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Chris Wilcox Played With a Torn Ligament Last Season

According to Boston Celtics big man Chris Wilcox, he gutted it out through a torn ligament in his thumb. The injury was initially diagnosed a strain in December, and cost the backup center 19 games. Per the Boston Globe: ”The injury was diagnosed as a strained ulnar collateral ligament and Wilcox wore a wrap around the thumb for the remainder of the season. Wilcox said on Wednesday that he discovered after the season that the ligament was actually torn and required surgery. ‘It was tough, it never got better,’ he said. ‘I just thought I would give it some rest after the season and I would barely put my hand in a fist. It didn’t get any better.’ Wilcox wasn’t effective after returning from the injury and his minutes were eventually taken by Shavlik Randolph, who provided defense and rebounding off the bench. Wilcox played just seven minutes during the playoff series against the New York Knicks and is now a free agent, looking for at least a training camp invite. Wilcox missed most of the 2011-12 season after having surgery in March 2012 to repair an enlarged aorta. He said he never got into premium basketball shape following surgery. He is using this summer for that purpose. ‘I have been working hard on my shape and to get back to there I was before,’ he said. ‘I still have a cast on my hand but I should be ready for the season. I just want to prove that I can still play.’”

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  • pposse

    i believe it this guy was a beast at UMD – always rooted for him juan dixon and steve blake

  • TR

    Learn something new everyday, didn’t realize he was still in the league

  • spit hot fiyah

    those teams were awesome. terrence morris! i thought wilcox would be a much better pro though.

  • spit hot fiyah

    wow, they couldn’t give the guy a MRI when it happened or after a week when it didn’t get better?

  • pposse

    in college Wilcox was just dominant. In College its so damn hard to tell who will pan out and who won’t..one year i bet my cousin Hakeem Warrick would be rookie of the year based off his play at NC State..$20 down the drain

  • spit hot fiyah

    i see how u lost 20 since warrick didn’t even play at nc state. Syracuse bro

    but agreed though, sometimes evaluating a college players potential pro career can be extremely difficult.

  • pposse

    ahh i meant Julius Hodge, i thought he was gonna go #1 in the draft, he barely got an tick then i think he got shot.

  • spit hot fiyah

    also got nut punched by chris paul

  • Jimmy

    he sat on the bench with a torn ligament*

  • Caboose

    “Listen Chris, we have a specific budget for medical expenses and Rondo burned through most of it…so yeah. Here’s some tape or something.”