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Angry Knicks Owner James Dolan Ordered Team Dancers to Stop Dancing

Expectations in the New York Knicks’ front-office this season are sky high, and likely unrealistic. Owner James Dolan is so upset with his team’s slow start (1-2), that he recently made the team’s dancers stop, well, dancing. Per the NY Daily News: “The media-shy chairman of Madison Square Garden was conspicuously missing from his baseline seat during most of the second quarter of Sunday’s lethargic loss to the Minnesota Timberwolves. And for good reason. According to several sources, Dolan was ready to erupt after the Knicks surrendered 40 first-quarter points and as the deficit ballooned to 23 Dolan went hunting for Steve Mills, the team’s new president and general manager. That Mills isn’t responsible for either the roster or the coaching staff didn’t matter. With Dolan the facts rarely matter. The boss needed to vent and found Mills in a suite. That’s one of the perks of being the boss. You get to assign blame to whomever you choose. So on this night, it was left to Mills to talk Dolan down from the MSG Chase Bridge. [...] Dolan has become such a hands-on owner — figuratively speaking — that, according to a source, he doesn’t want the (Knicks City Dancers) dancing. Crazy, right? The same guy who wanted creative input on the dancers’ outfits (and he’s good at it) apparently ordered that the girls’ roles be reduced to mostly throwing T-shirts into the crowd. They performed maybe one routine on Sunday. Why? No one seems to know, except the standard answer is usually ‘that’s Dolan.’ And this is where I draw the line. Be upset all you want at the players for underperforming. But the dancers? The KCD’s have been the model of fitness, enthusiasm and execution for two decades. The Knicks? They’ve had one good season out of the last 13.”

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  • http://twitter.com/niQknacks niQ

    Wait what? He’s blaming the Knicks’ performance on the dancers?

  • anon

    Scoundrels and men of low character always point the finger at anyone other than themselves.

  • http://h2hoops.wordpress.com/ Habeeba Husain

    I think it’s more like, “This team sucks at the moment, so I’m angry and need to take some action,” or something.

  • Dfrance

    Hey as long as they still get their checks, its whatever.

  • danpowers


  • Fat Lever


  • bike

    So what’s supposed to keep the fans entertained during a sucky game by the Knicks? Next up: Dolan bans hot dog and beer sales if knicks get down by more than 20.

  • Lenin-Gil Phillips

    The fans should chant to Dolan, “Sell the Team!” It would be better off his hands.

  • Caboose

    He does know this just makes non-Knicks fans wanna see his team lose more now right? The petulant whining of a billionaire who’s failing amuses me.

  • Solito

    He’s a classic “Helicopter-Manager”… hovering without putting a foot on the ground, and take off again, to only leave a cloud of dust behind. That’s what happens when you inherit money, status and rank… Hope the Buss Offspring is taking detailed notes no how NOT to run a franchise.

  • danpowers

    dude, im a die hard knicks fan, but this amuses me, too. besides isiah thomas dolan is the most hated figure among knicks fans.

  • LakeShow


  • LakeShow

    “I got Andre Bargnani in a blockbuster trade, and I don’t want to lose a single game, before they hand me the chip at season end.”

    Realistic guy that Dolan fella is…

  • Above_You

    I pray for the day Dolan sells the Knicks to smarter owners. I hate this guy.

  • danpowers

    yup. i guess right after that he went home and kicked his dog lol

  • Caboose

    The only reason Bargnani should be mentioned in a sentence with “blockbuster” is if his career is compared to the video shop.

  • J Du Bois

    You mean his career is done??

  • J Du Bois

    I like Isiah more he smiles in the face of his own stupidity …

  • Caboose

    The more you read about this guy, the more you hate him.

    -Fired (then later rehired) a security guard who refused to allow him access to the Delta Sky Club at MSG because he didn’t have his ID on him.
    -Went to rehab for drug, alcohol, and anger problems.
    -Lost $250 million for his company by purchasing Wiz Electronics (what?).
    -Pushed his father out of the company his father founded by canceling a satellite TV program.
    -Fought the City of New York on building a new football stadium near MSG because it would cause “competition.”
    -Had an ex-security guard write a 415-page deposition about how much he mistreated his subordinates.
    -Promoted to CEO of Cablevision because, according to his father: “Mostly, it was because no one else wanted it.”
    -Fired Marv Albert in an angry outburst.
    -Has used millions of dollars of company money to finance his own personal yachting expeditions.

    I’m sure you Knicks fans know even more, but that’s the tip of the iceberg for me.

  • http://slamonline.com/ Ben Osborne

    What a circus. Love Frank Isola’s coverage though!

  • http://h2hoops.wordpress.com/ Habeeba Husain

    hahaha, thanks for the laugh!

  • JL

    That explains it! He didn’t actually make the money, just inherited it.

  • Caboose

    Oh yeah, James didn’t make sh!t.

  • ForTheLin

    Effing hilarious.

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