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Dwight Howard Dismisses Kareem Abdul-Jabbar’s Criticisms

Houston Rockets superstar center Dwight Howard took the high road when asked to respond to scathing criticism from Hall of Famer Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. Dwight says he’d be willing to talk to Kareem one-to-one. Per the Houston Chronicle: “I don’t pay any attention to that stuff. I did hear about it but everybody is entitled to their own opinion. When I joined the Lakers I was the greatest center. When I left, I was the worst. Mentally, I wasn’t capable of playing center. I understand a lot of things are said out of emotion. I will say if he has anything to say, I am here in Houston. We can talk man to man. That’s how I feel. We had one conversation (in Los Angeles) and that was before the season and I was respectfully asked to keep that conversation away from basketball. It’s emotion – the fact that I left the Lakers. It it what it is. I am in a great place right now. There is no need for me to go back and forth with him. One thing I would say is that he is old enough to where whatever I do shouldn’t even matter. He is Kareem Abdul Jabbar. If I’m Kareem, I’m like why? Four championships, five championships (actually, it’s six) whatever. I’ve been in Airplane and done movies with Bruce Lee. I am not worried about the young whippersnapper. I wish him good luck. People do things different and when I am done playing, I will do what I can to help the younger generations.’ When asked about his basketball IQ, Howard defended himself: ‘You can’t win three Defensive Player of the Year trophies and be stupid. That can’t be done. And I don’t think any coach that has ever coached me has said I have a low IQ for basketball. Have I done some dumb stuff on the floor? Yes, every player has. Have I done some stupid things in life? Yes, it’s life. We make mistakes and learn from them. It is what it is. I think I am very intelligent when it comes to the game of basketball. I have been playing since I was three years old. Each year, I get a little smarter. People will have something to say. Is what it is. I’m in (Houston) now.This city has my back and we are going to ride together.’”

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  • KingBenjamin

    Dwight Coward, instead of getting butt hurt about his comments, use his advice and prove him wrong.

  • http://twitter.com/niQknacks niQ

    He sure talks a lot for a person who wants to let his play on the court do the talking.

  • shockexchange

    Rent-A-Center needs to clap back on the court.

  • berkamore

    He just doesn’t get it.

  • Busta213

    I guess that only applies when people are talking about Harden

  • Wilt Chamberlain

    “When I joined the Lakers I was the greatest center. When I left, I was the worst. Mentally, I wasn’t capable of playing center” Greatest center? Lol.

  • Dagger

    You know, if you actually read his comments, he’s being entirely reasonable here. I still can’t stand him, but I’ll give credit where it’s due.

  • Caboose

    Kind of a misleading title there. Dwight gave a pretty reasonable response…

  • anon

    I’d have given him credit if he’d just stopped after “if he has anything to say, I am here in Houston. We can talk man to man.” But he just kept going on after that, kind of undermining that point. Dwight just can’t help himself.

  • montadabosswhat

    it is what it is

  • Brandan E.

    im 100% wit Jabbar on this. and im glad he said it,
    nobody should b able to guard dwight one on one and we see it all the time wit no double team!!
    props to Jabbar, and Skip was clapping when he said it cause he only stating the obvious!

  • WildCard

    Defending NEEDS a lot of fast decision making.

    High BB IQ doesn’t only take into account on how a player score the basket, it is an accumulation of how the player makes decision during games offensively AND defensively.

    I couldn’t agree more if he doesn’t have “boom” offensive moves, maybe because low post play isn’t his strength. Team mates need to play him as he played for Magic (he brought Magic to play off), that’s why basketball is a team sport.

  • Karl

    Hey dude. My emails karl668@Hotmail.com for fantasy. cheers.

  • Basketball_iQ

    You had ONE conversation with Jabbar the whole year??
    That means you weren’t trying to get better if you ask me,,,, Shaq and Bynum were in the gym with this guy from day one.
    Everyone always tries to compare this guy to to Shaq bc of his playfulness but shaq pit that work in ON THE COURT, this guy stays in the weight room excessively long like he’s trying to be a bodybuilder or ish.

  • pposse

    naw Shaq let it be known that Kareem never approached him in LA, them two butted heads but Shaq backed up his position with his game. He did help out Bynum tho.

  • ScrewT

    Funny how since D12 left, everyone involved with the Lakers talks down on him nonstop. D12 has shown to be the mature one, sadly.

  • Mack

    Get what? Obviously he’s defending himself after hearing Kareem go off on his inabilities… Ppl need to get off him.

  • robb

    Good answer by DH, but Kareem never said he was stupid, he said his bb IQ wasn’t high enough and that’s true. He can become an all time great defender but that’s as far as he’ll get.

  • Zabbah

    and that didn’t work out well, either. bynum and jabbar did not practice well together.

  • The Philosopher

    Howard’s answer is the most sense he’s made in years…
    And, he respects his elders.

  • The Philosopher

    Howard turns in a career season.
    Top 3 in M.V.P. voting.

  • JML-G

    Lakers fans been well known as the dumbest in the league, nothing new