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Carmelo Anthony Mad He Doesn’t Get Foul Calls Like James Harden

In leading the Houston Rockets to a big road win in New York last night, James Harden scored 16 of his 36 points from the charity stripe. An incensed Carmelo Anthony (no slouch himself with 45 points in the losing cause) complained about not getting the same treatment as Harden from the refs. Per the AP: “Asked if it was tough that the Knicks sent Harden to the line often when they got close, Anthony replied, ‘We didn’t put him on the line, they put him on the line.’ Harden led the NBA in free throw attempts last season and is third this season. He was 16 of 18 Thursday, while Anthony, his teammate on the 2012 U.S. Olympic team, was 9 for 11. ‘You look at that, you see the way that some guys get their calls,’ Anthony said, ‘and for me, I’ve got to get cut, you’ve got to see blood for me to get a call down there. So that’s where the frustration comes from.’”

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  • spit hot fiyah

    it called the art of flopping, embrace it melo. u can probably find money to pay of the fines in one of your couches.

  • Sean Superstar Juan

    Damn you Ginobli. Look what you have brought to the NBA.

  • Allan

    act like there’s a sniper in the arena every time you go to the rim

  • Deal

    The knicks didn’t put James on the line, they pushed him on the ground.
    Some guys got the calls because they were fouled hard.

  • Stepfan Raiford

    Attack the basket more Melo, then you’ll get to the line.

  • Respect

    Harden runs into the lane with no intention of scoring and just flops smfh

  • brothasdontsurf

    On the playground or in an NBA game, the bigger you are the less fouls will be called for you. FACT!

  • Slick Ric

    He shot 11 FT’s though, Rose would be happy to get 8, let alone 11 or 18.

  • jmm

    Can’t argue with the dude he was getting hacked under the rim on offensive rebounds and play just went on.

  • pposse

    james harden is terrible

  • D

    If anyone watched the game Harden went to the hole , Melo shot jumpers , thats it simple , they’re not gonna come down and just give melo free throws because harden got some free throws earn it

  • okc123

    def agree with melo. for a star he really doesnt get any calls. he may actually be getting hit but god does harden have to sell it with a flop-like move every time? kinda annoying to see that so much

  • t.virus

    i agree with melo… not on the part that melo doesnt get calls just that harden gets a call EVERY single time when drives the lane, yesterday steve kerr was like knicks got to pick up they defense when ron was letting harden through, i was like damn steve i guess you cant just say harden gets a call 90% of the time when he drives…

  • Jay Cutler

    Melo is a lot stronger than most other players. It’s a basic fact of the NBA – right or wrong – that the stronger and bigger bodied a superstar is, the more the refs just let ‘em play on.

    Shaq had the same complaint. I don’t think it’s got anything to do with Melo *per se*

  • Drig

    Gotta say, Melo was getting hacked quite a bit during the match. He’s got a legit gripe as far as this match was concerned.

    Damn awesome shot at the end as well. Too bad it didn’t count.


    Officiating crews in the NBA are a joke, four games out of five.

    That final call made on Harden was whistled while the official was standing behind Carmelo Anthony’s back. So, unless he had x-ray vision, there was no way the official could honestly make that call. The non-existent foul they gave to Houston as New York was about to dunk to even the score at 93 apiece was equally horrendous. Changed the entire flow of the game. Houston embarked on an 11-2 run after that point.

    Harden is the most overrated player in the League. Defenceless and relies on whistles from officials on the opposite corner of the court.

  • phil

    melo gets to the line more than lebron, cp3, westbrook and paul george

  • Dfrance

    When you shoot 11 free throws its hard for people to take you seriously when you say you’re not getting calls, but watching the game, a lot of the contact Melo gets down low goes uncalled.

    He’s down there banging for rebounds and whatnot and the refs seemingly swallow their whistles a lot of times.

  • Lloyd

    And Melo should expect a fine in 3…2…1…

  • Blackyeoman

    If you really watch Hardin, he drives right into the defender every time. Very bad for the game!

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