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Man Unknowingly Buys Storage Unit Filled With Dikembe Mutombo Memorabilia

So, this is great. Some dude copped a storage unit for $300 at an auction with no idea what was inside, and, as it turns out, the unit was filled with probably the best thing imaginable: a shit-ton of Dikembe Mutombo memorabilia. JACKPOT. Via TMZ: “It’s the kind of ‘Storage Wars’ story that would make Dave Hester proud — some guy in Maryland bought a unit for $300 at a storage auction recently only to find more Dikembe Mutombo memorabilia than you can shake a giant finger at. The winning bidder is Adrian Petrus … who competed for the contents of a forceclosed unit — and just like on ‘Storage Wars,’ Adrian had no idea what was inside. So you can imagine how pumped he was when he opened the locker and realized the whole thing was packed full of Mutombo items — signed basketballs, shoes, jerseys, trading cards and photos of Dikembe with celebs like Michael Jackson and Nelson Mandela. The locker also contained works of art painted and signed by Mutombo’s brother. So who would abandon such an incredible cache of Dikembe stuff? Turns out, the unit belonged to one of Dikembe’s brothers … who lost the locker recently after missing several rental payments. We’re told the brother had gone back to the Congo to deal with family issues in the wake of his father’s death — and simply forgot to make his locker payments. Sucks.  Petrus tells us .. once he realized what he had, he reached out to Dikembe to try and make a deal to return the items … but never heard back.”

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  • BCoops

    I’m pretty sure that a ‘shit-ton’ is slowly becoming an actual unit of measurment!

  • http://twitter.com/sooperfadeaway nbk

    Sounds like the luckiest Storage purchase ever…

  • http://twitter.com/niQknacks niQ

    Simply awesome!

  • ComputerDude

    Mutombo said…No,No,No….lol

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  • bike

    The only thing that would have been funnier is if the guy had no unearthly idea who Mutombo is, tosses everything in a dumpster, and some homeless guy finds the stuff.

  • raylikenoother

    Never heard back, Mutombo didn’t care enough to offer 301 bucks to buy it back I guess

  • Mike From Spain
  • Skyracer8

    Not in my house.

  • Caboose

    Hey Mr. Mutombo, I have some of your priceless family artifacts here that I recently purchased for $300. I know that you had to tend to your grieving family in Africa, but I will happily return your cherished heirlooms for… let’s say $50,000?

    I just don’t know, he hasn’t responded.

  • bike

    LeBron and Wade can work on his masculine side, Bosh can talk to his feminine side, and Anderson can talk to Beasley’s doper side. They have got it covered. Riley’s a genius.

  • Max

    Wrong article bro.

  • Smits#45

    If you’re the legal owner of such a storage unit is it illegal according to U.S. law to look in it when the one who rented it doesn’t pay his bills? Doesn’t it make more sense to make sure you now what’s in it before you even put it up for auction?

  • bike

    Yup. Goofed. Beyonce stopped by to say hi and I lost it for a moment.