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Phil Jackson Calls Chris Bosh a ‘One-Trick Pony’

Perhaps not-so-inadvertently, former Chicago Bulls head coach Phil Jackson has waded into the rivalry with the Miami Heat. Jackson won’t bet against them winning a third straight NBA title, but warns that it will be a Herculean task. Oh yeah, the Zen Master also lobs a few verbal grenades at the South Beachers. From the Bulls’ team website: “Phil knows championships, and he told about a bunch of those this year with his bestselling book, ‘Eleven Rings’. But while others have collected many rings over the years, no one knows three-peats like Phil. No one else has ever done it three separate times, and with two different groups of players. And as Jackson wrote quaintly in ‘Eleven Rings’, the 2001-02 season in Los Angeles wasn’t going to be easy. ‘Three-peats never are,’ he offered. Really? ‘I see Miami is projected to win in that GM poll,’ Jackson said from his home in Los Angeles, where he’s decamped for the winter. ‘It’s still a matter of doing it.’ [...] ‘They’ve still got to deal with (Dwyane) Wade’s knee and will LeBron (James) be able to clear people out with that off arm like he’s been able to do the last three years,’ quipped Jackson offering his little tweak for his old buddy Riley and the Heat. ‘Can (Chris) Bosh sustain it, a one trick pony type guy. The bench now has changed with (Mike) Miller gone. (Ray) Allen is a year older. All those things. Still,’ Jackson added, ‘They have the horses. They have a good chance.’”

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  • O’Hara

    It’s incredible how Jackson’s point on LeBron’s stiff-arming is not more widely discussed. It’s an offensive foul, and nothing else. Then again, this is the same player who went six consecutive games without picking up a foul despite averaging 35+ MPG.

    I hope the NBA officiates Miami and OKC the way they do every other team.

  • Fat Lever

    Funny how Phil has no problem pointing out Lebron using his off arm to create space when one of his players did the exact thing on a title winning shot. Wonder if he would have the same stance on the MJ play as he does for Lebron. Then again, he’s great at needling people.

  • http://soundcloud.com/tray-8 T-Ray

    Well one thing OKC definitely didn’t get the benefit of the doubt last year against the Grizzlies. The Grizzlies beat up on them and were allowed to play physical with the Thunder.

  • Cortez Mack

    Jordan did indeed push Russell out of the way, no doubt.

    That is not what Jackson is referencing though. James does his hammer of Thor routine quite often. You would be hard pressed to find other similar instances of Jordan doing anything similar.

  • hubristick

    If you don’t have youtube, sure.

  • bike

    In Phil speak, one trick pony is a homophobic slur.

  • Conor

    Jackson jokes about the play. He knows it was an offensive foul.

    The difference between other players and James is that James’ dribbling, when contested, begins to flounder. He NEEDS to use his off-hand to create space because he isn’t capable of doing it himself which, inherently and within the confines of modern regulations, is an offensive foul. Every time.

  • CommsFC

    MJ used to push people with his off arm. In one of his famous jumpers you can see it. He does it out of the view of the refs. I heard him admit to it in an interview. Maybe he should of been called for that stuff back in the day too hey?

  • O’Hara

    What do I care about something that happened twenty years ago? It’s 2013.

  • Batman

    One trick dino?

  • swill

    i get phil’s point about the way lebron uses his off arm. what i don’t get is why he thinks he won’t keep getting away with it.

  • Big KokHamma

    Who’s we? Got a turd in your pocket?

  • swill

    corrected. you’re hysterical.

  • Calipari


  • guest

    His shoulders are not his arms. It just appears that way. When you have wide soldiers (no pun intended)

  • ratguts

    off topic, but i gotta say that you’ve got the knowledge and over the years i’ve always had much respect for your input, regardless if i agreed with it or not. slam needs more fat lever, da meat hook and teddy-the-bear. here’s to an amazing season. cheers fam.

  • Ugh

    The shove is totally irrelevant in the face of MJ using his off arm on almost every baseline drive of his career…
    Mind you, he played during the arm-check era, so maybe it’s justified.

  • King David

    lmao !

  • Fat Lever

    Thanks man. I’m just the equivalent of a weekend warrior on these Slam boards. I jump in whenever I have a minute. Quite a few people on here that know their stuff, which always leads to good conversations. Appreciate the love.

  • DUR

    God damn, Slam is turning into pathetic click-bait. Phil mentions a bunch of dudes in that quote, yet the title only mentions Bosh. FEED THE NARRATIVE!

  • LP @ThisisEther

    .. Everybody has the same stance on the Jordan push off, Jordan and Phil will be the first to tell you it was a push off…. Don’t get defensive over a slight joke…..its a Non-issue……

  • Cortez Mack

    Post a few since they are readily available.

  • fruizm


  • Fat Lever

    I got that, which is why I ended my statement with Phil is great at needling people.

  • Sancheezie

    get off his dikk

  • Sancheezie

    you a newbie. shut up

  • Fat Lever


  • Fat Lever

    Didn’t realize I was talking to an OG. What are you, 12? Grow the f up.

  • hubristick

    It’s called “precedent”. It gives what is known as “context”. In other words, you only fixate on one guy, suddenly, when it’s been part of the game already for “20 years”.


    No, it’s known as “exceptionalism”. Rules have changed, yet the League does not enforce their own updates.

    The difference between James and Jordan is that the latter was good enough at dribbling not to require a stiff-arm barrier every possession. James does. There is no precedent if the preceding example is inconsistent with the modern form.

    In this context, you are an idiot.

  • Ugh

    if it’s demonstratably not exceptional, i.e., there’s precedent, then it’s not exceptionalism.
    Maybe work on formulating an argument?


    The best players are granted exception to many fouls which lesser players would be whistled for. That is exceptionalism, you twit. Jordan experienced it, James experiences it at a greater frequency.

    1+1=2; The Earth is spherical; You are an imbecile. All common facts.

  • Shooting Guard

    he’s got 11 rings, he can say anything he wants