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Doc Rivers ‘Very Disappointed’ in Danny Ainge’s Portrayal of His Exit

When Doc Rivers bolted to the LA Clippers, things turned icy between the head coach and those back in Boston. Celtics GM Danny Ainge painted it as Doc’s decision to leave (which Rivers didn’t appreciate), while Rivers made it seem like it was part of the C’s rebuilding plan all along. Per WEEI: “Honestly, I was very disappointed in that part of Danny’s press conference,’ Rivers said during an appearance on Dennis & Callahan to promote September’s Hoop Dreams event at TD Garden to benefit Action for Boston Community Development (ABCD). ‘Other than that, Danny and I have no issues. Danny knows, just like I know, that that’s not true. Listen, guys, this is old stuff. I’m here, and Danny’s in Boston. You can ask Danny that more and more, but there were two people in that room, and it was Danny and I, and anyone else who has a comment about what went on doesn’t really know because they weren’t in that room. It was more than one day. It was several days, and it was an agreement.’ Regardless, Rivers and the Celtics president of basketball operations are still in communication. ‘We’ve had our disagreements when I was there, and we’ve moved on,’ added Rivers. ‘That was a disagreement on how that was presented. Danny knows that, and I know the truth, but you move on and we’ve talked many times since.’ Whether or not Rivers is to blame, one thing is clear: He no longer enjoys the untouchable status he achieved after leading the Celtics to the 2008 title, the 2010 NBA Finals and the 2012 Eastern Conference finals. ‘When guys leave, there are people who understand and people who don’t,’ said Rivers. ‘I’ve been a fan of teams, and people take it personal when they leave, and it is personal to them. And I get that. I have no issues with that. It was a very difficult situation for me, and I’m sure it was a difficult situation for Danny as well.’ In fact, Rivers admitted that dour look on his face during his introductory Clippers presser was there for a reason. ‘I was in Boston for nine years, and it was a wonderful run,’ he said. ‘We did some great things on the court, but the tough part for me was leaving Boston. Obviously, leaving the Celtics was hard, but I didn’t just fall in love with the Celtics. I fell in love with the city of Boston. You have to make changes sometimes in your life, and I was in a position at the time where I thought it was the time to do that. Does that make it easy? No. Moving is hard, and moving is really hard when you already love where you’re living.’”

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  • Dfrance

    Gotta side with Ainge here. I can’t believe that part of his rebuilding plan was to replace one of the best coaches in the NBA. Doc has hinted at retirement before the Clips job came about, so Ainge did what GMs do in the NBA. Get something of value for what you have before your left with nothing.

    I really like Doc, but I think he’s simply trying to save face.

  • Evan Boland

    Doc, you a quitter, bro.

  • mnofler

    just stop Doc. it’s over, move on.

  • Ryan Seavey

    Doc has no respect here in Boston…. LA wasn’t even a “known” option until he left. He made it clear to us here that he was either going to take a Coaching break & maybe come back in a few years to another team, or he’d still be the celtics coach. Not jumping ship to the clippers (who won’t do a thing in the playoffs this year either… Unless Blake griffin has totally evolved)

  • 23

    Wow you guys turn on the guy that Turner around your franchise? Made you relevant again? Smh

  • Al29

    Ainge is the one who screwed the franchise out of a 2nd title by trading Kendrick Perkins in 2011. No Celtics fan should blame Rivers for anything. He made a three year window last for 5 years.

  • Ishmael Jenkins

    Celtics would have had their 2nd title in 2010 if Perkins hadn’t have gotten hurt in Game 6 in my opinion. They would’ve beaten LA in Game 7 in LA had Perkins played.

  • Ishmael Jenkins

    Does it really matter anymore? The man is coaching one of the most talented rosters in the league now. Looking forward to seeing what he does with them. Any Celtics fan with a mind that they can use should look at those teams that had Paul Pierce and really no one else and see exactly who Doc had to coach. If Paul Pierce isn’t upset with Doc, I’m not sure it really matters who is.

  • Shifty

    Whoa whoa whoa, kevin Garnett turned the franchise around and the defensive support of Thibs coaching defense, Doc is a great coach, but I would say it was “The Kid” who got things spinning in the right direction.

  • Sean Superstar Juan

    Doc is somewhat of a “Diva” like coach, he’s always whining about something.

  • Tad

    Sheed played his ass off in Game 7 hitting shots Perkins would never have been able to do. Despite Pau having 18 rebounds Sheed did play great D on him. People need to stop overating Perkins’ impact. (I’m talking to you Sam Presti.)

  • Paul

    First of all, I come in peace. Just a couple thoughts so please take it as such. I wonder how great of a coach Doc really is. People in NBA circles swear up and down that it was Thibs and the Celts d (Garnett) that really helped them turn the corner. I like Doc and think he is a good motivator, which, for some reason NBA players need, but I just don’t hear NBA guys referring to him as “great”. Likeable, fun to play for and all that, but I wonder how great he is. Ironically, there are some not-so-good coaches in the NBA. Again, I like Doc, I’m just wondering if his true X and O coaching ability is that far above any of the other top-10 or so coaches in the NBA? Thoughts..

  • Dfrance

    No need for the disclaimer. lol.

    Let’s not forget Doc was COY in Orlando, and led them to the playoffs 3 of the 4 years he was there. He’s good at all the little things that make a coach great. managing egos, motivating, setting goals and his play calling out of timeouts is bar none.

    Popovich is widely regarded as the best coach in the league, but why is that? Is it his x’s and o’s or simply because they win chips and they’re always contenders. I don’t think x’s and o’s are as important in the NBA. Phil Jackson wasn’t an x’s and o’s guy, Tex Winter created the triangle, but he’s won the most rings. Flip Saunders has one of the thickest playbooks in the league, but he’s had limited success in the NBA, because guys tune him out.

  • Ugh

    With Perkins in game 5&6, Ray Allen shot 50%FG. Without Perk in game 7 he shot 29%FG. Perkins set staggered screens that Allen rolled off and hit his open shots with. He does the same job in OKC.

    Not only that, the entire team was sold on “this starting five has never lost a series” and “family” and “ubuntu” and then Ainge traded one of them away, pretty much destroying the unifying philosophy of the team. That’s d-u-m-b. It’s totally Ainge’s fault and he’ll lose his job when the Celtics sit in the basement for the next three seasons because of his lousy moves.

  • ClydeSays

    Why even spin it? Doc didn’t want to be involved in rebuilding. Ainge didn’t want to pay a top Coaching salary for a rebuilding season(s). Cop to it & move on…