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Hakeem Olajuwon Likes Jeremy Lin-Dwight Howard Duo

Hakeem Olajuwon has been working as a development coach with the Rockets all summer, and he likes what he’s seen. Speaking with Houston’s FOX 26, Olajuwon had this to say about the Lin-D12 combination:

“Just the little offense I saw, that combination is very deadly and you can see that both of them are very excited seeing that ‘wow, we bring the right ingredients together.’ When you see players that are dedicated to succeed it gives you that window to see what kind of season that we’re looking for… Dwight can clearly dominate this league comfortably. He has everything that he needs and he has desire and work ethic to do it.”

Speaking about Lin specificically, The Dream said he’s been impressed so far:

“In Aspen I worked with Jeremy Lin a little bit in the post and I was very impressed, he has a nice post move. I said, ‘how come you are not using that in a game?’ He said, ‘I played like that in college.’” Olajuwon noted to the guard that “If you catch those little guys in the game that guard you, your advantage should be in the post.”

(h/t SpaceCityScoop)

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  • shawnkemp4prez

    If memory serves, the Lin-Tyson Chandler combo was vicious in New York, and could be even meaner in H-town with Dwight. Then again, if Dwight wants to post up all day we may never see it

  • bike

    I’d be much more interested in knowing how the Harden-Dwight duo is shaping up. Or if there will ever be one.

  • KSupreme

    I wonder if dwight and lin are dominating with dwight in the post or 4 spot

  • robb

    good point

  • robb

    You know what I like? this jersey

  • The Seed

    Really overrated Lin, who has no left hand and did Hakeem see Dwight choke last year. The Dream needs to be quiet, before people start losing respect for his homerism.

  • Phil

    you know Lin is a lefty right….?

  • BE.water

    Only he isn’t.

  • berkamore

    Dream is working as a development coach so he has to………….develop players.

    Of course he knows that Lin and Howard have a ways to go but his job to develop them (at least Dwight) to get there. It’s a work in progress.

    I know we live in the age of instant gratification but jeez, you still have to go through an apprenticeship of sorts to be any good. (I know, Dwight should be there by now but I am just making a point, LOL)

  • grgeblck


  • Denzel Boksingero

    Harden-Dwight won’t work because Harden is a ballhog.

  • JML-G

    i like Harden-Dwight duo more

  • Busta213

    Pssh! Next you’ll be telling me that he didnt go to Yale!

  • danpowers


  • danpowers

    harden is a pick and roll specialist offensively and what was the best way to use howard on offense again? ah right, pick and roll…

  • Dagger

    Because that worked so well in LA.

  • smith stopped, smith blocked.

    remember there were 2 guys on the cover of issue 69, Steve Franchise and the Ming Dynasty !!

  • danpowers

    injuries, chemistry issues and bad coaching messed things up in la. imo it is not very probable that this crap happens again in houston. howard seems to be healthy, motivated and most importantly: happy = bad news for the rest of the west.

  • Dfrance

    Hakeem just wants to put everydamnbody in the post huh?

  • Saleem Rainman

    Dwight was unwilling to play Pick and roll, and that had nothing to do with coaching(dont u think coach D’ainto of ALL ppl wud have LOVED to have Dwight accept his position as the roll guy?), but yes, ti did hav eto do with chemistry issues, chemistry issues that he created due (in part at least) with his unwillingness to play the pick adn roll with the best pick and roll basketball player the past 2 decades. Dwight wants to play in the post, Lord knows why, but he does. Why he went to Houston idk, thats a pick and roll heavy team…

  • Ryan Seavey

    It worked amazing in Orlando, even though Dwight wants to be a traditional post player now. Harden would play point for OKC, just so they could use Westbrook as more of a 2 guard when they were on the floor together. I also think Lin has great potential. He’s young, he’ll keep improving. I don’t think he’ll ever be an all-star, but he could potentially be a championship starting point guard one day if Chandler Parsons develops and Omar Asik plays well too. Houston should go half and half with Dwight. They could be scary one day.

  • Wings23

    Hakeem is great and all but he’s the type of cat who would probably tell Nate Robinson to cop some post moves

  • http://twitter.com/sooperfadeaway nbk

    Jeremy Lin is probably in his last season in Houston…..

  • The Fury

    Translation: Hakeem: “I can’t believe that Jeremy has MORE post moves than Dwight!”…lol

  • danpowers

    all i am going to say about your statement is that this is just one way to see it – regarding the situation in la.

    we dont know what happens if he will actually play the 4 in houston and if so – nobody knows if that experiment (to have two centers out there who dont really have a mid range shot) would make a pick and roll offense possible as spacing could be a major issue for them. lets wait and see.

  • getoutofher


    The Heat should’ve have traded Wade and Bosh and Chalmers for Harden and Lin

    The Heat starting 5

    Lin Harden Lebron Beasley Oden


    Norris, Ray Allen, Battier, Udonis Haslem, Anderson

  • Björn Atli

    I think that goes without saying. Harden is a pnr specialist fringe mvp candidate. But Lin is a really smart PG and I think Houston has the potential to be really good. It depends on Dwight, really.