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Pistons Reportedly Interested in Jason Collins

The Pistons have “exploratory interest” in big man Jason Collins, according to ESPN. Collins, 34, could provide a veteran defensive post presence in limited minutes: “The Detroit Pistons have expressed exploratory interest in signing free-agent center Jason Collins, according to sources close to the process. Sources stressed to ESPN.com that, while no formal offer has been made, Detroit has opened a dialogue with Collins, who in late April became the first openly gay athlete in North America’s four traditional major sports leagues. [...] One guaranteed contract shy of the league’s limit of 15, Detroit is said to be intrigued by the veteran know-how Collins possesses and views him as a potential insurance signing in support of its two blossoming big men: Greg Monroe and Andre Drummond. Leaguewide interest in the veteran center has nonetheless been somewhat tepid during the first six weeks of NBA free agency, sources said, but that was not wholly unexpected given Collins’ recent play.”

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  • Lil_Stratboy

    well, Chauncey Billups will have someone he can really call soft now. (pun intended)

  • TheBigL

    But he has to promise he’ll be a Bad Boy.

  • Max
  • Elliot

    Beat me to it!

  • random

    i hope they sign him and he gets traded for rudy gay

  • Basketball_iQ

    Detroit Pistons interested in Jason Collins”— is that a gay joke? Lol

  • The Seed

    Why would Detroit get him, what a waste of adding a player to the team and that is all I will say, before I state something mean. BOOK IT!

  • King David

    lmao !!!

  • lannister

    should have added “no pun intended” at the end

  • Teddy-the-Bear

    Not saying these comments are an embarrassment to humanity, but they’re an embarrassment to humanity.

  • playa
  • Basketball Coach

    Pistons roster can’t shoot and adding another player who can’t play. hmmm big men all the Pistons. smh


  • Jason Carter

    They’re not the only guys that are interested.

  • Jason Carter

    They’re not the only guys that are interested.

  • Max

    Because jokes on a comment section show you what kind of human a person is?