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Lakers May Ask Phil Jackson to Help Broadcast Games

According to Jeanie Buss, a Los Angeles Lakers executive and co-owner, broadcasting could be in Phil Jackson’s future. Jeanie says her fiancé has no official capacity within the organization — though he does some consulting — but her brother Jim claims he’d be fine with Jackson taking on a bigger role. Per Comcast: “Are you prepared to hear Phil Jackson, Lakers color analyst? That’s one of several roles Jeanie Buss opined he’d be willing to fill if the franchise needed. ‘Right now he has no official position,’ Jeanie said of Phil’s role with the team. ‘He wants to be supportive of me and the organization. He has no contractual obligation. He would listen to anything where he might be able to help. If we asked him to fill in on the broadcast because someone was out, I’m sure he’d do it. Just because everyone puts him as a coach doesn’t mean that’s the only thing he’s capable of doing.’ Jim Buss welcomes Phil’s involvement – to a degree. ‘We can call him at any time,’ Jim said. ‘(GM) Mitch (Kupchak) has sat down with him several times, especially with the Dwight situation. I’d be more than happy to have him on a consultant basis. I don’t think we’re paying him and I don’t know if he has an official title. I have no idea if Jeanie wants to sit down and discuss that. But I have no issues with him coming back or having a role.’”

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  • JibbsIsBallin

    Phil Jackson as an a broadcaster would be the most sophisticated broadcaster ever.

  • bike

    At this point Jeanie is desperate to find Phil something to do. She is getting sick and tired of coming home and finding Phil sitting around and stoned to the gills.

  • robb

    and the most caustic

  • Sergio

    Oh, boy… I laughed hard withmyour comment.

  • LaVerneLakerFan

    and intellectually BORING!! He is a great coach however!!! WHO NEEDS A ZIN BROADCASTER??

  • spit hot fiyah

    let me introduce to you:

  • berkamore


    And and it’s not like she can tell him: “You need a job” Phil could go: “Why, I got F-YOU money so if I’m not offered a GM position with OWNERSHIP percentage (like Pat Riley), I ain’t doing sh…t. ” LOL

  • JibbsIsBallin

    not a big fan of Bill’s commentating. I used to think the guy’s on meth while he commentated. Still questioning that.

  • spit hot fiyah

    that’s what makes it great, no one really knows

  • JibbsIsBallin

    Thats funny.He’s gotta be on meth man.

  • http://triplejunearthed.com/dacre Dacre

    If your going to have Phil in the building but not on that “coaches throne” he used to sit on then your a lost cause L. A.

  • xihetafolex

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    Phil Jackson as an a broadcaster would be the most sophisticated broadcaster ever.

  • Interdico Scriptor

    What’s Phil like as a broadcaster?

  • Caboose

    Zin. Nice.

  • Smits#45

    I still can’t believe the Lakers didn’t offer him the coaching job. One of the best coaches ever and they ask him to help broadcast games. Last year’s season would’ve been so much different if they had him.

  • Smits#45

    I don’t think that Bill’s the most sophisticated commenter out there but I do like his enthusiasm though.