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LeBron James Says He Has No Rivals in the NBA

According to LeBron James, there are no individuals for him to conquer in the League anymore. It’s all about team success at this point in his career. Per the Miami Herald: “So, who is James’ chief rival in the NBA at the moment? He isn’t viewing his career from that perspective anymore. There isn’t another player at the moment on the same level as James, and he knows it. It’s James and everyone else until further notice. ‘It’s not just one guy,’ James said. ‘I haven’t played against one individual for a long period of time — since basically it was me and Paul (Pierce). Me and Paul, we had so many duels and almost every year we were going against Boston whether I was in Cleveland the last few years or Miami … So, I don’t know if there is one particular guy. There are some teams I believe are very competitive in both conferences, but it’s not just one guy.’”

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  • LakeShow

    Yeah… True. You befriended all of them.

    Kobe is the only one that isn’t his “buddy.” He buddied up with everyone else.

  • fade

    Watch Lakeshow and pposse come on here with some hater ish. Worst commenters on Slam.

  • @iamMrjump

    REAL SPIT – “The Truth” during his years when he was #AGE gave LBJ a problems !

  • RunMoreThanYourMouth

    Hard to disagree with. Only played KD once in the Finals even though he’s the 2nd best player in the league. James knows KD’s the next guy after him, but they may never play against each other again in a game that matters unless the Thunder improve their bench quite a bit within the next few seasons. Really, if it’s going to be anyone he may see multiple times, it will be either D-Rose or Paul George. Can’t be a rival if they don’t play each other in the playoffs more than once. Otherwise, it’s just a nice, competitive regular season matchup…not a rivalry. Don’t confuse the two.

  • berkamore

    He kind of has a point but it’s the kind of stuff you shouldn’t actually say. When I was growing up, I always heard that a guy who is good never brags because it demonstrates poor manners. (You shouldn’t rub it in) Other people should sing his praises for him. But hey…………

  • LakeShow


  • RunMoreThanYourMouth

    Kobe and LeBron were never rivals. Even if they had met in the Finals which a lot of people wanted to happen, they still wouldn’t have been rivals…just two great players playing against each other in one Finals series. It would have been great to see, but they were never in their prime at the same time as well-rounded, complete basketball players (James was at his best athletically during the last 2 Lakers championship seasons, but it wasn’t until two seasons ago until he reached his prime as a basketball player). Kobe was at his best while LeBron was just getting his career started. By the time LeBron reached his, Kobe was on the downside.

    I’m hoping we get to see Rose and his Bulls go against Durant/Westbrook and the Thunder a few times in the Finals within the next 5-6 seasons. That would be 3 great players who are all basically the same age and are at the same place in their careers. Potentially a true rivalry. Being friends doesn’t mean you can’t also be rivals.

  • RunMoreThanYourMouth

    I don’t see how he’s bragging about himself. There isn’t one sentence in his quotes where he says anything about himself and his game in a braggadocious way. He just provided a fact. Just look at who he’s had to go through since being in Miami…besides Paul Pierce, what other good/great player has he had to go through more than once?

  • Sean Superstar Juan

    How can you though when in reality you have won 4 out of the last 5 MVP’s (arguably should have been 5 straight) and fully in your prime?


    that 2011 mvp choice still gives me nausea

  • Sean Superstar Juan

    The “decision” cost him that one.




    This is lebron quietly saying ” there is no competition.” He knows the league belongs to him

  • AddingVelocityDontTellMe

    Hit me up

  • Lloyd

    Nah the Kobe vs Lebron thing was mostly media built. Remember the puppet commercials trying to hype up an epic battle in the finals that never came? They were just two of the best to ever play facing each other once inawhile. Besides, Lebron pretty handily won that matchup. Lebron’s teams have won 13/19 matchups against Kobe.

    Who can really compare to the complete (both ends of the floor) dominance of Lebron right now? No one guy can shut him down. That’s probably what he means

  • RunMoreThanYourMouth

    No. Derrick Rose putting up 25 and 8 on a team that swept the Heat during the regular season and had the best record in the league cost him that one. It’s a regular season award. What sense would it have made to give the award to James when Rose had that season out of nowhere when the Bulls were predicted to finish 4th in the East before that season began? The award doesn’t go to the best player each season. Also, remember the Heat had a subpar record against the other good teams in the league that season and James/Wade had their struggles playing together while Rose and the Bulls were great from start to finish even without Boozer and Noah for long stretches of the season. The Heat also struggled in end of game situations that season.

  • berkamore

    We know he’s good. Blinding Glimpse of the Obvious. What’s next? Los Angeles is in Southern California? Jeeeeeeez.

    Ok, there’s another fact. In ten years from now, he won’t be the same player anymore. That is also a fact. And since he was not bragging, we are not hating, just sticking to facts……….

  • RunMoreThanYourMouth

    So…your issue with his comments is what? Because he clearly wasn’t bragging.

  • http://twitter.com/niQknacks niQ

    Didn’t he just also say it’s Paul Pierce? I mean, they did play each other for quite awhile during the playoffs…

  • bball knowledge

    100% AGREED and I am a Lebron fan.

  • Lloyd

    He’s speaking in past tense. A head-to-head with PP now wouldn’t be much of a contest for Lebron.

  • berkamore

    I already answered that. We are way past that, way past that. Every conversation should have some traction otherwise it’s kind of pointless.

  • RunMoreThanYourMouth

    You didn’t answer it at all lol. The only thing you said that made any kind of sense in response to my response to your first comment is “We know he’s good”. Then, you made a weird comparison using LA being in Southern California as if that was comparable to what James said and you stated some odd fact about the kind of player he’ll be in 10 years as if that had anything to do with the story. What does 10 years from now have to do with who LeBron is playing against now and what he said about not really having a rival now?

  • Chester

    What the eff Slam, you’re manipulating what he said and turning some pointless quote into a sensationalist headline / article. Please don’t turn into BleacherReport

  • Dagger

    Well . . . he’s right. The only great wing player Lebron encountered regularly in the playoffs was Paul Pierce, and they had some great battles.

    But he only encountered Rose, Durant and Carmelo once respectively, and all of those series were over in five games. He never met Wade or Kobe in the playoffs.

    So Lebron isn’t being cocky, he’s just being honest. Of course, if you disagree with that, Kobe has said almost the exact same thing Lebron just did: http://espn.go.com/los-angeles/nba/story/_/id/7640850/los-angeles-lakers-kobe-bryant-says-had-no-rivals-16-year-nba-career

  • Da-Meat-Hook

    I literally farted when I read this.

  • berkamore

    This is your question: “So….your issue with his comments is what?”

    And these are the first two sentences of my first post: “He kind of has a point but it’s the kind of stuff you shouldn’t actually
    say. When I was growing up, I always heard that a guy who is good
    never brags because it demonstrates poor manners”

    I am not communicating further on this. It’s just a waste of time.

  • JML-G

    there isnt such thing as Kobe vs Lebron rivalry – they havent ever matched vs one another in playoffs and the regular season games aint been rly all that either.. just something media and fans wanted to be

  • Dingo

    exactly – Rose was the man that year even by Lebron’s admission, “decision” cost him that one is BS hopefully time will fix that misconception.

  • pposse

    Lbj is a hairless yetti prancing around with a bball. There is 0 competition with that known to mankind

  • RunMoreThanYourMouth

    I doubt time will do anything about it. Some people are convinced that the award should go to the best player each season.

  • RunMoreThanYourMouth

    Bottom line…you failed to show how he was bragging. All of those words and you didn’t show how he was bragging after you said he was.

  • berkamore

    Well, I have to answer that regardless.

    He is bragging because he is SAYING that he’s the best. My point all along (still in the first post that you can’t seem to actually read) is that you don’t SAY it.

    The point is not whether it’s true or not. In this case, it is true, I’ve said that too.

    To brag or to boast per the dictionnary: To glorify oneself in speech, to talk in self admiring way, to speak with excessive pride

    Damn, I didn’t even look those up beforehand but they prove my point. Oh now, look at me BRAGGING. LOL.

  • Dundler

    When you think about it, so weird and unfortunate that he and Wade never met in playoffs. Say they had, and bad blood grew…do they team up in Miami.

    Off top of my head, have Bosh Wade or Lebron faced eachother whatsoever in the playoffs atal? I can’t think of when they have?

  • Dundler

    Best possible scenario for fans….Kyrie and Lebron face eachother a few times in the playoffs and become rivals. Imagine if Cavs fell a couple of times to Lebron, and then Kyrie eventually knocks Lebron out in Cleveland…the place would explode

  • The Seed

    Rose taking Lebron crown this year. BOOK IT!!

  • thebossman15

    boris diaw shut him down, the dude isnt a scorer, he is a special player in the fact that he is an all around player..he scores off the fastbreak/backdoor cuts/free throws/mismatches on bigs for a good amount of his points..dude cant create off the dribble and is guardable, relax

  • thebossman15

    …just no


    I only speak in full sentences

  • LakeShow


  • Hulahoops

    Sensationalist headline.

  • Dagger

    You’re right.

    The guy with the third-highest career scoring average ever: not a scorer. Got it.

  • thebossman15

    oh really smart guy? u want a cookie? the league is full of competition, lebron just happens to be on a very stacked team. Last time i checked he doesnt lead the league in any category, nor does he have the most rings so yes there is plenty of competition, get his balls out of your mouth

  • VanCityBBall

    Well i don’t think Ray and DWade were great friends before they united so you never know… I mean, all due respect to Ray but he’s still no Lebron so could be a real coin toss…

  • Lloyd

    Shut him down? 25, 11, and 7 on 45% shooting and a finals MVP begs to differ. Boris Diaw did fine, but let’s not get crazy here. Maybe a team can try and slow him down, but let’s not act like one player can shut him down.

    Like I said, he’s got complete dominance on the court, both offensive and defensively, in a way that hasn’t been seen since Jordan (Kobe had a couple years of strong defensive play but Lebron’s size and athleticism makes him a way more competent and consistent defender).

    Who cares how he gets his points? He scores at a ridiculously efficient rate while pulling down boards and getting his whole team involved. But I guess haters gon’ hate.


    exactly and in 2011

    LBJ 26 7.7 6.9 on 50% >>> Rose 25 4 7.7 on 43%.

    lebron is the better defender and plays more efficiently

  • RunMoreThanYourMouth

    They became friends during the draft process so even if they had met in the playoffs, I doubt that bad blood would have grown. Just like with Ray Allen and Wade…they scrimmaged against each other when Wade was at Marquette and Ray was with the Bucks. Their teams had tough, competitive postseason matchups once Ray got to Boston, but they never had any heated exchanges. In fact, the only guy I ever remember Ray really having an issue with was Kobe when he was in Seattle and they were both in their prime years.

    Bosh never got past the 1st round in Toronto. Only made the playoffs twice before he got to Miami. None of them played each other. Would have been fun to watch James/Wade play each other even though Wade wouldn’t have guarded James most likely. James would have guarded Wade though.

  • RunMoreThanYourMouth

    …which means nothing when talking about who deserves an MVP award. This isn’t SLAM’s top 50 discussion. Give one reason why the Bulls, who beat the Heat all 3 times they played, didn’t deserve to have their best player win the award especially when that player turned himself into a superstar and had plenty of games where he led 4th quarter comebacks almost by himself (something that Doc Rivers talked about on national TV towards the end of that season) while Miami struggled in the 4th quarter (LeBron and Wade together). If you can come up with a reason besides “LeBron was a better player”, I’ll entertain the argument. And also, Noah missed 34 games and Boozer missed 23 games…they still ended up winning 62. The Heat beat up on the bad/average teams that season but were average against the other top teams. The Bulls beat up on everyone including the Heat.

    Those two things about LeBron’s game that you mentioned just mean that he was a better player…but again, the award doesn’t go to the better player. It goes to the player who’s most valuable to his team during the season. LeBron and Wade may have been equally valuable to that team during that season. Check Wade’s stats if you don’t remember watching those games.

  • RunMoreThanYourMouth

    Read his comments.
    “It’s not just one guy”…”I haven’t played against one individual for a long period of time — since basically it was me and Paul (Pierce). Me and Paul, we had so many duels and almost every year we were going against Boston whether I was in Cleveland the last few years or Miami …So, I don’t know if there is one particular guy. There are some teams I believe are very competitive in both conferences, but it’s not just one guy.”

    Where does he say that he’s the best?

  • RunMoreThanYourMouth

    Ridiculous. Give it up. Do you know who/what makes the Heat a “stacked team”? LeBron James. That’s like saying Shaq, Bryant, Jordan, Magic, and Duncan played on stacked teams lol. They were stacked because of those guys being on them. And by the way, Kobe hasn’t won since 2010 and the Lakers have lost in pretty ugly ways each postseason since then. So your comment about the most rings is completely irrelevant here. And honestly, LA got lucky with Kendrick Perkins going down in Game 6 and not being able to play in Game 7.

    This isn’t a career achievement discussion. Step into 2013. Recently, who’s been winning more than anyone else? James. It is what it is. The past two calendar years, the league has belonged to him. Two championships, two regular season MVPs, two Finals MVPs, two of the greatest individual seasons a player has ever had, and an Olympic Gold Medal. Give credit where its due if you’re a true basketball fan.

  • berkamore

    Just putting it up here so it will be seen.

    As of this writing, this thread has 50 reactions. There is a thread
    about the passing of former Lakers Coach Bill Sharman that has 2
    reactions: both by me.

    A d….n shame that we got no reaction from the so called Lakers
    fans. This is the guy who coached your team to its first title and that
    legendary 33 game winning streak. Not sure what kind of fans you are if
    you don’t even know your history. But bygones, just keep doing your

  • thebossman15

    do you understand how stupid saying “kobe hasnt won since 2010″ sounds? that just basically goes to show how high the bar is set for the guy, you just cant take into consideration this year with all the injuries(notably to kobe at the end of the season) and so he basically hasnt won in 2 years lol, but thats supposed to be a knock on him somehow?

    And you wanna talk about luck like lebron didnt have a whole lot of luck last year not having to deal with rose/deng/hinrich when he played chicago, granger when he played against indiana, and allen saving his ass in game 6..dont be hypocritical..besides last year was arguably the worst year in the nba in terms of how many elite players were injured and the year before that was a shortened season(these are both things many people bring up when they talk about lebrons rings but i wont stoop to that level)

    I will say lebron has been the best winner in the past 2 seasons and one of the best players cuz its undeniable, but for me to write off what kobe has done up to this point would be ridiculous, the dude is the most polarizing player in the game since mj and if you think im the only one who believes so, check the all star polls and see who almost always receives the most votes, not to mention he is one of the goat

  • Basketball_iQ

    Bron says its not one guy,,, NOT “I dont have ANY rivals in the league” ,,,, as a matter of fact he says there are many,,, slam be starting ish lol

  • Shifty

    Funny how barely anybody mentions paul pierce……..that is who lebron named as his rival in terms of individualality, Paul Pierce has alwys given it to lebron, sick of all this Kobe comparison, they play two different positions and different games for petes sake!

  • AddingVelocityDontTellMe

    but even those players like Paul Pierce wasn’t LBJ’s rival it was the celtics. I mean Paul went at lebron but wasn’t carrying the teams load where as lebron was carrying all his team.

    I don’t think anybody in history of the game could have been Lebron’s Rival. I mean maybe Magic but physically lebron would outclass him. Jordan would get buckets on bron but it’d be more like Amazo versus Superman. On the other kobe and mike that’d be great game to watch thats more like bizzaro versus superman. Dagger where are you from and what made you start interest in slam?

  • AddingVelocityDontTellMe

    But really though would they have been rivals. I mean is paul pierce really bron’s rival. I always felt it was Celtics versus bron.

    Celtics 5 versus bron. if you went for top 5 players on the court it would literally be Lebron and then garnett, pierce, rondo, ray.

    i mean if any of have played pick up ball just imagine. Having the worst players on the court and trying to carry them.

  • AddingVelocityDontTellMe

    i mean it wouldn’t really ever be kobe versus bron (cavs)

    Any team lebron faced celtics or lakers at that caliber would have the 4 of the best players on the floor and lebron would be the only 1 on the other end.

    Has that ever happened with jordan, kobe, magic johnson, larry bird. I mean come one slatymus you need to wake up the drought season is now and is here to say. there is no show cuz the lake gone due the heat.

    adding velocity

  • Brandan E.

    kobe coulda been
    but everytime kobe made the finals lebron kept losing to boston or orlando.
    so we never saw them against each other in the finals.
    its a shame.

  • AddingVelocityDontTellMe

    and you know that makes no sense why hsould the media fault a player because of his HUMAN CHOICE NOT judge his ATHLETE PLAYER SKILLS

    Juan what does your avatar mean

  • Evan Boland

    I remember a certain Kobe Bean Bryant saying the same thing. It’s true. Since Magic-Bird, MJ/Kobe/’Bron have not really had any true rival.

  • AddingVelocityDontTellMe

    nah bro think about it.

    If lebron ever played any team like the celtics, lakers, magic
    look at 5 best playerso n the court it was Lebron and then 4 ppl from the other team.

    Lebron’s rivarly was the other team not any palyer

    cav days

  • AddingVelocityDontTellMe

    MJ had plenty of small rivals but he did so well they become a nonfactor. Like Clyde Drexler. Reggie Miller (so-so), john starks,i mean there were plenty of good sgs but jordan went yammers.

    I mean kobe had tmac, ai, vince carter, ray allen, and tmac was considere dbetter than kobe at some point and time.

    but check this like whenever lebron plays any team during the cav years he was always only 1 of the top 5 best from his team on the court so his rival was the other team.

    evan hows the weather in london

  • Evan Boland

    Vince nor Ray were not ever better than Kobe. I’d argue none of the above mentioned were, maybe T-mac, and Wade was in ’06ish. And is that some kind of joke I’m not getting lol? I’m in MTL.

  • AddingVelocityDontTellMe

    oh forreal your a canadian. nah dawg vince ray, AI, and TMAC were at the kobe cut throat. but shaq gave kobe the edge that no other guard amongst those people.

    Dawg if you are montreal then whats your view about the reformation of the montreal flag

  • Sean Superstar Juan

    Biggie Smalls is the illest.

  • AddingVelocityDontTellMe

    what about Killa cam from 45th and lennox Ave.

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  • berkamore

    Yawn. So you are saying that he was misunderstood because he didn’t actually utter the words: “I am the best”. Slam and the rest of us misinterpreted LBJ’s words. But you didn’t. Thanks for clearing that up.

  • Busta213

    That’s possible – you could ask any nba vet if they have a rival, and you may get a similar answer, especially if they are referring to playoff battles.
    In response to your original point, Bron answers pretty much every question asked without using “MJs patented media filter”, for better or for worse, depending on your opinion of him.

  • RunMoreThanYourMouth

    There’s not even a need for interpretation. And there’s really nothing here that should be misunderstood. Just read. What he said was pretty clear. He was asked if he has any rivals. Really, the person who questioned him is the one who was saying that he’s the best player by asking him that question. James’ answer doesn’t hint at anything. He simply said that the last guy was Paul Pierce. This is very easy to see. So very easy.

  • berkamore

    Yawn. So you are saying that he was misunderstood because he didn’t
    actually utter the words: “I am the best”. Slam and the rest of us
    misinterpreted LBJ’s words. But you didn’t. Thanks for clearing that

  • Interdico Scriptor

    I’m thinking Boris Diaw kept him honest

  • hoodsnake

    Sounds like he’s telling washed up Pierce to just retire…

  • Dilbert Diggler

    And again. Congratulations, you are the NBA’s only real fan. And obviously not a Laker fan.


  • KBM

    MJ gets ripped for having the likes of Ehlo and Bryon Russell being the best stoppers he faced. What does a list for like that for LBJ look like right now?

  • Castrovi

    Stains, faults, and luck bleeds on everyone rings that won a title. Only argument to refute this claim is bringing up the likes of Russell and Jordan.

  • nba_socrates

    Paul Pierce used to torch Lebron when he was a little younger, show some respect LBJ

  • nba_socrates

    People dont give Pierce enough respect, why i dont know, but hes torched Lebron and Kobe before.

  • RunMoreThanYourMouth

    How does the truth sound stupid? 2010 was 3 seasons ago. Have the Lakers won since 2010? Why are you stuck there, because that’s the last time they won? Again, join us in 2013. Kobe and Shaq on one team is a “stacked team” regardless of who else fills out the roster. How many people were saying that team was stacked as if it was somehow easy for them? But now the Heat are stacked? Even though LeBron had to carry that team with Wade mostly hobbled except for a few games in the playoffs? And Bosh unable to put the ball in the basket?See how stupid that sounds?

    Not one person with any sense at all will bring up the shortened season when talking about Miami’s championship season. Were they informed by David Stern or Billy Hunter of the lockout coming to an end before any other team so that they could prepare before the other teams or what? Comparing the Bulls and Pacers injuries last season to Perkins’ injury in 2010 is a pretty bad comparison because Perkins’ injury happened during the series with the series with 1 game left. The Bulls played the entire season without Rose. When they were beaten, did anyone minimize it because it was without Rose? You can’t minimize the Heat beating them, but not say a word about how small it is when they’re beaten by another team. Who gave the Nets a break because they lost to the Bulls without Rose playing? No one. But it’s now not a big deal when the Heat beat them? Inconsistent. The Celtics, with Perkins, were one game from winning it all. You’d have a point if Rose, Deng, Hinrich and Noah got hurt during the Heat series and they were close to winning the series. That Celtics starting 5 never lost a playoff series when they were all healthy. That’s the difference.

    No one is writing off Kobe’s career. Most of us are just living in 2013, not 2010. This isn’t a discussion about careers. It’s about what’s going on now and the recent past.

  • RunMoreThanYourMouth

    If I wanted to be stupid about it the way some are being stupid about Miami’s championships, I could say “Michael pushed off on Byron Russell and it should have been an offensive foul”. That’s how ridiculous some people are when they talk about James and the Heat’s championships.

  • The Philosopher

    Top 10 – 15 of all times…

  • shutup

    its 145th, 45 isnt in harlem its just above times square, quit faking the funk.

  • AddingVelocityDontTellMe

    im not from nyc im glad you corrected it for me.

  • berkamore

    And again. Congratulations, you are the NBA’s only real fan. And obviously not a Laker fan.


  • 3Chainz

    DROSE cost him that one. Drose played out of his mind. Plus they had the best record while Noah and boozer missed half the season. LBJ HAD TO TEAM UP WITH SUPERSTARS TO WIN A RING!!! And he didn’t win that year. Bulls beat the Heat majority of the gms in regular season and MVP is a REGULAR SEASON AWARD…

  • 3Chainz

    well it doesn’t….

  • bball knowledge
  • thebossman15

    lmfao.. man thanks for displaying lebrons offensive skillset for me in one video.. WIDE open jumpers, 4 on 3 fastbreak,wide open backdoor cuts, like dude how is that entertaining? like do you really think playing like that alone could win a series without having the supporting cast that he has? don’t you see the huge discrepancy between him and mj/kobe lmaooo.. there is nothing special about what he did, he was given the jumpshot the whole game because he cant shoot and he luckily got hot and knocked open his WIDE open jumpers unfortunately for the spurs..ive never seen a “superstar” not receive an instant double team or let alone not be the complete focus on the court, and if you think that is greatness there is a good chance you just started watching basketball

  • Toni Benz

    Lebron was just robbed of mvp in 2011. He should have won that one, not rose, he was undeserving


    Thank you! Couldn’t of said it any better!


    I hate when people say LBJ had to team up with stars to win. Name one NBA championship team that didn’t have multiple stars.

  • bball knowledge

    Kobe had a terrible game 7 against the Celtics compared to Lebron’s performance in a game 7 in an NBA finals, say what you want but but the Spurs dared him to shoot and he made his shots.

  • 3Chainz

    Detroit, Spurs…. yea now everyone knows the starting fives BUT when Spurs one Tim was the only legit star and when Detroit won there aren’t any. Please don’t say Ben Wallace or Tony Parker were SUPERSTARS.

  • Sean Superstar Juan

    Comparing Cam to BIG is blasphemous.

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  • a_dvr_for_replays

    Lebron needs a straight path to the basket and that’s about it. Most players can take him off the dribble, but he excels when he is allowed to foul, or when he is sent to the line at no fault of his defender. When you’re the official’s baby, you can say you have no rivals.

  • Ngoie Kafita

    Oh well, sensation always did sell. SLAM sure changed alot since the ‘old days’. Not hatin’ , just statin’