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Brandon Knight Says the Detroit Pistons Couldn’t Shoot Last Season

Wanna know why Brandon Knight had such poor assist numbers as a point guard last season? According to Knight, it’s because most of his Detroit Pistons teammates couldn’t knock down a shot to save their lives. Per the Racine Journal Times (via PBT): “Knight averaged a mere four assists a game while playing for the Detroit Pistons last season. That tied him for 38th place in the NBA. Not good. But Knight insists that stat is rather deceiving. ‘I’m not trying to blame anybody,’ Knight said while carefully choosing his words. ‘But the team we had … It was a tough situation. When you have shooters, it’s easy to get assists because they’re going to knock down open shots. We had, maybe, one (Kyle Singler) knock-down shooter. And I didn’t have any bigs who could stop and pop. The only one we had was Charlie Villanueva and he didn’t play much. And, when he did play, he was with the second unit so I wasn’t playing much with him.’ But that wasn’t the sole reason, Knight says, for his subpar assist numbers last season. He points out that, contrary to public perception, he wasn’t strictly a point guard. He also spent a considerable amount of time at the shooting guard spot. ‘In the first half of the season, I was playing the point guard position; in the second half, I played off the ball,’ said the 21-year-old Knight, whom the Bucks acquired July 30 from the Pistons in a trade for disgruntled Brandon Jennings. ‘So, of course, my assists are going to go down. A lot of people outside looking in … they look at the stats. But a lot of them didn’t know that. When I started off the season, I was averaging about 5.5 assists and then, when I was moved, it dropped down to 4. I was handling the ball just here and there.’ With the Bucks, Knight will be handling the ball almost exclusively. Said new Bucks coach Larry Drew emphatically and succinctly, ‘Brandon is a point guard.’”

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  • Dfrance

    That first Bucks/Pistons matchup should be interesting if only for the shots the PGs have been taking at their former teams.

  • Chris Wyman

    knight isn’t a good player

  • spit hot fiyah

    he is not lying, they will have the same problem this year. caldwell pope was drafted for that reason but has been shooting blanks in the summer league and pre season

  • Michael

    He’s one of the 400 best players in the world. Pretty good in my eyes.

  • Jon Ep

    after his first game he was one of, if not the best rookie guard at summer league

  • Chris Wyman

    400 players divided by 32 NBA teams = 12.5 There are 15 players per team and that makes him a back up. He deserves to come off the bench and play 0-7 minutes a game.

  • Michael

    He deserves whatever minutes his coach thinks he deserves, who probably knows a little better than all of us. Also, 30 NBA teams, not 32.

  • Chris Wyman

    400 divided by 30 = 13.33 so 0-5 minutes per

  • Feez_22

    Brandon knight… smh…

    I’m a pistons fan and do concede that this team couldn’t shoot. However, that is not the reason why brandon wasn’t getting assists. Moving to SG also wasn’t the reason why he wasn’t getting assists. The reason why is he is a below avg passer at the pg position.

    He was a HORRIBLE passer passing to the paint. just horrible. He passed crappy passes into passing lanes with the best of em. His handle last year wasn’t great either.

    He avg 5.6 assists in the month of december. That’s all. He was at 4.1 assists or lower in the other months last season. just go check He doesn’t have a pg’s feel for the game.

    Just for comparison, brandon wasn’t the only PG on this team. If the reason for him not getting assists was because his teammates were bad shooters then the other PGs on the squad should be adversely affected too, right?

    12-13 brandon knight – 31.5 minutes, 4.0 assists per game
    12-13 jose calderon (on pistons) – 45 games, 28.3 mins, 6.6 assists
    12-13 will bynum – 18.8 minutes, 3.6 assists per game

    SO… a bench player who played 12.7 less minutes a game than brandon who also played a lot of minutes at the off guard position & whom played with bench players for the majority of mins avg only .4 less assists??? Really??? Not only that… Jose played 45 games and avg 2.6 more assists than brandon in slightly less time even though he needed games to gel with the team…

    Again… brandon knight is just not a good passer, period. He is not a good facilitator either. You can’t blame the composition of the team when a bench player and a player who only played 45 games on the team are more productive assist men than you.

  • http://twitter.com/sooperfadeaway nbk

    Taking shots is what these point guards do, so at least they are consistent

  • http://twitter.com/sooperfadeaway nbk


  • Ryan Banks

    Not so much B-Knight, this guy has a problem feeding bigs, not because he’s selfish, he’s just a bad passer, Drummond is one of the bigs its easiest to get the ball too, and Brandon could just never do it, he can’t throw lobs and he gets thread the needle by a long shot

  • sham13ert

    There’s that and failing to run a competent P/R with Drummond.
    In 30 minutes of play through 2 preseason games he has 3 assist to 4 turnovers.

  • Ray Parker

    Hopefully he does better on the bucks. Knight’s an ok passer but the Pistons didn’t do anything help him improve as a point guard. Especially sliding him to the 2 guard. Not mention Greg Monore wants to post up and I don’t remember him getting much PT with Drum. Both parties were responsible for his failure as a point.

  • Ray Parker

    Stuckey can’t shoot, Kyle was streaky. lol Pistons fans coming up in here like they got guys than can shoot. They gotten even worse with Smith and Jennings. They’re about to build a house in Detroit.

  • Ray Parker

    Yea he is. He’s start point guard in the league. That’s hard to do because there are a ton of point guards in the league. This year or next year would be consider potential breakout years.

  • Ray Parker

    Willing to bet just struggles a little bit those same issues. He’s a better pg but he’s got tendency to chuck.

  • Dfrance

    Baddabing! Lmao

  • Feez_22

    I also hope he does better on the bucks.

    I still disagree on his passing level. I wish i had an adv stat on it but from what i saw last season (watched almost all the games), He was horrendous passing in the paint/perimeter. If they had a stat on deflected balls passed, knight would be top 10.

    Monroe does want to post up but he is also a finisher. If you get monroe or a guy like drummond an alley oop pass or a pass down low, they will finish 75+ percent of the time. The prob with knight is that he isn’t a good interior passer. In fact, will bynum was a far superior interior passer than him last yr. Monroe did get a bit of PT with drummond but drummond only played around 20 mpg last yr. However, since his backup and a guy that came to the team around the trade deadline were better assist men than him, those cannot be used as excuses.

    He was slid to the 2 guard spot because he was a bad PG. His failure as a point guard is on him. He needs to improve his dribbling, shooting, awareness, passing (everywhere but especially to the paint) and his bball IQ. he has intangibles like being a hard worker, hustler, etc but his pg skills were lacking heavily last yr. We’ll see what he has in store for this yr. I hope he can improve.

  • IsiahZeke11

    I sincerely wish Brandon Knight all the best with his career, but his subpar play as a pg had MUCH more to do with his suspect handles and AWFUL decision making at times. Indeed last year’s team lacked solid outside shooting outside of Singler, CV, and Daye before the trade. One of the few things BK did well at times was shoot decently from long range, besides that one of his biggest weaknesses were turnovers and poor decision making… Sort of like the IDIOTIC decision he made to challenge deandre jordan’s alley oop dunk… Pg’s need to be smarter than that, LOL!