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Kevin Garnett Wants Brooklyn Nets to Hold Teams Under 80 Points Per Game

There’s a ton of pressure on the reloaded Brooklyn Nets this season – frank discussions of winning a championship and completely dominating foes are being had. Kevin Garnett is not only embracing the challenge, but adding to it by setting an insane defensive goal for his new squad. Per the NY Daily News: “He is the heart and soul of our team,’ declared Jason Terry. And this was just after Garnett’s first formal practice with the Nets. It’s safe to say he feels comfortable. ‘The energy was better (than last season),’ Deron Williams said. ‘It was more intense. It was just a better feeling.’ After landing in North Carolina, the Nets gathered Monday night following media day for a team dinner, and that became a springboard for goal-setting and role-defining, with Garnett as the powerful voice. Whomever the Nets pick as captain for this squad — and they have an incumbent in Williams and the longtime Celtics captain in Paul Pierce — it’s really just a figurehead position unless it goes to Garnett. ‘KG made a point about it (Monday) night — every day we step on the floor, it’s defense first,’ Terry said. As much as he likes to chat with other players, Garnett has a reputation for avoiding the media — and it took only two days for the forward to become the only player to excuse himself from availability. According to Williams, Garnett set a very lofty goal of keeping opponents to under 80 points — which is more realistic for a single-game mark, but nonetheless an example of how Garnett sets bars. More importantly, he has already made an impression on Brook Lopez, the mild-mannered center who could benefit most by being exposed to Garnett’s mean streak. During the team meeting Monday night, Lopez recognized two areas where he needs to improve. The first was defense, which has been a concern throughout his NBA career. The second was rebounding; Lopez has averaged just 6.3 boards the last three years.”

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  • Conor

    The Heat will finally have to earn their conference.

    Indiana, Brooklyn, and (to a lesser extent) Chicago are all legitimate contenders who should – if the officiating is not biased – challenge their position round after round. The East finally has a competitive Playoffs in store!

  • Dagger

    Yeah, because the Heat just cruised through their conference these last three postseasons . . .

  • Mike Gilbert

    to a lesser extent Chicago? I still strongly think the Bulls are better than the Pacers.

    That’s a moot point though…regardless, the East is going to be more competitive than it has in a while, gonna be soooooo much fun

  • LakeShow

    I love it, but I hate un-achievable goals. How bout keep them under 90ppg…

    Boston allowed 96.7 last year. The best they ever were at was at 90ppg in 2007-2008.

  • Dfrance

    You should get 10 rebounds simply by being 7 feet tall. How do you only average about 6 rebounds a game as a starting center?

  • Shooting Guard

    His body’s aged, but his mouth hasnt

  • Slick Ric

    They did last season.

  • Lenin-Gil Phillips

    “Anything’s Possible,” KG. I think even when he doesn’t play just his presence alone make the Nets a scary team.

  • http://www.rich-imaging.com/ Dutch Rich

    Nets in their current config will probably take the leading spot in team rebounding, which was held by the Pacers last season. Nets were ranked 10th overall, so despite Brook’s personal numbers, he was obviously contributing something that allowed Wedgie and the other bigs to clean up. Improved agility might help for him but I wouldn’t over-stress on the rebounding numbers if I were him. Garnett’s presence will be huge.

  • Busta213

    Lol, your memory is bad.

  • Matisse

    They went to 7 games with the Spurs and 7 games with Indiana Pacers and a feisty 5 game series with the Bulls. Stop knocking peoples accomplishments, it makes you look butthurt.

  • Matisse

    A while ago someone posted a stat or statement regarding the fact that height does not necessarily correlate to leading the league in rebounding. I forgot the jist of it

  • Conor

    2011: Old Boston/Chicago

    2012: …

    2013: Indiana

    What competition!

  • Conor

    Derrick Rose is going to obliterate Indiana’s backcourt, but Indiana’s frontcourt/bench are clearly superior.

  • Conor

    Hm… “a feisty 5 game series” against a team missing its starting point guard (former MVP) and small forward (top ten SF) who had just finished playing a seven-game series against Brooklyn and was exhausted. Ok!

    San Antonio isn’t in the Eastern Conference.

  • LLC#12

    Nobody has done that ever, right? The record is 83.4? http://www.nba.com/history/records/regular_miscellaneous.html

  • Slick Ric

    8) Bucks – Yeah, Bucks had them on the ropes
    5) Bulls – For a second, I thought Chi could take the series.
    3) Pacers – toughest competition and they weren’t fully healthy

  • Slick Ric

    EASTERN CONFERENCE…….FOH with the Bulls statement, Heat were never threatened, bulls just tried to make the game ugly/feisty, that’s the only way they could lose with some dignity.

  • Saleem Rainman

    Okay, so that 7 game Eastern Conference final that easily cuda gone Indiana’s way just didnt happen, kool.

  • Dagger

    Those seven-game series against the Celtics and the Pacers this year and last year were incredibly competitive and could have gone either way. For that matter, the six-game series against the Pacers in 2012 was bruising and it looked like the Heat were going to lose after they were down 2-1. Hell, even the five-game series against the Bulls in 2011 was as competitive as a five-game series can be; every game went right down to the wire.

    So yes, the Heat “earned their conference,” and they did so while Wade and Bosh battled through injury. To say otherwise is to insult their competition, and it diminishes the great games we watched these past few years.

  • JibbsIsBallin

    And I want to date Beyonce Knowles, but that’s not going to happen.

  • Dfrance

    There’s defintely more too it, like positioning and sheer will to get the basketball. Look at Barkely, Rodman and Ben Wallace. But 6.3 per… and you’re playing 30+minutes a game? Thats pathetic.

  • Conor

    It most certainly is an insult to their weak competition.

  • swill

    uh… boston gave them a serious run for their money in 2012. the series went 7.

  • Mike Gilbert

    really? The Noah/Boozer frontcourt is very close to the West/Hibbert frontcourt. I would say Noah is more valuable than Hibbert because his passing, rebounding, versatility on defense is better. And, Boozer and West are actually pretty close to eachother. Obviously West is superior, but they are pretty close. But yes, having Luis Scola, Danny Granger (who I doubt will stay healthy btw), and Chris Copeland off the bench is insane for the Pacers.

    IMO the Bulls have the edge IF Paul George doesn’t take the next step in his offensive development. Just my slightly biased opinion. Both teams should be great, and I cannot wait to see them duke it out

  • robb

    by being brook lopez

  • Clos1881

    Kg smh favorite player in the league it’s gonna be different not having him in the league one day.

  • Da-Meat-Hook

    Spurs beat

    7) Kobeless Lakers
    6) Warriors with an injured David Lee and a hobbled Curry and Bogut
    5) Grizzlies (OKC was missing Westbrook)

    So I guess they didn’t earn their conference either?!

  • Slick Ric

    True, that still don’t change the fact the heat had it relatively easy last season, sensitive lebron nut huggers. Western conference has been very competitive over the last decade, excluding last season.

  • Slick Ric

    I clearly acknowledged that , but you overlook playing a team that’s about five games under .500 and another that was decimated by injuries.

  • Da-Meat-Hook

    Just like San Antonio, the Heat can only beat who they play.
    This has nothing to do with nuthugging, just stating facts.

    Funny how I was talking about the Spurs, Lakers, Warriors, and Grizzlies, but somehow you read my comment and interpreted that as Lebron nut hugging…you mad?

  • Conor

    My mistake! As a Lakers fan, I tend to erase Celtics classics from my memory (though I respect the players, of course), hahaha.

    That was the toughest series of all of them, Rondo was dominant. Yet, that only adds a single competitive series to that Playoff.

  • Evan Boland

    The earned in. But the conference was still mad weak. If the C’s were remotely healthy they would have won in 6.

  • Evan Boland

    The only final worthy teams from the east since ’05 have been the C’s and Heat.

  • grgeblck

    That happy The Kid is gone.

  • grgeblck

    Ben wallace never had less than 6 rebounds when he play more than 30, so please do ur research before you say anything really.

    And i havn’t google rodman and barkley….

  • grgeblck

    Nah, they don’t need to earn it.

  • ballers

    he never said that wallace averaged 6 rebounds. read the statements clearly before u coment

  • grgeblck

    oh ya that’s my bad. Sorry Dfrance, i didnt’ see that fullstop.

  • i_ball

    So Brook Lopez needed to talk to KG to realize that he is a poor rebounder and needs to improve his defense?

  • Armando

    Sorry, I disagree with Boozer and West being pretty close to each other. How exactly? West is immensely tougher overall and better than Boozer on the defensive end and, although perhaps not as skilled with his back to the basket as an in-form-Boozer, an efficient and adaptable player on the offensive end. At this stage imo West is a much better player than Boozer. While Hibbert perhaps isn’t as versatile as Noah he poses a far greater problem for opposing defenses while at the same time being an elite defender. So, as I see it, yes Indiana’s front court is superior to Chicago’s at the moment.

  • Armando

    On a side note: 90-91 Nuggets allowed 131ppg (!), scored 120, finished 20-62 and Michael Adams averaged 27ppg/11apg (talk about inflated stats…).

  • Max

    lol 2012 might have been their toughest run. They were down 1-2 to Indy and 2-3 to Boston at one point.

  • pposse

    maybe you could say that if Indiana was anywhere near winning game 7, but they got smoked in that game

  • pposse

    boozer has picked his game up this last post season, you can expect it to get better and more effective with a healthy d rose.

  • LP @ThisisEther

    cmon now, dont do this to them… They beat a very good bulls team in year one, almost lost to the C’s in year two, and went the distance with Indiana in year 3… my goodness…the hate is strong in you, young Conor

  • http://www.netstakeover.com/ JetSkiJohnson

    just look at Reggie Evans

  • FilmJames4

    Evens and Garnett are mopping up ice this season.

  • FilmJames4

    Lopez is a “point center”.

  • FilmJames4

    Evens and Garnett are mopping up ice this season. For opposing teams, it’s gonna get wet under that backboard.

  • Matt A.

    No he’s not.

  • FilmJames4

    But, you gotta admit he’s pretty dependable in the post.

  • Matt A.

    Yes. I just would not call him a point center.