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Stephen Curry Thinks He Can Be ‘Top-10 Among Point Guards’ on Defense

In an interview with the Mercury News, Stephen Curry conceded that his defense deteriorated last season, but he’s confident he can be a good defender for the entire ’13-14 season: “How will you improve your defense this season? ‘By sticking to the game plan consistently over the course of the season. I was really good my first two months, especially on the pick-and-roll. I don’t know if it was a fatigue issue, or playing minutes, or lack of attention to detail. I wasn’t that bad. I’ve looked at the film over the summer. But I can be a lot better, a lot more consistent, like I was the first 25 games or so.’ Is it possible to be good on defense for an entire season with the offensive load you carry? ‘No excuses. It’s definitely possible. When I’m in the game, I’m not really thinking, ‘I’m tired. Let me milk it on defense.’ I’ve just got to dig deep. That’s what you prepare in the summer for, to battle through fatigue like that. So I think it is possible. I’m not going to be defensive player of the year. But hopefully I can be top 10 (among point guards) and be able to disrupt some of the best point guards in the world.’ How does it make you feel when people say you can’t play defense? ‘I don’t really care. I know I can. I know I’m capable of it. I know I’ve shown it. I’m not a liability on the defensive end at all, I don’t think.’”

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  • The Mauve Avenger

    I don’t see why not. I can’t name 10 PGs right now in the league that are completely out of his range defensively. Conley, Rondo, Rose, Paul, Chalmers, Hill all come to mind. Safoloasha and Tony Allen are mainly 2′s so I can’t add them. So yea go ahead Curry put in work.

  • OEasy

    His ankles do not agree with him.

  • spit hot fiyah

    avery bradley if he is considered a one, rubio, bledsoe, maybe holliday

  • The Mauve Avenger

    Avery Bradley definitely. Bledsoe and Rubio sure, I’m not sold on Holiday defensively.

  • spit hot fiyah

    i really liked what he did defensively at ucla, the truth is that i haven’t seen enough of him in the nba to make a good judgment.

    i would put westbrook over him at this point though

  • spit hot fiyah

    sorry, first sentence was regarding holliday, due to not watching him enough i put the maybe in my first reply

  • Allan

    If Steph wears these, he can do it…

  • Caboose

    In approximate order:
    Then probably Curry. Yeah, he could be a top 10 defender, but it will take work.

  • The Fury

    Thank you for adding TP, he’s actually a decent defender (or better). He was even guarding Lebron in the freakin’ Finals!

  • Feez_22

    Westbrook, Rondo, Paul, Wall, Holiday, Chalmers, Bledsoe, lowry,and rubio are pg’s i’d say that are completely out of his range defensively. A number of others are better than him defensively but are in his lane (ty lawson, jeff teague, darren collison to name a few).

    Curry could do it but with those weak ankles, who knows.

  • http://www.rich-imaging.com/ Dutch Rich

    My Ektio Breakaways are the bomb for a ballet at 40. It’s all I wear nowadays on the parquet floor. Never wore braces. I like Curry’s mindset, I mean talk about setting proper goals. Pedigree I guess. Coaching him must be a dream.

  • Björn Atli

    Steph Curry has a better chance of becoming the best shooter in history than a top 10 defender at the PG. So I think he should focus on the former.

  • DAMN!

    hum… Kawhi Leonard ?

  • pposse

    i was just going to say, setting the goal at top 10 pg defensively is very attainable and in reach. You gotta appreciate Steph Curry’s mindset he is has a good head on his shoulder.

  • straight cake

    Russel Westbrook plays much better defense than Chris Paul ask any PG in the Western Conference.

  • straight cake

    When you have offense like this who needs defense: