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Gerald Wallace Says the Celtics are Being Lazy and Selfish

The rebuilding effort in Boston isn’t off to the greatest of starts—newcomer Gerald Wallace called out his Celtics teammates for being lazy and selfish following last night’s 104-89 preseason loss to the Minnesota Timberwolves in Montreal. Per the Boston Globe: “‘We’re not playing with effort,’ Wallace said. ‘Guys are out there being selfish. The opponent is giving it their all, regardless of how the night is going.’ [...] ‘When we step out on the basketball court, we get paid to do this,’ Wallace said. ‘We’re professionals. So our main thing is, you should want to go out every night and win. It shouldn’t be a question of the effort. You’re going to miss shots, you’re going to turn the ball over, things aren’t going to go your way, but it shouldn’t be because you’re not playing hard or you’re not giving your all.’”

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  • Stepfan Raiford

    Rondo and Wallace will butt heads lol

  • ErnieD

    Green is trying to do too much, and he wont have the minutes of touches to do so iin preseason, because Stevens is seeing how all the pieces fit, and what combinations to go with. What we are learning so far is that Small Ball won’t work very well. You can already tell that Humphries will be under-utilized so they can trade him. Sulinger is going to be brought along slow, and cant play as physical as he wants right now. Olynyk and Faverini need to see more minutes at center, so they can develop. Might as well go with Bradley, Green, Bass, Henderson and one of them at Center until Rondo comes back. He will actually want to have players like Wallace on the team, becauser they take the place of people like Perkins, who was a vocal presence as well. The players he wont want are Brooks and Crawford, who are out to play hero ball and really don’t care where they play as long as they get the ball.

  • uqk

    wallace missing the memo…its tanking season

  • Anthony

    Good for GW…he’s been a silent leader on bad teams for a long time…all the way back to Charlotte…frustration gets to the best of us!

  • DS1

    Said the guy who will be in street clothes for the rest of the season quicker than Derrick Rose will.

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