost in the semis 2 straight years. Melo has been out of the first round TWICE. just think about that.

    #2) Wait a minute… charles said you live and die by the jumper. Ok that would be legit in this case except you forget to mention that MELO AND JR were taking CONTESTED JUMPERS ALL SEASON/PLAYOFFS!!! lmao… the knicks died in the playoffs because jr smith and carmelo were absolutely PUTRID shooting the ball from the perimeter. go look at their numbers… they were horrible. The shooters around them minus jason kidd all shot better from their perspective ranges which is why if both of them had passed the ball, new york prolly could have forced a game 7… that game 7 would have been a home game against a bad road team in indy so who knows what happens.

    #3: Who is talking about winning the big one? I said that if melo had passed more, he could have MAXED the talent he was playing with. They could have been a conf finals out instead of a conf semis out. The literal diff in that series was that melo and JR weren’t maximizing the potential around them. I already said in an earlier post that they probably did not have enough to win the whole thing but at least max the talent to max your opportunity to get far in the playoffs.

    When lebron was in cleveland, he was maximizing his lesser teammates to the point where he dragged a team to the finals, dragged 2 teams to 60 wins and has never lost in the first round. Melo has lost in the first round every year in his career except two….

    Kevin durant maxed his teammates after westbrook got hurt and managed to get to the 2nd round even though you could debate that through players 3-12, the rockets had better players. The thunder were top heavy but since KD maxed his teammates, they advanced. Now, they did lose to memphis but they lost to the grizz with the team they had playing the best they could. the knicks weren’t playing the best they could v indy bc melo/jr were just jacking up contested jumpers and not involving their teammates.

    I have always maintained you need TALENT around you to win championships. I don’t know why you are even saying i didn’t recognize that… I am not bashing melo for not winning a ring. I am bashing melo for not maximizing the talent around him. A lot of players haven’t won championships but unlike melo, a lot of them have maxed the talent around them. In melo’s case, it isn’t even about winning a ring at this point. It is about consistently getting out of the first round and maximizing his teammates level of play… 2 things he doesn’t do.

    This is why carmelo gets criticized. This is also why melo isn’t even in the same stratosphere of kevin durant… not even close. Melo is a tier 3 star in this league. Tier 1 – lebron/durant. Tier 2- guys like kobe, cp3, etc. Tier 3-Carmelo anthony, james harden, Dwight Howard etc. Why people think carmelo is a superstar is beyond me. He is a 1 trick pony that doesn’t make his teammates better and loses in the playoffs prematurely not maximizing his teammates level of play on a consistent basis.

  • straight cake

    The Melo/Durant debate is similar to the Barkley/Malone debate. I am pretty sure Karl Malone would not have been as good as he was statistically or had gone to two straight finals if it were not for John Stockton as his PG during the Jordan era. Barkley and Malone were similar talent wise but Malone had Stockton and Charles had nobody else.

  • Feez_22


    the melo/durant debate is not similar to the barkley/malone debate because there is really no comparison between carmelo and durant. Durant does almost everything on the court that’s tangible better than melo. Durant is a better shooter, scorer, ft shooter, rebounder, passer, higher bball iq, better defender (man to man and help), blocks better, steals better… what else do you need to know?

    Carmelo is a 1 trick pony in terms of scoring and durant does that BETTER than melo along with everything else. Both barkley and malone were SUPERSTAR nba players who both won mvp’s and lead teams to the finals (to be ousted by the great one mike jordan but i digress). Malone was better because he played better on the defensive end and had more skill offensively but that tier of debate is not indicative of what durant v. melo is.

    Kevin durant is a SUPERSTAR nba player. Tier 1. Carmelo is a Star player. tier 3. Thus, there is no comparison. none. Durant is a flat out better player than melo so to compare it to malone/barkley is inaccurate.

  • tDUB

    He was the sixth man of the year… give him some credit. Stat was averaging 25 and 10 for the knicks before melo came in. Didn’t work out well and now melos not passing. With stat melo jr and a good passing point guard (feltons a shooter) the knicks can make some noise.

  • tDUB

    Woah Woah. Wade was the finals mvp and shaq was having a bad postseason in 06. Kobe was the finals mvp when he had gasol. Plus they were both better than lebron at some point in their career. Now that its lebrons time to shine you can’t just call them nothing. If anyones nothing its melo because he just can’t make his teammates better if he plays like he has, but he too is an amazing player and is not nothing because of his scoring prowess. Those people around melo can help him: they are amazing shooters and if melo passed (he has some passing skills actually) and if the knicks maybe sign a pure point guard (felton a 2 guard really) then they are set.

  • straight cake

    I think you need to watch some more Basketball…

  • straight cake

    Durant proved he’s no different than Melo when he lost Westbrook. The only difference is how they get there points and the fact Durant has Westbrook, a teammate on the All NBA Second Team. Melo is as tough as they come, and skilled. Get lost in all the stats you want, Durant never carried a team with as much weight on his shoulders as Melo. Plus he would easily facilitate more if he had a true second option scorer such as what Lebron or KD or even what James Harden has now.

    Ron Artest/Metta World Peace shut KD down to the tune of 35% shooting against the Lakers in 10′ and in the last three games of the WCF KD shot less than 40% and I dont need to remind you how Lebron shut him down in the NBA finals a few seasons ago.

  • Feez_22

    #1 – As i said… Lebron, KD and Harden averaged their most assists per game when they had the least amount of talent around them. Lebron averaged 8.6 assists per game in 2009-2010 (his career high) with mo williams as his second option… ya that mo williams who is the 3rd pg off the blazers bench.

    Harden avg 5.8 assists per last year with a 2nd option of chandler parsons. Parsons is pretty good but is still a young up and coming player who no one thought would be much when he was drafted.

    When russell westbrook got injured g1 v. houston kevin durant went on to avg 6.3 assists in the playoffs. Career high avg in assists for a playoff run for him which spanned 11 games. Melo has never avg even 4 assists in a playoff run.

    #2 – Kd got shut down in 2010. Yes, that is true. However, that was his 3rd nba season. If you think kevin durant is the same player now as he was in his 3rd nba season, you are freaking insane. In fact, if you think any star player doesn’t have growth from their 3rd nba season to their 6th season, you should stop watching basketball.

    #3 – Kevin durant sure did have a bad 3 wcf games the year after… guess what? he had a good playoff run that year and improved it in 2011-2012. In 2010-2011 btw, the yr where you nitpicked durant’s final 3 games of the wcf, he avg 28ppg on 45% shooting in 17 games. He still needed growth but did grow from the year before when in his first playoff berth avg 25ppg on 35%.

    #4 – Lebron shut kevin durant down in the 2012 nba finals? is that a freaking joke? Lebron is a really good player and is currently my favorite player in the nba but you need to get your damn facts straight on this one.

    Kevin durant avg 30.6ppg on 54.8% shooting in that nba finals. That’s shutting someone down? L O L

    It looks like you are the one that needs to watch more basketball. Anyone that thinks carmelo anthony is even on kevin durant’s level needs to watch more basketball and brush up on their knowledge of the game.

  • straight cake

    Skip and Stephen A make some good points:


  • Feez_22

    Did you really post an espn first take segment? Oh God…

    Not only will i not watch that… You also shouldn’t watch that either. First take is for entertainment and shock value. If you watch the games and then hear them talk, it is basically the opposite of what happened in the game most if not all of the time. They misinterpret and blow things out of proportion for ratings. I refuse to watch that. Sorry.

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