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Dallas Mavericks GM Gersson Rosas Quit After Three Months

After being hired on August 1 to lead the Mavs out of the darkness, GM Gersson Rosas quit his job on the first day of the new NBA season. There reportedly was a power struggle in the Dallas front office. From the press release: “I made the personal decision to resign as General Manager of the Dallas Mavericks after determining that the position was not the best fit for me at this point in my career,’ said Rosas. ‘The decision was made solely by me, as I firmly believe this change is in my best interest. Mark Cuban asked me to reconsider my decision, but graciously accepted my decision and we part as friends, Rosas continued. ‘I would like to thank Mark and the Dallas Mavericks for the opportunity.’ … ‘I was disappointed when Gersson told me of his decision, but I understand and all of us wish him the best,’ Cuban said.’”

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  • Castrovi

    Cuban must’ve been acting irrational as always lol..

    Ps.cheq this out yall won’t regret

  • anon

    Why do I suspect that the Monta pickup had something to do with this? lol

  • Ugh

    Cubes: “We should sign proven winners. How about Patrick Ewing? Is he still available?”
    Rosas: “He’s an assistant coach now, and he, uh, never won a ring.”
    Cubes: “Yeah, but he lost in the Finals TWICE. That makes him a winner. A PROVEN winner! What about we get some clutch players, too, like Chris Bosh? Could be trade for him?”
    Rosas: “Uh, Chris Bosh isn’t really a clutch player, he, uh..”
    Cubes: “He always got the ball in Toronto at the end of games. That makes him clutch.”
    Rosas: “But the Raptors LOST all those games, Mark.”
    Cubes: “We should get some tough guys, too. Good rebounders. How about Brook Lopez? He’s tough and rebounds a lot.”
    Rosas: “Screw this. I’m outta here.”
    Cubes: “Well, that was disappointing. Donnie, do you have Pat Ewing’s number?”
    Nelson: “Already coming in for an interview. I told him it was for ‘head coach’, but we’ll iron out his playing time with his agent.”

  • patrick

    why didn’t he go into more detail…just a bunch of vagueness..it’s not not the best fit for me…well why isn’t it a good fit????

  • LP @ThisisEther