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Carmelo Anthony ‘Shocked’ by Glen Grunwald’s Firing

The Knicks’ decision to fire GM Glen Grunwald just days before training camp has puzzled Knicks fans and players alike. Carmelo Anthony told the NY Post that he was “shocked” that the Knicks stripped Grunwald of his job after he retooled the club all summer: “Several league executives were genuinely shocked at the timing of the move, as was Carmelo Anthony. ‘I was shocked,’ Anthony said at a promotional event. ‘I never heard about it and nobody knew it was coming.’”

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  • danpowers

    So am i. Nbk where is your patented “i love the knicks“ post?

  • shockexhange

    Let me help you out there dan. I love negro knicks.

  • Eddie Antonio Maldonado

    Firing??? Glen Grunwald was DEMOTED, not fired. There’s a big distinction between the two. As a Knicks fan, I saw this as rather premature because Glen did a great job. But Glen will be retained in an adviser’s role which is what he was during Isiah Thomas-Donnie Walsh eras for the franchise. Mills will be back, this time as the head executive. Hopefully, he can redeem himself from the Isiah endorsement fiasco. He is a highly-intelligent executive and could really excel. All the while, this may be another interim basis move as Mills was demoted as a MSG exec only to be promoted now. Glen was promoted only to be demoted, and one day could be promoted once more for the franchise. All of this may lead up to H20′s promotion to PBO. Houston is a rising executive that will have more responsibilities under Mills and will be groomed further with Grunwald at his side. The Knicks have been shuffling its front-office by and large. This time it looks to be with competent personnel though. Layden and Thomas presided over the Dark Ages of the franchise. As long as a guy like Thomas isn’t brought back —any front-office moves could be welcomed and enjoyed by the Knicks brass of fans.

  • shooo

    come on guys show yourself to slam so we can finally know how you guys look in reality

  • asdf

    you shouldn’t make insults like that

  • danpowers


  • danpowers


  • Kaya Brabham

    How come I feel .. Melo knew before the decision was fully made .. this was not a NBA Basketball decision ….
    I dont know any Knicks fan or any NBA fan that would make this decision to their team days before training-camp, especially when we only have 12 guarenteed contracts, and 2 or 3 contracts will be out with injuries till Nov/Dec .

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