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Kobe Bryant Reportedly Didn’t Tell Mike D’Antoni He Was Leaving the Country For Treatment

Kobe Bryant recently bounced from the Lakers to head to Germany and receive treatment on his surgically repaired knee, which isn’t too big of a deal—it’s certainly not the first time Kobe has traveled overseas for some slightly shady medical procedure—but according to the NY Daily News, the Lakers star took off without even alerting his head coach. Sorry, Mike: “Still recovering from his torn Achilles last April, Bryant has yet to be cleared to run or jump by the Lakers. His return date to the team for game action is unknown. The team said he went to Germany for treatment unrelated to the Achilles injury. Interestingly, he didn’t tell Mike D’Antoni that he was leaving, choosing to notify the team’s long-time trainer, Gary Vitti, instead. ‘Kobe not telling Mike D’Antoni tells you something about what Kobe thinks of coaches, and also Mike’s status,’ said one NBA head coach. ‘Now if that were Phil Jackson, I would think Kobe would have told him he was going.’ Beyond Bryant showing D’Antoni a lack of respect, there has to be major concern among the Lakers about their aging superstar’s sore knee. He raved about the Orthokine treatment in 2011, saying it made him ‘a lot stronger,’ and he was able to regain some quickness and explosion going to the basket. But he was 33 at the time and now he’s two years older.”

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  • playa

    Let’s make things clear- Kobe Bryant doosen’t have to tell anyone anything ,the only person who he’s telling things is Kobe Bryant& that’s good enough.He’s like Chuck Norris in that regard.

  • spit hot fiyah

    mike: hi 5 kobe!
    kobe: i don’t think so

  • shockexchange

    Wait til D’Antoni finds out that Rambis and Phil knew and he didn’t. D’Antoni’s gonna hit the roof.

  • LLC#12

    When you consider medical advancements like this, coupled with the vast amounts of money involved in professional sports, is it outrageous to wonder, if in the not-so-distant future, NBA players will regularly play into their 40′s?

  • Jay

    We are a long way from that. Two reasons: even with superior injury treatment, the body breaks down from game to game and that takes a toll when you’re 40.

    More importantly, I think, these guys have been around a ball since they were 7 or 8 years old. It’s impossible to sustain an elite level of hunger. You get burned out. Even MJ had to take a break because all he ever saw was that orange ball.

    How long do guys want to be hooked up to an IV, or flying to Germany and missing their kids birthdays?

  • bike

    Good question. Need some stats on number/percentage of players by age class now versus 15 to 20 years ago. It doesn’t appear that injuries are any less but there have been so many advancements in medical procedures it would be interesting to compare recovery rates from common knee/ligament injuries.

  • big al

    I think we would still have to tell chuck norris if chuck norris was in Germany on vacation doing laser knee surgery with his looks as laser treatment for his weekend job

  • Jay Brodes

    it is cool mamba..i do not like dantoni either and he is the one who caused this in the first place!!! Real Talk!

  • Dfrance

    I doubt it, even with the advances, most these dudes start in the league around 19 yrs old now. You almost have to play at least 20 seasons to make it to age 40.

  • Kaya Brabham

    When u are considered one of the top-3 worst coaches in NBA history by players n coaches, why would u confirm this irregularity as if ur coaching performance is on par with Pop, Jax, or Sloan. Mike Dantoni has to many flaws as a NBA HC, he is at best a 2nd or 3rd assistant coach on a winning team.
    u had a Knicks fan call Dantoni a celebrity HC who got his high status in the NBA from Nash & Marion running the Phoenix Suns.

  • Kaya Brabham

    Why is everyone acting confuse about Dwight Howard leaving the Lakers to go to (HC Keven Mchale) Houston Rockets? The Lakers organization hired the worst Bigman HC in the bussiness when they hired Mike Dantoni. Dwight Howard ex-coach Stan Van Gundy got fined and suspended for cursing out the Knicks organization, and HC Dantoni for not hiring Patrick Ewing as the Knicks assistant coach for the bigmen players. Dantoni was the #1 reason for Dwight Howard’s departure from Lakers.
    Kobe Bryant only sent a direct message to the Lakers organization about him playing for Dantoni another season.

  • LakeShow

    The timeline is Kobe’s right now. He shouldn’t need to talk to the coaching staff until he is feeling a little healthier and closer to playing ball.