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Derrick Rose Has Added Range According to Tom Thibodeau

After visiting Derrick Rose in Los Angeles and observing some of his workouts, Chicago Bulls head coach Tom Thibodeau reports on the superstar point guard’s progress. Thibodeau says that Rose — who missed all of last season while recovering from knee surgery — has developed better range on his jumper, and is now a lot stronger. Per the Chicago Tribune: “Rose, who is set to attend training camp in late September after missing last season following knee surgery, is set to travel to Asia Sept. 4-16 for his second shoe promotional tour this offseason. Before then, he is working out with personal trainer Rob McClanaghan and other NBA players, including Jimmy Butler earlier this week. Thibodeau traveled west Wednesday to check in on Rose, who is sporting increased range on his jumper and a left-handed floater that he has worked on extensively this offseason. Thibodeau said last month at the summer league that he doesn’t envision ‘big limitations’ on Rose once training camp and exhibition games open. ‘What the summer has done is it’s given him more time to build confidence and strength in his leg,’ Thibodeau said in Las Vegas in July. ‘His entire body is a lot stronger.’”

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  • ctk

    Not saying much …what make him special is getting to that cup

  • LLC#12

    He’s going be one of the top 5 scorers in the league I think. Of the 6 guys over 25ppg last season, Durant, LeBron, and Melo are all sure to stay there, Kobe probably will finish the season there, but Harden might take a dip with Howard joining him. I could see Rose leapfrogging Kobe and Harden.

    Scoring PG’s really are in abundance these days, Westbrook, Curry, Irving, and Parker were all over 20ppg last season, Lillard at 19 and Wall at 18.5 could feasibly jump up to 20 this year, and Rose is a shoe-in to get over 20. Throw in other PG’s like Rondo, Williams and Paul etc, there is gonna be some crazy snubs come all-star weekend…

  • spit hot fiyah

    that makes sense since he has been shooting the ball probably close to every day for over a year

  • Ryan Seavey

    No. What makes Rose special is when he knows when to get to the cup, he knows when to pull up, he knows when to use a floater, he knows when to pull the three & he knows when to dish. His finishing ability is very special, as him & kyrie are the best finishers in the league. The lefty floater well help make up for the lost step he’s likely to have from the injury, and the range improvement will also REALLY help. As long as D-Rose can still D up, he’ll come back even stronger…

  • i_ball

    Tony Parker would disagree with you about the best finishers

  • straight cake

    The Rockets need Harden to score to win so his production will not decrease more likely to increase to make the players around him better.

  • greg

    tony parker eats every guard for breakfast and every would be shot blocker for dessert.

  • Kadavour

    how does Harden scoring more make the players around him better? what skillset of theirs does James Harden’s scoring improve?

  • TR

    Feels like D.Rose has been gone forever man…hope he has a great comeback. Very excited to see him and Westbrook go at it at some point. I think Westbrook’s come up a lot since D.Rose got hurt.

  • Mike Gilbert

    this is making me so horny

  • Mike Gilbert

    Harden’s ppg are going to go down from last year, considering their team is the same, except they added Howard

  • straight cake

    Simple. Harden takes more pressure of his teammates when he is scoring because defenses are going to be kept more honest and it helps his teammates play their roles better. Plus when Harden attacks the rim he can pass to open 3 point shooters and create for his teammates.

  • straight cake

    Howard is a defensive player, how would Harden a primarily offensive player have is PPG go down from last season. Harden is their #1 option on offense so I dont know why you would think anything would change.

  • straight cake
  • Interdico Scriptor

    true… DRose has been gone awhile

  • corinaerskine23bv

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    that makes sense since he has been shooting the ball probably close to every day for over a year

  • Mike Gilbert

    Howard has averaged right around 20 ppg every season of his career.

  • 23

    I think you’re confusing scoring with playing aggressively on the offensive end.

  • 23

    I’m curious to see how Westbrook is doing. I haven’t come across many articles. It’s all about rose.

  • danokay

    yeah but i see a good chance in hardens ppg staying the same plus his apg rising a little i see dwight getting lins points as soon as he gets traded and he will believe that then asik/parsons ppg dipping a bit and we have it

  • bike

    I would hope so. What else could he be doing while rehabbing? Dribbling? Working on his chest pass?

  • straight cake

    whether this is scoring or playing aggressively it 100% makes his team the Houston Rockets much better:


  • straight cake

    Howard points are more likely to go down because he is a #2 option and is going to be used as a defensive center.

  • Omar K Grant-Brown

    good to hear that man is ready to take on his duties . He knew when he would be ready and i respect that bro. Keep doing your thing only you know your full potential and when to present it. I know that injury had your mind in a whirlwind and it takes time to rebuild back most definitely respect that move though.

  • http://triplejunearthed.com/dacre Dacre

    Loved the video…. he is unconscious from deep….. but he didnt actually make his team mates
    * better
    * more dangerous
    * more effective on the floor
    Nice link to a great highlight though.

  • JL

    Good luck if you think Howard signed with the Rockets to take less shots. He complains when he doesn’t get his touches. To the media. He is getting his, one way or the other. Harden’s touches won’t go down, but his shot attempts definitely will.

  • JL

    I remember reading he’s coming along fine and should be ready for the season.

  • http://triplejunearthed.com/dacre Dacre

    The question I would have is this: with Howard on the floor and you spread for iso plays with James at the top with the ball what is the likely hood that the defensive player Leaves Howard to force the pass and then you create an opportunity to send howard to the line??? Once teams really start doing that it will mean others need to create. What if Howard doesn’t get given the ball??? I guarantee we will hear about his expectation for touches etc… point being I EXPECT Hardens ppg to drop next season. Sure the Rockets should expect more Ws this year but that ppg will drop.

  • straight cake

    Howard has no post moves even Hakeem Olajuwon said he was still “raw” in terms of his post game, plus he still cant shoot free throws, so he is somewhat a liability on the offensive end at times especially when it comes to the 4th quarter when teams are going to foul him like crazy next season if the game is close.

    If he wants more touches I suggest he become more aggressive when it comes to offensive rebounding and put-backs/dunks or maybe when Harden is being double teamed he can throw the ball down to Howard on the low block.

  • straight cake

    Howard does not have a great post game and he is a defensive player, this is not Orlando where the offense is built around him, he is going to have to adjust his game to fit the Rockets system and to support Harden because this is still Hardens team. The Rockets could also run set plays for Howard to get more touches also and Harden is still going to score and play aggressive.
    Kevin Mchale is good coach he will figure something out

  • Mike Gilbert

    Howard averaged 17ppg last year with a bad back and with KOBE on his team. You really think James Harden is going to stop him from scoring 20+?

  • Evan Boland

    Howard’s athleticism is fading and his lack of skill will continue to show more and more. He got 17 ppg off feeds from Kobe and Gasol and put backs.

  • Interdico Scriptor

    Harden, like Rose has HIGH expectations. Anything less than a MVP season for Rose is considered a failure. Harden is pretty good, but not in the same class as the premier players like Bryant, Anthony or Griffin.
    I wish Derek the best, but I think I’m the only person who thinks his peak was a few years ago…
    can’t believe Bleacher gave Butler/Rose the number 1 slot for backcourts in the L

  • Max

    Anthony and Griffin are not in the same class with Kobe.

  • straight cake

    Harden averaged 25.9 PPG 5.8 APG 4.8 RPG 23 PER in the 2012-2013 that seems pretty ELITE to me. I dont think Blake Griffin is ELITE because he has zero post game, cant defend his position and still has to develop a jump shot. Derrick Rose in my opinion will be okay and even better than before, he is just coming back from a torn ACL although a major injury, its not like he has forgotten to play basketball or anything.

  • straight cake

    When Howard develops a post game then we can talk about him taking shots away from Harden. This is James Hardens Houston Rockets team.

  • Interdico Scriptor

    Yeah, well, I s*ck & f*ck for $ and you don’t see me advertising it

  • Interdico Scriptor

    so have I

  • Da Real

    The only range he needs to worry about is the range of motion on his knee

  • Mike Gilbert

    why are you ignoring facts though. The Lakers were Kobe’s team, but D12 came in and got his buckets. What do you expect, Dwight to average 13ppg? You are living in a dream world my man

  • Mike Gilbert

    I’m not willing to say he won’t be the guy he was in Orlando yet. I mean we know he’s a mental midget, so he obviously wasn’t at his best mentally in LA. Not to mention he’s coming off back surgery, something that can be harder to recover from than knee surgery. If he’s 100% healthy he’s going to average 21/13. If he’s like he was in LA he’s still gonna average 16-17/11. Harden’s ppg are obviously going to drop when you add a 15+ppg and keep the rest of the core intact.

  • robb

    a lot stronger?? I’m scared

  • straight cake

    True but I don’t see how Hardens points would go down because of Howards role on the team. Howard needs to average 20+ PPG for the Rockets to have a good seeding in the regular season and advance deep into the playoffs but Harden will still average at least 25 PPG or even more next season. Kobe’s points did not go down last season so neither do I expect Hardens to go down either.

  • AJ Marshall

    Derrick rose
    25.0 ppg
    8.0 apg
    4.5 rpg
    1.5 spg
    1.0 bpg
    0.9 orpg
    2.9 topg
    56% FG

  • Mike Gilbert

    Kobe’s points didn’t go down because Howard replaced Bynum, a scoring center. Since Howard is replacing Asik on the Rockets, a guy who averaged 10ppg, I do expect Harden’s numbers to dip to 22ish ppg. His efficiency will without a doubt increase though.

  • straight cake

    Kobe averaged 27.9 PPG in 2011-2012 when Andrew Bynum was the Lakers Center. Kobe also averaged 27.3 PPG in 2012-2013 when Dwight Howard was the Lakers Center. Knowing these facts I dont know why you would assume Hardens PPG would go down, Harden would still be playing lots of minutes anyways and the Rockets paid him a big contract to score points and the Rockets dont even have a good bench so they would still need Hardens scoring.

    Plus Harden and Howard can sub in for one another to get rest maybe during the 2nd and 3rd quarters so they can still score enough points and get enough touches and obviously in the 4th quarter they would be on the court at the same time, so Harden can still average 25+ PPG.

    Harden is their best scorer and player, why would the Rockets want him to score less points the only thing Harden needs to improve on is his defense and questionable shot taking at times.


    Harden not as good as Griffin?!?! Oh boy

  • van gibson

    Tony Parker is the most underrated PG in the league. T Parker I see you kill’em softly. This article was about d rose’s progress not the 4th or 5th best team in the west. Dwight is not the answer and stop talking a about James harden like he’s a top 5 guard or something. The only thing that changed with harden is more shot attempts.